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How Amazon advertises with free Kindle Books for cars –

04/29/2015 – John Main eBook News

long ago is Amazon with both legs in the advertising business: The Tablets of the Fire family there “with special offers’ cheaper, and also the Kindle reader can save if they accept advertising on the lock screen. Displays will usually advertise products on Amazon, but that’s not all: Using Free eBooks boosts the Group indirectly to the sales of car manufacturers

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Amazon Kindle: Only today at bargain prices – COMPUTER BILD

Amazon Kindle: Only today at a bargain price The Kindle is only today for 49 euros - whether it is worth buying, reveals COMPUTER IMAGE © Amazon, Victoria J Baxter / Getty Images

The Kindle is only today for 49 euros – whether it is worth buying, reveals COMPUTER BILD

N for now you get Amazon’s Kindle at a budget price of 49 euros instead of the usual 59 euros. What the little box offers so? Among other things, an e-ink touch screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels and 6-inch screen, Wi-Fi, and 4 GB of internal memory. The weight is light with slim 166 grams, the battery life of 121 hours of high. Who wants to strike, gets the Kindle right here:

“Amazon Kindle for 49 € at Amazon Buy

Amazon Kindle: Is it worth the purchase

? In the large COMPUTER BILD comparison test of eBook reader, the Kindle price performance winner was. Despite the low resolution and lack of backlight see texts from well, images, however, are quite pixelated. Getting used to is the operation that is performed only over the keys. Nevertheless: Anyone looking for a no frills eReader, can strike at a price of 49 euros. Although can Tolino vision and Kindle Paperwhite more, but also cost three times. All test results are available in the overview.

12 eBook Reader

The best models

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Amazon Publishing hosts the first “Kindle Light Dinner” – COMPUTER BILD

 Kindle-light Dinner © Stokkete -

Amazon shrouded in silence: Exact location is not yet known for the reading on 4 May.

“An evening reading in an unusual atmosphere,” promises the invitation text to Amazon’s Kindle light dinner. The authors Connie Brockway (“Promise me heaven”), Stefanie Ross (“Nemesis – Sold innocence”), Ina Straubing (“Love is a temple knight”) and Katja Piel (“Swan Fever”) are, according to e-book news .de represented as authors. The range of works ranges from romance to thriller and to awaken the senses of the audience in attendance, according to the invitation.

Amazon and Indie Authors

The four authors of the Kindle light dinner have recently changed from self-marketing with Amazon in-house publishing division Amazon Publishing, while enjoying a professional service in terms of marketing. Already at the Leipzig Book Fair, Amazon had the writing team “favorite authors”, an association of independent writers, the Lesungs event “24 Hours – 24 authors” realized.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The evening paper can be read on the Kindle – Hamburger Evening Gazette

Hamburg. With the Kindle from Amazon leader can not only read books, but now also the Hamburg evening paper. Unlike tablet computers like the iPad offers the display of the Kindle device has the advantage that texts are readable even in bright sunlight. Moreover, the battery holds a Kindle even with daily use for several weeks before it must be recharged.

Who has appointed an eReader from Amazon, immediately get access to the entire catalog of online retailer including magazines and of course the Hamburg evening paper. With the Kindle apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs can be found on its digital library also access when you get the eReader is not at hand.

For a monthly subscription price of 14 99 € is automatically the current main output of the Hamburger Evening Gazette already about 4 clock in the morning on the Kindle, a connection to the Internet required. Individual issues can be conveniently ordered in electronic shop Amazon at a price of 1.20 €.

Kindle owner will need to complete the subscription or purchase individual issues, no additional user account or Password: ordering and invoicing are handled directly through the Amazon account, with all other purchases for the Kindle are made. Each newly completed subscription to the digital Evening Gazette for the Kindle starts with a free trial period of 14 days.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Amazon expands its books flatrate – COMPUTER BILD

Amazon is expanding its eBook flat rate by 2000 audiobooks © robcartorres -

Amazon expanded its eBook flat rate to 2,000 audio books.

R obinson Crusoe, the Schachnovelle, the transformation: Classics of German and international literature may Amazon Kindle Unlimited customers now also download an audio book. The books flat rate of American merchant shipping costs 9.99 euros a month and provides in addition to the 850,000 eBooks now 2,000 audio books.

