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Comparison: iPad vs. mini. Nexus vs. 7. Kindle vs. Galaxy - iTopnews

After the second Nexus 7 was introduced, now the question arises: How good is it compared to other tablets


The Nexus 7 comes with a 1.5 quad-core processor, while the iPad mini can show only a 1GHz dual-core. When memory is the Apple tablet also has 1GB of Google’s version, which is equipped with 2 GB, beaten. The screen resolution of the iPad mini falls due to lack of Retina technology with only 1024 x 768 (163ppi) lower. The new Nexus 7 gets contrast with 1920 x 1200 pixels (323ppi) a Full HD screen donated.

Comparison Mashable iPad mini Galaxy Nexus 7

the iPad mini with about 10 hours for the battery life is one step ahead, but is superior to the Nexus device only by an hour. Even when the Apple device’s memory up to 64 GB of Google’s variant (maximum 32 GB) ahead. When there is a tie camera with 1.2 MP and 5 MP inside out. Even with two variants, the latest version of the operating system (iOS 6 and Android 4.3) is installed. Google keeps it in the updates like Apple and promises long update support. At Mashable also the Kindle Fire HD and the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the summary table above were also packed. Here is another video of the Google Nexus 7:

(direct YouTube link)

Prices Amazon Kindle and fight for expansion takes a loss in purchasing - Computer Week


expensive expansion has the world’s largest online retailer Amazon brewed a small loss. In the second quarter, the U.S. company lost the bottom line is $ 7,000,000 (five million euros) after it could still enter a razor-thin profit in the same period.

Amazon takes the minus consciously: Using its own products such as the Kindle tablet, and predatory pricing in the range of the Group seeks to increase its market share steadily. The construction of new shipping centers are expensive.

The reward for their efforts: Amazon continues to grow rapidly. Sales rose 22 percent to $ 15.7 billion as the company announced at its headquarters in Seattle. Particularly hard to put this important business in the domestic market, while the expansion of the international branch lagged behind.

high investment, according to founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in the current quarter lead to an even greater loss of operating up to 440 million dollars. After Hours, the stock fell 1 percent. Since the beginning of the paper, but it has still gained about 20 percent and is near its all-time high of just over $ 309.

Germany Amazon had recently made headlines with strikes. Employees of the dispatch centers put down the work several times. They fight for higher wages, but Amazon does not want to give in to. The Company has eight dispatch warehouse and 9,000 employees in Germany. A ninth logistics center is currently being built.

now employs 97 000 people worldwide for Amazon, while temporary employees and contract workers are not even counted. A year ago there were only 69 100 people.

addition to the mail-order business and the digital entertainment with movies, music, and electronic books, Amazon is also one of the largest service providers in the Internet. The Group operates several data centers that offer cloud computing under the brand AWS. Well-known competitors are Apple and Ebay in digital content in stores and at online checkout. (AP / mb)

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Tablets by Google, Apple and Amazon: Nexus 7 mini iPad and Kindle Fire in the ... - ABC Online

Google attacked with the new Nexus 7 archrival Apple with its iPad mini and Amazon with the Kindle Fire HD. But which device has what? . A point-by-point comparison

Google goes into the hardware offensive: On Wednesday, the Internet giant has unveiled a successor to its tablet Nexus seventh In has been speculation for weeks.

With the new tablet Nexus 7 Google is trying to take Apple in the parade. Only a day earlier, Apple had reported declining sales of its iPads. The Nexus new edition has the same name as its predecessor and is also produced by the computer manufacturer Asus. However, the display now shows 1920 x 1200 pixels, the predecessor there were only 1280 x 800 pixels. 8.65 mm, the new Nexus 7 is slightly thinner than its predecessor. In addition, the display side edges are shrunk considerably, making the tablet comes six millimeters narrower. With 299 grams, it is also slightly lighter than the 340 gram old version.

