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Software Update: New Features for Kindles now – COMPUTER BILD


of Alfred Posch man, 18/11/2014, 18 : 30 clock

Good news for Kindle fans: The eBook Reader get free new features, explain in English books about difficult concepts

Software Update for Kindles © amazon.de

Amazon’s eBook reader, the Kindle family get new features. The free update coming in the next few weeks automatically, but can also pre-download manually.

A mazon has a software update for The Kindle eReader announced. The free update is automatically transferred in the coming weeks on all Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage. Who does not like to wait, the new software can already get even now: On amazon.de the software can be downloaded. And this is new:

  • “Word Wise” helps English learners and beginning readers through challenging books: Simple word explanations should automatically appear at the top of difficult words. So the reader can read the text aloud Amazon without interruptions by reference. Depending on the context, different meanings of words by tapping the word are explained in a map with definitions, synonyms, and more. Word Wise is activated according to Amazon on thousands of titles, for example, the best-seller “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.
  • The first time the family library allows access to books of a spouse or family member. This is finally an access to the books in the Amazon account from Papa or daughter possible.
  • The extended “X-Ray” for books makes it easier to browse while reading the book. You can now, BROWSE or call on a timeline interesting passages about all the illustrations of a book.
  • Improved search now combines search results from the personal library and the Kindle Store, compares them and displays them on a single page
“Download:. Kindle update from Amazon.de download

The Kindles from Amazon

Amazon Kindle is a whole family of eBook readers. They can be electronic books and magazines from Amazon download and read. The new software is initially available only for the simple Kindle, the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite Voyage, so only the devices with e-paper screen. Which is in contrast to the usual other tablets liquid crystal displays there black and white only, but even easy to read in sunlight. It also requires significantly less energy: generally a sufficient battery charge for several weeks reading operation. Exception to this rule are the units of the Kindle Fire Series: The work with LC display and are thus more comparable to normal tablet PCs.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Kindle and Kindle Fire: Amazon rolls out update – netzwelt.de

For the Kindle Reader and Kindle Fire tablet, updates are available. Amazon supplies the Kindle readers, among other things with the Word Wise function for explaining concepts. On the Kindle Fire tablet, the E-mail app has been refreshed. In addition, individual user profiles can create.

A new E- book reader? Amazon Voyage was sighted. (Source: Amazon)

The update for the Kindle readers is the classic Kindle, Kindle Voyage and the current Kindle Paperwhite available

New features for the Kindle devices include Word Wise: The reader allowed to get definitions and synonyms for difficult words above it; the flow of reading should not be disturbed. In addition, the above devices support the family library – so can two Amazon accounts linked together and also retrieve the books of the partner. In addition, X-Ray has been extended for books: Users can click through all the images of a book or look at the most interesting places. In addition, Amazon improved the search and now shows results from our own library and the store on the same page.

Update for Kindle Fire update

Add to Kindle Fire tablets get family members now their personal profile with individual e-mail accounts, Facebook and Twitter accounts, reading articles in books, movies and game saves when needed. To prevent children’s access to a profile, set up a code for the lock screen is possible.

In addition, receives the e-mail app of the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX new functions. This includes a new design, by wiping gesture deletion of electronic messages is possible, pulling triggers an update of the account. Moreover, the battery of flat computer will last longer. The new feature is called Smart suspense and disables the WLAN if the device is not used. About regular automatic activations of the radio link, the data sets are still kept up to date. Also new is a backup and restore function: device settings, emails and bookmarks and other data can be backed up via Wi-Fi in the Amazon Cloud

Automatic or manual update

The update for the Kindle Fire device will be automatically downloaded according to the manufacturer. But users will have to wait a little while. Until the rollout of the update arrives anywhere, it may take a few days. The Kindle updates are also available via WLAN, but can be downloaded from the Amazon page and install it manually.

