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Amazon Kindle Unlimited: rumors about Germany starting in October –


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Amazon Kindle: Seven years of development in an image –

26/08/2014 – of Nils Müller eReader


Seven years ago, Amazon established with his first Kindle the mass market for digital books and eBook Reader. Since then a lot has changed in the devices, such as an animated image demonstrates impressively.

The first Kindle reader Amazon entered did not only technical, but also designerisches Neuland. From today’s perspective, the first generation of the device with sharp edges and a generous frame looks a little dusty. With a slot for SD cards, speakers and headphone port and firmly integrated keyboard but it was extensively equipped. Also, another distinctive feature of the Amazon device, which has survived to this day, finds himself ready in the first instrument: the opportunity over the wireless network on the Kindle eBook store access

Small, round, black

With the second generation who were themselves to buy in Germany, Amazon made the Kindle a bit rounded and approached him with the established by Apple design language a bit to. However, this revision was the SD card slot for victims. With the third generation Amazon also changed the color of his devices – from white to a dark silver-gray – and reduced the frame around the still six inch display. The physical keyboard was kept but shrank a little.

The fourth generation introduced the Kindle Touch Amazon the first device produced that did without a physical keyboard and had an infrared touch-screen controls. The far laterally positioned buttons for turning the page slipped it under the screen. In this way, the device was much easier to handle and approached further compressed rounded design language.

The successor to the Kindle Touch, the Kindle Paperwhite omitted then completely on physical buttons, so that only the display in a now black frame is visible. Also, the headphone jack and the speaker fell victim to the revision. In addition, the Kindle Paperwhite can come up with a special backlight. This makes it possible to read books on the Kindle without external illumination without, like a computer screen or a tablet, having to look directly into a bright light source. The now available Paperwhite 2 is optically hardly changed over its predecessor.

Have a nice comparison of the various Kindle-generation features animation by Gadget Love.

 kindle evolution

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD: bargain for 79 € – Chip Online

 Amazon Prime bringing the tablet Kindle Fire HD cheaper in the house.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD for 79 euros – that’s an offer for Prime customers. Who does not use Amazon Prime, the entry-level tablet but can still get cheaper, for 99 euros instead of the old price of 129 euros.

Kindle Fire HD is a 7-inch tablet with HD resolution (1,280 x 800 pixels) . In our test, it won thanks to the good display and speedy navigation through the operating system. The running time is a total of around 6 hours perfectly fine. The only downside: Amazon uses its own operating system, the Fire OS. The tablet is a vehicle for Amazon Apps and goods from the online shop.

Video: Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

 Play video

 Dave Limp Amazon: Kindle is the perfect basket

“Our Amazon Kindle Fire is a vehicle for our content,” admits Dave Limp, vice president of Devices at Amazon in conversation with CHIP. “At the same time it should say under all the gadgets out there and just as good, if not better than the tablets the same collar size.” To be able to compete against the iPad and other tablets, he relies on services and openness.

Interestingly, followed Amazon’s devices division approach, seamlessly allow all content and formats opposite to remain neutral. Thus, the resultant of E-book readers Kindle Fire could be a kind of “Switzerland of the tablet contents.” Limp said it this way: “I quite flirtatious with the fact that the Kindle Fire a kind of shopping cart in the One-Stop-Shop Amazon could be – with me, of course it is clear that this is difficult to achieve, but we try to convince our customers differently.. about by each device preset the Library and the settings of the customer and having a part thereof book from an old Reader on the new device is transmitted without the digital bookmark is lost. “



Amazon Kindle Fire HD: bargain for 79 € – CHIP Online Business

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Export notes and highlights from Kindle + Kindle Paperwhite –

21/08/2014 – of Nils Müller Software

 shutter memo

It’s easy on the Kindle or Kindle to mark passages or White Paper to take notes, but hard to get them out of the Amazon universe. We show how to do it.

If you come across a particularly interesting passage when reading on the Kindle, this can be very simply highlight: a long press on the start of the text and then simply drag the marker to the end. In the latest software, the label can be then adjusted before the press “Select” she assures. Pressing “Add Note”, however, does just that, it allows to add your own text note about the respective keyboard. Marks and notes are automatically synchronized within the Kindle universe. The possibilities to export them from this are, however, quite hidden.

