Who wants to read books, the Amazon Kindle one buys. Or his challenger Tolino, the book by an alliance of providers (for example, worldview, Thalia and Hugendubel) and Deutsche Telekom is marketed. Both devices are top notch when it comes to paperless consume books

One thing that is me but much more interested as a passionate gamer. Can you actually gamble with it? I am the question – some might call them crazy idea -. Having a few attempts pursued



games without App Stores

First of all: If this is the talk of the Kindle or Tolino, I mean the pure eBook reader; So, for example, the Kindle Paperwhite or Tolino Shine – not the tablet versions! . Because with the latter, it is possible thanks to Android stores, as usual to load game apps down and use

There but for the “normal” Kindle and Tolino is no app stores, one wonders: As one comes to games? The answer is trivial: not at all. For both readers only offer access to the corresponding eBook stores. Apps or the like is not here. Only digital books galore

Although -. Provides an exception to the Kindle. For him, in 2010 small applications, “Active Content” have been called summer, available. It also includes a few games such as “Solitaire”, “Sudoku” and even a version of “The Settlers of Catan”. The crux of the matter: The Kindle games while there are in the U.S. store from Amazon, but not with us. To date, no.

detour via the browser

If you can not download games as it looks with online games? After all offer Tolino and Kindle browser with which you can roam through the Internet. But only limited. So the browser can for example – not play Flash content – unfortunately common for mobile devices like today. Since most online games are based on this still very popular technology, so they fall through the cracks

Luckily, there are indeed a quasi-sequel to flash:. HTML5. Derlei content process the two eBook browser. But here comes the next downside is that most games are designed kunterbunt, the two readers can but only black and white and a few shades of gray represent. The result is a muddy representations that reveal almost nothing. Add to that that the e-ink screens are extremely slow. Fast processes are not possible

HTML5 instead of Flash, no colors, as few movements -. Closes 99% of all games from. A handful remain there only remains. For example, “Sudoku”. That would actually be perfect to play on Tolino and Kindle, as it exactly meets the desired requirements. ! Pustekuchen

I’ve tried some HTML5 “Sudoku” variants on several websites – but almost all have failed in my test. The reason: They are not adapted to the peculiarities of the eBook reader. Either they offered but too many colors to wish the operation left a lot (the numbers could be difficult or impossible to enter) or the few screen changes (we’re talking still of “Sudoku”!) Overwhelmed the devices. At the end I could only play one game somewhat – namely the “Sudoku” from “Time Online”

My sobering conclusion

Yes, I know: eBook reader called eBook. Reader way because we can read eBooks perfect. Not any more. But I was simply itching in the fingers, at least to elicit Tolino Kindle and some gaming capabilities. The result was unfortunately the same as feared: negative. It’s a shame

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