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Kindle Church and Karstadt Chapel - Frankfurter Rundschau

23 December 2013

Christmas is okay. Photo: AP

As might be nice to be Christmas if you simply take time out to be an old man to love God and the churches could offer as a place of peace and reflection. Give people the opportunity to sit down times to keep his mouth shut and think. A column.

Actually, yes I will do every year as there would be no Christmas – and yet I always find it fascinating. It’s like when a serious accident. You know it’s terrible, and yet looks towards you. Or as ugly, fat people cram the ugly, greasy food in itself. Or at folk music programs, talent shows, Mario Barth and the Word for Sunday. All this has its own fascination. So I can not help every year to make my thoughts on the festival. The fact that I will eventually despair is pretty clear to me. But what the heck.

Coca-Cola and Nativity

Here’m actually not against it. Christmas itself is good. Its inventor certainly thought of love, warmth, togetherness and singing. At the very beginning also played a character called Jesus a role that on 24 Said to have been born in December. However, these dramatic in itself good idea could not prevail. The plot was too glassy, ??the end predictable, it lacked a voltage arc.

It got worse. The “Christmas” became independent over time. Organizer of the event were the churches, but made a grave mistake. So took possession in 1947, the U.S. singer Bing Crosby music rights, and parts thereof he sold to John Lennon and Florian silver iron later. The rights to the color red had long since gone to Coca-Cola, so today is for most children in this world, a red truck, the symbol of Christ’s birth.

In the same breath, old, fat, unshaven men broke from the Christ Child, what I anprangere alone for aesthetic reasons. You see them these days as they beat the first full stomach at McDonald’s and later dangling from window ledges and awkward trying to climb up other people’s houses. It is not a pretty sight.

All this has happened to Christmas. The churches, however, they are empty. For even in the marketing of their own before they went awkwardly. Other houses are at Christmas time rafters. Department stores, fashion houses, bath houses, brothels, and even hospitals, because many people commit as notified by health insurance the Advent season with a hearty infarction. But the churches visited nobody.


time and shut up

But one should the field is not without a fight left to the unbelievers but beat them at their own game. How about, for example, with a Zalando bargain market instead of a boring church service? With an erotic fair? An appearance of Mario Barth? A Formula 1 race at the Vatican? You could also call churches for sponsors, as football stadiums. The Amazon Cathedral, the Kindle Church, the cathedral or Deichmann Karstadt Chapel. Had Tebartz van Elst still for a while, which would have been the attempt it.

course is nonsense. But you could just let time be an old man to love God and to offer the churches as a place of peace and reflection. Without Missioniererei and forced prayer. Give people the opportunity to sit down times to keep his mouth shut and think. Such a thing would need the Christmas madman namely currently the most. But how do you get them?

Michael Herl is a writer and theater-maker.

Christmas: Kindle beats out iPad and iPhone doubled -

Acer and Amazon beat the heart at Christmas higher. Thanks to the low-price strategy, the manufacturer, the two groups on feast days duly recorded more growth than on other days. Even Apple’s activations doubled, a new study shows.

flurry 1 131 227 Day: Kindle hits out, iPad and iPhone doubled

is pre Said: These numbers, which conveys the market research firm Flurry days, say nothing about the sales of products from Amazon, Apple, Acer and Samsung. Also not on the amount of equipment given away for presents. The chart compares only the Christmas day with a usual for the respective Group December day. The rate of the number of activations.

Amazon’s Kindle, for example, is the Christmas per se, but can not shine over the years so. 24 times as many devices as on other days were logged for Christmas. For Acer one is happy about a fivefold increase in activations. An Apple tablet or smartphone was 2.3 times longer registered, as the average day. Samsung increased the number of at least 90 percent.

What does this tell us? Acer Amazon and concentrate their sales mostly on Christmas. When Apple and Samsung, the sales are over the entire year away anyway at a high level.

Expensive products are probably rarely under the Christmas tree – something most users treat yourself


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Watch Ever: Now in Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire - COMPUTER BILD


From our Author January Johannsen, 27.12.2013, 17:08 clock

The new Watch Ever App in the Amazon Appstore brings the film and series flat rate is now available on the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon.

