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Kindle Voyage and Tolino Vision 2: E-book reader comparison test – tomshardware.de

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Unlimited Kindle: Amazon’s e-book authors criticize flat rate – derStandard.at

Kindle Unlimited Amazon has a few months ago has expanded its range of flat rate offers to e-books and audio books. This enables customers to choose from a selection of e-books, which now includes over 700,000 works. For the online retail giant requires about ten dollars a month. In Germany and Austria ten euros are required.

But authors, especially those who publish their own books on Amazon, are upset about the books fare. You complain a dramatic Einnahmenentfall, as the New York Times reports.

Significant revenue decline

Six months ago, still had some authors abandoned their main occupation, living with the prospect of the future by writing to can, describes e-book consultant Bob Mayer. Now they would return to their old jobs back or would financially barely make ends meet.

In general, you are fighting an order that the turnover of the sector after strong gains since 2013 is only growing more slowly in recent years. At the same time, there are more and more authors and books. Kindle Unlimited worsen this situation.

author Holly Ward, readers also “HM Ward” known indicates that their income has decreased by 75 percent after two months in the Kindle Unlimited program. “I could not see,” she said in a Kindle forum and retired from Kindle Unlimited. Her books are now available only in the normal way.

Fear of advertising Stop

Although the participation in Kindle Unlimited is mandatory for anyone but the authors fear that a withdrawal might lead to that their works are no longer advertised by Amazon. Those readers who had once spent like crazy thousands of dollars annually for romance novels a year, led today to a less than 120 dollars a year, says Ward. “It can neither Amazon nor the authors go well,” she says. While it is one of the few writers who can offer their books through other platforms, almost all independent author must be committed to exclusivity.

Last’d Amazon in the dispute with the Hachette publishing offensive to selbstverlegende writer become. But these feel now as one of many suppliers for the group and fear that this will ultimately for them not improve the situation compared to traditional publishers. There are now thought to form a union


Amazon regularly emphasizes that one might extend further to 70 percent of the revenue from books to the author -. A lot more than normal publishing houses. With Kindle Unlimited However, the amount paid per loan fluctuates sometimes violently. He was in July as yet at $ 1.80, he fell in October to 1.33 dollars and in November was $ 1.39 with something higher. How extensive the book is neither plays a significant role as the retail price.

This is in particular those authors problems that do not already have a large, loyal following, says Mayer. The glut of new books also makes it difficult to prevail with quality. If you as the author himself must now also provide marketing, one could offer his books just across your website, says former lawyer and author Michael Henderson.

But even the writers are a loyal following among pressure, reminds Ward. “If you release new material not constant, it is forgotten by the people.” (Gpi, derStandard.at, 28/12/2014)


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kindle and Co .: Read on E-Books disturbs internal clock – Daily Mirror

19:14 clock
blue-light alarm. E-books save the bedside lamp, but awake at night. Click to enlarge blue light alarm. E-Books save the bedside lamp, but awake at night. – Photo: Dash Fotolia

The reading e-books before going to sleep interfere with the internal clock. The blue light components keep awake and can damage health.

The reading on brightly lit e-book devices before bedtime can affect sleep-wake cycle. With four hours of reading time, the internal clock to unlock averaged 1.5 hours delayed sleep mode, researchers report in the journal “PNAS”. As a measure was the level of the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep. We can assume is that the high proportion of blue light screens triggers the change.

“The use of electronic devices for reading, communication and entertainment has increased greatly in recent years,” writes the research team led by Anne -Marie Chang from Harvard Medical School in Boston.

They examined the impact of e-book reader on the sofa by twelve healthy young men and women before bedtime five evenings in a row both e-books and books were read. The subjects read each four hours before 22 clock the light was deleted. At six clock in the morning they were awakened again.

subjects felt the morning matt

The measurements showed medical values ​​that the subjects fell asleep about ten minutes later, according to the e-book reading as after reading the printed edition. The dream phase (REM sleep) were shortened at the e-book reading to almost twelve minutes and the subjects felt the morning much duller and less recovery than those who read traditional books.

