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Kindle vs. Voyage Tolino Vision 2: Stiftung Warentest checks Ebook Reader – STAR

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E in whole bookcase to 180 g: E-book -Reader were last Christmas season of racing under the Christmas tree. Amazon Kindles on trumped with its large, the German book trade held with the new Tolino Vision 2 against. But which e-reader is best – and what differentiates the models from each other? The magazine “Stiftung Warentest”

has compared eight readers each other Amazon defends the throne

winner is Amazon’s flagship Kindle Voyage (Rating:. 1, 4). Its handling is loud Warentest “sharp”, and there is a good guide on the device. The operating menu and the stored books are clearly arranged. Also, buying and downloading new books faster and more convenient from the hand than the competition, find the tester

But not only the software convinced the technology leaves no wish unfulfilled.: The backlit display (15 inches diagonal) is extremely high resolution (Resolution: 1448 x 1072 pixels) and also in direct sunlight readable. With 189 euros the Kindle Voyage however no bargain. Another drawback: Kindle reader may only shop in Amazon’s own books shop

Tolino also “very good”

On the second place in the lands Tolino vision. 2 (Rating: 1.5). The anti-Kindle Tolino the alliance is much cheaper with 129 euro (including Bertelsmann, Thalia, world view, Hugendubel). It also supports all e-books with Adobe’s copyright protection systems and the popular ePub format. Kindle books are not supported

Technically, the Tolino Vision 2 is at eye level. The backlit six-inch display (15 cm) is not quite as sharp as the premium Kindle (1024 x 768), but there is nothing to complain loudly Warentest on the image quality. In the star test scored the Vision 2 with a great image. A big plus: The Vision 2 is waterproof – relaxed reading in the bathroom or near a lake Nothing stands in the way

Icarus Excel: heavy, unwieldy, expensive

In third place also waterproof Kobo Aura H2O lands (Rating: 1.7). In terms of image quality up a notch here is even upped the ante, because the background of the display a little white acts as the competition. With 179 euros However, he is also quite expensive.

The worst is the Icarus Excel (E1051). He reached only a “satisfactory” (Rating: 2.8). The unit is heavy, unwieldy and 320 euros very expensive, according Warentest. In addition, the touchscreen does not operate as usual with your fingers, but only with a stylus. The operating system Android is installed

The complete test chargeable under


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Test: Kindle Voyage –


The Kindle Voyage comes with a 6 inch wide e-ink display, which dissolves the text at 300 dpi. When e-ink process, the device requires no power for the display. Only when the content changes when scrolling, more energy is required. Thereby holding the Kindle e-book reader several weeks, as long as the background lighting is not too often is used.

It is this background lighting trumps with sophistication, but otherwise of an E Reader expected. The brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically adjusted by the light-sensitive sensor to the ambient light. It even goes so far that the optional feature “night light” the brightness gently but continuously reduced while to get used to the eyes in the first minutes of the weak ambient light.

/ “Compared even an average Paperback acts like a log” Compared even an average Paperback acts like a log Zoom © Amazon

The e-ink screen is 16 grayscale However, the black is not worthy of the name. Instead, the display runs on a very dark gray out. This is what the quality of the representation but no harm. Together with the excellent, uniform backlight creates a very pleasant typeface that is superior to a printed book – also because the Font style and size can be customized to your preferences. For relaxed reading but also contributes to the excellent anti-reflective coating, so that the representation even improved in the bright sunlight.

However, the current e-ink displays not only have advantages. They react much slower than LCDs. And so every change of the content is accompanied by a short delay and flicker. This sucks for images, but the text-heavy page change the flicker acts only as a cheaper PowerPoint effect from the 90s. So life is good.


The touch screen responds to touch pleasing accurate. However, the responsiveness is not enough to come close to a modern tablet. Each action is taken after a noticeable delay. Nevertheless, in a direct comparison with the control pad of the cheaper Kindle models, the touch screen is proving a boon

The touch display is used both for the menus, as well as for paging.. To scroll a tap at the lateral edges back and forth, alternatively also the touch-sensitive frame can be tapped. A tap on the top of the screen again displays the menu. And so on. The gestures go after a short time in flesh and blood.