Watch Ever on an Android tablet © Watch Ever

The Watch Ever App brings the film and series flat rate now available on the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon.

W atchever expanding its range of supported devices continues. As of now, the app of the online video store in the Amazon Appstore for the Kindle Fire tablet is available. The app itself is free, the use of film and series flat rate costs 8,99 euros per month, with the first 30 days of the test are free.

»Action until 2 January: 6 months Ever Watch for 24.95 euros instead of 53.94 euros

The Watch Ever App for Kindle Fire stores desired movies and series on the tablet between and play them later in offline mode off. You can also record tracks in your Watchlist or review after seeing. Most content is available next to the German dubbed version in the original version. About a locked with a four digit PIN Child Lock parents limit the film and series offer on the basis of the FSK ages.

»Try Now Watch Ever 30 days for free

The Watch Ever App is with the Kindle Fire (1st and 2nd generation), the Kindle Fire HD 7 (2nd and 3rd generation), and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (second generation).

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Watch Ever App for Amazon's Kindle Fire -

WATCH EVER subscribers can rejoice: now online flat rate for series and films on the eReader from Amazon is available

EVER WATCH is expanding its availability and has specially developed a new app for the Kindle Fire for the eReader of Amazon. Kindle Fire owners can easily install this download on the Amazon AppStore. To register at WATCH EVER, the user can on the website log. Already registered customers load the App and can start immediately after login. All tracks from WATCH EVER can always be streamed over the wireless Internet access for the Kindle Fire.

“New Watch Ever App for Amazon’s Kindle Fire,” read at Serienjunkies

Other functions of the WATCH EVER app Overview:

  • are cached for traveling to title and played in offline mode later.
  • titles can be marked for the Watchlist.
  • The Facebook Connect feature can be used to share with Facebook friends through their own chronicle information on titles that are being considered, or comments about in their own Watchlist flagged item to share.
  • Notable titles can be evaluated.
  • most of the contents are as usual available both in German language, as well as in the original version.
  • parents can program the activation for a certain age group according to the FSC classification over a four-digit PIN and thus ensure that all content to which their children have access are age-appropriate.
The WATCH EVER app can be used on the following Kindle devices:

Kindle Fire (1st and 2nd Generation), Kindle Fire HD 7 (2nd and 3rd generation), and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (2nd generation).

Sabine Anger, Managing Director of WATCH EVER says: “ With the new Kindle Fire app we have time for the holidays our customers the unlimited movie and series pleasure even on the Amazon eReader on. WATCH EVER has set itself the goal to present its offer in a modern multi-screen world. We are very pleased that we can deploy our app on another device family.

more press releases, visit the Series to view. There are newer TV News at a glance.

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Bernd Michael Krannich on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 14.29 clock

© KG, all rights reserved.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

E-book readers: Kindle devices have continued in the lead -

E-book readers are perfect Christmas gifts for readers worth, even for technical amateurs. The opinion of the computer magazine c’t. However giver should consider the forced binding to an online bookstore. With the purchase of a reader you decide simultaneously, in which shops you are allowed to buy and how easy you get new e-books on the device.

There are the German-language literature offer little difference between Kindle and Epub format. The situation is different in English book titles from.

purism an ebook reader

handy reader score with the low weight and battery power. True bookworms who like to immerse themselves in exciting books also appreciate the purism of an eBook Reader: Unlike the tablet they will not be distracted here by aufpoppenden News

. Kindle

c’t test showed that Amazon still has the edge in the e-book readers forward. The entry-level Kindle offers for 50 euros the best value for money, and the Kindle Paperwhite impressed with the roundest total package for € 130. Since the online giant uses its own format for its e-books, here the binding, however, is particularly close. “Whoever does not like it, but will now competitors on equal terms” explains c’t So the Kobo Aura offers a similar shop convenience and is still open to other formats and booksellers -.., Only it is a bit expensive at 150 Euro

Tolino Shine

Tolino Shine has blossomed thanks to software upgrades for serious Kindle competitor – a cost of 100 euros. The device is, inter alia, sold by Thalia. Because you can not change the integrated shop later, you should consider in advance where you buy the Tolino. (Red, 22:12., 2013)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Tolino Shine: Shine Tolino despite serious weaknesses Kindle competitor - ABC Online

German e-book readers do not appear in comparison to Amazon’s Kindle in the best over-the light. The Tolino Shine – behind which a whole alliance of booksellers and Telekom is – still trying to shake the throne. How successful is shown by the practice test.