A test of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 you read at this point. More on the Kindle readers there


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Family Library for Kindle Voyage, Paperwhite and base model with update … – ALLESebook.de

Every year when Amazon launches new Kindle models on the market, there’s also a number of new software features. A part of these changes is, however, not directly available at the start, but with a timely update even during the Christmas season. But even if the practice in some prospective encounters not only on reciprocal love, so you can Amazon in any case credit, that you are always very reliable in providing these announced enhancements.

So now finally follows the promised software update for the two new models Kindle Voyage and basic Kindle (with touchscreen), as well as the driving force for Kindle Paperwhite (currently for 99 instead of 129 €). All devices will be upgraded to version 5.6.1.

family library as a big bonus

The two most important innovations are the following:

  • Support for the family library: This is the way two different Amazon accounts to link with each other and share eBooks on multiple devices. So if you have two Kindle eReader in the household, the books must not be bought or double back and herkopiert awkward, but appear with the corresponding adjustment directly on the two devices. A disadvantage is currently still the missing option to call that certain titles can not be excluded. This possibility is, however, submitted according to Amazon shortly
  • Word Wise:. This new function definitions can and are displayed for difficult words directly in the (English) text synonyms, without the need to use the dictionary function. Characterized the read flow is not disturbed. So that works out, the line spacing is increased, so that the statement of the corresponding word fits (see article picture). This has benefited particularly the Kindle Voyage, because the high resolution with a pixel density of 300 ppi ensures that this small additional display yet razor sharp and perfectly legible is.

New is also the indication that collections are synchronized with the cloud and this is communicated appropriately in the main menu. Literally it says: “All collections are synchronized with the cloud. Tap the top left of ‘cloud’, to display all collections, including those that you have created on other Kindle devices and reading apps. “

For US customers, also there’s a closer Goodreads integration, and improved X-Ray function -. both things are missing when the German Kindle or they are not particularly widespread

The family library is without doubt the size advantage of the new software and reminds a little of the introduced one year ago, the library link Tolino partner. Since you can not link two accounts alleridngs a provider together, but the user accounts of various Tolino shops (eg eBook.de and Thalia).

Manual Installation

Currently the update is not yet Over-The-Air provided (OTA), so that the moment a manual installation is necessary. The files for this can be downloaded directly from Amazon:

  • Kindle Voyage Update 5.6.1 Download
  • Kindle Paperwhite Update 5.6.1 Download
  • Kindle with touch screen update 5.6.1 download

The downloaded file you just copied to the root directory of the device and then select the Settings menu “Update Kindle”. The update takes about 5-10 minutes, everything was successful, you then end up back at the start screen. If one wants to save the manual work, then you can wait until the roll out is done automatically via WiFi and simple.

Kindle Paperwhite owners have their eBook Reader have “gejailbreaked”, should wait until the first user reports are available, as with any new fixes the full system access is occasionally blocked. All other owners can upgrade without hesitation and look forward to the new features. Especially at a discounted price of 99 euros the Paperwhite provides excellent value for money.

  • Kindle Paperwhite for 99 € Buy
  • Kindle Voyage for 189 euros buy


Friday, November 14, 2014

Kindle Paperwhite 2 for 79 euros [locally] – lesen.net

11/11/2014 John main eReader

Rhinelander who are still able to hour, straight a few steps to run old and an acquisition to active, the Kindle Paperwhite 2 can currently buy sensationally low. The discount campaign is tightly limited, there is also a taste of the holiday season.