The biggest impact had the e-book reading up on the sleep hormone melatonin: its distribution was reduced by 55 percent. On the fifth night of the e-book reading was the melatonin curve indicating the sleep-wake cycle, shifted by 1.5 hours compared to the evenings with printed reading backwards. To set bedtime by 22 clock e-book readers were so much more alert

Blue light wakes

Chang and colleagues refer to other studies that have shown that short-wave. – So blue – light on people like an alarm am working. The body then suppress the fatigue due to the reduced secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin. Many electronic devices such as televisions, computers and e-book readers, the proportion of blue light is particularly high. Questionable that was mainly because a decreased melatonin production can also increase the risk for cancers of the colon, breast and prostate. “Our results show that the electric light, which we are exposed between dusk and bedtime, profound biological effects has” the researchers write. However, the conditions of the two readings of the experiment have differed greatly: While e-books were set maximum light, the books were read in dim light. (AP)

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How to resign from Kindle Unlimited? – Giga.de

Kindle Unlimited Amazon launches its own e-book on this PC. The first 30 days you can make free use of the service, to give you a glimpse into the reading of our e-book service. Should you enough of digital reading material have, you should Kindle Unlimited notice.

The access to the service will cost you otherwise € 9.99 per month. As you can notice in Kindle Unlimited, learn it here

Kindle Unlimited terminate. Instructions

  1.  kindle-unlimited-cancel at  and logs you a with your Amazon data.
  2. Controls the top right of the menu” My Account “on.
  3. This selects her “My Content and Devices”.
  4. right of the screen you will find the “Settings” button.
  5. After entering the settings, select her the “settings Kindle Unlimited” option.
  6. Here you can find various information about your e-book subscription.
  7. Click “cancel Kindle Unlimited ‘button to your subscription to finish
  8. Confirm the following message to perform the termination completely “

Kindle Unlimited terminate:.. Is there a deadline

Amazon? offers. The duration of your free time period is set regardless of the actual length of the month at 30 days. Do you have the free offer as at 15.10. perceived, you have from 14:11. pay for Kindle Unlimited.

Of course, you can terminate a month. If you take advantage of the free trial month from the Kindle Unlimited, you should of course cancel before the 30 days so no additional costs are incurred by you. Upon termination of selected titles from your respective device or deleted.

Kindle Unlimited offers you a monthly fee for a flat rate for e-books. The content can be read on Kindle, smartphone, or tablet PC. Alternatives to Kindle Unlimited are the services Skoobe, Readfy or eLibrary.


Bezos: Kindle eBook piracy thanks to a non-issue – lesen.net

19.12.2014 John Main debate

 pirate key shutter

In a rare interview has Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos raised to the status quo of the eBook. In his view, the book industry is experiencing a golden age, what Amazon has a significant share. Amazon is also responsible for ensuring that it hardly admit piracy – a daring twofold thesis


In an interview with Henry Blodget of the journal Business Insider (where Bezos is old private beteilgit ) gave the Amazon CEO deep and unusual insights into both the history of his company and in his private life. The reader learns that just 50 years old become Bezos, whose personal fortune is estimated at 28 billion US dollars, every night does the dishes his family of six.

Also flopped Fire Phone was subject. As a few weeks ago at a conference underlined Bezos also in the interview, the smartphone is one of the many costly betting the company in which you will have staying power. Whether the experiment succeeds, you will be able to evaluate in a few years.

“Golden times for book industry”

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Among the allegations, Amazon was the gravedigger of book culture, has Bezos a clear opinion. Quote: “.. Publishers are currently unique profitable, and the book industry is doing better than ever before,” The principal reason for this is Amazon with its Kindle platform

With the Kindle you have an early opportunity a reader that distraction free read long texts allows. The intended Amazon lower eBook prices are necessary to keep eBooks in competition with Apps competitive – lower prices for Authors would not less but more Profitablität mean here. And thanks to the Kindle, there is very little piraterierte eBooks, especially in comparison to other forms of media

the spirits are divided on this point, and that in two respects.. Although negate some (technical) publishers like Springer SPM and how O’Reilly and authors like Paulo Coelho revenue losses due to piracy or talk to her even a positive (marketing) effect to. From other side, but a great economic loss by sharing and Webwarez offers will be accepted. In the past, this assessment also quite the pirates themselves contributed to brag with huge monthly download numbers.

