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  • TV Kindle: Amazon with its own set-top box in the fall
  • Amazon’s equipment fleet is expected to grow: According to tablets and e-readers, the publication of a set-top box is apparently planned for the living room. So that makes the online retailer Apple competition. A name for the box is not fixed yet, Kindle TV is but obvious.

    Amazon stalks into the living room of many users – with its own streaming client for TVs. This at least will have, citing three people who should be familiar with the plans, learn. The product will appear in the fall. So far, the online retailer e-readers and tablets on the market, the Kindle and Kindle Fire. About Amazon’s smartphone plans has already been reported several times. A set-top box would expand the portfolio and round.

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    own television pilot programs financed

    Amazon would strengthen the product its own video on demand service. Via the set-top box to stream movies and TV shows should be possible to write Even owners of the box would get free access to Amazon’s Instant Video service, and thus to free streaming media services. However, the service is only available to customers of the prime services and not in Germany is available. For a monthly fee of € 29 will receive prime customers faster, and Free Shipping of products from the Amazon offer. The online retailer has already funded their own television pilot programs, insofar as a separate set-top box would also strengthen such a possible offer.

    Amazon would position itself next to Apple TV on the market of streaming clients for the living room, in the U.S. Roku and Boxee Box are also strongly represented in the market. Whether Amazon also allows access to video services like YouTube via its set-top box, is questionable, writes About one’s own Kindle Fire tablet is a call but possible. The name on the box is also unclear. BusinessWeek speculates the device could be called Kindle TV.

    Anyone interested in the hardware offerings of the online retailer, is here a test of the Kindle Paperwhite. More on Amazon you will find on this overview page.

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