There is now also a 5-megapixel camera on the back of the case and not just at the front. The new Nexus 7 supports the fast LTE. Because it transmits on all frequencies used in Germany, it should be in this country work in the LTE network of all providers. So far it has not yet been officially announced in Germany: In the local Play Store, there are still only the ol d version with the suffix (2012) for at least 199 euros. In the U.S., the new Nexus appears 7 30 July, prices start at 229 U.S. Dollars (about 173 euros).
The new Nexus 7 is the first device with the latest version of Google’s Android operating system. Version 4.3 is called as the previous 4.1 and 4.2 Jelly Bean, big changes are not accordingly. Most important new feature is the ability to set example for children separate user accounts that can only access certain apps and content. The phone function completes numbers when dialing now automatically, plus there are small changes in dealing with Bluetooth and support for modern graphics and sound standards. When and if Android 4.3 will be available on other devices, varies by model and manufacturer. Prior to the presentation by Google, the American electronics chain Best Buy had put the device to pre into the net.
div His first Nexus 7 Advanced Google about a year ago on the market. So far, the company was not able to interfere with the competition of the market leaders sustainable. By far the iPad from Apple and Samsung in second place with its Galaxy tablets dominate the market. Asus, which also has its own Android tablets in the program, arranged according to the market researcher IDC worldwide currently in third place.

On the following pages we compare the new Google Nexus 7 with the arch-rival of Apple iPad mini and 7 inch version of the Amazon Kindle HD.

Nexus 7: Comparison with iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and ASUS MeMO Pad ... -

Yesterday it finally happened, Google has a leisurely breakfast in addition to Android 4.3 and the Chrome Cast dongle also introduced the new Nexus seventh At first glance, the new version seems really well done, but how it performs in comparison to the competition?


The new Nexus 7 is currently the best Android tablet mainly due to the quad-core processor and full HD displays. Since it will take a few days until it finds its way into the Google Play, we pass the time with a comparison of the new Nexus 7 with some competitors.

Nexus 7 (2013) vs. iPad Mini

Okay, granted, the iPad Mini is not an Android tablet, it still has a 7 inch display, but since Apple has decided not to build a tablet with a smaller display than 8 inches, it must be the comparison . provide
Display: The 7.9 inch display of the iPad mini has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels 1920 x 1200 pixels compared to the new Nexus 7 We have to say more?

  • Processor: The dual-core A5 iPad mini might against the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro have little chance
  • .

  • Battery: Apple specifies the duration of the iPad Mini with 10 hours at constant surfing the net – The Nexus 7 aims to create contrast, 9 hours of continuous video playback. Which of the values ??has more relevance for everyday life, is hard to say.
  • RAM: 2GB Nexus 7 to 512 MB in the iPhone Mini
  • .

  • Connectivity: With LTE support on both sides of this point ends in a draw
  • . So

    Overall, a clear victory for the new Nexus 7

    The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD will be available to us. (Photo : Amazon)

    The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD will also be available with us. (Photo: Amazon)

    Nexus 7 (2013) vs.. Amazon Kindle Fire HD

  • Display: The display of the Kindle Fire HD has the same values ??as the first Nexus 7 and thus loses out against his successor
  • .

  • Processor: A dual core processor from the previous year to oppose the Snapdragon S4 Pro little
  • .

  • Battery: Again, this is subject to the new Amazon Tablet Nexus 7
  • RAM: The Nexus 7 has 2 GB, twice as much as the Kindle Fire HD
  • .

  • Connectivity: Amazon has no LTE version of the 7 inch model in the range and has to admit defeat on this point Google
  • . The Nexus 7 beats the Kindle Fire HD so in all disciplines and also has access to Foofle Play Store, which is also superior to the Amazon Appstore.

    Nexus 7 (2013) vs.. ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7

  • display: Again, it is Full HD HD beats
  • .

