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Discount on Kindle Voyage, for selected customers –

It is not so long ago that Amazon could bring in a huge success with the first illuminated eBook Reader of the company. The device was to have a long time only with massive delays in delivery. But are likely to be incurred in addition to the high demand, due to a quality issue. The clouds of color of the first Kindle Paperwhite got the shipping giant, however, a few weeks after the start in the handle.

Not quite as good it looks in this country from the Kindle Voyage , The premium eReader continue fighting reportedly with the gradient problem that we have already criticized in our test and is repeatedly criticized in various customer reviews yet. Even if it is fair to say that seems not to be affected by any member of the series of this deficiency (and the severity of the problem in some cases significantly different), so having just yet led to the Voyage with an average rating of 3 6 stars at is currently the least popular Kindle ebook reader. British customers (4.5 stars) and US buyers (4.3 stars) go with the model is not quite as harshly.

Kindle Voyage for the first time with discount

This then leads to the Kindle Voyage selected customers a 10 or 20 € discount voucher (see the forum) offering cheaper. By e-mail received by the persons concerned a personalized code that you get the credit for the purchase of the unit (to March 14).

In the corresponding e-mail states: “ Based on your interests and Amazon purchases we would like to offer you a Kindle eReader at very attractive prices. Until March 14, 2015 You get the Kindle Voyage from only 179 EUR. Save 10 EUR. To take advantage of this limited time offer, enter at checkout your promo code.

It is the first time, that the Voyage is in this country at a lower price. The price of the Premium model is thus reduced, at least for a certain group of customers up to 169 Euros. In case of problems can a faulty device can of course replace as usual, so interested parties with a voucher code to purchase can risk entirely. May cheaper to get current that is not a high-end eBook Reader.

Wrapped be one anyway, as a possible Preisredukation effect on the customer criticism. An important argument point of the gradient problem affects namely the high selling price. If the unit price, one would accept the slight irregularity rather, say some buyers

Bald discount and error correction?

The fact that the campaign will run until mid-March, it is quite interesting, because in the US Voyage to date (again) not available and only from 22 (with commercials) and March 31 (ad-free) available. Maybe then comes at last the long-awaited revision, which I have more than once speculated. My requested replacement device can since November and several postponements also slow in coming – now without advertised delivery

Since November makes my (hopefully error free) replacement unit on to wait

The long wait is for a warranty replacement by no means common. As already reported several times, most customers get their replacement Voyage within a few days – if necessary, even several times. I have to wait so long, may have to do with the fact that I already had to replace the first Kindle Paperwhite several times – so long until I receive an error-free device. Perhaps it is also related to the sales together or is it an accounting error, but I did not think about the many specific shifts.

The discount now granted shows in any case where the price of the Kindle Voyage will move sooner or later. In the future, the discount

could be extended to all customers (ie without coupon). In the meantime, the Kindle Paperwhite remains the main dedicated reader for Amazon Germany. The eReader is for 99 € (instead of 129 €) incl. 5 sold preselected eBooks and provides the most important competitors Tolino Vision 2 quite clearly. Now with over 7,000 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars, it is also the most popular Amazon eBook Reader, it is purchased you can not go far wrong.

Kindle Voyage
at Kindle Paperwhite at


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Amazon: Recognition App Firefly comes with an update to Kindle Fire Tablets – AreaMobile

Author: Björn Brodersen + 02.26.2015 – 17:30 |

Amazon Kindle Fire equips more tablets with the recognition app from Firefly , The application provides users with additional information about movies, music and other products, is at the same time but also animate a spontaneous purchase in the Amazon store.

 Amazon: Recognition App Firefly comes with an update on Fire HD tablets

Firefly on the Fire Phone | (c) Amazon

Amazon now shipping from the recognition app Firefly for other tablet models of the Kindle Fire series. The pre-installed on the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and smartphone Fire Phone application detects over the camera or microphone equipment movies, tv shows, music, and other products such as books from the Amazon store and provides additional information on the content and the participating artists. The content, users can then download from the Amazon platform, order other items with one click from the online shop.

Also printed text on posters, magazines and business cards can handle the firefly App. Thus, users of the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon calls can save make new contacts, send e-mail or call sites without typing anything manually. Firefly also provides a translation function in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish texts on signs and in menus

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According to Amazon the update with the recognition app for HD tablets like the Kindle Fire HD 6 and the Kindle Fire HD 7 is delivered from today and automatically on the devices partly filled

More information:. App Tablet


Quaderer, Kindle or Lüchinger as president – Liechtenstein Fatherland

For the successor to the retiring Chairman of the Liechtenstein Football Association (LFV), Matthias Voigt, have applied three candidates. Their names are now penetrated to the public. It’s about Hugo Quaderer, Georges Lüchinger and Edy Kindle.


