Saturday, November 15, 2014

Family Library for Kindle Voyage, Paperwhite and base model with update … –

Every year when Amazon launches new Kindle models on the market, there’s also a number of new software features. A part of these changes is, however, not directly available at the start, but with a timely update even during the Christmas season. But even if the practice in some prospective encounters not only on reciprocal love, so you can Amazon in any case credit, that you are always very reliable in providing these announced enhancements.

So now finally follows the promised software update for the two new models Kindle Voyage and basic Kindle (with touchscreen), as well as the driving force for Kindle Paperwhite (currently for 99 instead of 129 €). All devices will be upgraded to version 5.6.1.

family library as a big bonus

The two most important innovations are the following:

  • Support for the family library: This is the way two different Amazon accounts to link with each other and share eBooks on multiple devices. So if you have two Kindle eReader in the household, the books must not be bought or double back and herkopiert awkward, but appear with the corresponding adjustment directly on the two devices. A disadvantage is currently still the missing option to call that certain titles can not be excluded. This possibility is, however, submitted according to Amazon shortly
  • Word Wise:. This new function definitions can and are displayed for difficult words directly in the (English) text synonyms, without the need to use the dictionary function. Characterized the read flow is not disturbed. So that works out, the line spacing is increased, so that the statement of the corresponding word fits (see article picture). This has benefited particularly the Kindle Voyage, because the high resolution with a pixel density of 300 ppi ensures that this small additional display yet razor sharp and perfectly legible is.

New is also the indication that collections are synchronized with the cloud and this is communicated appropriately in the main menu. Literally it says: “All collections are synchronized with the cloud. Tap the top left of ‘cloud’, to display all collections, including those that you have created on other Kindle devices and reading apps. “

For US customers, also there’s a closer Goodreads integration, and improved X-Ray function -. both things are missing when the German Kindle or they are not particularly widespread

The family library is without doubt the size advantage of the new software and reminds a little of the introduced one year ago, the library link Tolino partner. Since you can not link two accounts alleridngs a provider together, but the user accounts of various Tolino shops (eg and Thalia).

Manual Installation

Currently the update is not yet Over-The-Air provided (OTA), so that the moment a manual installation is necessary. The files for this can be downloaded directly from Amazon:

  • Kindle Voyage Update 5.6.1 Download
  • Kindle Paperwhite Update 5.6.1 Download
  • Kindle with touch screen update 5.6.1 download

The downloaded file you just copied to the root directory of the device and then select the Settings menu “Update Kindle”. The update takes about 5-10 minutes, everything was successful, you then end up back at the start screen. If one wants to save the manual work, then you can wait until the roll out is done automatically via WiFi and simple.

Kindle Paperwhite owners have their eBook Reader have “gejailbreaked”, should wait until the first user reports are available, as with any new fixes the full system access is occasionally blocked. All other owners can upgrade without hesitation and look forward to the new features. Especially at a discounted price of 99 euros the Paperwhite provides excellent value for money.

  • Kindle Paperwhite for 99 € Buy
  • Kindle Voyage for 189 euros buy


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