Friday, September 18, 2015

Amazon with prize: a new tablet Kindle Fire will cost only 60 euros – Wirtschaftswoche

Amazon wants to survive in the tablet market. And for this reason has the world’s largest online retailer its devices starting at 60 euros. Thus Amazon wants to assert himself against the biggest competitor Apple.

Amazon wants to score in the tablet market with reasonable prices. The new model of the Fire tablets of the world’s biggest online retailer will cost only 60 euros. The device has a screen diagonal of 7 inches. Besides presented Amazon on Thursday also new versions of its powerful larger tablets before.

In the market continues to be the pioneer Apple greatly, even if the sales of its iPads last fell. Amazon introduced a new version of its TV box Fire TV before, the content can be shown in a particularly good Ultra-HD quality.

Apple had recently re-launched its set-top Box Apple TV presented, which has an open App Store, but no Ultra-HD support.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Amazon Kindle: specifications of the new 50-dollar tablet surfaced … –

The first technical data of the alleged $ 50 Tablets from Amazon are leaked – and present itself quite interesting: So is a quad-core processor MediaTek therein are used, the display will probably six or seven inches in measured diagonally. Exact data on market launch and the actual price, however, does not reveal the Benchmark screenshot.

A few days ago the message made the rounds, Amazon planning an extremely favorable Tablet for pre-Christmas trade. Only 50 US dollars should cost this, Amazon plane so pick up customers who have previously not shied away from buying a more expensive device. Amazon wants so of course its own content, such as Amazon Prime Video, bring to the consumers. Now the first technical data leaked to the tablet, in the form of the results of a GFX benchmarks showing a device labeled “KFFOWI”. The dates are as usual not officially, but would fit into suspected price image – the Amazon tablet will probably be consistently equipped with low end hardware

 Amazon 50 Dollar Tablet Benchmark gfx

So is under the hood a MediaTek MT8127 perform his duties, the four cores are clocked with a maximum of 1.3 GHz. The CPU is assisted by 1 GB of RAM, for depositing of videos and images to 8 GB memory available. Whether that is expandable, is unclear, but unlikely – on the previous Kindle tablets lacked the possibility of memory expansion anyway. Also not known is the final size of the display: The screenshot speaks of 6.7 inches, the screen size of benchmark data results is in principle not to be trusted. The resolution shall in any case with 1,024 x 600 pixels. By comparison, the Kindle Fire HDX 7.0 (test) has a full HD display, ie dissolves much sharper on

At the back should be installed in any case, a 1.8 MP camera on the front. a VGA-clippers. WLAN and Bluetooth are on board, GPS is missing, according to the GFX-Benchmark however. On the software side to Android 5.1 used, coated with the in-house Fire OS. The information, however, are to be treated with caution even in any case, be something official should arise, we inform you as soon as possible. For now, we will still need to practice patience in us

Source:. GFXBench miss via WinFuture

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Amazon Kindle Fire cheap tablet next generation leaked – WinFuture

The World’s Largest Online retailer Amazon will surely soon present time for Christmas once again an armada of new tablets and TV boxes. Now first technical data of an apparently discounted tablet model have surfaced – in which it could be one of the mentioned in previous reports, entry-level models with prices starting at just $ 50 In the database of GFXBench are now. data for a new Amazon tablet surfaced that only carries the type designation KFFOWI there. The display size is specified with 6.7 inches, which suggests that the finished product will have a size of six or seven inches. That it is a low-end model, suggesting especially the mentioned resolution, which should be as low as 1024×600 pixels. The Kindle Fire tablet of last generation offered all at least 1280×800 pixels.  Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet KFFOWI specifications of Amazon KFFOWI in the database of GFXBench Under the hood of the new Kindle Fire tablets beginners infected, according to the benchmark database of already known from other cheap tablets MediaTek MT8127 quad-core SoC, its four cores to work with 1.3 GHz. In addition, an ARM Mali-450 MP4 GPU on board who brings sufficient for most tasks, and simple gaming performance.

The memory of the new Kindle Fire tablet with 6 or 7 inches diagonal is a gigabyte in size, while the internal memory umfässt only eight gigabytes. Whether a memory expansion is possible, does not betray the entry in the benchmark database initially, it has for some time but are diverse corresponding speculation. There are also two simple cameras with VGA resolution on the front and 2-megapixel sensor on the back, where the latter will probably also bring a flash.

