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Read Kindle eBooks on Tolino, Kobo & Co. –

In another article we have already seen how to ePub eBooks to read on Kindle. Since the eReader from Amazon do not support the file format, you have to bring the books in advance with Calibre into the right format. The whole thing can also be done right under the opposite sign: if you Kindle eBooks like to open on another reader Moeche (eg Tolino or Kobo), then this is also not without problems

<. itemprop span="article body"> Background could be that a Kindle user would like to switch to an eReader of Tolino, Kobo or pocketbook, but does not want to do without it, be able to read the titles already purchased also on new acquisitions. Even the quite attractive self publishing deal, which is still significantly greater than that of its competitors, could be a reason to buy eBooks from Amazon.

How to can open this Kindle titles on manufacturers foreign readers and what to look for in e-book purchase from Amazon, we look below at.


  1. KFX files not yet cracked
  2. Buyer on the DRM protection eighth
  3. “toc-level-2″ Kindle eBooks on Android eReaders Open
  4. Kindle eBooks adding convert
  5. files manually convert
  6. Books in transferring to the eReader convert

KFX files

First, you must be between the delivered at Amazon eBook formats differ. For a long time used the shipping giant preferably the AZW format, which is supported by all popular models alike. This file format can be further processed (without copy protection) also problems with Calibre.

mid-2015, Amazon has however introduced a new format in connection with the expanded typeface options stands. The speech is size- of the new KFX files.

Books with the words “Improved briefs: Enabled” are delivered to compatible devices in the KFX format.

This file format is, however, not eReaders from all Kindle apps support, which is why Amazon, depending on Firmware version of the terminal either the old or new format delivers. KFX books can not yet be processed by external programs. They can indeed add to the Calibre library, but does not convert

In other words, if you buy an ebook from Amazon and this manufacturer alien on a eReader wants to read from Tolino, Kobo or pocketbook, then you have to send it either to a Kindle Paperwhite 1 (or earlier) or use an older version of the Kindle software (1.11.x) for the PC (turn off and automatic updates). Older firmware versions for Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite 2, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle 3 Voyage still get delivered AZW files (to New Softwares (from 5.6.5) preferably get KFX files, if available.

Buyer on the DRM protection eighth

A second thing to pay attention to when buying a specific for external use eBooks, is the copy protection.

Unlike Tolino, Kobo & amp; Co. does not set on the Amazon DRM-Service Adobe, but on a proprietary system of its own design. This means that it is not compatible with other readers and thus represents a further obstacle.

The indication of whether a file with DRM is protected or not, Amazon placed rather unimpressive. If at the product information of the additional “ Simultaneous use of equipment: no limit ” is specified, has the eBook does not have copy protection. If this indication, there’s the file with DRM.

The DRM-Note is not entirely clear, but still available. This eBook has no copy protection.

When a book is provided with the hard copy, it can not be readily into E-pub convert format. But one must namely first remove the DRM, what is legally but not without problems.

Therefore, it is the Kindle eBook purchase for external use to ensure that eBooks be purchased without copy protection.

Kindle eBooks on Android eReaders Open

In the previous two points, it was a matter of finding eBooks that can be read for use on Tolino, Kobo and other readers via Calibre conversion. In fact, there’s also another possibility Kindle titles on non-Amazon devices to use

We are talking about open Android eBook reader. The current models of Icarus (Illumina, Illumina XL, Excel), as well as the equipment of Onyx use Android as the operating system and allow any app installations. This way you can re-install the Kindle app, so you eBooks from Amazon does not need to convert, but normally can synchronize using the synchronization function and read.

The Kindle app can be applied to open or rooted use Android eReaders. Pictured:. Icarus Illumina XL

Also Tolino Shine 2 HD and Tolino Vision 3 HD own with root access for

However, one must mention here is that the ghosting effect depending on the device can be a not inconsiderable source of friction. The Kindle Android app is namely not optimized for use on E-Ink display, so sometimes image artifacts the previous page remain ghostly and may adversely affect the reading experience.

The course is true but not for all models alike. Also because you with a simple keystroke a full page refresh can trigger, for example, when Icarus Illumina that clears such artifacts.

Kindle eBooks adding convert

So we come to convert the Kindle Store. Here you have several ways to perform this operation in Calibre. As a first option, we’ll look at how to convert the files directly when adding to library. All steps described below Gelden only offering DRM-free (and -befreite) eBooks.

E-Pub as the preferred output format

Man goes into the Calibre settings and selects the item “behavior”. In the new window, click on “Preferred output format” and choose EPUB. The choice is confirmed by clicking on “Apply”.

In the settings menu you now select the option “Add books” and sets the check mark in “Added Books automatically convert them to the output format “. With another click Apply, confirmed to the option, and may also include the settings window.

Added eBooks automatically convert

That’s it already with the first opportunity for the automatic conversion of a Kindle eBooks for Kobo eReader or Tolino. AZW files that you from now adds to the Calibre library are converted directly into the E-Pub format.

files manually convert

The above-described automatic conversion when adding though is quite handy, but very little useful if you, for example, has changed from a Kindle Paperwhite a Tolino Shine 2 HD. Since the odds are namely good that you already have some Kindle eBooks and those managed with Calibre.

to delete the books from the library and re-add to convert just about it, is not very practical. Fortunately, you can the entire eBook inventory with a few clicks to convert manually.

by pressing the Ctrl and A, to choose all files in the Calibre database from. Then clicking on the toolbar on the button “Convert books”.

eBooks manually convert

This will open a new window. In the upper right corner is the preferred output format should already be set. If this is not is “EPUB” to change the selection. Then click on “OK” and start the mass conversion of eBooks into the E-Pub format.

The larger the book inventory is, the longer this conversion process , Here you have to have patience and just waits, or running the process in the background. By clicking on “jobs” on the bottom right, you can monitor the progress and control.

Books in transferring to the eReader convert

If you have no patience to convert the entire Kindle library into e-Pub format, then there’s also a faster option: Instead of putting all Kindle books to convert all at once, they may be distributed directly from the transfer to Kobo Glo HD, Tolino Shine 2 HD & amp; Let alone transform Co.,

Once you get infected the eReader via USB to the PC, it is detected by Calibre. After the book you want is selected in the library, you can “Send to Device” it by pressing transmitted. This opens the Note that the eBook is not in the correct format and can be converted automatically.

Send to Device

In order not to have to click away these remarks in each book, one removes “Display this confirmation again” the checkbox and click “Yes”.

The Kindle eBook will be converted automatically into the E-Pub format and on the eReader Kobo, Tolino & amp; Co. copied. Again, the process depending on Dateieanzahl take some more time, but is definitely faster than if you convert the entire library at once.

The eBook Reader should be staked in any case until the order number in Calibre is at zero.


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