“We have received applications from three candidates, all of whom are qualified for the office of LFV president. There are Liechtenstein and all have or had a football background “, initially confirmed UPS week President Horst Zech against the” Liechtensteiner Vaterland “. He wanted to call on Monday no name. The seven football clubs would currently discussing the candidates and until 9 March would be proposed together with the shipment of the DV invitations a candidate for the end of March takes place Delegate Assembly, it said on Monday. In fact, currently make the association boards a picture of the candidates, so the names of potential successors Voigt necessarily can not be kept secret. When candidates are Quaderer Hugo, Georges Lüchinger and Edy Kindle. No matter, will fall on whom the election on 30 March. The new LFV President is not unknown, but a profound knowledge of the football scene. Nevertheless, one must l ook forward to the Delegate Assembly. (Kop)


Update for Amazon Tablets – New firmware brings Firefly on Kindle Fire Tablets –

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Source: Amazon

Users Amazon Tablets can look forward to a little update. From now on the Kindle Fire HD tablets are equipped with the recognition app Firefly, which operates similar to Shazam. The update will be posted on the tablet computer for free and automatically.

With Firefly, it is possible more about certain products, music and videos bring experience or scan barcodes. About “X-Ray for Movies & amp; TV” shows the app more information on movies and series – for example about actors and the plot. In addition, short content is placed retrieved from the online database of users. Users can contact Firefly desired track on their watchlist or download contents immediately view.

Also new is that Firefly uses the music catalog from Amazon, to display information about performers. The app allows users to play music directly, put them on a wish list or to upload songs to the Fire HD tablet.

Available is Firefly already on the Fire HDX 8.9 and the Fire Phone, further models will follow shortly

Source:. Amazon

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Kindle Scout published first reader favorites, extended genres –

02/25/2015 John Main eBook News

 kindle scout

Four months after the start of the book voting platform Kindle Amazon Scout published the first 10 Favorites under its own flag. At the same time the selectable index

At expanded. can Amazon since the end of October (US) reader decide what should be published for eBooks flying the flag of the new house Imprint Kindle Press. Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts to readers determine based on excerpts their favorites and receive the title in publication case as thanks for free.

10 launch titles, new genres

pit bulls aliens On Tuesday Amazon announced the first ten titles known to the raptured both the audience and Amazon itself and thus go into production. From March 3rd at books in the genres of SciFi (cover right), romance, mystery and thriller Amazon will have. The selected authors get to an advance of $ 1,500 for five years 50 percent of the revenues and promotions on For at least the five years to go all distribution rights left to Amazon. Then, the author can reclaim his rights – but only if he has earned during these five years not more than $ 25,000 with this title

Along announcierte with the announcement of the first Kindle-press program Amazon. yesterday, Tuesday an extension of the accepted genre. So now historical novels, adventure novels and contemporary fiction (ie “realistic” Science Fiction) are accepted as submissions. Information to the internationalization of the program did not exist.

Bestsellers in series?

 after Whether the concept works and the wisdom of the readers mass (after all, 29,000 “Kindle Scouts” already participate in the selection) actually produces better or at least more successful novels, the coming months will prove. In fan fiction area, there are already some examples of successful transformations of hobby manuscripts in commercial bestsellers (Fifty Shades of Grey, derWattpad hit anus) – Amazon is certainly best be trusted with its sales and marketing power, these individual successes reproducible to make

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The “Kindle Scout published first reader favorites, extended index” was on February 25, 2015 (Wednesday) at 12: 04 Clock written by John Main. . John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of

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Kindlebox: Send eBooks with Dropbox on the Kindle –

02/20/2015 John Main eBook News

Screenshot 2015-02-20 12:03:14 by

To transfer eBooks in the Kindle Cloud there is now a new, more convenient way. With the help of free web app Kindlebox a Dropbox folder can be linked with its own Kindle, moved into the folder files are then automatically transferred to the document repository.

This link is created in three simple steps and takes no five minutes. First, is Kindlebox app to authorize Dropbox, there will be a new folder under apps / Kindle box / created. Then you have to log in to the personal Kindle Administration (here is the link for where a previously saved into Javascript to be executed in the browser. Now we have to do is choose a to be linked Kindle

. Bonus: Automatically convert epub files

If you move anschliend eBooks to supported by Kindle formats in the Dropbox folder, this dive within a short time in the “Cloud” tab of the Kindle. In the test went smoothly. In addition to the default supported files DRM free epub files can be moved to the Dropbox folder, which can then be converted automatically.