Forced DRM from Amazon reader drives in illegality

Also, you can Amazon make quite the accusation, to have a certain complicity in the existing piracy. As is known, Amazon on its own file format, together with its own copy, which is itself gestüpt about publishing titles that are delivered free of copy protection (such as from Bastion Luebbe, Hanser, HoCo). And who likes browse only available at Amazon exclusive titles, such as indie authors or publishers of the Amazon on a Tolino vision or other third reader has to only two options, both of which are illegal. He can buy the eBook on Amazon and remove the copy – or download it right now on a pirate page

Jeff Bezos stresses in an interview with Business Insider his vision, any book in any language within 60 seconds on the Kindle. to make available. That this eBook only on the Kindle is then read, may fittingly be (subsidized hardware, closed ecosystem), from an economic point of view. Top fighters of Internet underworld but it will be so not

& lt; Credit:. Piracy gt of Shutterstock &;

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The article “Bezos: Kindle eBook piracy thanks to a non-issue” was on December 19, 2014 (Friday) at 11:01 Clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of lesen.net

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Kindle Voyage last minute only for Saturn – lesen.net

19.12.2014 John Main eReader

 kindle voyage

It was to be expected: Amazon has not received the delivery difficulties Kindle Voyage in time for Christmas under control. Who the high resolution eBook reader yourself or someone wants to put others under the tree must dodge Saturn – and should exercise caution

<. div id = "iqadtile8">

Amazon.de: Out of stock until January 2015 …

Already on the article page Amazon.de Kindle Voyage interested, be warned that they could no longer guarantee delivery before the 25th of December. At checkout, there is then the disillusionment: For orders on Friday that Amazon provides a delivery of the Kindle Voyage on 6 January 2015 Outlook

The reason Amazon calls the “huge demand”, which of course only. half the truth is. Although the sharpest currently available reader the 189-euro price tag sold well actually very neat, notwithstanding. But the bad Availability explained primarily from quality problems with the display (also reflected in the ratings again) – the readjustment and quality assurance was obviously much to the detriment of availability

… For sale at Saturn

If you want to have the Kindle Voyage necessarily before the feast, but can still dodge to Saturn. Both in some stores as well as online store, the Wi-Fi model is at least available immediately, with the currently specified delivery time of 1-2 business days you are in the direction of Christmas yet fully on the safe side.

kindle voyage article

Given the already mentioned Quatätsprobleme it is recommended to order in the online store, because here the 14-day statutory right of withdrawal picks (plus granted by Saturn extension until 01/15/2015). Before intensive use, the lighting should be turned up in the not too bright surroundings. We then discovered a gradient and one feels this to be annoying, the device should go back to Saturn.

As an alternative to purchasing the Kindle Voyage way to win until Sunday evening with us. One shipment until Christmas Eve, we can not promise the winner is announced but as early as Monday of his good luck

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The “Kindle Voyage last minute only Saturn” was on December 19, 2014 (Friday) at 12:12 clock of wrote John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of lesen.net

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Kindle Voyage availability before Christmas questionable – ALLESebook.de

The expectations of the latest high-end eBook Reader from Amazon were very large for the presentation. No wonder, because the Kindle Voyage has a high-resolution 6-inch display with a very high pixel density and sharp image performance. No other eReader can match.

However, presented at the official launch quickly discovered that there seems to be problems, as proved to be the lighting of the new premium device to also be the reason both in our test and according to many customers opinions rather than as excellent as the much cheaper Kindle Paperwhite.

The problems are likely, so it are almost since the start of the Voyage delivery delays (although the device in the sales charts ranks not very far forward). This then leads that Amazon can not guarantee delivery today of a placed order before Christmas. If you want to buy the Voyage anyway, then it is advisable to go to the local electronics store (Media Markt, Saturn), because there the unit is also available.

it gets to Christmas just with the Voyage

In the meantime, the Kindle Paperwhite is still available in time, after which Amazon also explicitly refers. The handle to the cheaper luminous eReader my opinion is still the better (read: more reasonable) choice. The eBook reader comparison, the two devices proved despite the huge difference in price as a relatively equivalent. Even though the Voyage has a few bonuses (higher resolution, light sensor, scroll buttons), the White Paper for the price of 99 euros with the more uniform illumination at the end of the day the better choice. At least until such time as the gradient problem of the newcomer is resolved.

This is exactly where Troubleshooting Amazon works apparently just because my requested in November replacement unit is still not arrived and

was fitted with a new delivery date now for the third time. In this context, the slowly improving expectant customer review Kindle Voyage is still worth a mention. To start the eReader was only 3.4 stars on Amazon.de, now the device has reached 3.6 stars. Although this is not really good, but at least there’s a positive outlook. Much better is the situation in the US and Großbrtiannien where the Voyage comes to 4.1 and 4.2 stars and obviously much greater popularity than in this country. In the US, about three times that prospective Voyage their views were also so many customer reviews are submitted as from Amazon UK and DE.