Hunger Games and John Sinclair Books

It is not only classic it, even some newer books containing the all-inclusive package books. “The girl who touched the sky” by Luca Di Fulvio, and the third part of the fantasy series “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins are part of the new free audiobook offer. And audiobook series such as John Sinclair or Perry Rhodan is available for free. Under the “Unlimited Kindle” logo cavort mainly unknown books.

Change Reading between audiobook and eBook

But a highlight is ready Amazon: For those who want to read any books two parallel, Amazon offers a special feature: Some of the books work with the service Whispersync for Voice. Thus, Amazon customers who read their eBook on a Kindle or a Kindle app, switch between audiobook and eBook. This requires that you have downloaded both books.

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Unlimited Kindle: Amazon integrated audio books from Audible – H

Photo: Michael Casey (CC BY 2.0)

Amazon expands the range of rental service Kindle Unlimited now on a large number of audiobooks of the subsidiary Audible. Thus, the user has now over 2,000 German and English audio books available.

Representing over 150,000 titles available at Audible, however, the new offer includes only a small part Catalogue of the audiobook specialists. As with the E-book deal where offered by more than 850,000 titles for current information only 50,000 in German language are available, the German-language offer is still manageable even when the audio books. In addition to numerous available on other streaming portals titles, including releases from Bastion-Luebbe, Amazon offers below Kindle Unlimited also exclusive, previously only available via Audible Audiobooks. However, these include, in most cases, only self-publisher title or deals which have been published, among other things Crossing Amazon or Amazon Publishing. The monthly amount of 9,99 EUR remains intact here

Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks

Image 1 3

It is also possible the already introduced late 2014 synchronization between Kindle e-books and Audible Books” Whispersync for Voice “. This audiobook can be a thing of the entity, where the digital book was last read – and vice versa

The Expanded offering is according to Amazon about all its Kindle. applications be possible. Currently, however, only the mobile apps support the new Audiobook function. It should be noted that the corresponding audio book is thereby fully loaded on each device, which can just quickly pull in unabridged audio books a file size of one gigabyte after themselves. Bitrate or quality levels of the transferring audio files called Amazon not a request therefor from H left the company so far unanswered.

Although Amazon Kindle Unlimited range by integrating could expand audiobooks, the Group some setbacks with respect to the rental service suffered in the past. So many big publishers remain the offer still far away or put on other platforms. But numerous Selfpublisher- and indie authors moved back in the past many of her title after taking this drastic losses were recorded – sometimes up to 75 percent. It also remains to be seen whether Amazon will integrate in the future more Audible Title in the service and how this affects, inter alia, on the subscription offer of Audible, at the purchase at a discounted price of 9.95 euros to the user any audio book per month can – almost exactly the price that would have to apply for Kindle Unlimited


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kindle Unlimited integrated audio books –

04/15/2015 – John Main eBook News

Screenshot 2015-04-15 10:38:41 by

With the acquisition of attractive publishing titles for its Kindle eBook Flat Rate Unlimited Amazon is apparently progressing not really, but there are now a cross-media extension. In addition to books, the inclusive range now includes audio books from Audible, on smartphones and tablets can thus parallel heard and read on some titles.

In addition to books, in the context of Kindle Unlimited now around 2,000 audiobooks from the Amazon subsidiary Audible loan. Essentially, it is Amazon productions of self-publishing titles and those from the Amazon publishers (Amazon Crossing, Amazon Publishing). The most prominent publisher name is Bastion Luebbe, inter alia, the audiobook its included already in the text form in flat rate offer bestseller The girl who touched the sky contribute.

About Whispersync for Voice can, for titles both in text – as in clay form part of the flat rate, at any time switch between the two forms of media and hergewechselt. That works naturally only in the Kindle apps on smartphones and tablets, not the readers, the Kindle family (who have no audio connection anymore since the second Kindle generation)

Kindle Unlimited. Much mass little Prestigious

Who 9.99 euros paid monthly after a 30-day free trial period, gets on Kindle Unlimited currently have access to 908,539 eBooks. An impressive number, but behind the German especially hide and English self-publishing titles.

The well-known “beacon title” for its flat-availability Amazon reportedly much money in hand takes almost the same as the start in autumn 2014 and can be counted on a handful of hands. “Popular eBooks in Kindle Unlimited” are still Harry Potter, Swimming with Sharks Amazon critic Nele Neuhaus (which it is not at all enthusiastic) guide by Marco Polo, Counselor to Riva and GU, a few Bastion-Luebbe novels and – Issue novels.

