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Android 4.3: CyanogenMod 10.1 released for Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire - Tablet Community

Also for the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, the first Android 4.3 is now available in the form of a custom ROM.


Many users of smartphones and tablets already had to let some of the manufacturers in terms of upgrade policy like – for some reason the Android software namely update to update hardware-hungry, at least if you believe the information provided by the manufacturer . For that is often the advanced reason why older devices, an update will be denied, but with the release of Android 4.3 Kindle for the Fire and the first Nook Tablet prove the developers of CyanogenMod once again that this is not a very good argument.

Strictly speaking, the requirement should be reduced to the more hardware resources with other updates and actually works as Jelly Bean still much more efficient than Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The stuttering and delays that come up in jelly-bean-ROMs are rather due to lack of support from the manufacturer, because the development of custom ROMs without the corresponding source code, and new driver is very difficult.

The Nook Tablet and the Amazon Kindle Fire have a lot in common – both devices were originally ships with a customized version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and have a 7-inch IPS display with 1024 × 600 pixels. The status of the custom ROM is indeed only “nightly” and not “stable”, according to work experience in the nightlies but already all the basic functions.

Click here to Custom ROM for the Kindle Fire

Click here to Custom ROM for the Nook Tablet

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Amazon launched Kindle, the Kindle Store and the Kindle ... - Ad-Hoc-News (press release)


Get daily at 10.00 clock, the main messages and the initial share prices direct from the exchange.

More information can be found here.


launched Amazon Kindle, the Kindle Store and the Kindle …

Amazon launches Kindle, Kindle Store, and self-publishing platform in Mexico launched Amazon Kindle, the Kindle Store and the Kindle self-publishing platform in Mexico on Thursday.

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Kobo Announces New Tablet and eBook reader to - RP ONLINE

last updated: 29/08/2013 – 15:52
Kobo Announces New Tablet and eBook reader to photo: AP - tmn

Kobo announces new tablet and ebook reader on Photo: AP-tmn

Actually specialized eBook reader, the Canadian bookseller Kobo penetrates deeper and deeper on the tablet market. Now the company is presenting three new tablets and a new eBook reader.

With the Arc 10HD Kobo now presents a ten-inch tablet, which technically on par with its competitors such as the Google Nexus 10 moves or the Toshiba Excite Pro for the first time. This is already at a first look at the hardware: the screen dissolves with 2,560 x 1,600 pixels on, also working within a very fast quad-core processor with 1.8 GHz clock speed and two gigabytes of memory. Other features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, Android OS 4.2.2 and a flash drive with 16 gigabytes. One drawback: Unfortunately, it can not be expanded using microSD memory card. Priced Kobo Arc 10 Tablet is $ 400, or about the equivalent of 300 euros.


It goes digital!

class=”c42″> Try now the new iPad App of the Rheinische Post!

addition to the Arc 10HD Kobo will penetrate with two other tablets, the lower price segments of the market: the Kobo and the Kobo Arc Arc 7HD 7 Because of the affordable price of 200 dollars (150 euros) or $ 150 (113 euros) to own this tablet ideal for beginners who may not necessarily want to shop in the known brands.

Even in their specialist discipline, the eBook reader, the Kobo developers have refills: The Kobo Aura 6 inherit the well-known eBook reader Kobo Glo. The improvements over its predecessor is in the details: The Aura 6 is lighter, thinner and narrower, instead of two has also four gigabytes of space for books, magazines and Co. What remains of the six-inch screen with E-Ink technology and a resolution from 1,014 to 758 pixels and the tasteful design. As of mid-September, the noble ebook reader for 150 euros will be available.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD: Buyers get 50 euro free app coupon - N-Droid

Until tomorrow lays Amazon when purchasing a Kindle Fire HD app a € 50 voucher for the hotel’s own app store on top.

the next-generation Kindle Fire is told behind closed doors already some wonderful things. Accordingly, the 8.9 inch version comes with a lush resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and the high-performance Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor from Qualcomm, therefore. With a performance is expected in the next few weeks, so that the units are in time for the Christmas shopping in the market.

preliminary but tried the online retailer to bring some of the more current generation devices at the man. The appropriate marketing tool: a voucher campaign, which runs until tomorrow. Anyone to 30 August 2013 by 18 clock decides to buy a Kindle Fire HD will receive a € 50 voucher to be carved in the Amazon App Store for apps and games on its head. The vouchers are up to 30 November 2013 valid.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Photo: Amazon)

Kindle Fire HD tablet is available in two sizes: the screen of the 7 inch version solves with 1280 × 800 pixels, the 8.9 inch version with 1920 × 1200 resolution. The operating system Amazon uses Google’s Android OS, which is greatly modified and is aligned with Amazon’s world of goods. Thus, each tablet is already linked at delivery with the customer account of the purchaser.