WLAN and Bluetooth are of course also included. The operating system is Android 5.1 is mentioned, it will be installed once again in the form of Amazon’s own elimination FireOS. When exactly will present its new Amazon tablet for the first time, is still unclear. However, we know that there will be at least two more models, denominated reference numbers each KFMEWI and KFTBWI. Kindle, Kindle Fire, Amazon smartphone, Amazon Tablet Kindle, Kindle Fire, Amazon smartphone, Amazon Tablet Amazon


Monday, September 14, 2015

New Amazon Kindle Fire tablet leaked: Soon the first time with 10 inches – WinFuture

The World’s Largest mail order company Amazon is about to release a new lineup of Kindle Fire tablets. After probably best model with 7-inch display first specifications are now also surfaced about two larger models. The most important innovation: it will probably be the first time a 10-inch tablet from Amazon As previously reported by us, was a few days ago with the Amazon KFFOWI The cheapest model of the new tablet series Amazon in. Database of GFXBench surfaced. Now we can refuel, because now also two other models are listed there – including information on the screen size: the Amazon KFMEWI (presumably Kindle Fire HD 8.0) and the Amazon KFTBWI (presumably Kindle Fire HD 10) are respectively eight and ten inches . be equipped diagonal
 Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet KFMEWI Amazon’s new tablets come with 8 …  Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet KFTBWI … and probably the first time with 10 inches. So far, Amazon has no 10-inch tablet in the offer, even though as early as 2013 before the introduction of the second generation of Kindle Tablets corresponding rumors had arisen , At 8.9 inches so far been concluded, so that the US group would first penetrate into the area of ​​the larger tablets. Presumably it is once again a focus on streaming and multimedia content, even if the two now sighted devices should probably be to have very low

See also:. Amazon Kindle Fire cheap tablet of Next Generation leaked

Technically the two new 8- and 10-inch tablets from Amazon are almost identical. They each have a resolution of 1280×800 pixels and thus offer a rather low pixel density. Inside each of the MediaTek MT8135 tinkers quad core SoC, which is built according to the big.LITTLE principle. That is, the chip has two power-saving ARM Cortex-A7 cores with 1.2 GHz and two powerful ARM Cortex-A15 cores with 1.5 GHz clock rate.

In addition, each one gigabyte of RAM and eight (when 8-inch model) or 16 GB of internal flash memory (the 10-inch model). The cameras each offer a resolution of 5 megapixels on the back, including the possibility of recording Full HD video and a flash, as well as a megapixel on the front, with only 720p videos are available here.

Other features also includes naturally-Fi and Bluetooth, NFC or SIM slots are nowhere. Apparently Amazon waived even on the usual light sensors for the automatic control of display brightness. Probably wants you in this way to save extra costs and downward pressure on prices of the two new tablets. Since the “strikes” when it comes to new hardware Amazon “come closer” currently, is probably to be expected in September with a presentation. Tablet, Amazon, Kindle Fire HDX Tablet, Amazon, Kindle Fire HDX Amazon


Friday, September 11, 2015

Kindle Paperwhite –

Curious? Subsequently, the Kindle Paperwhite is again described comprehensively. In the course you will find product images and photos, a video and the data sheet.

Table of Contents [Open] Table of Contents [close]

The new high-resolution display of the Kindle Paperwhite closes on to the Kindle Voyage screen. Both models offer a pixel density of 300 ppi. In practice, it does so in the form of a particularly sharp text display noticeable – as sharp as in a printed book. As screen technology is like the last model E-Ink Carta used. It is currently the most advanced e-paper technology with excellent contrast values. Further details on the E-Ink Carta technology are here nachlesbar.

The following two Mikropskopaufnahmen the same text cutout on Kindle Paperwhite 3 (left) and the PocketBook Touch Lux 3 (right) were recorded, both clear differences in the Text Sharpness show and also highlight the better contrast of the Amazon device. The bottom line is that the writing on the Paperwhite is sharper and darker. Also, the screen background is brighter, so that readability is ultimately noticeably better and more enjoyable

The slider in the comparative recording can be moved with the mouse button pressed down.
 Original Image PocketBook Touch Lux 3 (212 ppi)

Modified Image Kindle Paperwhite 3 (300 ppi)

name factor includes a built-in back lighting to functionality. As with the two predecessors, this enables readability in darkness. But not only at night but also during the day makes itself paid the lighting, because the screen background is brighter and the contrast ratio continues to rise. In other words. You can also read the text with activated lighting during the day even better – like a paper page

The built-in lighting is located high on the same very high level of the Kindle Paperwhite 2. The illumination is very evenly and improves the contrast visibly. The uniformity of light distribution allows the many competitors in a direct comparison look old. There are only minimal irregularities which fail, however, significantly lower than other ebook reader manufacturers. Even the more expensive Kindle Voyage leaves the White Paper due to the more homogeneous illumination ultimately behind. Bottom line, we can say without hesitation that the Kindle Paperwhite 3 has an excellent readability.

