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What we can expect from the new Kindle –

01/09/2014 – of John main eReader

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It is September and thus the month, in the Amazon (among many other companies) traditionally its new electronic products imagines. The rumor mill or to the new readers of the company is yet surprisingly quiet. That keeps us naturally not from looking into the crystal ball from.

Last year, Amazon had its new Kindle Paperwhite debut at IFA, where also we were able to take a view on the device. The IFA 2014 opens its doors this Friday – as early as Thursday evening would offer a preview event a good framework for the presentation of the new Kindle. And even if nothing happens in Berlin: As early as the holiday shopping season to take full advantage, Amazon will let September pass without hardly eBook reader concept

In the previous year Amazon revised its model range only manageable.. After the launched in autumn 2012 first Kindle Paperwhite with integrated lighting kept ready a real killer feature (and also broke up higher than the Kindle Touch), it was last year, “only” a new e-ink generation and a few new functions via firmware update now also has the first Kindle Paperwhite. The basic Kindle was even not updated, but significantly reduced price over time.

At least for the flagship is well again this time pending a major update. Possible features at a glance, sorted by probability

New housing with a flat surface (90%)

The Kobo Aura was the first eBook reader with full front glazing, as they were known in the past only by tablets and smartphones. Also published in spring Tolino Vision has such a design that is chic, but also functional. It is very likely that Amazon’s eBook Reader visually approximates its own tablets and smartphones here.

Larger Display … (70%)

 Kobo Aura HD

Kobo Aura HD

With his aura HD, a reader in the most unusual 6.8-inch format, Kobo landed a surprise hit. He was apparently so great that the new top model Aura H2O Kobo also comes up with this form factor. Accordingly, it is not surprising that Techcrunch spread last November, Amazon would also work under a eBook Reader with grown screen.

The “Kindle Ice Wine” should debut according to Techcrunch in the spring of 2014. This happened not known, a new Kindle with a larger screen makes but not less likely. So Amazon would be all the rage, the smartphone displays have been growing for years. People seem to want larger displays, and Amazon has a customer never closed (as long as it fits the business strategy)

A revival of the Kindle DX (9.7 “diagonal screen) appear -. A so great work unit are in the tablet era not so great market, as it will have Amazon. More likely are 6.8 “, which ensures an ideal balance between screen size and Action (weight, dimensions). Maybe put in the new Kindle even the same e-ink Carta panel as in Kobo Aura H2O.

… with higher resolution (70%)

In the last fifteen years the sharpest eBook Reader from Amazon, but from Kobo (Aura HD) came. While stuck in the Kindle Paperwhite 2 a higher contrast in comparison panel, the pixel density contributes but essential to good readability in. A core function for Readers ie, rework in the Amazon with a high probability (blank) is – regardless of whether the screen size increases

Water and dust protection (50%) <. / p>

 Pocketbook Aqua

PocketBook Aqua

Difficult. On the one hand are now numerous and Tablets top smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z, …) delivered with IP certification, and dedicated reading devices gives such a protection perfect sense. On the other hand, seems only a small part of the audience willing to pay more for such protection deeper into their pockets ( survey).

The fierce charge of the protected PocketBook Aqua for unprotected model brother suggests that the protection for the producer is associated with considerable costs. And after a weak quarter in addition to punishment by shareholders, it seems unlikely that Amazon subsidizes its eBook reader even more, and a significant increase in the selling price would be contrary to the Amazon concept. Ie:. 50:50

App Store (25%)

The biggest innovation in software-dedicated reading devices called “open Android”. Imvocsys Imcov6l, Onyx Boox T68 and last of Icarus Illumia have a more or less current Android OS installed and vie for reading friends who want to browse through, for example, both DRM-protected epub files as well as Kindle Books on the same eBook Reader. The Tablet App of the e-book flat rate Skoobe is supported.

Against an open Android or at least a custom app store speak three things. First, Amazon has tried many years ago to “Active Content”, more than a few wasteful mini-games but not resulted from the efforts. Secondly sick said readers all of childhood diseases such as hakeliger operation, incompatibilities and large Stromhungrigkeit

Third, and this is the main reason. A whatsoever opening the platform would be intended strategy of comfortable padded golden cage contrary. Could really comfortable on a Kindle eBooks from other sources are read, it would be with the cross-subsidization of the hardware with content sales not far away. For the same reason, incidentally, is also one such “open” eBook Reader very unlikely from the Tolino Alliance or Kobo.

Liquavista panel (in color) (?%)

Liquavista panel (Screenshot from official Pr # XE4; entation)

Liquavista panel (Screenshot from the official presentation)

In an Amazon press event last month, we asked a company spokesperson, as it is this actually run with Liquavista and whether a Kindle with a corresponding panel is expectable in the near future. The answer was a friendly, obviously clueless smile – the lady had apparently never heard of Liquavista. So it is certainly not alone: ​​Since Amazon in May 2013 took over the display specialists from Samsung, it has become remarkably quiet for the Dutch company. Remarkably, because Amazon sure put a handsome price for Liquavista on the table and promoted by the Dutch electrowetting technology for eye-friendly color e-paper panels is very exciting.

Liquavista is far from settled, in contrary recruited Amazon permanent new staff for its display daughter. In a current job posting says to Liquavista, “this new display technology will completely change the way we interact with mobile devices,”

But the question remains. When? After nothing from Eindhoven penetrates in this respect to the outside, each statement is pure speculation in this regard. To such we are of course never at a loss and predict: Liquavista is not ready yet. Amazon will implement security with no half-finished panels in its strategic enormously important eBook Reader. Dedicated readers, and Amazon has detected early have to be tailored to an optimal text display. Colored Liquavista panels are unlikely to have a richness in contrast as current e-ink displays and would be in terms of reading comfort a retrograde step that Amazon will not be accepted. In any case, we expect the first Liquavista panel rather in a Kindle Fire tablet as a eBook Reader

& lt; Credit:. Screenshot from Liquavista Video & gt;

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