In addition, it is, of course, from the medium “book” squeeze the maximum functionality. Unknown terms are explained with a tap through the stored Duden – and if that’s not enough, the appropriate page on Wikipedia is displayed. This demanded terms are automatically transferred to the Vokalbeltrainer and can practice there by the well proven index cards system is simulated.

Buy and synchronize

And then there are all those functions, who have made the big Kindle e-Reader: The comfortable shopping in the Kindle Store or the immediate delivery of books that are purchased on the PC. This requires a connection over WLAN standard 802.11n is used. Since most of the books from a few hundred kilobytes and about three megabytes weigh the shopping goes in a few seconds on the stage

Finally, the unbeatable synchronization between all connected platforms and devices must be mentioned. The current book position is kept flowing in sync between the Kindle, the Kindle app on the mobile device or PC.

specialization holds tablets at a distance

At merits so there is no shortage. But how beats the Kindle against the cheap tablets? The Kindle weighs 180 grams, iPad Mini 2 about 331 grams. We learn the difference after hours of reading firsthand about on a transatlantic flight. A clear point for the Amazon device.

Mini-Tablets are the greatest enemy of the Kindle Voyage mini-tablets are the greatest enemy of the Kindle Voyage Zoom © ze / IDG

The Kindle is available for 239 francs, the iPad Mini 2 for Franken 329. For about 90 francs so there is at least the 16 GB version of a modern tablet, which in addition to the Kindle app also supports games, rich colors, videos, music and more. However, this superiority is as an entertainment machine at the expense of battery. And so the Kindle owners read even further when the lights went out long ago on the iPad.

This competition is the chaff separated from the wheat from the purchasers. Casual reader a better grip on iPad & amp; Co., bookworms are on Kindle Voyage can practice tricks. The display reminds much more of a conventional book and the battery life can not be praised enough. In the dim light even screw Tablets brightness down, but reading with the Kindle feels much better – despite or perhaps because of lower contrast

Conclusion:. The Kindle Voyage convinced as an e-reader on the line. However, you really have to be among the most frequent readers. Who is sporadic nose in a virtual book, is better served with a tablet.

The tester was kindly provided by Digitec available. Here it goes directly to the product page.


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Amazon presents software “Kindle Textbook Creator” – buchreport

The Apple three years ago ” iBooks Author “presented a murmur went through the textbook sector, wanted the Group but not less than reinvent the textbook. Now competitor Amazon has developed software can bring out the teachers and professors on their own textbooks and course materials – but follows a different approach

The software “ Kindle Textbook Creator Mac or Windows teachers and authors PDFs can be converted into digital textbooks. The digital books and course materials can only be read on the Kindle Apps (for iPad, Kindle Fire, iPhone and Android devices, Mac and PC), not classical e-readers (like the Kindle). These are sold textbooks on Amazon, but the company promises the authors account for up to 70%.

Currently the software is available in the Open Beta phase and only in English. Amazon wants to extend the functionality of successively currently following functions are available:

  • text passages in different colors mark
  • text passages, pictures and bookmarks digital in a notepad
  • flashcards with teaching materials create
  • Definitions and Wikipedia entries Look

” Kindle Textbook Creator “seems to be designed curriculum to publish quickly and publishers to open up an opportunity to provide their content for the Kindle universe available while competing product” iBooks Author “is intended textbooks from scratch for Create, TechCrunch analyzed the different approaches of Amazon and Apple. Apple trying to persuade the authors to develop digital-first-books, while Amazon wants to convince them already provide existing content for the textbook market.


New Kindle font “Bookerly” soon on eReaders? –

Amazon was not only always highlighted in the past particularly proud of the hardware of your own Kindle eBook reader, but also has the special adaptation of the scriptures. Thus, the individual fonts be all especially optimized to improve the reading experience even further.

In fact, Amazon offers with pre-installed fonts a thoroughly enjoyable readability of the E -ink displays, whatever it is sometimes that the fonts are comparatively thick. This is probably the fact indebted that the contrast of a commercial e-paper screen (even with modern technology) is simply lower than in tablet or on paper (natural lighting dependent). In addition, it produces a thicker font, especially on a display with lower pixel density, better contrast, since the gray-level interpolation pixel not thin out the individual letters when rendering noticeably.