The smaller tablet, a 1.2 GHz dual-core OMAP 4460 is -, the larger a 1.5 GHz dual-core OMAP 4470 processor. The cheapest model costs 199 euros. All technical details on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet HD can be found here. Who wants to learn more about Amazon discount offers may be interested for the Amazon Coupon at Gutscheine4You.

the Nexus 7 (2013), since Thursday is the direct competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Fire device HD also available in this country. The new Nexus 7 also boasts a high resolution and the advantages of the current iteration of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean).

Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Photo: Amazon)

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News: Gmail for iOS, Kindle Paperwhite, "Made in America" ??is $ 5 - Mobilegeeks

Fresh News

for lunch: Gmail for iOS has been updated, the Kindle Paperwhite is at least in the Wi-Fi version sold in the U.S. and the “Made in America” ??label of the Moto X is estimated to cost $ 5

News: Gmail for iOS, Kindle Paperwhite,

New Gmail for iOS brings integration with other Google apps

The new version of Gmail for iOS brings some improvements in dealing with attachments and the integration of Google+ and Google Drive – if the two apps are also installed on the device. This integration within the app but can also be switched off.

Me: So the app is nice, I personally will use in the future Gmail – own server for mail is a little more effort and a little more expensive, but I can at least look better than, who else looks at my mail.

mzl.afngpcyc.128x128 75 News: Gmail for iOS, Kindle Paperwhite,

News: Gmail for iOS, Kindle Paperwhite,

Download @
App Store

Gmail: E-mail service from Google is

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite sold in the U.S. – is the successor of my way


toying with buying a Kindle Paperwhite, which should probably strike now or wait ;) In the U.S., the pure wireless model is sold out, but still have in Germany soon. Not surprisingly, of course there are rumors that Amazon already has a successor in the pipeline. Others believe that Amazon can be phased to pure eReader to allow customers access to the Kindle Fire tablet.

Me: I have about purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite thought – indeed works for me reading on the iPad mini good, but as a pure eReader with significantly longer battery life … but it would be yet another device.

Kindle Paperwhite, 15 cm (6 inches) high resolution display with integrated lighting, wireless

Price: EUR 129.00

4 stars 5 V192193236 News: Gmail for iOS, Kindle Paperwhite, (4049 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from EUR 129.00

Kindle Paperwhite front 407x605 News: Gmail for iOS, Kindle Paperwhite,

The “Made in America” ??label of the Moto X costs about $ 5

praises the Motorola Moto X to be the first smartphone that is assembled in the USA and can cost the company a bit: about $ 5 extra cost compared with completely produced in Asia smartphones Motorola must invest here. Given the sales prices that are comparable with the competitors – with $ 199 and $ 579 without a contract – is that the profits away and will not be added to the sale price

. Me: $ 5 charge at a retail price of almost $ 600? Compared to the horror stories about non-competitive labor force in the industrial nations over Asia seems to me the justifiable if doing a few jobs at home arise or be maintained, even if it is only the Zusammebauen the items … When is a smartphone “Made in Europe “

Kindle Fire HD: Amazon distributed 50 euro voucher - Chip Online

Kindle Fire HD. now with Amazon Coupon

Amazon are currently any purchaser of the house Tablets Kindle Fire HD a voucher for 50 euros. By then, customers can also shop at Amazon’s Appstore. With 16 GB of memory, the Kindle Fire HD will cost the usual 199 euros.

