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Kindle or Nook Page | cheap-Reader is the Correct one? IMAGE

Kindle or Nook? IMAGE tested the Reader for beginners the Kindle or Nook? IMAGE Reader-beginnerphoto: Martin iron Lauer

For an e-book Reader tested, you can spend up to 300 euros. However, it must be really getting one of the expensive Top-end devices? IMAGE has tried the entry-level models from Amazon and Kobo and tells the Reader for each 69 Euro.

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the Similarities between The Amazon kindle Page and the Kindle not the prize. Both devices space for thousands of books, a battery that week-long holds out, Wi-Fi, wireless and a touch screen. Also, the e-Ink Display is 6 inches (15.2 cm) of the same size, both devices have a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels. The screen of the Sony is slightly brighter, but the Kindle seems to be a bit more contrast. Both are very readable and offer the possibility of the font size and style to the preferences of the reader.

A foreground lighting, you could read in the dark without additional light, there are two readers. This is also the case of two providers, the essential difference to the next higher price class.

The housing of the Reader are each just under a centimeter thick The housing of the Reader are each just under a centimeter thickphoto: Martin iron Lauer

So all the same?

Where are the differences? The most striking is the case. The Kindle is stuck in a small black Chassis (16×11, 5×0,9cm, 161g). The casing of the Kobo is slightly larger (17,5×11, 6x1cm, 170g), and provides for scrolling and control still a key. You don’t need but actually, because all of the functions can also be controlled via the Touchscreen.

Another flaw of the Nook: The power plug is hidden under a small flap. Closes with the time perfectly, makes the Nook by Barnes & noble to look worse than he should.

The charging Jack on the Nook Page is hidden under a small flap. Not always optimally, the housing is kind of cheap data-zoom-title= hiding The charging socket on the Sony Page under a small flap. Not always optimally, the housing cheap,photo: Martin iron Lauer

look at The operation of the two devices is similar, but differs in Details. The Kindle offers a few comfort features, such as a freely configurable reading progress indicator.

The most important difference, however, is the Ecosystem in which the devices are embedded. The Kindle can download books only from Amazon, the Nook can be associated with multiple Online book stores (including Thalia, Hugendubel, Weltbild, Osiander, and others). And he supports the eLibrary System using the many city libraries.

the menu The Kindle is a little tidier, but you do not need to scroll to the Tolino The menu on the Kindle is a little tidier, for this you have to: Amazon kindle, not tophoto: Martin iron Lauer

conclusion leaves No wrong choice

The Reader is now the Correct one? First of all, none of them is Wrong. As Reading devices for digital books, both devices are suitable despite the low price, outstanding.
Amazon-Fans should pick up the Kindle, who would like in addition to purchased books borrowed to read, the Nook by Barnes & noble.


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