Export directly from Kindle / Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle clippings Manager

Kindle clippings Manager

The Kindle stores all markups, written notes and set bookmarks in the file “My Clippings.txt”. These can be found if you your device to the PC connects in the directory “documents”. However, the format of this file is relatively unclear and is therefore almost unusable, especially for large collections and many notes. To this end, there are online and offline, some interesting helpers that facilitate the navigation and allow export to different formats.

to install on your own PC or Mac, these are for example the Kindle Clippings Manager or the English DaleyKlippings. Online Clipper offers easy navigation and export of tags and notes and has extensive targeting capabilities to export and management, in can even play back changes back to the device. These services set course, that you want to upload his collected notes on a foreign server.

If - Your Highlights – Your Highlights

A somewhat simpler access to its markings and notes obtained directly from under with the German user data. Here all markings and notes for books are sorted among themselves displayed.

The HTML representation makes copying the notes in a notepad program here cumbersome, since for each note some automounted Links must be manually removed. In addition, notes and highlights lack of “personal documents” – ie pdf files or mobi ebooks that you have manually loaded onto the Kindle. In the “My Clippings.txt” these, however, are available.

So really comfortable is not the administration and the export of clippings unfortunately until now, but with the existing tricks can now work. Let’s see on Amazon sometime even comes up with the idea to offer the readers a little more comfortable here. In their apps they have thus already begun

& lt; Credit:. Gt notes of Shutterstock &,

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

E-Books: Kindle readers know less – Chip Online

Who reads text on the Kindle, remembers bad to the action as readers of the book version. This is the conclusion of a recent study. When comparing two groups of 25 people from Norway found Anne Mangen from the Stavanger University found that the Kindle reader could make less precise information on the course of action after reading

Your justification. Kindle readers lack the haptic feedback when read. For if one holds an open book, the thickness of the book left-half increases with time, the other half from. The book will help readers to note the sequence of individual scenes of the story mentally. Kindle, this feedback is missing

The study was presented last month at a conference in Italy and is now to be published according to The Guardian


Power cinema gets app for Amazon Kindle Fire –

08.20.2014, 13:49 clock, ps

power cinema can be used from now on the Amazon Kindle Fire. A similar app is now in the App Store the online merchant. As on other platforms, the usage is completely free.

The online video network cinema paves the way to other devices. Effective immediately, also provides an application for Amazon Kindle Fire in the App Store the online merchant for cinema network. Download and use the application are as well as on other platforms completely free, since power cinema exclusively financed by advertising.

About the app, users can find more than 1,500 feature films. This is a find feature, you can search for which either directly by movies or actors. Allow the viewer to enjoy movies on the go, without burdening the data volume of the mobile contract, is also an offline function that can with what to watch movies stored over a period of 30 days without an Internet connection.

As an additional feature, the Amazon app also supports Google’s TV-Stick Cast Chrome. So the contents of the app can be mirrored on the TV.


“For publishers, it is always one world” – publicly leaf

“For publishers, it is always one world”

on Amazon Russell Grandinetti is responsible for the Kindle strategy: The former “vice president of soft lines “provokes the publishers, by accusing them, in any controversy right from the” downfall “to whine -” then you can use the clock set “

p class =>. ” If, as the “Guardian claims”, “perhaps the most important man in publishing” it speaks, that it is now “only the author and the reader” in the book market need, publishers should be noisy. All business between author and reader would have to wear both, so Grandinetti: risk and opportunities. The publishers sees Grandinetti doing as little innovation friendly.

Amazon always try to portray himself as “100 Porzent customer-centric” company that cheap book prices will prevail and “rejected authors’ a Live base have created., this PR goal Amazon was currently disturbed by the protest of American and German authors

Douglas Preston, who initiated the protest letter from more than 900 American authors to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos referred Grandinetti matter as a “opportunists” who let themselves misused by the Hachette Group as a shield

For English-language article in the “Guardian”:. Amazon’s Russell Grandinetti: Kindle champ takes on the trade books.


Read Kindle books on legally EPUB-capable eReaders –

Michael Sonntag He gives tips and tricks for digital browsing.

A trick can be some Kindle books still read on all non-Kindle devices. If the desired eBook namely has no copy protection, it can be converted into EPUB format with Calibre.