Now, the pixel density of the various devices in the last two years, but significantly increased so that the edge smoothness was better and the strikingly thick Kindle fonts basically are no longer really necessary – at least not with the Fire tablet. This is exactly where Amazon has now begun to introduce a new font. The new font is named “ Bookerly ” and is available on various devices Fire now. Kindle App and PC users currently have to just do without it as the eBook Reader client.

Bookerly features compared to the previous main font Caecilia by a more refined drawing. The serifs are flat, rounded and / or beveled, the thickness is slightly less letters, as is the spacing between words. Also, the letter spacing is minimal shrunk.

Differences between Bookerly (left) and Caecilia (right ). Sources available: Mobile Read

Although there is currently the font only for the Fire tablet is basically reasonable to expect that the dedicated Readers will be added soon to the new font. Apart from the (as described) refined typeface, but you should not expect miracles it is. At least not in terms of edge sharpness, because that does not change. TrueType and OpenType fonts are vectorized and thus infinitely scalable without loss of quality, which Caecilia and Bookerly (and other writings) applies equally. The font sharpness thus depends on the pixel density from or interpolation, not on the font itself.

In addition also happens that the edge sharpness at the illuminated and with capacitive Touchscreen provided eBook reader is already reduced by the plastic films and would notice such improvements barely (or not).

In any case illustrates the introduction of a new font that Amazon fortunately continue working to improve the graphics of what the hope a little that nourishes the shipping giant sometime maybe even the long-hoped-for hyphenation introduces the going especially in German texts often. Now, however, we must first be interesting to see if and when Bookerly lands on the Kindle eBook reader.


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Amazon released Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac and PC –

With iBooks Author Apple has created a Mac app available, with the easy to create e-books in the iBookstore. Amazon is now again a Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac.

With the new Kindle Textbook Creator will be e-books quickly and easily for the Amazon Kindle Store can be created. The software is available for both Mac and PC in a beta version. It is aimed primarily at the education market

Accordingly, see also the functions that are available for the finished books available. Text can be highlighted in different colors, including notes and creating virtual flashcards are possible. As with any Kindle book, terms can also look up in the dictionary and Wikipedia. Who bought the book once, it can be read on many different platforms.

The author will receive 70 percent of sales from Amazon paid, they do not also assign the rights to distribute the materials to Amazon. The software can be downloaded for free on Amazon’s site.

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I’m not a big fan tablet, but my Kindle I like very much. If the software even more authors to Amazon brings -. The better


Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac Released –

Apple’s overall product quality …

  • … has increased significantly in recent years 4.4%
  • … is a little better than it was several years ago 11.0%
  • 28.7%
  • … is slightly worse than before 31.5%
  • … has waned considerably in recent times 24.4%

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Amazon can not provide replacement equipment Kindle Voyage – H

Even if the deliveries of Amazon’s Kindle current flagship Voyage seemed to stabilize the beginning of the month, the Amazon is struggling still with delivery problems. . This affects many users are having a defective Voyage

to get a Kindle Voyage In not a few customers who had the good fortune to Christmas, the joy did not last long: even less than two months after the launch in Germany the flagship of the fleet Kindle reader has to struggle still with significant illumination problems. In many reviews a gradient is called from a yellowish to bluish light. In the H-forum there are appropriate comments.

 Amazon Kindle Voyage Amazon Kindle Voyage (Picture: Amazon)

The statements of quality problems by Amazon provide for many users not much help is: The reviews of the Kindle Voyage increasingly reported purchaser that the gradients are predicted by the Amazon service to the normal display quality. Other buyers towards declared in writing that has been identified, among other things, the scanner of a transport service as a possible cause. In all cases, users were able to E-reader back, but had to adjust often long waiting times for a replacement. This was reported, partially, citing its own readers.

In the reviews on Amazon also give users time and again that they had already received a number of replacement units, a buyer even talked already on the seventh device to maintain. Also appear comments that allegedly opened packaging should be sent with used equipment and the same gradients as a substitute. Users talking here about a “redistribution” of defective devices through Amazon. In other users deliveries of spare equipment should have been moved over a longer period of time several times, occasionally to buyers even wait for eleven weeks a new reader.

