Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kindle App & Facebook Messenger: Updates bring iPhone 6 support – Macerkopf – Apple news from Cupertino

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iOS 8.1 Beta 1 is here: Apple Pay, Notes on iPad with Touc …

iOS 8.1 Beta 1 is available for download as a developer. Apple continues to work on iOS and has eight in the night to today released the first beta for i …

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Retina iMac 2014: Presentation soon …

Rumours around a Retina iMac are not exactly new. However, these days they are more intense than ever. DC from several reliable …

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iTunes Cards: Net with Discount offer …

iOS 8 is released and the iPhone 6 is now in stores. In the App Store waiting many new apps. Governing the new system as well as the ne …

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iPhone 6: Two acceleration sensors for power management …

Apple has the iPhone 6 & amp; iPhone 6 marks the first time in an iPhone to two separate acceleration sensors in the device to sale …

iOS 8.1 Beta 1 is here: Apple Pay, Notes on iPad with Touc … 30th September 2014

Retina iMac 2014: Presentation coming soon … 29th September 2014

iTunes Cards: Net with Discount offer … 29th September 2014

iPhone 6: Two acceleration sensors for power management … 28th September 2014

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While numerous apps in the App Store have been adapted to iOS 8, after all, are the key features and innovations known since June this year, lagging the app hacks for iPhone 6 & amp; iPhone 6 Plus behind. This is understandable, as the two new iPhones Apple has just unveiled this month.


It is all the more gratifying that developers their apps slowly but surely adapt to the iPhone 6 (Plus). The Kindle app and the Facebook Messenger have now received the appropriate app-update


The Kindle app is now available in the program version 4.5.1 before and in addition to bug fixes and stability improvements, support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The Facebook Messenger has also donated get an update that is characterized now as version 13.0 and also offers the iPhone 6 (Plus) support. iPhone 6 support means in both cases that the graphics were adapted within the app and on the larger displays do not look so washed out.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Unlimited Kindle E-Book Flat comes to Germany – CHIP Online Business

is to what extent and under what conditions to start the e-book flat rate is not yet known. According to “Business Week” will be initially involved hardly large publishers, many well-known titles are likely to be missing according to

In any case, the relationship between Amazon, publishers and authors is biased. In an open letter last turned over 1,000 authors to the American company and threw Amazon among other things, accounts of individual publishers deliver slowed or not to keep in stock in order to force higher discounts from the publishers

original message of 25 September 2014.
Amazon Kindle Unlimited is here – British customers can use for 7.99 pounds a month all e-books and audio books, available currently for the UK Kindle Store. Amazon had betrayed himself and turned too early in July, an advertisement for the service, it was then found and created a screenshot.

650,000 e-books available to the subscribers. Thousands of audiobooks and other digital content can be synchronized via various devices away and allow seamless consumption of content. When the service starts in Germany, is not yet known. But already now, the service will considered as a threat to public libraries, says Engadget. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is specified for the USA with a monthly price of $ 9.99.


Ebook flat rates: Amazon Kindle Flat & Readfy iOS app – apfeleimer.de

The flat rates come Ebook: Amazon Kindle Flat Unlimited and Readfy iOS app! Amazon should allow in October with E-book Kindle flatrate unlimited reading fun for a small monthly Fixbeitrag also in Germany, the iOS app Readfy for iPhone and iPad allows you to completely free reading ebooks thanks to advertising and commercials.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited: THE Ebook Flat

Amazon will launch on 8 October at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the e-book Kindle Flatrate Unlimited. For a fixed monthly price to the Kindle reader is unlimited access to books in Kindle Ebooks Library. However, this seems to be not quite as easy to implement in Germany: while smaller publishers recognize the chance and see eBook flat rates as a “model of the future” practice industry giants reticence. This will be mainly due to the loud WiWo that the relationship between Amazon and example, the large publishing house Bonnier by the demands of higher discounts from Amazon are a bit troubled. Especially in combination with the new Kindle Voyage likely this offer still happy some bookworms.

Readfy free Ebook Flat by advertising

Readfy has a fantastic with a slightly different but interesting idea in the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad. Free Books and Ebooks one promises here, financed by advertising banners and advertisements. Nevertheless, an ad-free version of the app was planned by an in app purchase (or subscription?) Banners to be removed. So far, well over 25,000 electronic books in Readfy are available, a glance should thus risking books and bookworms in all cases.

Download @
App Store
readfy – books free

Price: Free

flat rate offers for music streaming such as Spotify and streaming TV, TV series and films such as Netflix, Watch Ever, max cathedrals and Amazon Instant Video have expanded to include established in the market. In our opinion a counterpart for Books and Ebooks is therefore a sensible, even overdue service. Publishing houses that should balk against the introduction of such offer, lead the problems of the music and film industry in mind. Here a reasonable and profitable for all parties, pioneering business model needs to be found.