So far dominated the market of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader almost at will. But the Tolino Alliance is catching up. According to the GfK market researchers, the proportion of the reader, stand behind the Telekom, Thalia, Hugendubel, worldview and Bertelsmann, in the third quarter of 2013 already at 37 percent, the Kindle is, however, with 43 percent still the market leader. Now the second generation of Tolino Shine on the market, can in practice test but only partly convincing.

The first impression is striking: the new Tolino is small and light, with its 183 grams, it disappears barely noticeable in your pocket. However, the second impression is then less positive. Because even the power switch at the top of the unit can only be fumbling, only with a little practice succeed in directly launch of e-readers. And the home button below the six-inch displays not just talking for the best processing: When firm pressure on the entire unit creaks


And the third button on the unit is not particularly supple in use – this function is very practical: The backlight of the display can be switched on and off with it. This can be read in the dark heart’s content, without flashlight under the covers. In the comparable Kindle Paperwhite, however the lighting can be dimmed only cumbersome over the menu.

The display quality of the Tolino Shine convinced only when continuous printing sharpness is still room for improvement. The reading itself works without any hocus-pocus: With a touch of the right side of the display can scroll forward, left it goes back. This works relatively quickly, annoying ghosting effects – so that the old side shines through – do not occur


great advantage of Tolino Shine in comparison to Amazon’s Kindle is the ability to Thalia, worldview, use Hugendubel or Bertelsmann as a bookseller of trust and to be dependent not only on Amazon. Also handy: The Tolino Shine has access to the 12,000 public hot spots of Deutsche Telekom in Germany – so can also go buy more new books without a 3G access would be necessary. The battery life is up to 168 hours on the free movement of 2.1 out of a total of 4 gigabytes of memory can accommodate an entire library, optionally can be upgraded via a memory card


Who in the choice of the device is undecided should think about what he wants: Tablet or e-Reader. With the high quality and display quality of a tablet of Tolino Shine can not keep up, of course, this is a 99 euro also much cheaper and so an interesting option on the e-book market.

the Tolino Shine can buy here

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Advent Calendar: Win today the eBook reader Kindle Paperwhite 2 - COMPUTER BILD

By Rainer Schuldt, 20.12.2013, 00:15 clock

Join the Advent of and COMPUTER BILD with prizes worth almost 500,000 euros. Daily rates: eBook reader Kindle Paperwhite 2 Amazon and 1,000 photo calendar


 Kindle Paperwhite 2 © Amazon

Win today the eBook reader Kindle Paperwhite 2 from Amazon.

B eantworten the question of the day in Advent and clean up with a little luck, the eBook Reader Kindle Paperwhite 2 from Amazon. The Kindle Paperwhite 2 has a six-inch eInk Carta display with a resolution of 1024×758 pixels. Digital Books store on the two-gigabyte data storage or in the Amazon Cloud. New reading material you download from the Kindle Store via Wi-Fi on the White Paper 2 Thanks illumination read even in poor lighting conditions.

instant win: Daily Photo calendar 1000 with a value of 19.99 euros

Get the coupon code cbvbfucb now one of 1,000 double-sided wall photo calendars of Create this very simply with the app “PhotoCAL” on your smartphone (see photo gallery) and send your work from. You only pay the shipping cost of 4.99 euros (for up to ten copies). If you are up to 18 December 2013 order, you will receive the calendar in time for Christmas comes. Your coupon code you solve within the app one.

»Download: Printed Photo Calendar – PhotoCAL for iPhone and iPad
» Download: PhotoCAL – Printed Calendar for Android
»Instructions:. PhotoCAL To Create a photo calendar
little door in the advent calendar Open question of the day? Open all doors retroactively

Sign up and win

To participate in the Advent Giveaway of and COMPUTER BILD, you need to register once for free. You have missed a few days Questions? Never mind, you can use the above red button retroactively answer all questions even when they are unlocked.


