Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Deals: Amazon Kindle Fire HD from 89 E. – CHIP Online Business

Amazon has announced prices for its Amazon Kindle Fire HD readjusted – there is now a version for 89 euros and one for 99 euros. On demand of CHIP confirmed a spokeswoman that the sales campaign with 79 € discount and Prime probably is over

The customer can choose between 16 GB and 32 GB -., All devices are in stock. The model Kindle Fire HD is certified and reconditioned (previous model) with 17 cm (7 inches), dual band -WLAN two antennas, HD display, Dolby audio technology. The tablet will cost 99 euros in the newer version.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD at startup cost 129 euros. Kindle Fire HD convinced the CHIP test thanks to the good display and speedy navigation through the operating system. The term was then a total of approximately 6 hours “perfectly fine”. The only downside: Amazon uses its own operating system, the Fire OS. The tablet is not completely independent, it is openly marketed as a vehicle for Amazon Apps and goods from the online shop.

“Our Amazon Kindle Fire is a vehicle for our content, “admits Dave Limp, vice president of Devices at Amazon in conversation with CHIP. “At the same time it should say under all the gadgets out there and just as good, if not better than the tablets the same collar size.” To be able to compete against the iPad and other tablets, he relies on services and openness.

Interestingly, followed Amazon’s devices division approach, seamlessly allow all content and formats opposite to remain neutral. Thus, the resultant of E-book readers Kindle Fire could be a kind of “Switzerland of the tablet contents.” Limp said it this way: “I quite flirtatious with the fact that the Kindle Fire a kind of shopping cart in the One-Stop-Shop Amazon could be – with me, of course it is clear that this is difficult to achieve, but we try to convince our customers differently.. about by each device preset the Library and the settings of the customer and having a part thereof book from an old Reader on the new device is transmitted without the digital bookmark is lost. “

from 129,90 €

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for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB


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