Certainly makes reading a “real, printed book” still a lot of fun, but just the high-resolution display and the new format of an iPhone 6 Plus, thanks to such offers is today already available at low cost, already is perfect for reading on the bus, train, vacation, bed or balcony.

How do you feel about a paid ebook Flat as Kindle Unlimited Amazon or free flat thanks to advertising as Readfy?


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Unlimited Kindle: Amazon wants to introduce eBook flatrate in Germany – TIME ONLINE

In brief it is a report, be possible through Amazon, for a fixed monthly price as many eBooks to read. But large publishers participating no.

 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with new Kindle tablet

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with new Kindle Tablets | Gus Ruelas is © / Reuters

The US-based Amazon a report the Economics Week (Wiwo) According to continue to provide Germany a flat rate for electronic books. The launch of Kindle Unlimited should therefore take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 8. Amazon even remarked to the magazine over not on the plans.

For a fixed monthly amount customers could then also in this country invite as many books on their reader. In the USA, Amazon required for the flat rate $ 9.99 per month.


In Germany, the offer will fail though initially sparse. According to Wiwo only a few large publishers will participate in the Offer is to start. Smaller players like Dotbooks from Munich on the other hand want to join. “Flat-rate reading is a model for the future”, publisher Beate Kuckertz told the magazine.

The relationship between Amazon and the industry is burdened because of the US-based inter alia on the publishing group Bonnier higher discounts for electronic Books calls. An agreement is still pending.




Thursday, September 25, 2014

Amazon Kindle Unlimited: Launch of e-book Flatrate – CHIP Online Business

 & lt; h2 & gt; Amazon Kindle Unlimited & lt; / h2 & gt ;: The service is in Europe start.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is here – British customers can take advantage of all e-books and audio books for 7.99 pounds a month, which it currently available for Kindle in the UK Store. Amazon had betrayed himself and turned too early in July, an advertisement for the service, it was then found and created a screenshot.

650,000 e-books available to the subscribers. Thousands of audiobooks and other digital content can be synchronized via various devices away and allow seamless consumption of content. When the service starts in Germany, is not yet known. But already now, the service will considered as a threat to public libraries, says Engadget. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is specified for the USA with a monthly price of $ 9.99.

Video: iPad 4 or Kindle Fire HD 8.9 – The Amazon-Commercial Test

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60-Euro-Kindle Voyage is selling like hot cakes – lesen.net

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amazon Introduces New Tablet generation ago – CHECK24

The online retailer Amazon has unveiled the next generation of tablet series Kindle Fire. On its website, the company presented alongside updated versions of the top model Fire HDX 8.9 and the seven-incher Fire HD 7auch a smaller version of the Fire HD with a screen size of only six inches. The new tablets are now available for preorder and will be shipped from October.

With the Kindle Fire HD 6 Amazon offers a new device on the border between smartphone and tablet, while the Fire HD 7 his two-year-old predecessor replacing with the same name. Both variants offer a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, a gigabyte of RAM and a quad-core processor with two higher and two lower clocked cores. For the first time Amazon tablets are also available in five different colors. The Fire HD 6 will be available from October 16, according to the website – the variant with eight gigabytes of internal memory costs 99 euros. The larger sister model fails with 119 euros in the small memory version to book.

The 379 euro expensive receives from November 4, also a hardware update Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. In addition to a quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz Amazon equipped the tablet faster graphics chip. Unlike the Fire-HD series, the Fire HDX 8.9 is also available in a version with wireless module and LTE from 529 euros. All quoted prices are valid for Tablets with the designated Amazon Special Offer commercials on the lock screen. For an extra charge of 15 euros can disable this.

With the new tablet generation Amazon has also updated its operating system Fire OS. The base now forms a highly customized version of Google’s mobile operating system Android 4.4 – the previous Fire OS still sat Android 4.2 as the basis. With Fire OS 4 users to access multiple Amazon accounts and can use an Amazon search function linked with the name Firefly


How Amazon wants to secure exclusive Kindle content – buchreport

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 (08:54 clock)

In recent years, Amazon the focus clearly on exclusive content for the Kindle program down. With a new offer Amazon will bind more Self Publisher itself. To this end, Amazon has particularly focused on the Italian book market.

Report Multiple blogs that Amazon has announced a new program in an email to KDP authors, the relies on crowdsourcing. The first details:.