Compared to local rivals Skoobe, where in addition to thousands of eBooks partner publishers Random House / Bertelsmann and Holtzbrinck also many other publishers are doing, the range of Kindle Unlimited is still high mau. Indie readers! Get their costs (and ruin the sales of successful authors, of which the first has already been adopted by Kindle Unlimited), for many others it does not calculate more. With the audiobooks Amazon now provides an additional incentive and last but not least a unique feature

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The “Kindle Unlimited integrated audio books” was on April 15, 2015 (Wednesday) at 10:39 clock written by John Main , John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kindle Paperwhite Cases: The right thing for everyone –

04/14/2015 – Verena Pohl eReader

 KC_cafe. jpg

Many colors or subtle, leather or neoprene, for pure sliding, clamping or chucking – who is looking for the right cover for its Kindle Paperwhite must make many decisions. We help and give an overview of the main categories and most popular products.

One of the first decisions to be taken, if you want a sleeve that you want to use multiple device generations long time and for any or whether you prefer reaches for specialized skin with the perfect fit for a particular device. The basis of many new cover forms a shell made of plastic or rubber, in which the eBook Reader will not budge – but mostly only in this model, and often almost irreversible. If you want more flexibility, should rather resort to another variant, and keep an eye on the product description

In general, when purchasing an eBook reader cover. If you want longer enjoy, should not be too stingy. While there are many cheap alternatives to the original Kindle Paperwhite case of Amazon, the price arises but mostly by poorer quality and workmanship. Here, a look at the reviews of other users in order to decide whether it is worth buying or not.

Sleep Cover

Sleep Cover has only been recently, but they are now almost the become standard. In the cases referred as Sleep Cover a small magnet is incorporated. This magnet ensures that the eBook Reader when closing the lid Sheath automatically goes into sleep mode and at opening immediately “wakes up”. Sleep covers are especially useful for those who want always and everywhere to read easily. The devices are – if not completely – usually very well protected, so that when carrying in your pocket is not scratched and even minor shocks can not harm the eBook Reader. Because of the magnet should be careful, however, to keep any cards with magnetic strips in the immediate vicinity.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 12:43:01 by Amazon Original Case

29.99 euros, 132g, 7 colors, 4.7 / 5 Stars in 4680 Amazon reviews

Contrary to the product description from Amazon is the leather sheath for the Paperwhite not the easiest, but the hardest of the following options. Despite their great weight and the steep price the shell is still the most popular. This is mainly due to their good quality. The eBook reader is stuck in a tailor-made, sturdy rubber frame, the cover of the envelope is made of padded leather handles and outstanding. The Case for the Kindle Paperwhite comes in the envelope for each matching color, which means that an approximately 3 mm wide, colored borders remain visible, where you should not bother. For no interfering bands on the corners must be held, and in comparison to other types of cases, the edge is in fact minimal.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 13:40:42 by Inateck

13.99 euros, 104g, 5 colors, 4.6 / 5 stars on Amazon 262 reviews

A cheap, easy and popular alternative to the original. The cover is made of faux leather, which is brushed inside. The design is simple and the cheap price is not to be considered the sheath at first glance. The magnetic closure is not too strong, but enough to prevent accidental absorption.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 14:04:07 by iHarbort

12.90 euros, 112g, 8 colors (+ real leather Varainte at 19.90 euros), 4.2 / 5 stars on Amazon 185 reviews

Also a good and cheap copy of the original, there are of iHarbort. The solid shell for the eBook Reader click here, depending on the color version in white or black. The upper is padded leatherette. This is true in every case, the price-performance ratio. A very long life is not to be expected depending on the requirements.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 14:52:43 by ForeFront

9,49 Euro, 100g, 5 colors, 4.6 / 5 stars on Amazon 320 reviews

A cheap version without rubber or Platik-shell comes from ForeFront , Here, the eBook Reader is pushed sideways into the leather frame. This of course means that a relatively wide, colored border around the screen remains. For this, the case features a memory card pocket and a loop for a touch pen.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 15:00:43 by iGadgitz

32.99 euros, 141g, 9 colors / designs 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon 109 reviews