Sweepstakes Newsletter

You want to miss a draw or action? Then subscribe to free daily newsletter and you are always up to date.

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Amazon Kindle HDX 7: For Amazon now 10% cheaper - Chip Online

be reduced

Just before Christmas, Amazon the price of its own tablet PC: So you’re currently the Kindle Fire HDX 7 for around 200 euros – and thus save exactly 30 euros at the normal price

Good display, its own operating system
The Kindle Fire HDX is a 7-inch tablet and works with a specially adapted Amazon Android version. Instead Google Play your own Amazon App Store for use which, although similar in structure to the Google Play gates, but far less diversity in the programs offered and app reviews coming offers. In that respect, the Kindle Fire HD excellent links to Amazon services for E-Books, Movies & Videos (via Lovefilm) and music (via MP3 download service) with.

has especially for beginners its own surface Benefits: The navigation, the purchase and deployment of apps, music, videos and Co. are very simple. Through large images (for example, Cover), a greatly reduced menu navigation and little text is the surface almost ideally suited to the operation of the Tablets -. Even far better than the classic Android, which is the latest complex in the settings

The 7-inch display has a 1,920 x 1,200 pixels and provides good measurement results in the laboratory. It is also very stable and provides perspective thanks to the IPS panels a great color fidelity. The tablet only valid if the maturities small Weaknesses: So the battery does the video look only 3:47 hours – while surfing the Internet, the runtime heard but at least to 5:19 hours

CHIP Online says:
for around 200 euros, the Kindle Fire 7 HDX is currently a good deal and in this price range and unbeatable price – if you are a tablet Search with full-HD resolution. For all tablet beginners it is thanks to its own surface is a good choice – everyone else should prefer to grab something deeper in their pockets and invest, for example, that produced by Asus Google Nexus 7 2

Amazon: Kindle smartphones planned for the beginning of 2014 [Report] - Stereopoly - The Technology Blog (blog)


For quite some time are the smartphones Kindle Amazon in the discussion. Many analysts see before an early release. However, Amazon is little insight into the development of such smartphones. According to the new report from Digitimes Amazon plans in the coming year, the Kindle smartphone officially introduce.

According to Digitimes, the provider Primax Electronics orders from Amazon for compact camera modules (CCM) has received. These are supposed to come in smart phones are used, which could 2014 be on the market in the first half. It also states that the floating touch technology will be on board and the head movements of the user can be recognized by Kindle smartphone.

particular with the Kindle series, Amazon has had much success. Starting with e-readers up to the Kindle Fire HD – but what is missing is ultimately only a smartphone


Source: bgr

Written by
Jamil Osso

the contact author

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

E-book reader Tolino: Even Germany can Kindle - Business Week

together against the market leader: The great German booksellers have brought with Tolino Shine an e-reader on the market, which neatly makes the Kindle Paperwhite Amazon in this country competition


Easy and light, it is in one place. The thumb touches the screen, stroking lightly over the surface. The display changes color to black for a moment. Direct it shows the letters, one by one until the entire page is filled. Even in the sunlight they can still be seen engraved sharp. Nothing reflected, nothing hidden.

Increasingly, the digital reading material against the classic paperback is exchanged. Books belong to the most popular grade for Christmas gifts – but not always in their original form. According to a survey of high-tech association Bitkom the Germans are willing to spend a large part of their Christmas bonus for electronic devices. Twelve percent of respondents want an e-reader. Currently it says: Tolino against Amazon, shine against Paperwhite, Germany against America. Who wins the battle under the Christmas tree?