  • Processor: While the ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 also has a quad-core processor, however, the Cortex A7-based Mediatek chipset has beaten the Krait Snapdragon S4 Pro
  • .

  • battery: ASUS is the running time of 10 hours with general use of, 9 hours of video playback should beat this value, however,
  • .

  • RAM: The New Nexus 7 has also twice as much memory
  • .

  • Connectivity: The MeMO Pad HD 7 comes only as a wireless version, the Nexus 7 can therefore also posted this discipline in itself
  • . The only discipline in the MeMO Pad HD 7 has the edge, is the price, as it costs only $ 150. So if you can put up with the inferior values ??to find here a good and cheap alternative to the Nexus 7

    In summary, it can be regarded as confirmed that the new version of the Nexus 7 is superior to the competition in almost all respects, and thus is the best currently inch tablet on the market. However, it is interesting to see if reloading the competition in the coming months and Google can put something contrary.

    Source: Android Authority

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Kindle Fire HD: Amazon cuts prices of tablets - Chip Online

    Kindle Fire HD. now even cheaper at Amazon

    Amazon reduced its own tablet PCs. The Kindle Fire HD with 16 GB of memory currently costs only 169 € – 199 € instead of as before. But the 32-gigabyte version, there are cheaper.

    7-inch tablet now even cheaper

    Amazon’s price reduction applies to all Kindle Fire HD models in the 7-inch form factor. The 16-gigabyte version, you now get for 30 euros less than previously. This makes the little brother without HD display, the Kindle Fire, with a price of 159 euros even less attractive. Amazon also reduces the analog version without “Special Offers” to 30 euros – 184 euros instead of 214 euros so. These offers are advertisements that are displayed on the lockscreen and updated when an active Internet connection. Nevertheless, as overlays but there felt that advertising is overall decent.

    If you need more than 16 GB of flash memory for data, media and apps, the shipping giant also offers a 32-gigabyte version. This was also reduced. Instead of 229 € you now pay 199 € -. Therefore also a price drop to 30 €

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9 not affected

    addition to the 7-inch device also has an Amazon Kindle Fire in HD 8.9-inch format available. But this still costs 269 euros and is not affected by the price reduction

    video. Amazon Kindle Fire HD

    Play kewego

    Kindle Fire HD. avarage good, but excellent value

    practicality, but no device

    In our tablet list of best Kindle Fire HD is something lost in the lower ranks and is only the 37th Place. The most important weakness is the enormous circumcised operating system. Although it is based on Android 4, but Amazon has changed massively in order to provide their services, such as books, music and video downloads as well as the shopping portal Amazon in the spotlight. Who knows the classic Android skin, is on the Kindle Fire HD hardly guess the mobile OS. Only deep in the settings, see the Android origin. This fact also ensures that Google has granted a license for the channel gates. Therefore, you must be content with Amazon’s app marketplace take. An advantage has this total change but especially for beginners: The interface is extremely easy to use. Everyone who comes to the website of Amazon Germany rightly, can also use the tablet.

    Maue equipment, average display

    Also off of the operating system, the Kindle Fire HD rarely completely convinced. The equipment falls out very mau. The built-in hardware is not up to date, also lacks an SD card slot for memory expansion and a 3G module for mobile internet without Wi-Fi. A camera has the Fire HD exclusively forward. This is ideal for video chats like Skype. Snapshots can also be due to the lack of rear camera, however, forget

    The display makes a good impression in the test. Positive fall on the high resolution, high brightness and an IPS panel technology used. Weaknesses are the low contrast values ??and strong levels in light. Are impressive for the battery life. Each about six hours while surfing the web and video shows are great compared to the price.