The Multifunktionalist under the Paperwhite cases. There are both a stator and a loop for attachment to the hand thereby to allow a high reading comfort. However, the opinions on the quality

Classic Cases

go to the reviews but differ sharply. The classical Leather Case for eBook reader visually differ little from the Sleep covers, they simply lack the function , The shells are primarily aimed at protecting the eBook Reader during transport and reading, as the device for reading must not be taken out of the case

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 13:52:33 by Marware Atlas

19.99 euros, 118g, 5 colors, 4.3 / 5 stars on Amazon 335 reviews

The highlight of this cover variant is the inside of the lids convenient wrist strap, which should make it easier to read with one hand or safer. The shell is made of durable synthetic leather and is closed with a rubber band. The eBook reader is also secured by rubber bands. The reviews of the overall product quality and workmanship is usually highlighted as positive, but there are outliers.

Book Cover

For some time, there are cases for eBook readers that the classic hardcover be modeled book or made from old envelopes. Since most eBook reader users and thus probably are frequent readers book lovers, these cases are quite popular despite their often limited protection function. Here with the same visual tactile experience plays a major role. The reader has, despite the use of an eBook reader, the book-in-the-hand-feeling.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 15:24:14 by Klever Case

ca. 37 EUR, 100g, various Varinaten, 4.8 / 5 stars from 4 Amazon reviews

Rather little functionality in terms of the protection – at the Klever-case covers the aesthetics is at the top. The shells are modeled classic book covers and be prepared in a British book printing by hand. In contrast to most other book covers cases they also have a solid shell as a support for the ebook reader. Nevertheless, the relatively high price a little effort as yet.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 14:22:41 by Case Able

29.99 euros, 122g, 15 designs, 4.4 / 5 stars on Amazon 56 reviews

Functionally similar to the classic book cover, but by the many colorful designs something special. Through a neoprene padding the device from bumps and scratches is protected. The eBook reader is attached with elastic bands in the shell, so they remain in place. However, one should remember that the sides of the device continue to be open, ie they are not protected. The photo prints on front and back cover to make it a real head-turner. Therefore, it is probably something for individualists and design fans, not for frequent readers who want to have it the eBook Reader anytime, anywhere. In Case Able Online Store users can create their own design even.


Sleeves called the usual “pure sliding” jackets for which are widely used for laptops and mobile phones. Especially closed neoprene cases with zipper offer all-around security. Therefore sleeves are primarily for the transportation of the equipment. Less suitable they are for reading on the go, because you always have to remove the device and it is thereby “unprotected”. For those who just prefer to read “naked”, but their eBook Reader protect the bag wollenm sleeves are a good solution. In addition to being of all variants the lightest and most compact.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 14:44:20 by Dockem

10.71 euros, 41g, 1 color, 4.6 / 5 stars on Amazon 39 reviews

Classic Sleeve made of synthetic leather embroidered in dark brown. The shell is lined with soft microfiber to protect the device from scratches. It is not much larger than the eBook reader itself and a lightweight and space-saving device on the go.

 Screenshot 2015-04-14 15:09:57 by Art & amp; Cherry

13.99 euros, 82g, 23 designs, 4.8 / 5 stars on Amazon 30 reviews

In the designs of Art & amp ; Cherry it comes to more colorful and freaky. For this offer, the Neoprene Sleeve Zip much security and are light and narrow. The quality is absolutely fine for the price. From the same company, there is also something more playful versions of chic linen cloth.

Do it yourself or Homemade buy

make a simple cover for eBook reader itself or shape is not so difficult, such as our forum members show. With a bit of luck you both a fabric cover can sew quite easy as well as transform an old hardback book in a convenient envelope. For instructions, there are too Hauf on the Internet. In for example, there is a sewing pattern for a padded envelope and the Kindle Blog shows how to put an eBook reader cover from an old children’s book. Who’s experiment can also try to convert it into a Sleep Cover by installing a weak magnet a normal leather case.

If no talent for crafting and sewing or simply has no time, the shell can easily by someone else after the can be designed to your requirements. In DAWANDA or Etsy there are many cases and bags lovingly homemade to buy, which can also customize the seller. The Mosushülle, Michael of been tested and found to be good. Etsy also the already above mentioned companies Klever Case sells her book cover-cases, but there are also several other providers

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