Finally remains to say should continue to depend on the Paperwhite, which offers the currently best value for money on the market with 99 euros, or further exercise patience (have to). Alternatively worth it in the price range of premium device also the view of the Kobo Aura H2O, which provides excellent readability.

  • Kindle Paperwhite at Amazon.de for € 99


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kindle 3G Voyage Tests – connect.de

The Kindle 3G Voyage shows high performance in the test, but also has a high price. Some of the highlights include an impressively crisp, high-resolution display and a 3G wireless modem.

Anyone interested in the tested Amazon Kindle Voyage 3G, should be before buying aware that we are at the same time chooses the provider from which you buy e-books and holds its own library in the data cloud. This is true in principle, but in particular for Amazon. For the Kindle Reader are de facto fixed in league with the in-house Online Shop -. As the iPhone with Apple’s App Store

Amazon uses a proprietary format that is recognizable by file extensions such as AZW3 or AZW. Purchased books are mostly copy-protected. Apart from the Amazon readers like the Kindle Voyage 3G can only Kindle Reading App open this book files unless this is permitted by the use rights. The free Kindle app (test) is available for Mac, Windows PCs, tablets and smartphones as well as on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 base.

E-books catalog The records from Amazon

The Kindle 3G Voyage linked from the start using the credentials of Amazon- account permanently to the online shop. Bookworms can stock up so right on Kindle wlan spontaneously with reading material. Shopping Cart Tap Search titles, buy – and read. The Americans put on their web servers also space for the purchased or acquired e-book files ready.

Just a few clicks of the online library away, there are other free 5 GB of web space. The Cloud Drive can even provide uploaded documents in formats such as PDF or DOCX to read. And for the file shipping Amazon has the Kindle 3G Voyage to an email address. As long as you stay in the Amazon world of books and logs no longer than six devices to read, copy protection problems are spared

operation. Reader and cloud in the clock

The Kindle Voyage 3G equalizes Like all Kindle Reader with Wi-Fi wireless connections with your own online library. It also reading progress, markers, notes, and more are automatically synchronized. Zack on the Kindle family is also: via finger taps on the touch panel submitted requests were executed quickly. The fleet, almost smooth operation of the Kindle Voyage 3G is not self-evident: the opposite Tablets weaker processors and technological reasons lame e-ink displays are for applications with fast-changing display contents actually unsuitable

. Facilities: Brilliant display

The e-ink display Carta’s new top model has an amazing 1072 x 1448 pixels and showed the letters in brilliant clarity on. The automatically controlled as needed additional lighting lit up the screen evenly. With a contrast ratio of 24: 1 and 133 cd / m2 brightness, the Voyage sat in the laboratory to the top. The sleek, stylish enclosure is prone to fingerprints like the White Paper. In the planar front four pressure sensor keys are integrated at the side.

This is used to move either forward and backward with the left or right thumb. A discreet vibration feedback confirmed the upcoming paging noticeable. Other plus points collects the Voyage with 3 GB of available memory and a card-not-3G cellular modem for visiting the online library away from the home network. There is no direct connection charges. Without 3G modem, the price is 189 euros instead of 249

connect verdict. Good (416 points)


Kobo Aura H2O and Kindle Paperwhite in comparison – ALLESebook.de

today ebook reader comparison we make between two apparently very different devices to. Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Aura H2O compete against each other.

The two e-ink Carta models have initially not too much in common. They vary in size, use other touchscreen technologies have different display resolutions are sold at very different prices and differ quite significantly from each other in terms of the software. Apart from the same screen technology, the two eReader but another thing in common: Both Paperwhite and Aura H2O were in our tests, obtain the excellent GPA of 1.2 and run the scorecard to order

. As early as last week’s comparison between Kindle and Kobo Voyage Aura H2O there was the final tip but better to resort to Paperwhite, instead of choosing the more expensive Voyage. The lower eReader is in fact in the important area of ​​the screen (at least currently) the smoother device.

But the question of whether the Kindle Paperwhite, or at least the aura H2O better is left open. The following comparison should clarify that.


  1. Software
    1. “toc-level-3″ Operation and Basic Functions
    2. Advanced Features
  2. hardware
    1. screen
  3. Price-performance ratio
  4. Conclusion


The home screen of Kobo Aura H2O with its tiled look completely different with the Kindle Paperwhite and is thus ultimately practical. All the actions you can perform on the device (open books, eBooks add, browser and launching games, etc.) end up as a link on the home screen, so you have quick and easy access to the functions and eBooks frequently or recently used.

