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Convert Kindle: Amazon’s software makes books e-books – SPIEGEL ONLINE

afraid because you have to purchase e-book titles, this already in print? Then Amazon has been offering this week a way out. The new Kindle Convert PC program is designed to enable anyone to convert printed books in e-book, then read via e-book readers and can be archived.

The publication of the program was still and quiet. Not even a press release sent to the Group. The conversion software appeared on 2 February abruptly in the Amazon store. The price is stated at 49 dollars, currently subject to an introductory price of 19 dollars. About the domestic front yard is Amazon so familiar but not out: The Group provides the software for the time being only customers with US billing address and -Lieferanschrift.

In addition, of course, a PC running Windows 7 or 8 and an Amazon account, a scanner is required to use Kindle Convert. Particularly high demands not provide the software to its quality obviously: 300 to 600 dpi resolution should the master, which could such d evices in the previous millennium

Digitization is handcrafted

For digitizing each page then must be recorded with the scanner. If you want to speed up the process and make it easier, to use an automatic document feeder. A technique which unfortunately only works if you split the book before in his pages. Otherwise you have to stand next to the scanner and scan the document page by page manually. In the three-volume edition of “Das Kapital” it may take a while.

A text recognition software then converts automatically the images into a flow text around. Who made handwritten notes and hints in the book can insert this image into the e-book. The completely converted document can then be uploaded to the Amazon cloud. From there, make the digitized books to Kindle readers and load it into Kindle Reading Apps and get there just like selling e-books.

The first user whine

The first reactions of users show a more moderate enthusiastic image. In the first place bothers many of the tedious and time-consuming process of scanning. In addition, the work is far from done with scanning and text recognition.

“Endgadget” indicates that the digitized text has yet to be pimped with further complicated steps. On each side of the text area must be marked manually. The same is true of chapters and sub-headings, then were still reading errors to eliminate.

music collectors know the

The moaning about the complicated digitization work is reminiscent of the problems where those had to fight, who wanted to digitize their old music collection. Whether from cassette or vinyl, who wants to convert analog music saved in MP3 or other digital format, is facing the same problems.

So how Amazon now digitized books, page by page, you have the old music media read in real time because it technically is no other way. And also a digitized LP requires manual rework if title name, album title and the like must be entered. No wonder, then, that buy many collectors prefer beloved albums again in one of the online music stores.

It might be easier

The blog “” makes out, however, that it could be easier. With Kindle Matchbook Amazon offers its US clients Kindle versions of their printed books purchased. A similar service is also available for music that you purchased through them to CD.

However, Kindle Matchbook covers currently only 76,000 book titles. These were only 6,000 more than at the start of Matchbook offer a half years ago. Obviously, the publishers would leave no interest buyers to the digital version of their print titles free

Kindle Convert Amazon practicing now pressure on publishers of:. “Message: want if you your digital editions do not sell low We give our customers a scan tool to the hand, and just

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