Tolino Products

  • Tolino Shine
    display : E-Ink Pearl display with integrated lighting

    size : Six inches

    weight : 183 grams

    battery life : up to seven weeks

    space : 4 GB (internal)

    Price: 99 €

  • Tolino Tab 7 inch
    display : HD Display

    size : seven-inch

    battery life : up to twelve hours

    space : 16 GB expandable memory

    Price: 179 €

  • tolina Tab 8.9 inch
    display : HD Display

    size : 8.9 inches

    battery life : up to twelve hours

    space : 16 GB expandable memory

    Price: 249 €

It was designed by the great German booksellers Weltbild, Thalia, Hugendubel and Bertelsmann Club, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG. The goal: The Internet giant Amazon does not leave the field without a fight. This has been achieved. According to the GfK market research company Tolino Amazon could push back with their readers. The market share fell from 48 percent in the second quarter to 43 percent in the third quarter of this year. The Tolino Shine was able to expand its share to 37 percent, placing it closer.

Official sales figures are not yet available, but are already more than half a million units to fall from the readers have gone over the counters. This indicated the publishers involved in at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the fall. Amazon gives its sales figures for Germany not unknown. Also confirms the success of Tolino reader. Through him three-digit growth rates were achieved, says CEO Michael Weber. Currently, the e-reader is the best selling product in the and online stores.

Kindle App: Update allows sorting of books in collections - AndroidPIT (blog)

Jakob Straub 2013-12-18T13: 37:56 Z before 13 hours

Jakob Straub

Jacob came as a Linux user to Android and would like as a person who travels a lot, do not miss his smartphone. Outside AndroidPIT he is to be found in Berlin’s climbing walls and bouldering rock climbing and enjoys reading fiction in English and German.

The Kindle app for Android has received with the most recent update a few useful functions: your books and content you can now summarize in individual collections. There are also improvements in the operation and new settings.

amazon kindle fire hdx © AmazonIf your

the Kindle app uses on your smartphone or tablet for reading ebooks and documents, you will help the new feature to keep track of all the tracks. With the latest update of your application that are quite easy to Sammunglen in which you can store and organize as your reading material in folders.

amazon kindle app collections screenshot 01 When you add you can by author or title search and sort, also, a single Ebook occur in several summaries. The account associated with the collections you can sync across multiple devices.

amazon kindle app collections screenshot 02 Other new features of the app include improved support for accessibility Talkback and Tap and Discover to allow the turning without touching the screen. In addition, the font of the editor can be disabled if desired and the app asks you to make an assessment just read out a book.

amazon kindle app collections screenshot 03 Icon Kindle INSTALL

Via: Engadget Source: Kindle in Google Play Store

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Facebook: How the Autoplay Advertising

Facebook: How the Autoplay advertising

LG Chrome Base: All-in-One PC with Chrome OS and Full HD IPS display

LG Chrome Base: All-in-One PC with Chrome OS and Full HD IPS display

Galaxy Note 2: update to Android 4.3 distributed

Galaxy Note 2: update to Android 4.3 will be distributed

Amazon: More than 20 million U.S. customers have a Kindle - Notebookcheck

According to a report by the U.S. analysts of CIRP, more than 20 million Americans in the United States have a Kindle from From the Amazon customers about 40 percent either a Kindle E-Reader or a Kindle Fire Tablet , the use of the consumer as a direct Einkaufstor for products on Amazon.

As Josh Lowitz, partner and co-founder of CIRP pointed out, use 28 percent of the Kindle from customers a tablet from the series Kindle Fire, 21 percent have a Kindle e-book reader . After all 9 percent Kindle customers to both Kindle devices have purchased. Amazon has thus achieved the goal to tie his customers directly via the terminal itself. And the Kindle customers leave the checkout at Amazon really loud sound.

As reported by the analysts that the average customer with a Kindle in hand in 1,233 U.S. dollars to spend, while buyers that the web portal off the Kindle use universe, only 790 dollars to spend at The Amazon Kindle customers buy to 50 percent more often in the U.S. online dealer, as the customer base without the flask Amazon.

This information regarding the customer loyalty and price situation for customers with and without a Kindle device from are particularly interesting, since analysts have always emanated from the fact that Amazon does with every purchased Kindle Reader or Tablet hardly profit or even a small loss.