Unlike the Kobo competitors, the home screen of the White Paper presents relatively conservative. It will be displayed in a standard view cover the three most recently read books or added directly below it (fade out) book recommendations from the Kindle Store. Alternatively, you can also switch to a list view.

Different Home Screen Layout at Kobo Aura H2O (left) and Kindle Paperwhite (right)

The operation of both eBook Reader works very quickly and leaves no wish unfulfilled. Is not surprising. Both devices use a Freescale i.MX 6 SoC with a CPU clock speed of 1 GHz

The Aura H2O has compared to the Kindle but Paperwhite the advantage that it also files in standard ePub format incl. Adobe DRM protection can open. So you can fill (excluding copy-protected titles from Amazon) the Kobo eReader with eBooks from virtually any shop. In contrast, Amazon uses its own internal Mobi format with a proprietary copy protection. Put more simply: The White Paper reads – like all Kindle readers – (almost) only books that were bought on Amazon. Advantage of the Kindle: There is a wide range of selbstpublizierten eBooks are often very low cost. Advantage for Kobo: The eLibrary can be with Adobe DRM use support

Operation and Basic Functions .

The operation is done in both cases exclusively via the touch screen – there’s hardware buttons except the power button does not. Here are two different techniques used. The Kobo device uses a now rarely coming to use infrared touch screen, the Kindle Paperwhite a capacitive touch screen. The responsiveness of both devices is very good. The Amazon eReader, however, has the advantage that multi-touch is supported, therefore you can use the pinch-to-zoom gesture for example, PDF files to increase.

To page to type in both models on the screen or use the familiar swipe gesture. The Kobo Aura H2O allows it to adapt the touch zones: The areas of the screen to scroll up and down or to display the menu can be changed in four predefined settings. This is especially for lefties, but also for individuals who like to customize everything according to your own taste, a thoroughly welcome bonus.

The library function has the aura of H2O in the lead. Although this provides basically the same options for sorting and filtering, such as the Kindle, but also works as needed with Calibre together, so larger collections can be managed on the PC without any problems. The basic functionality of the libraries is quite similar, but the home screen of the Paperwhite described above serves as a library, while the H2O has a separate library and collection function.

Better typeface adjustment for Kobo

The Aura H2O may be able to attract the typeface adaptation and allows a nearly continuous change of font size and line and edge distances. In addition, more fonts are available, which can also be extended if necessary. In addition, you can also text alignment (left & amp; justified) adapt, as well as the font weight (for the supported fonts). The eBook Reader offers so along with other Kobo devices, the most extensive customization options for the typeface.

The Kindle Paperwhite is in this respect although also well equipped, can bottom line but still not keep up. Here you can from six pre-installed, non-expandable select fonts and has the options to adjust the font size in seven stages, and row and edge distances in three stages. The text alignment can not be changed.

books you can buy directly on both devices, ie via WiFi (or the White Paper optionally via 3G), you can access the preset stores and purchase songs easily. On both the eReaders stores are easily accessible and clear, but the German-language eBook Kobo range is much smaller. As already mentioned, but you can already also in other shops (on PC) buy, so you also must do without the H2O on a book.

Advanced Features

Both models feature dictionary and note functions. To look up a word, you stay on it for a moment with his finger in both cases. At the Kobo Aura H2O is then opens a small window (at the top or bottom of the screen), indicating the word definition. As a German-language dictionary Duden is used and also for other languages ​​there’s usually editorially managed dictionaries.

Also on Paperwhite the word definition or translation opens in a small window and is therefore visible in the text-context. Although here the Duden German Dictionary is used, the results are still significantly better because the machine finds the appropriate despite different declensions and conjugations definition. With Kobo, and most other manufacturers it is necessary in such cases often manually looking up. For an existing WLAN (or 3G) connection, you can also look up words in Wikipedia and use an online translation feature of Microsoft Bing. If required, the number of local Dictionaries and expand.

The dictionary at Amazon works better

The memo is better implemented at the Paperwhite, for all notes, as usual, by all current Kindle devices, clearly provided with a continuous footnote. In addition, the notes are automatically saved in a .txt file, and can be easily exported and processed on a PC. On the Aura H2O Notiznehmung works basically the same, but are handling export and not quite so simple.

The Internet browser of both devices are again equal, ie, the web pages rendering works similarly fast and good. On both eBook readers can set bookmarks, so that regular use is easily possible.