7-inch tablet now even cheaper

Amazon voucher is available for all Kindle Fire HD models – whether you want a tablet with 16 or 32 GB of storage space, prefer the 7-inch model or the Kindle Fire HD Buy with 8.9-inch screen

. The offer is valid until 30 . August 2013

Video: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Play kewego

Kindle Fire HD. avarage good, but excellent value

practicality, but no device

In our tablet list of best Kindle Fire HD is something lost in the lower ranks and is only the 37th Place. The most important weakness is the enormous circumcised operating system. Although it is based on Android 4, but Amazon has changed massively in order to provide their services, such as books, music and video downloads as well as the shopping portal Amazon in the spotlight. Who knows the classic Android skin, is on the Kindle Fire HD hardly guess the mobile OS. Only deep in the settings, see the Android origin. This fact also ensures that Google has granted a license for the channel gates. Therefore, you must be content with Amazon’s app marketplace take. An advantage has this total change but especially for beginners: The interface is extremely easy to use. Everyone who comes to the website of Amazon Germany rightly, can also use the tablet.

Maue equipment, average display

Also off of the operating system, the Kindle Fire HD rarely completely convinced. The equipment falls out very mau. The built-in hardware is not up to date, also lacks an SD card slot for memory expansion and a 3G module for mobile internet without Wi-Fi. A camera has the Fire HD exclusively forward. This is ideal for video chats like Skype. Snapshots can also be due to the lack of rear camera, however, forget

The display makes a good impression in the test. Positive fall on the high resolution, high brightness and an IPS panel technology used. Weaknesses are the low contrast values ??and strong levels in light. Are impressive for the battery life. Each about six hours while surfing the web and video shows are great compared to the price.

(fho / mas)

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New Kindle Action: Eight Thrillers for 3 euros each -

27 August 2013 – From John Main

crime After the highly successful” 20-by-2-action “again offers Amazon Kindle Books from Amazon Crossing his own publishing house at significantly reduced. This time the focus is entirely on the crime genre. Eight novels are temporarily reduced to 3 €

This action is indeed approach either in price or quantity carried out on the action in mid-July. At that time, 20 items were reduced to 2 euros each, within a short time took up the ranks of Kindle eBooks charts in fitting and fueled with indie authors as publishers fear of new competition and a sustained drop in prices.

3 euros are offered the mysteries still very low, but at least on “indie level.” These are all successful translations to U.S. stocks (well-known name is David Lender, whose change from investment banker to the thriller writer went through the press), which are available for only a few months. Most Kindle Books published in the German version in July or August this year, the most recent title is just a week old. The books before the action sold for € 4.99 each respectively have few or no reviews in – a circumstance that is expected to change as a result of the action advertised widely and safely is also


reduced in the new action thrillers will surely encounter great interest, although it is probably not enough for a renewed dominance of the bestseller list – already self-imposed because of the thematic restriction. For thriller readers, but the offer is undoubtedly a glance – as long as they call a Kindle or equivalent Reading Apps her own, because the books are only available as part of Amazon’s “walled garden”


  • eight thrillers for each 3 € at
  • blank book – Books rediscover

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    Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD and buy a 50 euro voucher for apps - SmartDroid

     gw ga tate d en 660x180. v360480666 Amazon Kindle Fire HD and buy 50 euro voucher fo , get apps r

    Since last week, running a campaign on Amazon who have completely walked past us. Currently you even get a voucher to the holds a whopping 50 euros for apps and games when buying an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets. The promotion is valid until 30 August and also exclusively for the Amazon App Store, not the Google Play. Who is it does not bother, is still looking for a good but cheap tablet, the offer should definitely rethink times.

    Unfortunately, this coupon is only until 30 November valid, until then so are depleted or the residual value expires on that day.

    are equipped with the Kindle Fire HDs 7 (720p) or 8.9 inch (1080p) display, dual-core processor, 16/32 GB data storage, Dolby stereo sound, Wi-Fi and HDMI output.

    41irDiOPQLL. SL75 Amazon Kindle Fire HD and buy a 50 euro voucher for apps

    Kindle Fire HD, 17 cm (7 inches), Dolby audio system, dual-band Wi-Fi, 16 GB – with special offers

    already available from EUR 199.00

    1240 votes: 4 stars 0 V192558579 Amazon Kindle Fire HD and buy 50 euro voucher fo obtain r Apps

    div You can also follow us on Twitter, “like” us on Facebook and circle on Google+. Even with Google Currents, and an RSS feed, we are available to you as a free subscription.