To transfer is Kindlebox makes the Personal Documents Service advantage, de facto, the drawn into the Dropbox folder files so “classically” sent by e-mail. Thereby remain limited eBooks on the device or in the cloud when they are deleted from the Dropbox folder. They must be removed directly over the device or via the Kindle administration.

Despite this limitation Kindlebox is a great alternative for transmission via the Web or by e-mail. If you invest a desktop shortcut Dropbox folder has the Kindle Cloud at hand.

  • Kindlebox
  • Dropbox (Login)

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The article “Kindlebox: eBooks on the Kindle with Dropbox Send” was on February 20, 2015 (Friday) at 12:05 Clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of

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REWE away iTunes store credit, Kindle Paperwhite cheaper –> Apple News since 2001 (blog)

REWE gives iTunes store credit : Not only the 30% -actions on iTunes cards have become rare, and the long time usual 20 percent savings are there are now more rare. With the oncoming on Monday REWE action you can when buying an iTunes card but still once again save around 17 percent. In addition to the purchase of the 25-euro card at the original price you get on the activation voucher for a coupon code for 5 euro credit.


campaign runs until February 21, ie through almost the entire 8th calendar week. The offers are valid only as long as stocks last. The value of the gift card will be charged when redeeming iTunes on personal credit and can then be output as desired for music, movies and apps for iOS and Mac. Please re-examined before purchase, if your REWE-branch participating in the action on the ground. Thanks Arne

Kindle Paperwhite cheap . The online retailer Amazon offers its Kindle Paperwhite date (The occasion is the upcoming Valentine’s Day) price reduced for only 99 € instead of € 129 to

white paper

The savings falls not so tired from, as indicated by Amazon – since the launch of the Kindle Voyage the Paperwhite was often at prices of to have 109 € -. for the Paperwhite has twice as much memory as it was last year and is still one of the two best e-readers that are available on the market

Anyone with a transition to the flirted Voyage is unfortunately disappointed. The Wi-Fi version costs also the “Day of Lovers” even 189 euros. After all, you can watch five books to choose.

Friday, 13 . February 2015

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No Kindle Paperwhite jailbreak for newer firmwares –

Software modifications delight in the mobile consumer electronics market popularity. Technology Affine people often change with enthusiasm (other times out of necessity) the existing firmware of a device to take it as their own requirements in more detail. Smartphones are have software modifications (Nook, Sony) has a quite long tradition probably the most popular modding object, followed by tablets and also with the eBook readers.

During many smartphone manufacturers have already realized that their success largely depends on the adaptation possibilities (as in some cases completely open units are available, or they can be unlock by code or program – with a limited warranty!), things look at eReaders quite different. Vulnerabilities, which can be used to manipulate the software are often closed without comment by the manufacturer. This happened at Sony Tolino and now on Amazon. Although the machines can usually still chop cable with a serial connection, a simple root option without hardware access visit but usually not.

New firmware prevents Jailbreak

The Kindle Paperwhite a secret facelift has been subjected in the course of the year 2014 (we reported), in which the memory space has been doubled. Even here, the device was only a trick to “jailbreak” what was discussed here in a separate manual. Meanwhile, there’s another software update that unfortunately completely prevents root access as a pure software solution.

Only by jailbreak or root can be a separate screen saver on Paperwhite install

All firmware versions with the number 5.6.x or higher are not adaptable for the known user modifications. If the device is delivered with such a version, you have to be content with the regular options. For the average Joe consumer is not important for power users but quite annoying. Especially because of the Kindle Paperwhite for the price of 99 euros offers excellent value for money and excellent hardware.

The same holds true for the two other Kindle readers. For Kindle Touch and Voyage, there’s also no Jailbreaklösung

Android eReader as niche products – with future

Fortunately, other manufacturers are trying to fill the gap that continues to close the large suppliers. Above all, Onyx offers all new eBook Reader models with Android 4.x on, even including a direct Google Play Store access, so you can use the eReader basically like a simple tablet and simple re-install apps. Also the root access works here usually no problems whatsoever.

