Monday, November 17, 2014

Kindle and Kindle Fire: Amazon rolls out update –

For the Kindle Reader and Kindle Fire tablet, updates are available. Amazon supplies the Kindle readers, among other things with the Word Wise function for explaining concepts. On the Kindle Fire tablet, the E-mail app has been refreshed. In addition, individual user profiles can create.

A new E- book reader? Amazon Voyage was sighted. (Source: Amazon)

The update for the Kindle readers is the classic Kindle, Kindle Voyage and the current Kindle Paperwhite available

New features for the Kindle devices include Word Wise: The reader allowed to get definitions and synonyms for difficult words above it; the flow of reading should not be disturbed. In addition, the above devices support the family library – so can two Amazon accounts linked together and also retrieve the books of the partner. In addition, X-Ray has been extended for books: Users can click through all the images of a book or look at the most interesting places. In addition, Amazon improved the search and now shows results from our own library and the store on the same page.

Update for Kindle Fire update

Add to Kindle Fire tablets get family members now their personal profile with individual e-mail accounts, Facebook and Twitter accounts, reading articles in books, movies and game saves when needed. To prevent children’s access to a profile, set up a code for the lock screen is possible.

In addition, receives the e-mail app of the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX new functions. This includes a new design, by wiping gesture deletion of electronic messages is possible, pulling triggers an update of the account. Moreover, the battery of flat computer will last longer. The new feature is called Smart suspense and disables the WLAN if the device is not used. About regular automatic activations of the radio link, the data sets are still kept up to date. Also new is a backup and restore function: device settings, emails and bookmarks and other data can be backed up via Wi-Fi in the Amazon Cloud

Automatic or manual update

The update for the Kindle Fire device will be automatically downloaded according to the manufacturer. But users will have to wait a little while. Until the rollout of the update arrives anywhere, it may take a few days. The Kindle updates are also available via WLAN, but can be downloaded from the Amazon page and install it manually.

A test of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 you read at this point. More on the Kindle readers there


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