    For 110 euros: Waterstones sells autographed Kindle Cases -

    26 August 2013 – By Jessica Upmeier
    eReader treasure trove Top news

    For 110 euros: Waterstones sells autographed Kindle Cases

    The British bookseller Waterstones are 9 September exclusive Terry Pratchett Cases for Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite appear that revenues are fed a good cause. In addition to a standard version for 30 pounds (35 euros), there will be a special edition with an autograph by Terry Pratchett, the considerable cost 100 pound (110 euros) and is limited and numbered to 150 pieces. It is the continuation of a trend towards more individuality in the eBook reader sheathing.

    illustrations by artist Josh Kirby Discworld

    Terry Pratchett The two cases bear the illustrations of the late 2001 Josh Kirby, who designed many covers of the Discworld series. For the Standard Edition, they were taken from the Faust parody Eric (1990), which contains double-page illustrations in Kirby Hardcover 15th The cover of the limited edition graces the cover illustration of the published 1987 novel Mort.

    For the cases the artworks were digitally printed on linen. The Special Edition also has a skirt and leather interior, “Sir Terry” signature is on the inside on a leather badge.

    From the 9th September exclusively at Waterstones

    The standard version is available in all UK Waterstones stores, the limited edition only online at The good news for all German fans: Waterstones supplies to Germany, the shipping cost is around 5 pounds. For the Special Edition it is dated 9 To 13 September under / register discworld case. If you receive any case, you get a consolation prize a discount coupon of 10 percent on the standard version.

    All sale proceeds of the Limited Edition will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK. The writer announced in 2007 that when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at an early stage.

    eBook Cases in the book look – new trend of exclusivity

    kate spade case Cases for Tablets and eBook readers that look like books, have been around longer. Especially like this typical leather bindings are imitated from centuries past. Many also provide the clean chic modern bindings. The reference is often made to specific titles, especially in classics or in great bestsellers like Harry Potter. The latter is handmade and “recycled” from the printed book covers the popular series.

    Terry Pratchett Cases Although not feel right after the book cover, the illustrations for connoisseurs but they can be clearly identified as part of the fantasy novels of the writer. The autograph and exclusivity make the shells also become collectors items. So far, authors have mainly signed their printed works. Skip eBook Cases now in this gap that is created by the digitization

    who is currently looking for a less “buchigen” Kindle Cover: Up to 2 September (18:00 clock) is available from Amazon on Kindle 5 € discount on accessories with the code KINDLE54. Enter the code in the “Coupon and Promotional Codes” at the cash register checkout.

    blank book – Books rediscover

    A project of

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    Tablets: Market share of the Amazon Kindle Fire a break -

    In the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple provide a duel at the top, with the advantage of Samsung. When tablet business but Apple still has the lead. This is evident from a report in the industry Digitimes , which relies on figures from the U.S. market researcher Jumptap. The biggest loser is the Amazon Kindle Fire, whose market share has plummeted.

    class=”c2″> At market launch just before the Christmas season of 2011 was the Kindle Fire one of the main competitors of the Apple iPad. From the crowd, the Amazon tablet but has now developed into the shop keeper. According to Jumptap, the market share of the Kindle Fire broke this year by 11 percentage points a.

    class=”c2″> Even though Apple sits still with the iPad at the top, Samsung is slowly making up ground. The market share of the South Korean electronics giant took this year by almost 6 percentage points.

    to name

    class=”c2″> Without accurate numbers, even the Google Nexus plays loud Jumptap now a large role in the tablet market. Has helped above all the idea of ??three generations of the new Nexus tablet within a year.

    Source: Digitimes

    Source: Apple | Author: Remo treasure

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Benchmark: Kindle Fire HD with Snapdragon and 2560 x 1600 display? - Engadget German

    that a new Kindle Fire HD would make the rounds sooner or later, it was actually clear. Then Benchmark results of a so-called Amazon KFAPWA have surfaced. The 8.9-inch device has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and an Adreno 330 GPU, which could suggest a snapdragon processor 800.