Saturn Dusseldorf sells the Kindle Paperwhite 2 (4 Gbyte memory space, so the very latest model ) for 79 euros – but only today 11/11. This is clear from the current Saturn-brochure for the electronics market on the Königsallee (thanks to our forum member rolliv). The offer seems only locally valid, random sampling in other markets and in the online shop of Saturn we have not found the deal.

screenshot 2014-11-11 at 11:37. 25

For 79 euros it was the Kindle Paperwhite 2 never, low prices, was previously 99 euros, but at a time when the unit regularly or 129 Euro cost. Also, for 109 euros the eBook Reader has a very good value for money (eBook reader reviews), making the Saturn-offer sensational. The electronics market will make the reader on Tuesday under purchase price.

occasion the discount promotion is of course the start of the Carnival season (although we could imagine here a passigeres offer as an eBook reader) throws nonetheless hence the Christmas season its first shadows. Just last Monday the Kindle Paperwhite for 79 US dollars was also in the US, told The Digital Reader. These were however used by devices (“refurbished”), and the demand was so great that the eBook Reader were sold out in no time.

eBook reader discounts probably not at last year’s level

How deep go down for Christmas? Last year, in particular the Tolino allies fell upon each other by surpassing discount offers. This year, the signs are a bit different. The world is on austerity and will hardly leave the Tolino Vision 2 at a competitive price, and especially the Club Bertelsmann with its duration-low price has (129 euros at the club until at least the end of the year, 149 euros for all other) taken out a lot of air. Even if other Tolino partner again enclose a Free Case (as it has done Thalia in October), the calculated discount is practically equal to zero.

Amazon will in the next few weeks through a wealth of special offers across have range, with safety again Kindle readers and tablets will be among them. The really attractive offers, however, were always sold out last year within minutes or even seconds. Kobo and PocketBook no significant deals are expected.

  • Kindle Paperwhite 2 at Amazon.de
  • Tolino Vision 2 at derclub.de (Bertelsmann)

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The article “Kindle Paperwhite 2 for 79 euros [local]” on November 11, 2014 (Tuesday) at 12:15 Clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of lesen.net.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kindle Paperwhite: Another price cut by Amazon – Giga.de

Amazon pushes his division of E-reader for Christmas. After a price cut this summer, the Kindle Paperwhite is again reduced in price. The former top model of the Kindle family, visit now .

 paperwhite_1 market debut in the summer of 2013. At that time it was there from 129 euros. From June 2014 Amazon lowered the price to 109 euros. Currently Amazon reduced the price again (initially scheduled to end). The Wi-Fi version of the e-book reader is thus already 99 €  . The version with additional 3G module .

  • (currently from 99 Euro)

Even in times of iPads have e-book readers certainly have a right to exist, not least for real” bookworms “. They give people a anti-glare e-ink touch screen and Battery life second of several weeks . A price cut for the current top model () there’s is not. The Reader with higher-resolution display still costs . At the lower end of the price spiral also since this year there is the normal Kindle – with the touch screen

By the way: recently granted for Amazon Kindle eReader all a money-back guarantee up to 31.01.2015. Those who buy now, may test the unit thoroughly and it can – as desired -. Return commentary by the specified date

test kindle

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Notes on adjustments on Kindle Voyage – The H

The launch of Amazon’s new Premium E-reader Voyage is different than thought: Just days after the launch in Germany are piling up customer complaints about unequal illumination of the display. Evidence suggests that Amazon behind the scenes working on a solution.

Not only in Germany but also in the US, where the reader is already available since a few weeks, more and more customers express negative reviews a clearly visible yellow border in the upper display area with active illumination. This problem is reminiscent of the launch of the first generation of Kindle Paperwhite, in which there were similar problems.

allesebook.de speculated that Amazon plans with an updated version of the Kindle Voyage to tackle it. As the website notes, inter alia, draws a changed item number approach: While the models in the store of Amazon still carry the item number “B00IOY524S”, customers will receive a replacement unit under item “B00JAKAQ64″. Even with the recent revision of the Paperwhite Reader Amazon had provided the new version has more memory without much attention merely with a new item number

 Kindle Voyage again only available from 16 December Kindle Voyage again only from 16 December to buy

Another indication that Amazon is working on a short-term upgrade is the delivery date for new orders. Only from the December 16, 2014 Amazon is again observed products. On this day also the customers who have requested an exchange model, get her replacement. In the USA there is the model without mobile again until December 4, the version with 3G is sold out until December 17th. Amazon declined to comment on the speculation on request of H.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tolino Vision 2 in the test: If the Kindle better from Germany? – STAR