So far, the world’s largest online retailer reported but also in in the third quarter of 2013 loss . Sales grew by 24 percent to 17.1 billion dollars (12.4 billion euros), the loss was $ 41 million last. Apparently even stock market and investors have confidence in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos . What apparently counts at, is the rapid growth while simultaneously decreasing loss.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Study: Kindle owners buy significantly more at - buchreport

Study: Kindle owners buy significantly more at – book report – news online news from the publishing and media industry, market analysis and SPIEGEL bestseller


Databases, development tools, personnel management - IT Business

Who can train at Integrata in January 2014 to a of three Kindle Paperwhite win.

training provider Integrata raffled among all participants of seminars in January three Kindle Paperwhite. Certainly, for example, the time courses and self-management, Microsoft Project 2010, ABAP fundamentals, ITIL Foundation, Oracle database administration, and many more will take place.

nationwide for the lottery are more than 300 seminar dates around IT, human resources and organizational development and SAP.

To enter the Sweepstakes, training in January 2014 to take place. The draw will take place on 31 January 2014 instead. The winners will be notified in writing and the profit, is one of three Kindle Paperwhite, delivered free of charge. The decision is final.

appointments with “green checkmark” the implementation is already guaranteed.

Monday, December 16, 2013 offers installment payment for Kindle Fire HDX -

16/12/2013 – by John Main – Tablets

 shutterstock_97474436 tried the sales of its Kindle Fire HDX with a very unusual for the company to offer more palatable: payment by installment. In Germany, too afraid Amazon no effort to make his new tablet a success.

Amazon customers residing in the United States have to order from now until Christmas Eve the possibility of a Kindle Fire HDX (7 “or 8.9″) and to pay only a quarter of the price immediately. The remaining three quarters are then abgestottert in the next nine months, more than three installments.

To take up this offer, you must have in addition to the U.S. address via a least two years old account and a credit card. Amazon emphasizes the company get a no credit checks. There are no fees, de facto Amazon also offers its customers a “0 percent financing”.

HDX Kindle Fire (7

Kindle Fire HDX (7 “& 8.9″)

Who will even occasionally konfroniert with the advertising big German electronics markets knows that this is not so unusual. Also an eBook reader like the Tolino Shine can gradually be paid here offers a stretch of up to 24 monthly installments (about 10 percent annual percentage rate). For Amazon offering an installment payment is but almost a taboo, so far, the company did not offer any financing options. Only means of payment by credit card you have, indirectly, the possibility to postpone the payment a little backwards.

0-percent financing is a cost factor for the providing companies. Payment defaults, administrative expenses, and not least the loss of liquidity by the wholesale make this offer to a costly action. Amazon currently seems hardly an effort too large to make its Kindle Fire HDX Tablets in the Christmas season in the first series of gifts. In Germany, Amazon has cheapened the 7 “model currently around 30 euros to 199 euros, in addition genuine accessories is reduced by 20 percent and there is Amazon Coins worth 5 Euro for free. Also in the tablet area, it means: For market share and equipment base is properly upped the ante to refinance in hopes of spending later on content sales


Related messages:

The article” offers installment payment for Kindle Fire HDX “on 16 December 2013 (Monday) at 12:37 clock by John Main wrote. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of

? Giveaway: 4x PocketBook Touch Lux / Surfpad give away 3 Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite: How to ?


E-Reader to hard: Tolino vs. Kindle - messenger from Haßgau

books are among the most popular gifts at Christmas. Increasingly, the reading material is consumed digitally, however – on the smartphone, the tablet computer, or a reader. These so-called e-readers so far the U.S. company Amazon has the edge. But the German booksellers do not want to leave without a fight the Internet giant field. With our own equipment and a costly advertising campaign they engage in the Christmas shop at.

The starting position for the mission “us against Amazon” looks at first glance from cheap. In the spring of this year, had teamed up with the world, Thalia, and Hugendubel Club Bertelsmann, Germany’s largest bookseller, to bring their own reading device on the market that will compete with the popular Kindle from Amazon: the Tolino Shine. Official sales figures, there are none. But to the book trade by reader now about half a million units have gone over the counter, as the participating publishers hinted. Amazon gives its sales figures for Germany not known.