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    Media Markt: Sony Reader PRS-T2 for 40 euros, 99 euros for Kindle Paperwhite -

    15 August 2013 – From John Main

    sony reader prs-t2 mediamarkt Media Market gives his camp empty and has put together two eBook reader offers which can be more than excellent. It will not be the last opportunity to dust off the current generation of readers.

    that the Sony Reader PRS-T3 is at the door, is no longer a secret – the device will probably be presented at the IFA in early September and mid-October, then comes on the market, so it handles Sony for years. Also the successor of the highly popular Kindle Paperwhite will be well, in October, in November at the latest.


    now go the prices for the current-generation eBook reader in the basement. In current media market prospectus is a big “Out Sale” advertised, which also includes two readers. In the six branches of the electronics chain of hamburger Sony Reader PRS-T2 costs in black or white only 40 euros and is thus whopping 90 euros below the actual price (60 euros and below the current street price). For this sum the PRS-T2 (review at is an absolute “no-brainer”, especially as the successor will probably bring no fundamentally new features.

    kindle paperwhite 99 EUR A little different when it behaves Kindle Paperwhite, which is now sold at Media Markt for 99 euros – which costs far from hardly reduced device available yet 129 euros. 99 € the light reader is on a price level with the Tolino Shine. To the pros and cons of the two different approaches and ecosystems is at this point much has been written, ultimately it is a question of faith. The “Get Sale Price” is the winner of the Stiftung Warentest definitely worth it, and it is still completely here in the stars, as the successor model will be fitted.

    Media Markt stores are operated by different companies, so there is no Germany-wide prices. If the devices are available in their own place and what they cost, you will learn best through a phone call or a look in the local brochure (available online at

    blank book – Books rediscover

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    div The article “Media Markt: Sony Reader PRS-T2 for 40 euros, 99 euros for Kindle White Paper” on 15 August 2013 (Thursday) at 17:40 clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of


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    Upload your own eBooks in the Cloud: Kindle, and Google Tolino in comparison -

    15 August 2013 – By Jessica Upmeier

    upload your own ebooks to the cloud: Kindle, and Google Tolino compared

    reading on different devices only makes really grateful if you can read eBooks in the place where you last left off. When buying a new eBook reader or tablet you also want to move quickly and easily once purchased eBooks on the new device. This is made possible by the use of the cloud – but how exactly do you get his files there and what the various stores to offer actually


    Google Play

    http://www Store

    Any user with Google account can use the cloud, there is no need to register separately. By clicking on “Upload Files” under “Books> My Books> Uploaded” Google Play opens a dialog box in which you can store their documents in the cloud. This allows the files from a folder of the computer (but not export from there) to add drag and drop, or import an interface to Google Drive. So far, the upload works only via the web browser, not the apps of the Play stores – but the books can be read as normal with all applications. Here also the last position, bookmarks and notes are synchronized. Useful in this context is the import function of Project Gutenberg to Google Drive – as it has been integrated with a few clicks his classics library in the cloud Google Play


    Kindle Cloud

    Kindle App for the iPad - sync from the cloud

    Kindle App for the iPad – sync from the cloud

    Kindle cloud should not be confused with the Amazon Cloud. The latter provides any Amazon customers online storage for all file formats, such as, for example, with Dropbox. The Kindle Cloud, however, is primarily responsible for the synchronization of bookmarks, notes, and page positions in the purchased Amazon books. If you want this service for its own documents (eg books from Project Gutenberg) use, so there is this 5 GB of storage and the ability to send its data via e-mail to the cloud. This provides users with a Kindle, Kindle Keyboard (software version 3.3) or a device with a Kindle app (iOS, Android) is available – the Kindle Cloud Reader and Desktop versions are not served. When registering you will receive a personal e-mail address to which you send documents via its attachments (several also zipped). The transfer process will take a few minutes for smaller documents. However, caution in use of the Service in Kindle in the mobile Internet, this will incur a fee.

    The file formats are

    Supports doc, docx, html, htm, rtf, jpeg, jpg, mobi, azw, gif, png, bmp and pdf. Up on the pdf they are automatically converted to the Kindle format – Set the contents of the PDF appear dynamically, so be changing the font size, annotations and synchronization possible, so you can specify in the e-mail subject line “convert”. In complex layouteten pdfs but this function can lead to less than satisfactory results. There is no automatic conversion remains for epub, here the path continues through tools such as Calibre must be selected.


