Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kindle Voyager, HD6 Fire, Fire HDX: New Amazon devices presented – Spiegel Online

The online retailer Amazon again expanded its range of equipment for sale of books, films and music. The Group turned in on Wednesday night German time several new e-readers and tablets before, including a reader, which costs at least 190 euros in Germany. It is thus one of the most expensive read-only devices on the market. If you choose the version with 3G connectivity, so you can also go shopping books, the price is a cheaper version rises to 250 euros.

with advertising on the lock screen does not offer Amazon for its new high-end model at. By comparison, the waterproof luxury Reader Kobo Aura H2O costs 180 euros. It will be available from 1 October.

The Kindle Voyage has a high-resolution e-ink screen with six-inch diagonal screen. You can not just flip through the touch screen, but also on pressure-sensitive sensors in the screen. The screen surface is made of roughened glass, not plastic, the glass is installed flush in the frame. The rest of the housing is made of magnesium, not made of plastic. At just 190 grams and a thickness of eight millimeters, the Voyage Kindle is lighter and thinner than the previous top model Paperwhite, whose capacity has now doubled. The Voyage will be available from November. The first reviewers from the USA are very pleased with the unit, especially from the high resolution of the screen.

Tablets between 100 to 600 euros

a new entry-level Kindle with touch screen there from October at a price of 60 euros, the ad-free version costs 80 euros. He has a six inch display – but with a lower resolution than the Voyage and without backlighting. With a faster processor loading and Umblättervorgänge should be accelerated, also the memory has been increased.

In addition to new e-readers, Amazon introduced new tablets before. The cheapest model is sold at 100 euros, but it also has a format that only goes through with much benevolence as a Tablet: The screen size of the Fire HD6 is only 6 inches. The 7-inch model Fire HD7 costs from 120 euros, depending on how much memory is installed and whether the customer agrees to display on the lock screen advertising.

The new high-end model the Tablet-series is, like its predecessor, Fire HDX 8.9. It costs from 380 euros. However one chooses the ad-free version with 65 gigabytes of memory and with the ability to produce LTE radio links, climbs the price to almost 600 euros.

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