Icarus and ImCoSys are two others that are also jumped on the Android train and 6 inch offer with Google’s mobile operating system – but without the Play Store access

Until now, but you had to basically for all these devices a number of disadvantages to accept so. the advantage of the openness of the system for many users something moves into the background again. On the one hand, the hardware is often slightly worse (screen contrast, battery life, …), on the other hand, there’s often shortcomings in the (pre-installed) Software (Stabiltiätsprobleme, low functionality, unfinished functions, …). In short, these solutions are for modding friends by no means perfect

The ImCoSys V6L was one of the first open Android eReader on the German market in great demand, but struggled at the beginning with some stability problems of software

While the modification possibilities Amazon & amp; Co. but continue to shrink continuously, an end to Android devices (despite the bottom line low market share) Out of sight, as the boom continues, particularly in Asia on.

Power users in the Kindle Paperwhite because of the good price and great hardware have also taken a few hurdles in purchase to make the desired software modifications, must therefore reorient in the future if possible. At the moment, is not foreseeable when (and if) the current Kindle model generation can be hacked. When you purchase this, you should be aware of and best checking the firmware Upon receiving the unit equal in any case. The jailbreak instructions so only with reservations available.


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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 and discounted for Valentine’s Day –

Not only Tolino Vision 2 and Shine’s on the occasion of the early Valentine’s Day cheaper to purchase, Amazon also reduced two models. Both the entry-level Kindle (with touch) and one of the tablets are offered cheaper by 18 February. In contrast to double-deal on the Tolino partners to the Amazon device gets individually at a special price.

The eBook reader is extended by 10 € cheaper, is thus currently available for 49 euros, the price of Fire HD 7 Tablet has fallen by 20 euros to 99 euros. The basic Kindle’s it was at Christmas time on this sale price, so it is basically a remastered old offer. But it is worth a closer look, because the Kindle is at the same time is the cheapest entry point for a dedicated reading device. However, you have a built-in lighting without. The functionality is the Kindle Paperwhite but in nothing.

The tablet is for 99 euro also inexpensive, although as usual criticism of highly customized Android interface applies , That might also be a reason why the shipping giant in 2014 had caused many feathers on the tablet market and has seen massive declines in sales, according to IDC.

Away from the Valentine’s Day offers two’s but two other tablets cheap: The Kindle Fire HDX 7 (from 159 euros) and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (from around 287 euros) are reduced in price for some time. In the 7 inch model saves you 90 euros, the larger unit it is even slightly above 190 EUR savings. In both cases, you get excellent hardware counterpart, but have to deal again with the well-known software limitations. Hobbyists who like to experiment with custom ROMs and Android root, have here but certainly a cheap option for a powerful device to come.

But also for the average Joe consumer, the existing software limitations not necessarily negative. Watch Internet surfing, movies, and pictures one or the other game (from the Amazon App Store or by side-loading), the tablets are certainly ideal. Even Prime customers can through close Amazon Services integration take a closer look at the two HDX devices.

It will be interesting to see in which direction the Amazon tablet business will go in the future. In the past year we have expanded the range again and lures with the current price action. The downward trend in sales has but apparently not stopped. Depending on the country and counting Amazon currently has between five and six tablets in

Kindle base model for € 49, -. Buy
Fire HD 7 for € 99, ​​- buy


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Kindle: reduced eBook reader with touch display at 49 euros –

Amazon offers its best eBook reader until next week a bit cheaper than the usual manner.

 Kindle Touch

Along with the introduction of the new Kindle Voyage, the top of the eBook reader series, Amazon has the Kindle Touch chosen as the new entry-level model and lowered the price to 59 euros. Shortly before Christmas, you could already knock for a short period for 49 euros, starting today you get a chance. Until 18 February, the Kindle for Internet best price available, thus saving you exactly 10 €.

  • Kindle with touch display for 49 euros (Amazon link)

Why a Kindle? On the eInk display font can be significantly more pleasant and better read than the iPhone or iPad, especially in direct sunlight is the normal Kindle displays considerably in advance. Also, the weight is significantly lower with only 191 grams, which is another advantage is the longer reading. The major disadvantage of the eBook reader: Really good they can only books

When Kindle with touch display is the predecessor of the White Paper, which must make do without backlit display.. This is a day or in lit rooms no problem, at dusk or in the dark you need to operate an light source. But the Kindle costs up even half. For 49 euros you get the version with special offers that appear on the lock screen. Disabling it can only before the purchase for 20 EUR, which is then rather should direct access to the Kindle Paperwhite (Amazon link), which manages completely ad

Our brief conclusion. Bookworms with limited budget is the Kindle for 49 euros a viable alternative if you are anyway in the Amazon cosmos is home or has no problem to convert eBooks from other sources before using free tools like Calibre.