    German competitor of the big chain bookstores (Thalia, Hugendubel, worldview, Bertelsmann Club) provides users with powerful 25 GB for its own and purchased content. To the cloud can not be accessed by Tolino, but also tablets and smartphones with apps of participating providers. The last reading position is synchronized via the cloud. New acquisitions are not automatically synchronized, so you just need to download a erstandenes eBook on any device manually. One annoyance is also the reading of the apps Tolino providers who Co. are still far from the maturity of Kindle, and Kobo.

    also not very mature are the ways to upload previously purchased eBooks in the cloud and manage their files there. If you delete an eBook from his library, so it disappears at the same time from the cloud – local removal only works on the “free memory” in the settings menu. The upload can only be accomplished with the device itself, absent a program for your desktop, only Thalia, with its Cloud Reader a possible alternative to ePubs. Basically, leave books in the epub format (with Adobe DRM) and then download pdf and txt documents from PC via USB to the device and in the cloud.

    Kobo, Pocketbook

    cloud from Kobo offers the user out of space for your own files. Only books purchased are stored in the unbounded large data cloud and synced to all devices and Kobo apps. PocketBook currently sees absolutely no cross-device synchronization on.

    Conclusion: Google comfortably, Tolino immature

    anyway cloud-based Google Play the use of cloud sizes are very comfortable: DRM-free eBooks can be uploaded from your own computer without problems. If you already have an account with Google, in contrast to Amazon and no further registration process is necessary.

    To use the cloud and related benefits such as synchronization & Co for their own books at the Kindle, the e-mail procedure, especially for newcomers seems to little more complicated. In the test, but it worked smoothly.

    cloud of Tolinos is in scope certainly one of the biggest advantages of the device, but still hooked in many places. My eBooks should simply be transferred at least in theory on the device and can be uploaded to the cloud. However, there seems to be cases in which found themselves not all books in the cloud. Customer-friendly, it would also, if you could befüttern the cloud directly from your PC or from the app.

    blank book – Books rediscover

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    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    Amazon Kindle Fire - T-Online

    05.01.2012, 17:51 clock | pc pc

    Amazon Kindle Fire in the test

    Amazon Kindle Fire in the test

    D He Tablet Amazon Kindle Fire is a hit success in the U.S.. Why the 7-inch tablet from Amazon is actually the biggest competitor of the Apple iPad 2 can be, learn the test.

    to be the tablet of the future? The device of claim to the experts, there will be competition for the iPad? The first contact with the Amazon Kindle Fire triggers little euphoria: the iPad killer comes in an environmentally friendly, but unadorned cardboard box. Inside, the tablet and a power supply – that’s it. But for $ 199 you can not expect more, or

    housing and processing of the Kindle Fire, however act totally not cheap: If you press very firmly the tablet, the case creaks a bit. But overall it is processed is stable and comfortable grip in the hand. A special flatterer is the rubberized back. Due to the smaller screen, the Kindle Fire is much more compact and lighter than the iPad 2: The lightest 7-inch tablets it does not belong with 407 grams but


    More on Tablet PC

    See more room tips class=”Tlll Tlult”>

  • tablet Bestsellers: New Nexus 7 is the end of August in German shops
  • KimPhone: North Korea makes own Android smartphone from
  • iPhone update: of IOS 5 beta 7 are views of final version
  • Federal Office warns: 250,000 identity thefts in three months
  • newspaper report: iPad mini 2 to get Retina display
  • Amazon Kindle Fire: Modest Features

    The hardware configuration is modest, even for $ 200: The internal memory is 8 GB in size, which are for user files about 6.5 GB available. Upgrading it can not be, because a card reader is missing. On the Internet it is only via WiFi, the Kindle Fire does not have 3G. It can be connected to laptop or PC via micro USB connection: In this way, you can also transfer files to your tablet. Sitting next to a headphone jack. A camera? None

    But the Kindle Fire is not about the hardware: the Amazon Kindle Fire positioned as convenient access for its own content – a department store catalog in tablet format. In Germany that does not work yet: Apps for Kindle Fire, you get only from the Amazon App Store, which you can not access from Germany. Apps from the Android Market will not be installed in the test the uploading of APK files but worked in many cases. Streaming video or film Buy at Amazon Germany collapsed into as little like buying and playing music via the Amazon Cloud Player. Who Web Store at Amazon, with the Kindle Fire can access from Germany after all on the Cloud Drive.