Calibre is the Swiss army knife for everything that has to do with eBooks. First and foremost, it is a book management, which also allows converting to other book formats. Calibre is free, available in German and

The first thing to find out which books have no copy protection. This is in some encrypted form in the product information of the corresponding book on the product page on Amazon. If there the option “Simultaneous use of equipment: No restriction” is included, this indicates that the book has no copy protection, and can be read an unlimited number of devices. Normally, reading an eBook is possible only five with the same account linked devices or apps.

If the book is purchased, it must be downloaded to the next PC. In Amazon’s are for the program “Kindle for PC (Windows 7, Vista, XP)”. It is important to use exactly this program and in any case “Kindle for Windows 8.”

After installing and logging on to your Amazon account now are all already purchased eBooks available. Double-click on the book you want is downloaded to the PC and opened for reading. The book is now with a cryptic file name and the file extension AZW in the “My Documents” folder in “Documents My Kindle Content”. This “Kindle for PC” can be closed again.

Before the book can be imported into Calibre, an adjustment must be checked in this program yet. Indeed, it is quite handy if Calibre already converted the book during import into the EPUB format. So that makes it the must in the settings of Calibre “Add books” under the hook on “books Added automatically in the current output format convert” must be set. Once done, the settings can be closed.

the first button in (the red book with the plus sign) toolbar, the book can now be added to your own library in Calibre. After a few moments in which Calibre sorted the book and converted to the EPUB format, it is displayed in the library. To copy it to completion on the eBook reader, it is connected via USB cable to the PC. After Calibre reports that the device is connected, the selected book on the blue icon can “to send Reader” to copy this.

Michael Sonntag

reading pleasure 2.0 : Michael Sonntag testing in his blog “Paperless read” regularly eBook Reader and accessories. He also gives tips and tricks about the devices and recommends the appropriate reading material. & gt;

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Amazon Kindle: Evolution of the e-book reader as an animated GIF –


Since the e-book reader Kindle of Amazon already among us seven years, it was time for a animated GIF , which maps the evolution of the device. The metamorphosis shows in five seconds, how has Kindle changed in seven years.

On 19 November 2007 published Amazon first Kindle for the price of $ 399. The unit seemed rather clunky and had, in the absence of a touch screen quite a lot of buttons. So it was to use your own buttons for the next and previous page and a QWERTY keyboard for notes or to the browser. Since the first generation of all “classical” Kindle but have one thing in common: Thanks to the E-Ink screen they are extremely energy efficient because E-Ink works without power consumption while the screen contents are not changed

in February. In 2009, the Kindle 2 on the market. The changes were slight adjustments to the optics, a faster processor, longer battery life, thinner housing and a lower price. However, you could see the internal memory of 2 GB no longer expand via SD cards.

the end of July 2010, it was again time for an update. The Kindle 3 has been greatly reduced in price, otherwise nothing much has changed. However, was the new WLAN interface and a WebKit-based browser, but this was only “experimental” provided by the manufacturer. In addition, the contrast has been increased by 50%.

Amazon Kindle - animated gif

Amazon Kindle – animated GIF

Kindle 4, announced in September 2011 brought several variations of the e-book reader, but all had in common, get along without many buttons as a touch screen was installed for the first time. But significant changes did not come until the Kindle Paperwhite, whose launch was in October 2012. He offered a resolution of 1024 × 758 pixels, so a pixel density of 212 dpi and had a backlight. So you can read without having external lighting. In addition, the touch screen concept was driven further and waives all hardware buttons.

This metamorphosis of the Kindle you can in the form of animated GIF understand.

App (s ) and products for the article

 Kindle Fire HD 7, 17 cm (7 inch), HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8GB - With Special Offers Name: Kindle Fire HD 7, 17 cm (7 inch), HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8GB – With special offers
Name: Kindle Fire
Price: 99.00 EUR

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Kindle Cloud: read e-books on other devices – COMPUTER BILD


From Andre Hesel, 08.12.2014, 15:00 clock

Of all the holiday you have forgotten your Kindle Reader? COMPUTER BILD tells you how to read your e-books on other devices.

Kindle Cloud: E-books on other devices you have read they way your e-books to read not only on your Kindle © Amazon.

Thanks Amazon Cloud you read your e-books not only on the Kindle, but also via app.