Also on the day, the lighting is a real added value

That’s so far that the use of built-in lighting, even in daylight pays out, the higher maximum brightness is a practical added value here. The color temperature of the built-in LEDs (continued 4 pieces) is neutral-yellowish, so rather attributable to the warm spectrum. Thus, the new model deserves to be called “White Paper” with ease.

The dimensions have not changed compared to its predecessor and remain at 169 x 117 x 9.1 mm. Small optical adjustments and changes to the material, there was indeed that affect the bottom line, but not (positive or negative) on the good handling. The relatively wide margins ensure that you can get hold of the Kindle Paperwhite very good in the hand. On page keys you have to – as with most other current eBook readers – unfortunately without. It is operated exclusively via the touch screen.

Many software functions, thoughtful and useful

Amazon is the only manufacturer with a vocabulary trainer – and the work still to quite well

But not only the hardware has been rectified, and the software has been upgraded. Each new generation of the Kindle Paperwhite has always been distinguished by sophisticated software functions and easy operation. Notiznehmung, dictionaries, virtual keyboard, search, eBook purchase more. were implemented perfectly or almost perfectly. Although other manufacturers in some points also on par (and in some cases better), but in sum Amazon delivers the best overall package.

A useful bonus of the Kindle Paperwhite Kindle FreeTime. This is a feature that has been developed especially for parents in order to make the device available to children can, without having to give up the entire device functions (Internet Browser, Kindle Store, other books) access. It is a completely walled off UI. In addition, you can define reading goals and track reading progress with the automatically recorded statistics.

The vocabulary trainer is also a useful innovation. If you look up a word in an eBook, it will automatically be copied on request in the vocabulary list. There you can view all the words, and learn to test. Especially when one reads books in a straight to Erlen Denden language vocabulary function can be enormously helpful. Prerequisite is a fitting translation dictionary that you have to buy if necessary.

With the latest software version can be recently two Amazon customer accounts (of a household) link together. This multiple devices have access to the same library without having to acquire the title twice, or the files back by hand and takes herkopieren.

Ease of use with built-in eBook Store

Access to the device functions fall generally from so simple that it is easy to understand without any special affinity for technology. The fast processor makes operation (especially when compared to so many competitors) overall very fast and pleasant.

The only real downside of the device relates to binding to Amazon. Although books can also be basically copied from external sources on the Kindle Paperwhite, however, everything is designed so that you can buy books on Amazon. So the widespread ePub format is not supported, instead, work mobility, AZW-, and KFX files (which you only get in very few other shops). Because of the book prices but this is at least not a disadvantage priced and thanks to Amazon’s quite attractive self-publishing platform (both for authors and for readers) visit again many titles exclusive and premium location in the Kindle ebook store. Tip: We offer 12 newly remanufactured classics as free eBooks in the Kindle format

With Kindle Unlimited’s a flat rate, with which you can read for around 10 euros a month as many eBooks. as you want. The range consists largely of selbstpublizierten titles. An advantage over other offerings is the possibility of using the dedicated reader. Other comparable flat rates are usually available only with an app on smartphones or tablets. Note: The eLibrary is not available

WiFi or 3G model? Which is the right choice?

Books can be purchased directly at the device. There are two different ways: When WiFi model you need to be locally connected to a wireless network to access the Internet may, at 3G model you can however use the Internet connection of a mobile phone provider – as with the phone as well. Here, however, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G does not require a SIM card, because the entire mobile functionality is permanently integrated in the device and the user costs also nothing extra. The purchase of eBook Readers thus covers the entire data usage. Here, the Internet browser to access external (off Wikipedia and Bing translation function) is locked, so you still relies on a wireless connection to free internet access. An additional advantage of the 3G model is the possible use abroad. The Kindle Paperwhite 3G is thus particularly interesting for people who travel a lot or do not have Internet at home or Wi-Fi. However, one must grab it a little deeper into their pockets, because the purchase price is higher by 60 euro. The question of whether better accesses to Paperwhite 3G or regular WiFi model will be discussed in more detail in this article.