Amazon is in the shop next delivery date to January 26, 2015 on the 3G version of the Kindle Voyage to even be on stock. However, delivery of substitute equipment could Amazon repeatedly fail to comply.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kindle Voyage replacement devices also postponed indefinitely –

I have already reported that the replacement of the Kindle from Amazon Voyage responsible for some customers ungewönhlich much time

early January. The background: The premium eBook Reader fighting since the start with quality problems that manifest themselves in a non-uniform gradient of some equipment. The severity of the problem within that range between seems “non-existent” and “obvious” to sway

Our testers move in this framework -. A the equipment is good, the other must be replaced. The exchange was conducted on November 5 2014 in the way – shortly after receipt of the Voyage. After four shifts the replacement should arrive no later than January 20 – should . As the weeks before, the Kindle Voyage was not delivered as of that date.

Instead, changes Amazon now obviously the strategy and moves the delivery date for an indefinite period , In the notification e-mail it says “ Currently Unfortunately, we can not name a delivery date. Once we have a current Estimated delivery date, we will inform you by e-mail.

Similarly, has the delivery status in the Order overview on the homepage changed so that no date is shown. Thus, the waiting time for the replacement of the defective Kindle Voyage is now 11 weeks and there is no end in sight.

The delivery of the replacement unit is delayed for some customers again – this time indefinitely

Different customers have different handling

However, not all customers affected by such delays. How many users report in our forum or on the Amazon website at the customer reviews the shipping giant Affected devices usually exchanged namely much faster. Just as one that is actually used, the replacement will be delivered within a few days. Time and again, but with the same problem (but varying severity), so many customers to exchange several times. It is therefore conceivable that Amazon with the people already in other Kindle devices: who exchanged (read first Paperwhite with clouds of color problem) repeatedly exchanging delaying until it can be guaranteed that the eReader is error-free <. / p>

Meanwhile the Kindle service affected customers increasingly seems to suggest that the gradient heard no error, but to the normal display quality. This is at least partially true, because a hundred percent uniformly illuminated eBook Reader does not exist. Each model has been tested with us, has a more or less pronounced brightness or color gradient. Often, however, this is so low that it is imperceptible to the naked eye. When Voyage this is at least in part of the device but just made differently, as our review has shown. In particular, given the high price should not give themselves affected customers with a highly visible color gradient happy with it.

Kindle Paperwhite as a safe choice

Currently it is therefore advisable to continue to the cheaper Kindle grab Paperwhite, the only costs about half as much. The White Paper was during the Christmas sales in several countries the best selling electronic product on Amazon. And rightly so, because the eBook Reader scores with advanced E Ink technology Carta and one of the best lighting on the market – without disturbing patterns. Therefore, the model leads our scorecard, even after more than a year, with a very good score of 1.2, continue on. So if you do not want to potentially change several times, operated with the handle for Paperwhite probably better.

affected customers of the delayed Kindle Voyage exchange is to recommended this place to get in touch with the Amazon service connection because the extended return period of the device expires at the end of January and it is questionable whether the replacement is provided even before. Will be interesting to you anyway, if you still can now expect an improved batch, hoping no doubt to the many interested parties.

Voyage continues to struggle with delays

In the meantime, visit the Voyage repeatedly delays in delivery. While the model short time “off the shelf” was available, a shipping date is reported January 26, currently playing. Since the Kindle Voyage is still cut off at the 20th place in the electronics charts, is not to be assumed that the enormous rush is responsible for the delays on the Premium eReader. In the United Kingdom and the United States, the model is only available with delays. I suspect therefore continue that Amazon is waiting for an improved display batch.

It is interesting in this context also the purchase and assessment behavior in the individual countries. In the US, sales of the Kindle Voyage was obviously brilliant – there were 2,225 reviews to date issued. The average rating is 4.2 stars, although not at the high level of the White Paper (4.5 stars), but it is not bad. In the United Kingdom 613 reviews yet positively in many parts: stops there and the Voyage of 4.4 stars also just behind the lower luminous model (4.7 Stars)

completely different picture in Germany: In Germany fights the Voyage 3.6 stars with a much more critical customers. Moreover, so far only 396 votes yet. With nearly 7,000 Reviews the Kindle Paperwhite chasing the other hand, the next round of thousands and, with an average of 4.6 stars for a particularly high level of satisfaction of the buyer.

