Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Many bank customers use the Internet for remittances and other private banking. Who but in cases of online fraud pays for the damage, which must be clarified in each individual case. In case of dispute banks often show grace.

Specifically, it depends on whether the customer has at least partial responsibility for the data theft. It is negligent, for example, if the bank customer has no antivirus program installed on his computer. On the other hand, the bank is required to provide a secure technical platform

According to a European guideline, customers are liable for unauthorized transactions only up to an amount of 150 € -. Unless they have violated their obligations to protect the credentials in a grossly negligent manner. Contributory negligence can make banks, if they have an old TAN system. TAN stands for Transaction Number

If a customer convincingly, that he the victim of a phishing attack -. Has meant that fishing for passwords – has become, he can hope not to sit on the damage. To prove that, for example, a screen print (screenshot) can be submitted

Source:. Dpa


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