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Kindle Church and Karstadt Chapel - Frankfurter Rundschau

23 December 2013

Christmas is okay. Photo: AP

As might be nice to be Christmas if you simply take time out to be an old man to love God and the churches could offer as a place of peace and reflection. Give people the opportunity to sit down times to keep his mouth shut and think. A column.

Actually, yes I will do every year as there would be no Christmas – and yet I always find it fascinating. It’s like when a serious accident. You know it’s terrible, and yet looks towards you. Or as ugly, fat people cram the ugly, greasy food in itself. Or at folk music programs, talent shows, Mario Barth and the Word for Sunday. All this has its own fascination. So I can not help every year to make my thoughts on the festival. The fact that I will eventually despair is pretty clear to me. But what the heck.

Coca-Cola and Nativity

Here’m actually not against it. Christmas itself is good. Its inventor certainly thought of love, warmth, togetherness and singing. At the very beginning also played a character called Jesus a role that on 24 Said to have been born in December. However, these dramatic in itself good idea could not prevail. The plot was too glassy, ??the end predictable, it lacked a voltage arc.

It got worse. The “Christmas” became independent over time. Organizer of the event were the churches, but made a grave mistake. So took possession in 1947, the U.S. singer Bing Crosby music rights, and parts thereof he sold to John Lennon and Florian silver iron later. The rights to the color red had long since gone to Coca-Cola, so today is for most children in this world, a red truck, the symbol of Christ’s birth.

In the same breath, old, fat, unshaven men broke from the Christ Child, what I anprangere alone for aesthetic reasons. You see them these days as they beat the first full stomach at McDonald’s and later dangling from window ledges and awkward trying to climb up other people’s houses. It is not a pretty sight.

All this has happened to Christmas. The churches, however, they are empty. For even in the marketing of their own before they went awkwardly. Other houses are at Christmas time rafters. Department stores, fashion houses, bath houses, brothels, and even hospitals, because many people commit as notified by health insurance the Advent season with a hearty infarction. But the churches visited nobody.


time and shut up

But one should the field is not without a fight left to the unbelievers but beat them at their own game. How about, for example, with a Zalando bargain market instead of a boring church service? With an erotic fair? An appearance of Mario Barth? A Formula 1 race at the Vatican? You could also call churches for sponsors, as football stadiums. The Amazon Cathedral, the Kindle Church, the cathedral or Deichmann Karstadt Chapel. Had Tebartz van Elst still for a while, which would have been the attempt it.

course is nonsense. But you could just let time be an old man to love God and to offer the churches as a place of peace and reflection. Without Missioniererei and forced prayer. Give people the opportunity to sit down times to keep his mouth shut and think. Such a thing would need the Christmas madman namely currently the most. But how do you get them?

Michael Herl is a writer and theater-maker.

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