  • Kindle Paperwhite for 99 euros at
  • Kindle Voyage for 189 euro at


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Bookerly: New Kindle Font, “optimized for e-reading” –

20/01/2015 John Main eBook News

Screenshot 2015-01-20 16:01:22 by

Still secretly patches Amazon a new font to his readers. Bookerly is “optimized for e-reading” his and expands the current font selection. Reading is done.

The new Kindle font seems to be gradually rolled out. It started with the Fire tablet from Amazon, where Bookerly is available for a few days. Business journalist Adam Tinworth pointed out in his blog on the new font on Saturday. He speculates Bookerly is mainly a response to the increasing resolutions of reading devices, first and foremost from the Kindle Voyage.

In English Forums Bookerly has been discussed for a few days. In Kboards draw parallels to Foristen also used by Caecilia font Amazon; Bookerly but is still a bit more defined. Here, as at MobileRead there has been only praise from the audience for the new font, virtually all “users of the first hour” seem to have changed their default font on Bookerly.

 Bookerly and Caecilia in comparison. Screenshots of Dream Writer, Mobile Read

Bookerly and Caecilia in comparison. Screenshots of Dream Writer MobileRead

We are not a font specialists from layman makes Bookerly but an excellent impression. The font certainly has the potential to become the most used font in the Kindle cosmos and thus to the most popular e-reading-writing at all.

In general, e-reading providers may like to do a lot more to worry about typography , Currently, we read with high-end devices decades-old fonts (Caecilia: 1991)., Which were developed to a large extent still printed paper and resolutions and formats of readers are seldom meet

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The article “Bookerly: New Kindle Font,” optimized for e-reading “” on January 20, 2015 (Tuesday ) at 17:03 clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of

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Kindle: Scouting and Gossau – The Landbote



Winterthur City | 5 hrs

Goalkeeper Simon Kindle and NLA leader Scout Winterthur their contract for another two years until the summer of 2017 extended.

Goalkeeper Simon Kindle and NLA leader Scout Winterthur have their contract for another two years until the summer of 2017. After successfully completing the Kindle hip surgery, who played his last game on February 12, 2014, resumed training at Scout again. In order to find him a suitable structure, the club lines of Scouting and Fortitudo Gossau agreed that the 23-year-old Winterthur is on loan for the season at the St. Gallen.

“It makes sense for him,” says Scouts coach Adrian Brüngger. For in Winterthur are also next season goalie positions with Arunas Vaskevicius and Aurel Bringolf very strongly occupied, Patrick Murbach also available as third-choice goalkeeper available. “I hope he gets in Gossau much match practice and can attack the No. 1 goal,” adds Brüngger. In the Goss Auern, even in the current season participants of the NLA relegation round, Holger Hug regarded as the first goalkeeper. Kindle would replace Silvio Meier and could leave Hug pressure.

Today first test

Today, Tuesday at HSC Suhr Aarau Scout denies the first of three test matches in terms of the second half of the season, with February 3 the Cup quarter-final in Stafa begins and is very rich requirement for the EHF Cup. Luka Maros (knee) and Stefan Frei Vogel (shoulder) are still sidelined, if need be, Milan Corovic (elbow). Follow the end of January in Germany Play against the TV Please field (2. Bundesliga) and the Bundesliga Balingen-Weilstetten. ust



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Kindle Unlimited Author of view: Mixed Feelings [column] –

16/01/2015 – read from .net Editor debate

Screenshot 2015-01-16 11:16:39 by

In the US, first prominent indie authors of Kindle Unlimited (KU) withdraw, avoid large publishers the eBook from Amazon almost entirely flat rate. The German indie author Poppy J. Anderson, on the KU page with a private boat represented (picture left), with all their eBooks part of the flat rate -. Yet

Without satisfied authors not satisfied users

sounds for frequent reader download Amazon’s offering, many books at a fixed price of less than 10 euros a month as a bargain. The crux of it is that the majority of indie authors seems to be still undecided as to whether they should continue to supply the flat rate model from Amazon or not.