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    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    Amazon: New Kindle lineup end of August with improved displays and ... - Telecom Press

    Microsoft figures worse than expected due to depreciation of 900 million unsold tablets Surface
    Microsoft figures worse than expected due to depreciation of 900 million unsold Surface tablets

    Acer is working on successor to be 8-inch tablet with Windows 8 Iconia W3
    Acer is working on the successor to its 8-inch tablet with Windows 8 Iconia W3

    ICANN determines new top-level domains in the local language and character, Amazon looks through his fingers
    ICANN determines new top-level domains in the local language and character, Amazon looks through the finger

    PRISM: Google working on encryption of data Google Drive
    PRISM: Google working on Google Drive encryption of data
    LG's new flagship bears the simple G2 and is now officially
    LG’s new flagship bears the simple G2 and is now officially

    (c) Android Authority

    Amazon is working on a new Kindle lineup end of the summer and bring out three new devices. According to rumors, the new tablet will have a screen upgrade and a metal housing.

    (16.07.2013, 08:50) The tech blog techkitty reported that Amazon will soon announce a new Kindle Fire device end of the summer. The announcement will take place in late August, according to the site, which would also be consistent with Amazon’s new device rollout period.

    There is still no official statement from Amazon, but some interesting hints to a new device. According to the Chinese side UDN Amazon has awarded an RFP for a million housing on Compal tablet, the second largest PC manufacturer after Quanta, who was responsible last year for production.

    According to rumors, the display resolution of the new Kindle lineup to get an upgrade. The Kindle Fire will continue to offer instead of a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels, a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels, while the Kindle Fire HD m is updated with 7-inch to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels.

    The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD is to provide a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, so that the tablet would have a higher pixel density than the current Apple iPad with Retina display. The housing of all three devices will be different than before metallic.

    Amazon offers its Kindle lineup has recently been cheaper to that has already been interpreted as the first indication of new devices that are expected in the autumn. Whether the new information is correct over a metallic housing and improvements to the displays and what further changes will be, will probably turn out over the summer.

    on Amazon Kindle devices can be ordered at the moment:

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9

    Kindle Fire HD

    Kindle Fire

    Wednesday, July 17, 2013

    MyVideo app now available for Windows Phone 8 and Kindle Fire -

    The video portal MyVideo is now available on other mobile devices. How ProSiebenSat.1 announced on Wednesday, is now also an app for the operating system Windows Phone 8 of Microsoft available, which is available for download in the Windows Store. In addition, users of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet will in future be able to use the application.
    “Our goal is to offer viewers content anytime, anywhere – not just on the TV screens, but also on all other platforms,” ??says Markan Karajica, CEO of ProSiebenSat.1 Digital, the current app-offensive. For some time MyVideo is available as an app for smartphones with Android and iOS available, and for iOS tablets. Users of the app, according to information the company access to more than 300 000 titles, including series, music clips and live streaming events.


    Amazon Kindle charts flooded with cheap e-books -

    17 July 2013 – From John

    Amazon Kindle charts flooded with cheap e-books

    20 E-Books for 2 euros for two weeks – with this announcement, Amazon has its clientele obviously ecstatic, a large part of the bargain has already taken hold in the bestseller list. Indie authors are less enthusiastic.

    20 titles from yesterday, Tuesday 29th to July are reduced, appeared all at Amazon Crossing, there are translations successful English-language literature. As a publisher, Amazon has here the full price of sovereignty – and exclusivity, the advertised e-books are only available from Amazon


    2 euros for professionally translated and proofread novels – which could be many readers do not say that again, the e-books at lightning speed climbed the Kindle charts. Currently, the first three places in the Amazon bestseller list are occupied by such a “two-euro-e-books,” eight of the titles are already in the top 20 – rising. Interestingly omitted deals on Amazon for all string prices will be displayed just the new price. FYI: The Overlooked Man (currently # 2) cost 3.99 euros before the action, an unexpected inheritance (currently # 3) 2,99 €