  • Authors upload their complete, unpublished manuscript on Amazon up
  • The following is an excerpt of the book for review Kindle presented to customers.
  • Books with the best feedback are tested on a publication from Amazon Publishing team down.
  • In this case, get the Amazon customers who have reviewed the book, one week before publication the book for free.
  • The Amazon author should receive at least $ 1,500 advance and a 50% share of the net proceeds from the e-book sales – for comparison: publishers generally pay 25%.
  • Amazon will have exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the e-book and audio book edition; other rights, including print,
  • Maintains the author in the five years to remain with the author. following the publication of less than 5000 dollars in royalties, he can get the book on Amazon.
  • Amazon promises the authors in this program, referencing via e-mail and other marketing activities for the books; The titles are also part of the Kindle Lending Library and the flat rate tender Kindle Unlimited

The procedure is reminiscent of a cooperation Amazon in Italy.: The Italian publisher Rizzoli (daughter of RCS Libri ) co-hosted with Amazon and the Italian start-up 20lines from under bigjump.it a literary contest for thriller, romance novels and historical novels, which also uses crowdsourcing was used. Selected from a literacy community, and Amazon customers authors received a publishing contract and marketing preference at Amazon.

for now “ KDP Select “Amazon’s largest bait for exclusive content. Authors commit to for 90 days exclusively offer their books on Amazon as an e-book. In turn, there are higher royalties, are the titles of the Kindle Lending Library (free reading material for prime customers), they can be offered up to five days for free (hoping to attract more attention) , finally obtained the authors money from a fund also get the 100 authors with most book sales and the 100 best-selling e-books per month recently bonuses


Amazon makes the Kindle Voyage ago – WinFuture

Amazon has introduced the Kindle Voyage, the latest model of its Kindle series. The new eBook reader is equipped with a 6-inch display, the front light detects the surrounding brightness automatically turns on when needed.

Also new are the so-called Page Press-sensors, the left and right located next to the display and to make the turning easier. At 7.6 mm, the Kindle Voyage is also thinner than its predecessor.


Monday, September 22, 2014

New Autumn Collection at Amazon: Kindle Fire HD6, HD7 and HDX 8.9 in … – Android User – News

Amazon has its Kindle Fire product range missed a major update. Three new models are now available to pre-order. While the HDX version costs about 380 euros in the new version, there is the Fire HD6 now an affordable entry tablet below 100 €.

Amazon expands its tablet portfolio with three new Kindle Fire models with Fire OS 4 The smallest tablet, the Kindle Fire HD6, has a 6-inch display with 1280 x 800 pixels and costs in the version with ads on the lock screen and 8 GB of memory just 99 €. Who does not want publicity from Amazon, have to pay 20 euros more. Details installed quad core CPU are currently no before, on the Amazon website simply states: “The new quad-core processor is twice as fast as that of the Fire HD the previous generation and offers a faster graphics performance . “ The availability is Amazon with the 16 October.

The next larger model is the Kindle Fire HD7. This tablet has a 7-inch display with 1280 x 800 pixels also, the remaining parameters (VGA front camera, 2-megapixel rear camera, 8 hour battery life 8 or 16 GB of memory) are identical. For the Fire Tablet with 7-inch display Amazon calls with advertising 119 euro, without “special offers” 134 euros in the 8-gigabyte version, the prices are for the 16-gigabyte version for 149/164 EUR. The 7-inch model is already available from the 2nd of October.

 The new Amazon tablets are available in different colors image. amazon.com

The new Amazon tablets are available in different colors. Image: amazon.com

The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 with its 8.9-inch display with 2560 x 1600 pixels sold Amazon in the cheapest version (16 GB of memory, Advertising on the lock screen and without 3G) for 379 euros. Again, there are no exact details of Amazon for installed CPU / GPU combo. Compared with the small models, the HDX has an 8-megapixel main camera and a HD front camera. There are also versions with LTE modem. The variant with 32 GB of memory costs already 429 euros for 64 GB of memory would like Amazon 479 € (always combined with advertising without be another 20 euros extra charge payable). The great Amazon tablet will be available from November 4.

If you are thinking a Kindle Fire tablet with the purchase, should be aware that the tablets are not a full Android system is installed, but Fire OS (in the new version 4.0 aka “Sangria”). Although the software is based on KitKat has but little in common with Android 4.4 and is primarily used to consume content from Amazon. In addition, all Tablets waive a MicroSD card slot and integration instead of Google Play stores the App Store from Amazon.

 The most important new features in the new OS 4 Fire from Amazon.

The most important new features in the new OS 4 Fire from Amazon.