Return these authors due to unsatisfactory conditions the program back to shrink the offer for readers. This would mean that Kindle would Unlimited uninteresting for Reading, after all befände then only a relatively small number of publishing books in the available track list. Especially many new titles not would be added, which would be a particular problem for frequent readers.

Apart from these considerations should the reader be clear that it is indeed suggested by the term “flat rate” endless books to borrow, in fact, he may, however, only up to 10 books pack on his reader and must return them to borrow more can. The idea of ​​a well-filled with countless dauergeliehenen Readers eBook is therefore invalid.

Why pushes the Kindle Unlimited program, which is available on the German market in October, with authors so much skepticism? On one hand, it may be because you as the author has no influence on the pricing. On the other hand, it sounds like a sellout of literature, if a flat rate service, which allows one to borrow books for an apple and an egg. From art is a commodity – true to the motto: Borrowing, reading, deleting

short story just paid like 900-page tome

Let us consider in more detail the financial component and go to the. Potted. In contrast to the sales where you can even put a price, it is with Kindle Unlimited so that every month from a global fund will calculate how much are the payments for the loan. It does not matter whether you offer a short novel for 99 cents or a 900-page tome for 10 euros, as each copy is given the same amount per loan.

Current price adjustment makes planning impossible

In addition, the author never knows in advance how high the proceeds of a loan will be because it is not determined until after the end of the month. Accordingly, the author has neither an assurance in what area this calculation is, nor can plan long-term, since the earnings from month to month can change. He brings out a novel in which he has worked, where appropriate, for several years, and estimated for an already very reasonable price to € 4, it is possible that he risks by Kindle Unlimited a loss. In addition, its regular sales may decline if the reader decide to borrow the book and not to buy.

German indie authors remain skeptical

From the USA come on absolute horror stories disillusioned indie authors who turn the program back and write about it, that their income has shrunk by more than half. Partial loss was spoken compared to months without selling Kindle Unlimited even by 75%. In Germany, we are of such scenarios still away, but the Self Publisher community remains skeptical about KU, since no one can estimate the direction in which the program will develop.

exit is risky

Kindle Charts: Without Borrowing suffers visibility

Kindle Charts: Without Borrowing suffers visibility

simply leave

The model appears there as obvious solution, but carries over also worth considering risks, since the visibility could suffer in sales by moving away from Kindle Unlimited. The book is perhaps worse advertised, appears less frequently in the recommendations and loses by missing Loan good spots in the rankings. The principle here is: A book that I can not see, I do not buy

Therefore, authors seem to tolerate any disadvantages of KU to lose no visibility.. Of course, many haunted by the mind that they. At a leaving of the model for those readers who are customers of Kindle Unlimited, would no longer appear attractive, as they read now almost exclusively books that are included in the flat rate Accordingly, it is a departure from KU also a loss of readers?

Attractive for lesser-known authors

Of course, the program is mainly for authors without a solid readership base of advantage as a flat rate make it can to attract new readers and generate more borrowing. KU-users are probably willing to experiment and can be applied to unknown for them authors whose books they would not have bought if they fail the corresponding Ebooks “for nothing” could invite. In this way new favorite authors can be detected, which is undoubtedly a great asset to many self publishers.

Sell on lending

At the same time it should be considered where it leads, as more and more users of the added flat rate, the lending rise, fall, sales and earnings are lower (can). Most authors would like to sell their books and not giving.

If a supporting Kindle Unlimited therefore useful or counterproductive? For my part I have not found an answer to this question, I’m not – yet – part of the model and consider the development with mixed feelings

Of course, guaranteed Self Publishing (like the letter under a Publisher roof) not foolproof. occupational terms, but in my opinion, is added by an uncertain Kindle Unlimited Component

 B_000006 About the Author : Poppy J. Anderson (Homepage, Wikipedia, Amazon) is the pseudonym of a German author, who since the end of 2012 as Selfpublisherin published novels, which are now published via Rowohlt. Most of her books made it to No. 1 on the bestseller list and has sold over 800,000 copies

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