The PDF function enjoys neither Kobo yet on Amazon particularly large priority, ie There are not many display modes in both cases. The Paperwhite still intersects the bottom line is better, because thanks to pinch-to-zoom gesture can be large-sized files serve you faster.


As with all comparing the Kobo Aura H2O with a smaller 6 inch, he must give little beaten surprising because of the larger screen size in terms of mobility. The difference is smaller than one would expect. The difference in weight is only 27 grams (233 g to 206 g), which is a shorter distance than the White Paper on Tolino Vision 2 (174 g) has. The Aura H2O is thus indeed still no lightweight, but too heavy, the device is in no way

The processing of both devices is impeccable -. No creaks or squeaks and the gaps are even. Both eBook Reader are very good in the hand, which is due in both cases the well-designed cabinets with rounded edges or beveled surfaces.

Optical they are also quite similar and introduce yourself with a minimalist look in black color. However, Kobo has to put up with criticism here, because the finish of the unit is extremely prone to fingerprints. The slightest touch is immediately visible, which can be any case-irritating to sensitive individuals. Fortunately, the screen of this problem is spared.

The usable internal memory of the Paperwhite is since the secret update (internal memory has been doubled) 3.13 GB and is not expandable. At the Kobo Aura H2O has 3.16 GB of disk space -. And can be extended if necessary via MicroSD card

As mentioned earlier, has the H2O also a (eponymous) water protection. The Kobo eReader is waterproof to IP67 certification, ie when the lower door is closed (for USB and MicroSD), then no water can get inside the unit to one meter in depth with a duration of up to 30 minutes at up. In addition, says the IP certification that the H2O is protected from dust. The Paperwhite be without this additive, so that the contact with water should be avoided.


Both eBook Reader use the same modern display technology called e-ink Carta. Nevertheless, there’s a number of significant differences. The most obvious relates to the aforementioned diagonal display, which is significantly greater than the Kobo Aura H2O with 6.8 inches. The Kindle Paperwhite screen measures (such as from most other readers accustomed to) 6 inches. The larger display area of ​​the H2O roughly equivalent to a regular paperback page.

While the display size is a matter of taste and therefore there is no winner in this point, it looks at the resolution is a little different. The Kobo device triggers with 1430 × 1080 pixels at particularly high, so that the pixel density is 264 ppi and higher than the Kindle Paperwhite. This solves “only” 1024 × 758 pixels (212 ppi). First and foremost, the difference in resolution for small fonts and small controls noticeable. The bigger the font, the less noticeable the resolution increase, however. Whatever the difference is really only visible in direct comparison, because in itself, visit the Paperwhite in this respect nothing to complain about.

The H2O can in certain lighting situations also points to the slightly lighter wallpaper, so that the contrast without lighting is sometimes better than the White Paper. Here again: the difference is so small that it does not really fall in regular read operation to the weight

Kindle Paperwhite (left) and Kobo Aura H2O ( right) have the best currently available lights on the market

Even with the lighting, the two are very close together eReader. The Kindle Paperwhite has long been regarded as a reference, because the built-in lighting is distributed particularly evenly across the screen and improves the contrast very clearly. Even today, hardly comes another device to the excellent representation of the Paperwhite ran.

As luck would have it, is one of these devices the Kobo Aura H2O. The latest addition Kobo lineup can score with an excellent light distribution that rivals that of the White Paper in nothing. In fact, it is the first eReader since the release of the Kindle’s competitors, which provides an equally good representation. The same applies to the contrast ratio, because as soon as you activate the lighting, the visibility improved significantly again. The maximum contrast ratio is due to higher variable brightness even a little better than the Paperwhite

So bottom line, both offer eBook reader an excellent screen display -. Are, strictly speaking, Here the two eReader with the best displays against.

Price-performance ratio

During the race in all other respects very nearly fails, you can appoint in terms of value for money a clear winner: The Kindle Paperwhite is due to the low (discounted) current price of only 99 € the sensible purchase. For the price you get an excellent screen, as well as extensive and well dissolved software functions.

The Kobo Aura H2O with a price of 179 euros more expensive and can the race in terms of value for money therefore not decide despite an equally good idea for themselves. Although the larger screen, the built-water protection and format openness are quite welcome advantages, the 80 percent premium over the White Paper is after all very high. But still there is no doubt that you get a great value for the money.


