The tablet Kindle Fire HD is currently in transit retailer Amazon by 50 Euro reduced. Under the slogan: “Beautiful Fire Days!” runs the discount promotion until July 31. The quota of reduced Tablets is limited, however, so those interested should hurry. But beware, the Fire tablet is closely linked with the offering of the mail-order company.

admits the Amazon kindle fire HD The stock is currently get for 50 euros less (Image: Screenshot / amazon)..
Amazon acknowledges the bearings. The “kindle fire HD” is currently get for 50 euros less. (Image: Screenshot / Amazon)

you can save 50 euros on the purchase of the Kindle Fire HD tablets. This is the 8-gigabyte version with special offers. Behind the latter to hide the ads at the bottom right of the user interface or when the screensaver is active.

Even without advertising


The 16-gigabyte version you already get for 109 euros instead of the usual 159 euros. Without the ads, but only can be had for an extra charge of 15 euros, the 8-gigabyte version. The 16-gigabyte version is only available with personalized product recommendations.

Closely connected with Amazon

Who is to purchase a Kindle Tablets decides has no direct access to Google Play. The download new apps via its own app store Amazon. The most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Co. are also utilized here. The Amazon cloud solutions are already installed.

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 Amazon Kindle
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Amazon Kindle Test

Amazon offers its new Kindle for 99 euros, for the first time this has a German menu. What the user may still expect all of the e-book reader, shows the net world test. ~ Lisa Bruness

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