Tolino Vision 2, ebook, e-book reader, Kindle, the Thalia Bertelsmann

The Tolino Vision 2 is waterproof and has a new one-handed control mode ©

A cht months after the introduction of the first Tolino vision brings the German book trade now for the Christmas season, a revised model its Ebook reader on the market. Visually, not much has changed: The Vision 2 has the same dimensions as its predecessor, it is 16.3 inches high, 11.4 inches wide and 8.1 mm thick. With 174 grams, it weighs less than half of a paperback book.

The case is now black instead of gray brown, which the reader can look much more modern. The Tolino is completely rubberized and feels good in the hand. The on / off switch and the “light switch” located on the top edge of the case. The Tolino lettering on the back is now no longer printed, but embossed – which gives the E-reader a little more elegance

The display measures six inches (15. 24 centimeters) and has a resolution of 1024 x 758 pixels. The backlight can be adjusted continuously, so you can browse yourself in pitch-black rooms with no problems. The writing is very sharp and a bit easier to read than its predecessor – quite as sharp as on the new Kindle Voyage (1440 x 1080 pixels), it is not. There, you have to search with a magnifying glass to detect any edges in the letter. For 40 to 60 euros depending on the Tolino dealer cheaper than the Kindle’s flagship (129/149 instead of 189 €). The black level and contrast is slightly better than its predecessor, and there is less “ghosting” – so called visible remains of a book page, which can be seen after the flip yet

An e-book reader. for the bath

The new Tolino has compared to the previous two significant innovations: The technical features of the Vision 2 is nano sealed and thus waterproof, the e-Reader now is also an accidental dunk in the tub or a short rain shower without permanent damage. A real plus point compared to the Kindle. However, caution is advised in a salt water bath, here the nanosealing could reach their limits

On the other hand there are in addition to the touch-screen operation, the new Tap2Flip function. If you tap with the finger on the back of the device, you scroll to the next page. The operation is quite unusual and requires some adaptation time, but after a while you learn to appreciate the improved one-handed operation. With little hands the control remains difficult. If you want, but the Tap2Flip function can also turn off. One downside: There is no slot for a microSD card more. However, very few users are likely to get the integrated two gigabytes of storage space full, after all, this goes for more than a thousand books.

A week or two of battery life

is the battery life the manufacturer of up to seven weeks. This is true but only if you read every day less than an hour. It still uses the backlight or the regular built-in dictionary (eg in English books), the Tolino must even faster to the wall socket. One to two weeks of Vision 2 holds but loose by.

Depending on which book dealer to buy the Tolino varies preloaded Ebook Store. About a library linkage, but can purchased in other software stores books are transferred to the Tolino. Unlike the Kindle 2 supports the vision of the house from the popular epub format

Conclusion:. Competition for the Kindle

and with the TAP2-flip function Waterproof Case is the new Tolino accents. The text quality has become even better than its predecessor, although it does not reach the brand new, but more expensive Kindle Voyage. Overall, the Tolino vision was carefully in the second version, but improved in the right places. If you already have the first version of Tolino vision, but does not necessarily switch to the new version, but the technical innovations fall from too low. The lack of microSD slot likely most users can live with.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reseller action of TP-Link: Ipad and Kindle for ICT dealer – crn.de


Since October 22 can be registered Trusted Partner of TP-Link via a gift under the reseller Action for ICT Dealer happy. The premium is a function of sales.

© 2014 WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH. All rights reserved.