The Kobo Aura H2O is probably the size of this year’s surprise eBook Reader year. The new reader is not only an unmotivated new edition of its predecessor (Aura HD) with water protection, but thanks to the excellent screen (which even allows the Paperwhite behind!) And the continuously evolving software, an excellent new release, which the competitors without doubt the beads of sweat forehead drives. Not without reason Kobo was this year elected by the ALLESebook readers for Producer of the Year.

Due to the high price of H2O but does not push into the mass market, which ultimately, the only weakness of the device is. Even if the whole package is really excellent and is on par with the toughest competitors, reached the equally good Kindle Paperwhite with the clearly lower price a much larger group of buyers.

With the top two can not go wrong

In a direct comparison, both eBook lie Reader par: The Kobo Aura H2O offers something better screen, the Kindle Paperwhite turn the “rounder” Software (incl. Vocabulary, parental control and a larger book offer) and the lower rate. For which of the two devices you choose depends ultimately (as always) from front of their requirements. The best screen (incl. Water resistant housing) are currently sold at Kobo, the price-performance ratio taking into account the best overall package but continue on Amazon.

The bottom line It is certainly a head-to-head race of the current best ebook reader available, with the purchase you really can not get it wrong.

  • Kobo Aura H2O for 179 € Buy
  • Kindle Paperwhite for 99 € Buy


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kindle (2014) Tests – lesen.net

17/12/2014 John Main eReader

 Advertisement on lock screen

Is there a need for a unlit eBook Reader? Yes, says Amazon – and sold since November a retreaded entry-level Kindle at a competitive price. Whether or for whom the device is worth considering to luminescent devices, betrays our review.

look and feel

 kindle 4 The Kindle (2014) replaces the 2011 model of the Kindle, which was recently also sold as the new Kindle for 49 euros. The most important innovation in comparison with the touch-sensitive screen and as a result of the elimination of all buttons on the front. As with the “larger” Kindle models Paperwhite and Voyage done now have complete control over the touch screen and the same firmware again.

The Kindle (2014) is in a handy, but somewhat clunky acting matt black casing , Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite 2 it is slightly thicker, but all with 191 grams 15 grams lighter. The back is slightly tapered at the corners as you know it from Amazon Tablets or from the Kindle Voyage. Unlike the Voyage (and similarly for Paperwhite) of the on / off switch is located at the Kindle (2014), however, at the bottom.


 kindle huelle In the nondescript packaging is adjacent to the Kindle (2014), only one USB cable for charging and transferring books in the 4 Gbyte of main memory devices. An AC adapter is sold separately if needed, as well as a cover. The highly recommended Amazon Protective Case with Sleep function costs moderate 21 euros in third-party goods to get naturally away even more favorable.


The 6-inch e-ink- display of the Kindle has a new touch layer, but including changes in comparison with the three year old former model, nothing. As before, Amazon built a 800x600px resolution E Ink panel of Pearl generation. The internal memory has been doubled from 2 to 4 Gbytes, a new 1 GHz CPU is to ensure a rapid speed of operation.


Advertising on lock screen

Advertise on lock screen

You get the Kindle (2014) only for 49 euros if you like can sprinkle of “special offers”. This is an advertisement for Kindle books that are on the lock screen and at the bottom of the main menu. Within books there is no advertising. Without discount 20 euros to be paid extra charge, which corresponds to given the low selling price rich 40 percent.

In addition to advertising and lighting options is the same firmware to that for Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite Voyage. That’s why we quote below from our Voyage Kindle Review.

You can tell the firmware that Amazon for at least six years working on electronic readers, their surface and not least also concerned with their consumer base. The operating system is completely intuitive to use as a result of a brief introduction and leaves little functional requirements.

With eight font sizes and font seven sets no standards Amazon, the options are but perfectly adequate. The same applies to the three available customization options for spacing and margins. What is lacking. Options for customizing text sharpness and strength (both at Kobo available), automatic hyphenation and above all a customizable text alignment

The Kindle (2014) natively supports text formats AZW3, AZW, TXT, PDF , MOBI and PRC, but not the epub files. Also, because Adobe copy protection is not supported, most publishers provided with their sales outside the cosmos Kindle eBooks Kindle users are largely confined to the Amazon platform in eBook purchase (and the rental on Kindle Unlimited).

As every year, resulting Amazon with the new generation of eBook reader some new firmware features a. In the previous year, inter alia, X-Ray and pageflip were added, this time it is the Family Library (rental for unlocked eBooks to family members), Word Wise (automatic display of word definitions in complicated – English – Copywriting) About the Book (context -Information about to author and series in front of the Loslesen) and an advanced search.


