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Discount on Kindle Voyage, for selected customers –

It is not so long ago that Amazon could bring in a huge success with the first illuminated eBook Reader of the company. The device was to have a long time only with massive delays in delivery. But are likely to be incurred in addition to the high demand, due to a quality issue. The clouds of color of the first Kindle Paperwhite got the shipping giant, however, a few weeks after the start in the handle.

Not quite as good it looks in this country from the Kindle Voyage , The premium eReader continue fighting reportedly with the gradient problem that we have already criticized in our test and is repeatedly criticized in various customer reviews yet. Even if it is fair to say that seems not to be affected by any member of the series of this deficiency (and the severity of the problem in some cases significantly different), so having just yet led to the Voyage with an average rating of 3 6 stars at is currently the least popular Kindle ebook reader. British customers (4.5 stars) and US buyers (4.3 stars) go with the model is not quite as harshly.

Kindle Voyage for the first time with discount

This then leads to the Kindle Voyage selected customers a 10 or 20 € discount voucher (see the forum) offering cheaper. By e-mail received by the persons concerned a personalized code that you get the credit for the purchase of the unit (to March 14).

In the corresponding e-mail states: “ Based on your interests and Amazon purchases we would like to offer you a Kindle eReader at very attractive prices. Until March 14, 2015 You get the Kindle Voyage from only 179 EUR. Save 10 EUR. To take advantage of this limited time offer, enter at checkout your promo code.

It is the first time, that the Voyage is in this country at a lower price. The price of the Premium model is thus reduced, at least for a certain group of customers up to 169 Euros. In case of problems can a faulty device can of course replace as usual, so interested parties with a voucher code to purchase can risk entirely. May cheaper to get current that is not a high-end eBook Reader.

Wrapped be one anyway, as a possible Preisredukation effect on the customer criticism. An important argument point of the gradient problem affects namely the high selling price. If the unit price, one would accept the slight irregularity rather, say some buyers

Bald discount and error correction?

The fact that the campaign will run until mid-March, it is quite interesting, because in the US Voyage to date (again) not available and only from 22 (with commercials) and March 31 (ad-free) available. Maybe then comes at last the long-awaited revision, which I have more than once speculated. My requested replacement device can since November and several postponements also slow in coming – now without advertised delivery

Since November makes my (hopefully error free) replacement unit on to wait

The long wait is for a warranty replacement by no means common. As already reported several times, most customers get their replacement Voyage within a few days – if necessary, even several times. I have to wait so long, may have to do with the fact that I already had to replace the first Kindle Paperwhite several times – so long until I receive an error-free device. Perhaps it is also related to the sales together or is it an accounting error, but I did not think about the many specific shifts.

The discount now granted shows in any case where the price of the Kindle Voyage will move sooner or later. In the future, the discount

could be extended to all customers (ie without coupon). In the meantime, the Kindle Paperwhite remains the main dedicated reader for Amazon Germany. The eReader is for 99 € (instead of 129 €) incl. 5 sold preselected eBooks and provides the most important competitors Tolino Vision 2 quite clearly. Now with over 7,000 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars, it is also the most popular Amazon eBook Reader, it is purchased you can not go far wrong.

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