    “As in a 1-euro store”

    victims are publishers, but probably still very indie authors who compete on price with the Amazon Crossing e-books and were ousted by them from the front seats of the Kindle charts. In a writing group on Facebook anger at the displacement is large – but consensus is that Amazon has beaten the Indies here at their own game. So asks Michael Meisheit, with its eBook Out of this world, thanks to a 99-cent action recently even at the top of the Kindle charts, self-deprecating in the round, “Shall we make ‘ne petition: Self Publisher fight against publishing books under 5 ? € “and adds:” We see yet again today that Amazon can make all the plans and strategies naught with a finger swipe “


    Monika von Ramin aka Nika Lubitsch, with “The 7th Day “and” The 5th Bid “is also a bestselling author, the author holds the mirror before:” Why you actually excited about € 2 books from Amazon when your 99 cents makes it permanent actions with your own books. One feels already like in a 1-euro store. “General will discuss how long you can still drive sales and differentiate themselves from publishing titles with special offers.

  • 20 E-Books for 2 € at
  • blank book – Books rediscover

    A project of

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    div The article ” Amazon Kindle charts flooded with cheap e-books “on 17th July 2013 (Wednesday) at 09:45 clock written by John. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of


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    Tell your opinion. throws eroticism Kindle Charts -

    12 July 2013 – From John

    crossfire ebook An erotic novel as the No. 1 best-seller list – which has probably broke the camel’s back for Overnight, Amazon has kicked a number of the Kindle bestseller charts, they appear now only in its own ranking.

    opinion on compliance, the third part of Sylvia Days Crossfire series is divided: Some readers may find the book boring, others do not feel cheated because the actually applied as a trilogy story was drilled in the short term to five parts according to is completed the new book. The sales success that changed nothing: Immediately after launch last Saturday, the book jumped to No. 1 on the e-book bestseller list (screenshot from Wednesday)



    From there, the e-book disappeared last Thursday, which is, however, not to declining sales. Rather intervened manually and deprived “Crossfire” the sales rank. The e-book is now only to be found in the adult charts – along with several other titles, were removed in the same breath off the charts. Breathless – Secret pleasure was scratching at the time of Outlistings in the top 10, the third part of Shades-of-Grey-series (all parts flew out) as the current number 3 of the adult charts at number 30, was most recently the general ranking list

    Amazon Kindle charts are prominently advertised (they are included among other things on the Kindle home page) – the company here obviously cares about its image and its digital bookstore. The procedure is also not uncommon for many e-book stores Adult consider not in their charts. Who does not auslistet such often extremely strong-selling titles, works fast dingy for new customers – an example is Google Play, where currently three of the teaser on the homepage Top 5 E-Books erotic nature (with titles like “Hot days, horny nights”).


    Striking is a certain inconsistency on Amazon, at least at the present time. So find yourself on top positions in the charts continues Kindle e-books as captivating love (the name says it all). Also noted colleague Matthias Matting right way, that print charts are not cleaned (yet?) – Here Crossfire greets currently of course 2 of the general best-seller list, two Shades-of-Grey parts are located on the 4th and 5th place

    blank book – Books rediscover

    A project of

    Related messages:

    div The article “ Adult throw from Kindle Charts “was signed on 12 July 2013 (Friday) at 12:02 clock written by John. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of


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    Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    Amazon Kindle Fire with better displays -


    The Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and HD 8.9 will get better display and a revised design. Market launch is probably in September.

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD © Amazon

    Amazon updated its Kindle Fire tablet series , probably in September runderneurte three models are introduced. As the blog BGR reported, the new models get significantly higher resolution displays as the current models of Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and HD 8.9.

    The new Amazon tablet will also be easier. Even when design there are changes: the new Kindle Fire models are a bit edgier, power and volume button move to the back of the tablet


    The new Kindle top model – the successor of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 – is, according to BGR trumps with a high resolution 8.9 inch display. With 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution, it offers an even sharper detail than the current iPad, with its 9.7 inch retina display.

    review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

    The successor of Kindle Fire HD gets a full HD display with 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution, the current display size of 7 inches will remain the same. The current model has a screen with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.