Monday, November 3, 2014

E-book reader Kindle: Easy to use, but without light – Stiftung Warentest

Amazon’s new e-book reader for beginners is, like its predecessor, simply Kindle – only that he has a touch screen instead of buttons. The entry-level Kindle costs comparably priced 79 euros and to make easy access to wide e-book world interested newcomers – and Amazon out new customers. What buyers can expect from the new device, showing the rapid test

Touch-screen instead of buttons

The new entry-level Kindle is now -. As the more expensive premium Kindles from the last E book reader test – was operated via a touch-sensitive screen and no longer over keys, like the the previous model is still the case. The touch-screen control works similarly smooth as the more expensive e-book reader Kindle Paperwhite and Paperwhite 3G

  • Test E-book portals. The best book stores
  • Test E-reader: The best readers
  • Test E-reader: The Sorcerer’s successor

display without lighting

An illuminated display as part of the touch-screen control now used for most e-book readers as standard – but not the new base model Kindle. This has a noticeable effect on the image quality of the device. Because of the lack of display lighting reading lamp at night is necessary in bed. Even with mediocre ambient light illuminated the Kindles are more readable. Read in bright environments is with the Kindle, however very pleasant. As with all other current Kindle readers also, the display diagonal of the entry-level Kindle measures 15 centimeters. The device can be characterized easily stowed in most jackets and handbags.

Easy handling

In terms of handling and charging more convenient and benefits of e-books Kindle is still the scale and its competitors are still a bit ahead, see Test E-reader: The Sorcerer’s successor. Even the cheap Kindle plays in this regard with the very front. The speed with which can open and browse e-books could hardly be better. Manage books, search and sync also works perfectly.

Good Instructions, but not on paper

Also at the start and the quality of the instruction manual there is not much to complain about. A printed manual, however, lies not with the Kindle. For this, the user will be introduced at the first time by means of an understandable tutorials in basic use.

memory for several thousand books

With about three gigabytes of free space provides room for the Kindle several thousand electronic books. Via WLAN, the user from the pre-installed Amazon Bookstore play the songs easily and fast on his reader. The only catch: The memory can not be expanded further using a memory card (this is true for all Kindle reader). For two hours of reading time per day the battery lasts about 27 days.

binding to Amazon

Because of the special AZW format is the user of a Kindle reader at Amazon’s E-book Store bound. Books in widespread Epub format, which is standard, for example, in public lending libraries, can not be read on Kindle readers. Buyer of an e-book reader should therefore consider first whether they want to bind to a specific e-book format.

E-Book flatrate for 10 euros a month

Amazon offers in its e-book store a wide range of books, see Test E-Book Portals: The best book stores. For 9.90 euros a month it has recently become possible to use Amazon’s new e-book flat rate “Kindle Unlimited”. This includes around 720 000 E-books, of which about 47,000 German-language titles. If you can live with the fact that it Amazon fades personalized ads on their device, the Kindle can incidentally get already for 59 €

Conclusion:. Technically sophisticated entry-level model for Amazon customers

The Kindle is an e-book reader, which technically makes no problems and can be handled comfortably. Who is willing to forego a backlit display and can arrange with being dependent on Amazon’s e-book store, replaced with a sophisticated Kindle e-book reader. A much more luxurious e-book reader will bring its own account on November 4 on the Amazon market: the Kindle Voyager. Show 189 €

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablets in the short test – Golem.de

11.02.2014 / 12:00

Amazon puts in his new Fire-HD tablets again at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, they are well equipped and can convince the test of Golem.de

Video:. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablets in the short-Test (1:12)

The Fire HD 6 and 7 Amazon has released two new budget tablets. Like the previous Amazon tablet devices aimed ostensibly to users who consume a lot of Amazon content.

The tablets are a bit clunky due to the wide edge, but are well made. Technically, they are well equipped for the asking price, contents are displayed smoothly. The operating system Amazon is back on his highly modified version of Android OS Fire.

The displays both have tablets with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution not too high, but again, we must not forget the price. With movies, the low pixel density not already interferes so much with texts, however.


Amazon has brought the two new Fire tablet, two good entry-level devices on the market. For users of Amazon content, the two tablets are an inexpensive way to consume books and other media. Who has rather little to do with Amazon, should the equipment not be happy

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