Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Amazon wants to secure exclusive Kindle content – buchreport

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 (08:54 clock)

In recent years, Amazon the focus clearly on exclusive content for the Kindle program down. With a new offer Amazon will bind more Self Publisher itself. To this end, Amazon has particularly focused on the Italian book market.

Report Multiple blogs that Amazon has announced a new program in an email to KDP authors, the relies on crowdsourcing. The first details:.

  • Authors upload their complete, unpublished manuscript on Amazon up
  • The following is an excerpt of the book for review Kindle presented to customers.
  • Books with the best feedback are tested on a publication from Amazon Publishing team down.
  • In this case, get the Amazon customers who have reviewed the book, one week before publication the book for free.
  • The Amazon author should receive at least $ 1,500 advance and a 50% share of the net proceeds from the e-book sales – for comparison: publishers generally pay 25%.
  • Amazon will have exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the e-book and audio book edition; other rights, including print,
  • Maintains the author in the five years to remain with the author. following the publication of less than 5000 dollars in royalties, he can get the book on Amazon.
  • Amazon promises the authors in this program, referencing via e-mail and other marketing activities for the books; The titles are also part of the Kindle Lending Library and the flat rate tender Kindle Unlimited

The procedure is reminiscent of a cooperation Amazon in Italy.: The Italian publisher Rizzoli (daughter of RCS Libri ) co-hosted with Amazon and the Italian start-up 20lines from under bigjump.it a literary contest for thriller, romance novels and historical novels, which also uses crowdsourcing was used. Selected from a literacy community, and Amazon customers authors received a publishing contract and marketing preference at Amazon.

for now “ KDP Select “Amazon’s largest bait for exclusive content. Authors commit to for 90 days exclusively offer their books on Amazon as an e-book. In turn, there are higher royalties, are the titles of the Kindle Lending Library (free reading material for prime customers), they can be offered up to five days for free (hoping to attract more attention) , finally obtained the authors money from a fund also get the 100 authors with most book sales and the 100 best-selling e-books per month recently bonuses


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