    Android system hidden under its surface

    Amazon Kindle Fire runs on Android: You do not remember, because Amazon has set its own user interface over the Google operating system: at any point you get access to Android 2.3.4, which drives the Kindle Fire. Only the symbols of the bottom bar or the graphical representation of the context menus can detect proximity to Android On the plus home page of the Kindle Fire can be found above the most recently accessed content in a carousel view., Where there are, for example, apps, websites , books, videos, music. By this view, scroll very smoothly, sometimes even too fast to specifically invoke a particular object. In addition, the overview is lost on many content.
    In everyday life, so rather use the Favorites shelf below the carousel view or navigate directly to individual categories such as Newsstand, Books, Music, Video, Docs, Apps and Web. Or you can use the free text search box, which is also located on top of the Home screen.

    Although the Kindle Fire is not on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) touches down, the service runs exclusively on touch commands. Except the power button there is no mechanical keys. At the top of the screen is opened by a flick of your finger Hint Bar (Notification Bar). There you can lock the screen rotation, adjust the volume, brightness, wireless and data reconciliation and comes in other settings menus. At the bottom of the navigation icons for home, back, menu and search are displayed when you start the app, and other options depending on the app.

    Amazon Kindle Fire is a dual-core processor from Texas Instruments sitting: In practice, the Kindle Fire is therefore as fast as the current Android tablets with Nvidia Tegra 2 The cut in the browser SunSpider benchmarks and Browsermark something faster.

    Amazon Kindle Fire: bright, high-contrast display

    But the Kindle Fire invites some websites slightly faster than the Android competition: In the test, which made especially noticeable on large websites such as or – and, strangely, only when we are in browser “Accelerated Page Loading” option abschalteten. Exactly this function is to make the Amazon browser but faster than other Android browser: Because then he uses the Amazon server as a proxy to compress Web pages and store. In the test the Kindle Fire needed with this turbo option but for five seconds longer to load the PC WOC T website , and about four seconds longer at

    The 7-inch display of the Kindle Fire is 1024 x 600 pixels. It is bright and has good contrast: The picture quality is much better than usual in this price range – photos and movies to see on the Kindle Fire very well. The Amazon tablet is MP4 videos in full HD liquid again, even those that are encoded in H.264 High Profile: Tablets with Tegra 2 fail. In turn, films are in AVI and MKV container but only with image errors – can the other Android tablets better


    you scroll, zoom in or move the websites Amazon Kindle Fire is similar jerky like most Android tablets. Also, when you scroll through the menus of the tablet scroll trembles visibly. The pinch-zoom gesture works smoothly, but slightly delayed. Photos thereby move laterally away from the area that you want aufzoomen. For rotating the image content, the Amazon tablet needs about three seconds.

    Amazon Kindle Fire: clear user interface

    The interface is tailored primarily to the Amazon services. Thus it acts tidier than other Android tablets. Quicker or easier way to the Kindle Fire but by no use – the reference here is still the iPad 2

    Only together with the content running on the Amazon Kindle Fire to true strength. In Germany, most are locked: Therefore, we have also tested the Kindle Fire in the U.S.: What does the Amazon tablet American buyers, they read on the next page


    like a tablet of Pearl, but as much content as in Apple: This combination makes the Amazon Kindle Fire successfully. Its equipment is indeed thin, but the Amazon tablet is not junk, but properly processed, despite the low price and with a good screen.

    the Amazon Kindle Fire review: Conclusion and Specifications

    Despite the puny hardware, the Kindle Fire will find its place next to the Apple tablet: Because just like Amazon, the Apple device associated with attractive content. The profit comes not from the tablet sales, but from the songs, movies and apps that the user buys from Amazon – a strategy that works well for ink jet printers or razors. Tablet manufacturers without great content catalog could in future be left behind, because the price they can not undercut the Kindle Fire.

    in Germany Amazon is so successful – and wants the tablet therefore offer only here, when can the Amazon offerings such in the U.S.


    Amazon Kindle Fire



    $ 199


    7 inches


    1024 x 600 pixels


    8 GB

    memory expandable


    operating system

    Android 2.3.4


    TI OMAP OMAP 4430 (1GHz)


    512 MB


    Audio output, Micro-USB

    WiFi / 3G

    11n / –


    407 grams


    394 cd / m²



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