When market share for e-books, so digitized books, the situation is clearer. According to the GfK market research company, the Tolino-maker Amazon could push back the market share of the retail giant fell from 48 percent in the second quarter to 43 percent in the third quarter of this year. The Tolino partner come to 37 percent. Points is developed by Deutsche Telekom Tolino with its open distribution system. While the Kindle is tied to the title to purchase the online store Amazon, Tolino users can shop for all participating booksellers. It is planned that join more of the Alliance. So far, the discussions but shall not be moved forward.

A stumbling block are the necessary investments. Sumptuous is the digital battle against Amazon, in any case – and not only because of the good 1000 television commercials and the numerous billboards that are known to make the Tolino at Christmas time. The reader itself is still a subsidy business, such as the world leader Carel Halff was forced to admit in an interview. “But we have to simply stand up,” Halff had said in view of the high cost.

From digital competition much depends for the booksellers. Amazon has set the industry under significant pressure. More and more German order their books through the Internet. For steady-state dealer who invested late in setting up their own online stores, that was a problem. This setback do not want to relive the booksellers at the E-Books. The fact that the digital reading makes the breakthrough, of which the industry is convinced. 2012, about three percent of the turnover in the German book market in the amount of 9.5 billion euros were achieved with e-books, according to the Association of German Book Trade. But in the first half of 2013, the revenue share had increased to five percent.

The consulting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) estimates that the share of e-books in the overall market for fiction is rising to 2017 to 16 percent. For the e-book speaks drive down the price, which is currently about one-fifth lower than the printed book. “E-Books are in this country before the breakthrough,” says Werner Ballhaus, head of technology, media and telecommunications at PwC. Perhaps the yes comes for Christmas this year. According to a survey of high-tech association Bitkom the Germans are willing to spend a large chunk of their Christmas bonus for the electronic devices.

Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite away: How to -

16/12/2013 – by John Main – eBook News


This year, probably more eBook Reader below mentioned Christmas trees than ever before. In particular, two models are in demand, the Kindle Paperwhite Amazon and its German rival Tolino Shine. What you need to consider when choosing and on giving away, so that the gift arrives immediately good.

Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite compared: what for whom


anticipation be said: None of the two currently most popular eBook Reader make friends reading something wrong. Both devices are technically up to date, the software side of Tolino Shine has been greatly improved in recent months and is now almost on par with the Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite the ebook reader of Tolino Alliance is in terms of convenience nor a nose ahead of eBook purchase and transfer is somewhat simpler. Especially when readers further devices to be used for browsing in addition to the eBook, plays the Amazon platform with well-developed apps and sync features his stockings. In addition, the Kindle Paperwhite with e-ink Carta has the more modern display technology on board (the only currently available eBook Reader), the difference in terms of contrast and response speed can be neglected.

Tolino Shine can with a 30 euro lower price points (mathematically it is still more, see next point). In addition, the six-incher goes with the ubiquitous Adobe copy protection for PDF and epub files, so it can be filled from any commercial sources (except for Amazon and Apple). Within the Tolino Alliance (world view, Thalia, Hugendubel, Bertelsmann, Deutsche Telekom) is the synchronization of the new Tolino function “library link” particularly easy.

buy Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite: The need to be considered

Gift checkbox on Kindle Paperwhite order page

gifts checkbox on Kindle Paperwhite order page

Kindle Paperwhite costs 129 euro, nor is there anything to shake. The previous model can be had for 119 euros, which should 10 euro charge for more software functions and a more modern screen but will be paid in any case. Can be saved only when original accessories, on which there is a 20 percent discount on purchase of two parts. If the donee technically less affinity and has accordingly not a dozen USB power supplies in the drawer, should such be ordered. Otherwise, the unit needs to be recharged on a computer, what is rather uncomfortable.

addition, offers of buying a cover for the Kindle Paperwhite, just as a gift gives the round a total package. In addition to the 20 percent discount 28 EUR expensive original envelope, there are cases from other manufacturers that cost so much only half. They serve their purpose, do look and feel but of course less ago.