The recent Kindle Fire tablets are still available at unchanged prices at Amazon . A review of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, which shows the pros and cons of Amazon tablets, are in the archive of Android users

There are only two reasons to buy an Amazon Tablet:. ‘ / p>

  1. You like Amazon
  2. You know how to rootet a Fire tablet and a custom ROM install

The rooting is usually the smaller problem, but good custom ROMs to find does. Amazon does everything for obvious reasons, so that users remain as the operating system at Fire OS. Even if the 99 euro appear for the smallest model to be favorable, one should not forget that at this price on the lock screen advertising appears and practically generates the complete pre-installed app offering money for Amazon, the Fire HDX also with ads 379 € demand, is a joke. Who is looking for a real Android tablet for 99 euros with KitKat and without advertising, we can, for example, the Acer Iconia One 7 recommend (Review). Much more fun than with the Fire HDX you have, for example, with the LG G Pad 8.3. The kitchen has “only” a full-HD display, but it’s a real Android system and it costs on Amazon just 222 Euros


Voyage Kindle: Amazon-entries indicate new e-Book Reader – netzwelt.de

Amazon messages, media reports have listed a device called “Kindle Voyage”. It could be a new e-book reader of the online dealer from whom already have a picture and some basic data in circulation.

Kindle Voyage could be the new E -book reader called Amazon out of the house, The Verge reported with reference to entries in the online retailer in Germany and Japan. In the meantime, however they were removed.

This design of the Kindle Voyage to come from the user. (Source: allesebook.de)

The Kindle Voyage to offer a six-inch display with a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch. Details of Amazon Japan theme the Kindle Voyage as Wi-Fi and 3G model, which weighs 186 grams and has eight millimeters thick.

A picture of the Kindle e-book Voyage to loud Portal allesebook.de from the manual of the device derived (see above). The white areas on the sides are particularly noticeable. They may serve as a help in turning

release in November

Even a release date was listed for the Amazon Kindle Voyage:. 4 On November. want it to appear. It’s quite possible that Amazon, the device promptly officially announced. Recently, the company made a serious vulnerability in the Kindle library attention.

fourth November 2014


Parental Controls for Kindle: Free Time set and add content – Giga.de

Kindle FreeTime you can set up a parental control on both the Kindle Fire as well as Kindle Paperwhite devices that blocks certain functions in Amazon Tablet.

Is Kindle Free Time enabled, it affects the inter alia, as follows:

  • Locked access to the Kindle store
  • blockade for in-app purchases and social media functions (including Facebook)
  • Locked access to the browser and Wikipedia
  • There can be only read books that have been added to a particular library.

So you can Kindle Free Time Setup

freetime-logo To Kindle Free time can be set, it is assumed a password for parental control. So can you Kindle Free Time activate:

  1. Addiction on the home page in “Apps” – “Kindle Free Time”
  2. Click on “Getting Started”
  3. <.. li> If no child lock password has been created, you have here a new edit, otherwise you login you one with the existing password for Kindle Free Time.

  4. Click “Add a Profile for My Child” on. ‘ / li>
  5. “Add picture” About a profile image for Kindle FreeTime be established.
  6. Now can you additional data such. B. indicated the name and date of birth of the child.
  7. If several children are managed with Kindle FreeTime, click on “More child add”.
  8. There may profiles for up to six children are created.
  9. “Finish” the establishment of Kindle FreeTime is completed

Kindle Free Time:. settings

 kindle-free-time-screenshot A list displays all the books that are located in your Kindle library. Marks the corresponding records shall be accessible through FreeTime and click “OK”. In addition to special books and educational apps can be used with Kindle Free Time. About the “First Learning” function you can set the Kindle Fire, that content is not directly related to learning are disabled until predetermined learning or reading goals have been achieved.

In addition, you can define it, as long as the Kindle device may be used daily under the corresponding profile. Should FreeTime be activated simply reports to the appropriate profile on the Kindle device

More special scale for Kindle Fire Kindle Free Time functions:.

  • “Bedtime”: The use of the tablet under the free-time profile is only within a specified time frame possible.
  • Timeouts can be interpreted differently for weekdays and weekends.

Amazon Prime customers can choose from books record the Kindle lending library in free-time library with

Kindle Free Time:. books and apps to add

Do you want to add their new books and Apps to Kindle Free Time, goes as follows:

  1. Gets the “Parent Settings” of Kindle Free Time and opens the “content and subscriptions.”
  2. Give the password for parental controls.
  3. Click “Add titles to the library for (Profile Name)” on.
  4. Now can select their individual titles, which are available under FreeTime.
  5. Click on “For Kids” in the library with the Kindle device automatically searches for child-friendly content for you out.

Music and audiobooks can not be added to Kindle Free Time.

Here you can also learn, which eBook formats Kindle and Co. dominate. We also show you how to use Chrome Cast with Kindle Fire HD.