Monday, September 22, 2014

Parental Controls for Kindle: Free Time set and add content –

Kindle FreeTime you can set up a parental control on both the Kindle Fire as well as Kindle Paperwhite devices that blocks certain functions in Amazon Tablet.

Is Kindle Free Time enabled, it affects the inter alia, as follows:

  • Locked access to the Kindle store
  • blockade for in-app purchases and social media functions (including Facebook)
  • Locked access to the browser and Wikipedia
  • There can be only read books that have been added to a particular library.

So you can Kindle Free Time Setup

freetime-logo To Kindle Free time can be set, it is assumed a password for parental control. So can you Kindle Free Time activate:

  1. Addiction on the home page in “Apps” – “Kindle Free Time”
  2. Click on “Getting Started”
  3. <.. li> If no child lock password has been created, you have here a new edit, otherwise you login you one with the existing password for Kindle Free Time.

  4. Click “Add a Profile for My Child” on. ‘ / li>
  5. “Add picture” About a profile image for Kindle FreeTime be established.
  6. Now can you additional data such. B. indicated the name and date of birth of the child.
  7. If several children are managed with Kindle FreeTime, click on “More child add”.
  8. There may profiles for up to six children are created.
  9. “Finish” the establishment of Kindle FreeTime is completed

Kindle Free Time:. settings

 kindle-free-time-screenshot A list displays all the books that are located in your Kindle library. Marks the corresponding records shall be accessible through FreeTime and click “OK”. In addition to special books and educational apps can be used with Kindle Free Time. About the “First Learning” function you can set the Kindle Fire, that content is not directly related to learning are disabled until predetermined learning or reading goals have been achieved.

In addition, you can define it, as long as the Kindle device may be used daily under the corresponding profile. Should FreeTime be activated simply reports to the appropriate profile on the Kindle device

More special scale for Kindle Fire Kindle Free Time functions:.

  • “Bedtime”: The use of the tablet under the free-time profile is only within a specified time frame possible.
  • Timeouts can be interpreted differently for weekdays and weekends.

Amazon Prime customers can choose from books record the Kindle lending library in free-time library with

Kindle Free Time:. books and apps to add

Do you want to add their new books and Apps to Kindle Free Time, goes as follows:

  1. Gets the “Parent Settings” of Kindle Free Time and opens the “content and subscriptions.”
  2. Give the password for parental controls.
  3. Click “Add titles to the library for (Profile Name)” on.
  4. Now can select their individual titles, which are available under FreeTime.
  5. Click on “For Kids” in the library with the Kindle device automatically searches for child-friendly content for you out.

Music and audiobooks can not be added to Kindle Free Time.

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