Shopping in the Kindle Store directly on the device

The eBook purchase works as easily as the rest of the operation. If you acquire the device from Amazon, it is automatically linked to the account (if you do not explicitly ordered as a gift). This eliminates the hassle of entering the login information for the first commissioning, so you can start right away. Purchased eBooks are settled directly with the stored payment methods. If you buy the eBook Reader in Media Markt, Saturn, among other things, then you have to enter the customer data manually. Will you not, not all functions are available (eg collections). A separate DRM-account is not necessary because of copy protection – in contrast to almost all other vendors – is not controlled by Adobe, but Amazon itself

Conclusion: Bottom line. could the Kindle Paperwhite 3 in our test very good score 1,3 earn and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. No 6 incher provides a better overall package. From our side there’s thus again a strong buy recommendation, since the acquisition of this Amazon eBook Reader you can hardly do anything wrong. At the current price of around 119 euros, the device is also certainly very low. However, If you want to not bind to Amazon, then, of course, is also worth a look to other devices, such as PocketBook Touch Lux 3, Kobo Glo HD, Kobo Aura H2O or Tolino Vision <"datasheet-buttons" ul class =>. 2

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    Amazon forced Crowd Publishing: Kindle Scout now available internationally –

    Home »E-book trade, herb Publishing
    11 September 2015 Ansgar Warner 0 Comments

    kindle Scout crowdsourced publishing now-international Amazon is expanding its publishing activities – and relies at the same time on the latest trend: Crowd Publishing, or rather crowdgesourctes Publishing. Already in 2014 was the crowdsourcing platform Kindle Scout in the US at the start, where the reader-voting decides which submitted manuscripts of authors at the end of Amazon Digital Label Press Kindle be published. Since this week English-language texts can also be submitted by authors from Europe, Asia and South America now.

    Kindle Press titles in the store successfully

    Before a title will be presented at the reader Kindle Scout community, he goes through a review process by the Amazon team. Among the desired genres include Romance, Mystery & amp; Thriller, SciFi & amp; Fantasy and Children’s Book. So far, according to the company 75 titles for the Kindle Press Channel were chosen what seems for the authors to be worth in any case: the E-Books received very good reviews and many Customer Reviews (average 4.48 asterisk and more than 2,700 . Reviews)

    authors get $ 1,500 advance

    A few top sellers were born: Stacey Cochran’s novel “Eddie and Sunny” about, one of the first Kindle Press titles, made it straight into the top 100 in the Kindle charts. Kindle Press writers receive a 5-year contract and an advance of 1,500 dollars, they also naturally benefit from Amazon’s marketing support. Equally attractive is the chance to get a publishing contract for one of the imprints of Amazon Publishing.

    Test-reader will be rewarded with free copies

    For readers scouts the nominating and Sharen titles worth also. If one of them selected title, you will receive a free copy as a reward. The nomination phase is limited for each book to 30 days, every reader can nominate 3 books at a time. The excerpts can be read directly in the browser, but can be also send to Kindle’s.

    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    Waterfi sold waterproof Kindle Paperwhite – (blog)

    With a waterproof Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is offered for the first time. In this unusual eReader is a modified variant of the company Waterfi.

    Kindle Paperwhite finally watertight

    The Waterfi Paperwhite is protected from water ( c) Waterfi

    The Waterfi Paperwhite is protected from water (c) Waterfi

    Before water protected eReader like the Kobo Aura H20, are particularly interesting while browsing in the tub or on the beach. It is true that Amazon has not yet released such a device, the company Waterfi but comes to the dealer now before.

    Waterfi has among other waterproof iPods and headphones on offer and existing on the retrofitting of this function in products specialized. The special nano coating of the housing from the adjusted Kindle Paperwhite holds water and prevents short circuits before.

    Waterproof Paperhite at booth 2014

    Unfortunately it is not in the modified version to the current Amazon eReader, but last year’s model of the Kindle Paperwhite. This can also be seen in the technical data. Here, unfortunately, is missing the new screen with the pixel density of 300 ppi.

    There are as usual 4 GB of internal memory for the eBooks available.

    Availability and price of the waterproof Paperwhite

    The Waterfi eReader can currently only be ordered from Amazon in the US. There is a charge of $ 100 is required for the conversion, whereby the waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite will cost $ 240 proud.

    Waterfi granted a one year warranty on the modified model. The device comes without discount and is designed to be suitable according to IPX8 for dives up to 210 feet (about 63 meters).

    When and if the Kindle Paperwhite in the waterproof version on Amazon Germany be available is, is not known. Full excluded it is not because other products Waterfi in this country are available.

    Source: The Digital Reader

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