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Amazon Fire TV in the first Test –

With Fire TV the online retailer Amazon brings its set-top box to Germany. We were able to collect test-impressions with Amazon Fire TV and betrayed, for whom the offer is good as an alternative to Apple TV, Google Chrome Cast and Co..

In the USA, Amazon Fire TV is already since April 2014 have. On Wednesday evening prior to the IFA, the box was officially introduced to the German market. As of September 25, it will be delivered in this country. The box costs just under 100 Euros and should be to have to introduce for Amazon Prime customers for the half.

Fire for Amazon Prime

Prime is also the product that really makes the Fire TV box only fun. The box should connect between the subscription online video store Amazon Prime Instant Video and any flat screen TV, but do not only carry video streaming content from Amazon, but the full range of possible online content, games and apps on the flat screen TV . At the launch of Fire TV we were able to get a first impression of the functions and qualities of the box.

Fire TV is based according to Amazon’s product manager Peter Larsen as the Kindle Fire tablet on the Android operating system and has a quad-core processor, a dedicated graphics processor and two gigabytes of memory. Fire TV did so three times the performance of the latest Apple TV. Fire TV should also offer more apps and content than its competitor, have a more open platform and be faster and easier to use than the model, so Larsen at the launch of his product.

“In the Amazon Fire World TV offers the greatest comfort”

Many apps for videos and movies

In fact, showed the preliminary version of the Box apps such as the ZDF media library, mirror and screen TVs and next Amazon Prime Instant Video just also online video stores from competitors such as max cathedrals or Netflix.

In the Amazon World Fire TV but offers the greatest comfort. There is, for example, a voice search. The Fire-remote, so the name of the corresponding remote control has a built-in microphone and a search button. As long as you press on it and a search direction micro says she listens and gives the first check even not entirely free of dialect inquiries amazingly well-fitting results. Of course Fire TV searches in this case only Amazon offers, so throw on the question of “House of Cards” only the episodes of the series on Amazon Instant Video out, not at max cathedrals or Netflix.

Amazon Fire TV

at the start promises a whole range of popular Amazon TV, music and news apps . More to follow here as well as on the Kindle Fire platform




Optimized for Prime Instant Video

In the Amazon Fire World TV also offers an impressive speed. After calling a film or series on the menu, it sometimes takes less than a second for the title starts on the OK button for a further pressure on the screen. The trick: Fire TV is always thinking one step ahead and begins again with the film retrieval, while the thumb of the user still reluctant to start it. The precious seconds you will then save on waiting time.

From Amazon it should always be more exclusive content. After “Alpha House”, the first series of the “Amazon Studios” are soon to follow ten other titles, including the second alpha-House-season and series like “Bosch”, “Transparent”, “Mozart in the Jungle” and some children’s series . In the footsteps of Netflix, where just more custom tracks are produced so Amazon occurs.

Expandable playback comfort

during playback to work practical the Amazon system than many competitors . It is about the so-called “X-Ray” feature to select movies and series. This X-ray view of a film showing on parallel Kindle Fire Tablets background information on each scene – generated or about the actor, the title of the film music, or any other information, the Amazon from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

multiple devices is Amazon Instant Video also remembers the last playback position of a movie and will allow you switch while watching the language version and caption track of the film it too. The latter only works if movies and series are equipped to

This is Amazon Instant Video still hardly the case: the most titles with original sound track can only be an alternative to the German version retrieve – in contrast. about typical for facilities on iTunes, Ever Watch and max cathedrals as well as Netflix. The streams have there are usually several language versions and subtitle tracks. Here, Amazon must be lowered in Germany now customize the functions of Fire TV.

Apps and Games

The number of apps is however already impressive. Fire TV based on the same Android-based such as the Kindle Fire tablet. There is a common app development tool, the Amazon product manager. Apps and games for Kindle Fire can be so easy on the TV hardware to adapt, an optional game controller with Android controls for 39,99 Euro to the do the rest, that Fire TV also a particularly favorable TV Console for Android Games will be.

First game demos showed no long-precious sophisticated graphics services such as the latest consoles from Sony or Microsoft. But Fire is TV for cheap Android game between enough and too fast by far. Thanks to the interplay between Kindle Fire and Fire TV is multi-player games can be developed, which can be played in parallel with several Amazon devices. Analogous to the series production should also provide here the house “Amazon Studios’ supply of content

More media functions round off the Fire TV package. Photos can be of any devices directly via the Amazon cloud on the Get TV, as well as music from Amazon Music, Spotify or Webradio-Tuna.

For details should depend in future apps that Amazon itself and controlled releases. The promise here: Fire TV is supposed to be an open platform. Certainly not quite as open as an unbranded Android TV box, but with a very comfortable operating concept

Conclusion:. Crunchy hardware business model

Amazon delivers with Fire TV a really good product from which is especially worthwhile for streaming and cloud customers of the online retailer.


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