Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kindle Voyage: New e-book reader from Amazon on the march – WinFuture

The online retailer Amazon will bring in the coming weeks, three new e-book reader Kindle his series on the market. In addition to a slightly improved model of the Kindle Touch it will also be a completely new device called “Kindle Voyage”. When Kindle Voyage is a system with a high-resolution display with a screen size of 6 inches as of placeholders on Amazon shows that has found a reader of Caschys blog. Here, Amazon holds so on to the current size of its e-book reader. Depending on the intensity of the ambient light switches on when the device while reading a front light to do so. Kindle Voyage Kindle listings (via Caschys blog) Another new feature of the Kindle Voyage are the so-called Page Press-sensors. It is touch-sensitive areas in the context of the display, which take over the function of the previous buttons flip. These are also disposed on both sides of the area to continue reading from falls greater, as shown in a detected image of MobileGeeks.  Kindle Voyage Kindle Voyage (via MobileGeeks) The Kindle Voyage will weigh 186 grams and with 8 fail millimeters thickness somewhat flatter than the Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon offers the model in two variations of: A version that can be powered only via USB and Wi-Fi with new data should cost 189 euros. A second version with an integrated 3G module, which also go new books can be downloaded, fails with 249 euros. The launch is scheduled for November 4.

The update for the Kindle Touch is unlikely to be particularly groundbreaking innovations. This should only receive a new display coating having significantly less mirror effects. At 59 euros this could also be a little cheaper than the current model. Here the sales start on October 2, to take place. For more information about the new devices do not yet exist currently and also the prices quoted are not yet officially confirmed

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