If the ordered Kindle Paperwhite be given away, should definitely be checked on the products side of the device the “This is a gift”. so the Kindle Paperwhite is delivered in plain packaging and above all, Unregistered. Unchecked, the unit is preset to the buyer, which can indeed be undone with a few clicks, but also avoid in this way just the same


15 € discount plus free eBooks: Tolino Shine at Thalia

15 € discount plus free eBooks: Tolino Shine at Thalia

Tolino Shine is known to be sold by several dealers, battling it out during the festive season partly a true discount battle. Currently attract both Thalia and and Hugendubel with 15 euros computational discount. In Hugendubel there is the unit for 99 euros with a felt bag (worth 15 euros), Thalia and for 110 euros with a more chic leatherette bag worth 25 euros. In all three dealers four books are preinstalled.

Again, a USB power adapter should be ordered if necessary. In addition, no special settings for gifting to be made, a pre-registration in order is not accepted online.

Kindle Paperwhite and Tolino Shine: device Getting Started, ebooks buy

setup screen de Tolino Shine

setup screen de Tolino Shine

No provider makes eBook reader Neubesitzern the start as easy as Amazon. In addition to the optional pre-registration you will be familiar with an interactive tutorial, with the Kindle Paperwhite and its functions. An Amazon customer account provided that can be immediately redeemed and geschmökert.

the start to the digital reading experience is somewhat more complicated when Tolino Shine. Again, new owners will be greeted with an illustrated manual. Is then you have to get a Customer Account offered where the Tolino was bought (possible on the device). Then is also an Adobe ID to deposit in order to browse through copy-protected eBooks can. If the recipient has little knowledge of the matter, one should support him in these steps. A detailed Guide for gifting electronic reading devices specifically to seniors, we have published here.

Without Wi-Fi connection is, of course, in both cases, nothing in terms of “shopping over the device.” Has the donee no wireless at home, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G offers (the current model, however, is completely sold out), you can temporarily help out over a furnished using smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot.

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    ” Give Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite: Find it “The article was on 16 December 2013 (Monday) at 14:46 clock by John Main wrote. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of

    ? offers installment payment for Kindle Fire HDX


    Friday, December 13, 2013

    Consoles, cereals, hip shoes: New Kindle Paperwhite: refined technique - ABC Online

    With a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite Amazon made in 2013 for clear improvements in the market for e-book reader. The decisive step forward from the first generation of the White Paper: The new screen technology E Ink Carta. By better black and white values, according to Amazon, the new technology increased by 50 percent contrast. In addition, the online retailer improved the backlight, built a faster processor and reduced the weight from 213 to 206 grams.

    The dimensions and the price of 129 euro remained the same. Meanwhile, Amazon offers the predecessor to ten euros at favorable. Who is willing to invest even 189 euros, which offers the 3G version in addition a radio link. For bookworms get free internet access around the world to buy new reading material in the Kindle Store. Found That will not do Amazon is forcing its customers loyalty by the Kindle only works with purchased in your own online shop e-books


    technology update brings top Test Result

    Nevertheless, the test of the trade magazine Computer Bild Kindle Paperwhite 3G finished with a test score of 2.24 second. Above all, the reader feeling high contrast, liquid turning and pleasant lighting convinced the testers. Slightly better cut only the cheaper Glo from Kobo (140 euros, Note 2.08). In addition to the dedicated e-book readers, the more expensive and heavier Tablets offer the ability to read books.

    However, computer image pure bookworms of such devices does not recommend, “Who would just like to browse, for the lighter, cheaper and equipped with a long battery life e-book readers are better than tablet PCs.” If, however, your use multimedia offerings should think about tablet computers.

    Paperwhite and Tolino Shine in test

    Gifts for the Geek: Kindle Paperwhite: Next Generation - ABC Online

    With the Kindle Paperwhite Amazon has the time launched its first reader with an illuminated screen. Now the online retailer has taken time for Christmas, a successor model to the program.

    The Kindle Paperwhite scores with its high-contrast E Ink display enrich the new generation “Carta” and a powerful processor. The resolution of the eye-friendly screen is 758 x 1024 pixels. In addition, Amazon has equipped its e-book reader with some new features. With this example, is a vocabulary trainer. Should the reader a word in the dictionary, it is automatically stored in the coach. Despite such additional functions to operate the Kindle Paperwhite

    remains intuitive.

    The e-book reader costs 129 Euros in the Wi-Fi version. For the 3G model users have to spend 189 euros.