A mazons E-book readers are very popular. What many do not know: Even without Kindle books are purchased in the Amazon cloud are available and can be read on other devices. All you need is a free Kindle app that brings your entire library on the tablet PC, smartphone or computer. How are you reading from the “install apps”. Do you want to another device read exactly at the point where you left off on the Kindle, you must synchronize the devices. How this works for example with the Kindle 4, read the first and second section – in other Kindle readers, it works like:

With Wi-Fi connect

In order for your Kindle can report the last page read on your other devices, it must be connected to the Internet. Appears at the top of the screen the logo “Wi-Fi”? Then you can continue the same with the next step. Otherwise, you only press the Startseiten- and then the Menu button, open Settings and Display on “Wireless Networks”, select your wireless network Connect type in the password, select Done and OK .

Send Location

Open the desired book. The last reading position is then automatically transmitted to the Amazon cloud. Turn off the wireless connection then from by going to the homepage, the menu Settings and open the “airplane mode” switch. Then you can turn the device.

Free apps install

Install the free Kindle app on any number of devices. For licensing reasons, books can “only” six devices simultaneously open:

  • Windows 8 (Desktop), 7, Vista, XP : Transfer your Kindle for PC on the Festpaltte, and then reinstall the program
  • Apple Mac OSX. : Download the free program Kindle for Mac and install it
  • iPad, iPhone. , iPod touch . installing an off the App Store, the Kindle app for Apple devices
  • Android : Kindle for Android, click the Play Store
  • Windows Phone . Laden the Kindle app for Windows Phone Download
  • Windows 8 / RT ., the Kindle app for Windows 8 and RT, see the Windows Store.
After starting the app, you need to register once with your Amazon credentials. Then your books appear in the library.

To the gallery

11 Pictures

book more
Once you open h3 a book in the app, it is transferred to the device and also has no Internet connection available. Have your Kindle synchronized as above, read the same on the last page read on. Turn the page, the new position is also transmitted when a connection to all devices. This is done at the latest when you close the book or app. Is your Kindle or other device with the Kindle app on the next access to the book online, there is a means by which you can switch to the new read position appears.

With more people read

Thanks Kindle cloud may also family members access to your library and read books even simultaneously. Since not everyone is on the same page, the synchronization of the read position in this case would be annoying. To disable log onto the website at, click under “Your Kindle Account” My devices Manage and in “Device Synchronization” on off . On the same page, you can (ie existing Kindles and devices with App) see your device and cancel if necessary.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kindle app for iOS gets “PageFlip” sync option –

07/31/2014 – of John main Software


Amazon has released version 4.4 of its Kindle app for iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch released, come with some exciting new features to Apple devices. Kindle Paperwhite users will be familiar to some of the new features. Users of Android devices and even Amazon’s own tablets have to be patient.

“Kindle for iOS version 4.4 offers several end-user requested features for ease of synchronization and Navigation ready, “reads a bit bumpy translated in the description of the new version released on Tuesday. Amazon describes the new version as follows

  • synchronize the last page read – Kindle for iOS now synchronized on all Kindle devices or in all reading apps that are registered to your Amazon account, last page read the books. Via the left navigation menu, end users can still manually sync the last accessed page
  • Kindle placeholder -. Provide end users with the ability to see into other areas of the book, without losing their current state. Jump over “placeholder” in the progress bar directly to the previous placeholders
  • Intelligent Wikipedia search -. Choose a word, and learn in the Wikipedia info card at the bottom of the page more about it

This Amazon brings its iOS app functionally closer to its Kindle Paperwhite 2. The “Sync to last page read” function (an alternative to the furthest page that was previously called in the book) was just implemented only by firmware update in the eBook Reader. “Kindle placeholder” recalls Page Flip is on tablets and smartphones with their (relative to E-Ink) display responsive but not as decisive for the war. The Wikipedia integration is finally a construction site, which already opened Amazon with its published in 2007 the very first Kindle and in subsequent years continuously expanded.

“Apple first” despite the lack of purchasing function

have often in the past, can the Kindle app for Android miss the new features yet, like the reading app for the Kindle Fire house-Tablets – not the best self-promotion. Amazon has always been updated by the device “Apple users first”, thereby making the company through its iOS app no ​​direct sales (but through the back door) – to save the 30 percent revenue share to Apple, there has years, only a read-only app without buying function. Nevertheless Kindle for iOS is probably the most widely used reading app for Apple devices, before iBooks, has just upgraded at the Apple

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The “Kindle app for iOS gets” PageFlip “sync option” was on July 31, 2014 (Thursday) at 13:10 clock by John Main wrote. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of

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