    Top 5 Best Tablets up to 7 – and 8-inch display

    a successor for the entry-level model Kindle Fire , there will be. Its 7-inch display is to dissolve 1280 x 800 pixels . Although this is significantly more than the current model (1024 x 600 pixels) offers, but no more than the display of the introduced a year ago Google Nexus Tablet 7

    Overview All Ebook reader tests

    The final price of the new tablets are apparently not yet been determined. Also unclear is the launch. Presumably Amazon will start selling the new tablet but already in September 2013 – at least in the U.S.


    Report: Amazon is preparing three new Kindle Fire tablets before -

    class=”wp_keywordlink”> Amazon want to completely refresh its tablet portfolio this year, as reported Boy Genius Report. Probably at constant prices, the new Kindle Fire will offer a much higher resolution display, are much lighter and also experienced external changes. The blog cites “reliable sources”.

     (Photo: Josh Miller / (Image: Josh Miller /

    The 7-inch model is the same size screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels instead of the current offer 1024 x 600 pixels. The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD sets allegedly from 1280 to 800 to 1920 by 1200 pixels. The Kindle Fire HD with 8.9-inch display, which already has the full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, according to BGR continues even to jump on 2560 times 1600 pixels. So that it would exceed the “Retina” resolution of Apple’s iPad , which is 2048 by 1536 pixels at a screen diagonal of 9.7 inches.

    According to the informants also planning on a modified design of the Fire HD. They describe it as less curvy and rounded, but very edgy. Volume control and power button supposed to migrate from the side of the beveled edge of the back – that should prevent their inadvertent operation, complained about the user. The online retailer striving to keep the new models, the previous prices. Its market launch is expected in autumn, possibly in September.

    For months, Amazon also tried to stream flash videos on Kindle Fire tablets through a “experimental streaming viewer”. The flash makes revival through Amazon’s cloud-based technology of its own Web browser, Silk possible, which provides additional features over Amazon Web Services.

    While other vendors have Adobe long flash off and Adobe itself has abandoned them, Amazon reports ongoing needs of users who, for example, flash videos on sites like and want to see. “We have often heard from clients that they want to view Flash content,” Amazon employee Kurt Kufeld told All Things Digital.

    [With material by Lance Whitney,]

    Tip: Are you familiar with tablets? Test your knowledge – with 15 questions on


    iZDNet Subscribe in Google. ZDNet Subscribe in Google Currents
    install iOS App iOS App Install

    Kindle Fire: New Amazon Tablet obtain high-resolution displays - AreaMobile

    Author: Maximilian Beyer | 10/07/2013 – 14:37 |

    Amazon brings the year-new Kindle Fire tablet on the market. All equipment should be equipped with high-resolution displays. The design of the device is set to change over previous devices.

    Kindle Fire: New Amazon tablet to get high resolution displays

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD | (c) AreaMobile

    Amazon will this year bring out three new Kindle Fire tablet. The Kindle Fire, according to BGR receives an HD resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels and remains at an attractive price level. The previously used IPS display of the seven-inch model solved with only 1,024 x 600 pixels.

    the Kindle Fire HD upgrade on family: The display of the smaller Kindle Fire HD is upgraded 1,080 pixels by 1,280 to a whopping 1,920 x 800 pixels. The screen size of 7 inches, according to Amazon reserves BGRS sources. Thus, the pixel density of the Kindle Fire HD 7 significantly increased.

    The resolution of the large Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is also further improved. The 8.9-inch screen had been a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The new edition will instead an impressive resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. By comparison, the 9.7-inch Retina display of the iPad 4 has a resolution of only 2048 x 1536 pixels


    New Design, Launch in September

    also betrayed the unspecified sources, that the design of the Amazon tablet is changed: The next generation of Kindle Fire devices should be flat and angular. The buttons are now positioned so that they can not be pressed accidentally. Over the previous layout, many users complained. As a further advantage, the weight of the new tablets to have been markedly reduced.