Kindle (2014) on the left Kindle Paperwhite 2 right

Kindle (2014) on the left, Kindle Paperwhite 2 right

The quality of the unlit text display the Kindle (2014) does not have to spite on the paper significantly poorer panel behind Kindle Paperwhite 2, Tolino Vision 2 & amp; Hide Co.. The background looks compared to its big brother, the White Paper 2, even a bit brighter. However, the text is less black and on closer inspection a little fuzzier

With the Kindle (2014), one can read just fine -. As long as the lighting conditions in the area agree. Is it dim or dark and you have no external luminous sources at hand, the digital reading is fast becoming the challenge. Then these are also manifested in comparison with printed paper just yet worse contrasts – are in the twilight of print magazines still quite readable, it is for the Kindle (2014) literally bleak. One for luminous reader users unfamiliar and not just worthwhile experience.

No nakedness is the Kindle (2014) at the rate sheets, the page break happens in a split second. Is scrolled by typing or wipe on the screen. Also during the navigation and adjustments, the unit responds quickly, the sophisticated firmware in conjunction with the speedy processor go the whole. Because of the low entering an screen into the case is encountered when wiping a fairly sharp edge on the panel edge, which can be distracting.

Writing, Working

 Kindle (2014) (& quot; Special Offer & quot; bottom)

Kindle (2014) ( “Special Offer” at the bottom)

If you highlight a word or passage, pops up a context menu with a number options. In addition to the classics “notes” and “markers” (which are automatically synchronized with other Kindle devices, as well as the most recently read passage) can translate or look up in Wikipedia text.

PDF-documents will be displayed quickly but leaves the functionality to be desired. Locked zoom, PDF reflow or cut to size edge – options that we have seen for example in readers from Sony in 2010 – there is not. Basically, 6 “e-ink devices can only ever be a stopgap measure for the PDF viewer, for native large-format documents LCD devices are much more appropriate.


eBooks, cloud, apps

Three million eBooks, including hundreds of thousands of exclusive titles from independent authors and plenty of free ebooks – the Kindle Store is undoubtedly the measure of all things in the eBook area. A good option is the Kindle platform especially for readers of English-language books, Amazon where a large range and just about English-language Kindle Deal has very good prices. The usage comfort is high, the Amazon philosophy “customer first” can be seen in many places -. As can be found nowhere else eBooks for non-pleasure as simple and straightforward return

Quite far forward Amazon is also with its app ecosystem. So there are excellent reading software for all popular desktop and mobile platforms as well as a web-app for reading on the web browser. In the cloud or charged directly purchased from Amazon eBooks synchronize across all platforms, including annotations and notes made and the last page read. Could not be better.



The Kindle (2014) can be just as smooth thanks to the new touch screen and a new processor serve as the “larger” Kindles. Also firmware and app ecosystem are identical to the equipment of up to 5x more expensive model Brothers (Kindle Voyage 3G: 249 euros). And compared to the competition class, if one may engage in the notoriously closed Amazon ecosystem

The case is not the highlight of the product design, but absolutely useful and anything but cheap effect. Also in the core discipline, the text display, the Kindle (2014) does not disappoint and it rivals the more expensive competition …

… as long as the light conditions are right around or can be made consistent. In the dim light it feels transported back to 2009. Compared with the former reading devices such as the Sony Reader PRS-505, the Kindle contrast, although clearly better -. It is really dark, uses but little

Looking through means of wiping, is bothered by not maintaining the deep entering an screen , Finally, the lock-in effect is to keep in mind when buying Kindle books that – legally – can be geschmökert only on Amazon devices and applications. Conversely, there is no access to copy-protected epub files and thus not to eLibrary.


 award kindle 2014 final Only two major manufacturers have released new, unlit eBook Reader in 2014: Pocket Book (Aqua) – and Amazon. The online retailer has launched with its first introduced two years ago Kindle Paperwhite the triumph of light emitting devices themselves.

Since then aligned digital reader with her purse. Who despite ever increasing smartphones and feature richer Tablets today still prefer By browsing on a dedicated reader, apparently wants to make no compromises when reading comfort – and the option to turn on the backlight in dark surroundings, is an incredible comfort plus

. For all those who do not need an integrated lighting – for example, because they already plan their eBook reader for the beach or other well-lit places – Amazon has the new Kindle (2014) but the perfect device in store. There is an outstanding price-date technology and a surprising contrast display.

  • Kindle (2014) at Amazon.de
  • Kindle Paperwhite 2 at Amazon.de

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