Saturday, September 27, 2014

Unlimited Kindle: Amazon wants to introduce eBook flatrate in Germany – TIME ONLINE

In brief it is a report, be possible through Amazon, for a fixed monthly price as many eBooks to read. But large publishers participating no.

 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with new Kindle tablet

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with new Kindle Tablets | Gus Ruelas is © / Reuters

The US-based Amazon a report the Economics Week (Wiwo) According to continue to provide Germany a flat rate for electronic books. The launch of Kindle Unlimited should therefore take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 8. Amazon even remarked to the magazine over not on the plans.

For a fixed monthly amount customers could then also in this country invite as many books on their reader. In the USA, Amazon required for the flat rate $ 9.99 per month.


In Germany, the offer will fail though initially sparse. According to Wiwo only a few large publishers will participate in the Offer is to start. Smaller players like Dotbooks from Munich on the other hand want to join. “Flat-rate reading is a model for the future”, publisher Beate Kuckertz told the magazine.

The relationship between Amazon and the industry is burdened because of the US-based inter alia on the publishing group Bonnier higher discounts for electronic Books calls. An agreement is still pending.




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