    The new generation of Kindle Fire tablets will later this year, possibly coming in September, in the trade. Amazon is trying to take over the prices of the current model, it is said. Amazon took on the rumors about the new tablets no position.

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9: unboxing of the main payment Tablets (45 images)

    To the picture gallery

    more: tablet, android tablet

    Source: BGR

    Kindle Fire: Amazon is working on new versions of its Android tablets - COMPUTER BILD

    12/07/2013, 12:43 pm clock

    By Jan Johannsen

    Three Kindle Fire Tablets from Amazon are great competitors to the Apple iPad. Time for Christmas, the online retailer wants to sell revised models.

    Amazon Kindle Fire Family © Amazon

    Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and HD in the 8.9 versions in 2012.

    The U.S. blog BoyGeniusReport (BGR) reported that Amazon updated its Kindle Fire three models and will make them in time for Christmas in the trade. The screen sizes are to remain unchanged, but all tablets receive a higher resolution. At the entry level of the seven-inch Kindle Fire they will therefore rise of 1024×600 pixels on HD-ready 1280×800 pixels. The Kindle Fire was going to be HD for Kindle Fire Full HD, as its seven-inch touch screen instead of 1280×800 pixels in future should have 1920×1200 pixels. At the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD 8.9, the increased resolution of the rumored 1920×1200 pixels at 2560×1600 pixels. This would give the tablet more pixels than Apple’s iPad, with its Retina display.

    New design for Kindle Fire

    In addition, BGR claims to have learned that Amazon plans major changes to the design of its tablets. Instead of the large rounded the corners should be much edgier and bring the tablets less overall weight on the scale. The power button and the volume controls migrate from the long or the short side. Of course, all of them should be lighter than their predecessors, the new models.
    Details on the technical equipment to changes in the adapted version of Android or the price was not mentioned so far BGR. Amazon’s goal should be but to reduce the current rates or to have at least the same. Both hardware and software you may also expect small improvements. The introduction of the new Kindle Fire device is to be the grapevine in the fall, perhaps even as early as September.

    How satisfied are you with your current tablet?

    class=”highlight”> Find out more about the following terms: Amazon Tablet, Kindle Fire

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    Amazon Kindle Fire: new tablet in September? - Chip Online

    New Kindle Fire: New hardware, old price?

    few days ago Amazon lowered the price of its own tablet PCs. Now seems clear why: Back in September, new models with better hardware to replace the current models – the same price

    The new Kindle Fire family still consists of three models.. The smallest version will be a 7 inch model for around 160 euros, but offers a high definition display with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels – the current model, dissolves with 1024 x 600 pixels. The new Kindle Fire HD Amazon is rumored to an even higher-resolution 7-inch display translated with 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. The price will probably be around 200 euros. The flagship is a 8.9-inch model that a display resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and offers surpassing the pixel density of the current iPad 4th The price point should be at this model at around 300 euros.

    It is not clear yet which processors are used. Also about memory sizes or 3G interface is not yet known.

    See more room tips class=”bla-item_list”>
  •  Apple iPad WiFi + 4G 64GB mini
    1 Apple iPad mini WiFi + 4G 64GB Operating System: iOS 6.0

  • Apple iPad 3 64GB (Wi-Fi + 4G)
    2 Apple iPad 3 64GB (Wi-Fi + 4G) Operating System: iOS 5.1

  • Apple iPhone 4 4G 64GB WiFi +
    3 Apple iPhone 4 4G 64GB WiFi + Operating System: iOS 6.0

  • Apple iPad 2 64GB (WiFi + 3G)
    4 Apple iPad 2 64GB (WiFi + 3G) Operating System: iOS 4.3.1

  • Asus 16GB Fonepad
    5 Asus 16GB Fonepad Operating System: Android 4.1.2

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