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Kindle eReader win the quiz - Future Zone

“5 of 10″

Every weekend there to take a quiz, great prizes await the winners. This week there are a Kindle eReader in the quiz to win.

week after week to test readers futurezone their high-tech knowledge. This weekend, the quiz is running “10 from 5″ – ten questions from five days futurezone – Saturday 00:01 clock to Sunday 23:59 clock . Questions that can be answered easily if you have read the articles in the future zone. And if you should not think of an answer – just use the search function


Thanks to the innovative E Ink screen you can read well everywhere, whether in the dark living room or in bright sunlight.'s eyes get tired because of the similar ambient brightness is not so surprising. With the Kindle eReader can be made in any read position. The Kindle has a uniform contrast ratio that does not change with the viewing angle. eReader Kindle weighs only 170 grams and therefore is also good for a long time in your hand. The battery lasts up to a month. to 1,400 books can be stored on the device. makes cooking easy and delivers throughout Austria together with varied recipes and the matching food to your home. KochAbo box with the ingredients for three varied dishes filled, either classic or vegetarian. The content is tailored to the quantity supplied Recipes . Ingredients are sourced from quality local production.


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Thanks to the innovative E Ink screen you can read well everywhere, whether in the dark living room or in bright sunlight. The eyes become tired because of the similar ambient brightness is not so surprising.

futurezone editors do not want to make it too easy for visitors – only those with at least eight out of ten questions correctly answered and registered to participate in the raffle. Each week you can win valuable prizes – a grand prize of the high-tech world (every week will be raffled to another device), as 2nd Price you can win a KochAbo box with 3 recipes. Than 3 Price we are giving away the learning game physics Ludwig.

Ovos Ludwig Louis

Kindle eReader
Matching the start of the holidays and the start of the holiday season is giving away the future zone this week a Kindle eReader from Amazon. The winners and the correct answers are given on Monday announced next week on the future zone. The decision is final.


10 from 5 – The future zone-Week Quiz – Kindle eReader

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Kindle eReader win the quiz - Future Zone

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Friday, June 28, 2013

E-book readers: These are the best readers - RP ONLINE

last updated: 28.06.2013 – 16:02

There are a variety of e-book readers on the market. This raises the big question: Which models are the best? Besides the technical equipment is also important, which file formats can read the device.

E-book readers: These are the best readers photo: dpa

e-book readers: These are the best readers photo: AP

Stiftung Warentest has looked at various e-book readers in May – when the test came out to be the best e-book reader from Amazon are: test winner was the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, for the approximately 120 euros is available.

The strengths of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite are the clear structure, simple operation and high-quality display. The touch screen has a backlight, also can use the device in landscape mode. Very good cut the battery life from: The tester used the device two hours a day and could thus use the Kindle Paperwhite 31 days



It goes digital!

class=”c42″> Try now the new iPad App of the Rheinische Post!

interesting is the Paper White Kindle 3G version. The e-book reader has some of the third generation mobile communication standards. Thus, you can buy via mobile phone abroad e-books, the cost of data transfer takes Amazon. However: You can use almost exclusively with the Kindle electronic books that are stored in the Amazon Mobi file format


There are also alternative that does not come from Amazon. Very good the Tolino Shine has cut that has emerged from the test as price-performance winner. With a price of around 100 euros, the device is the cheapest model on the market, in addition to a touch screen also features a backlight at the moment. You can also use the Tolino Shine Fi hotspots rely on and use the data cloud Telekom. Also the menu structure and convince the good image quality. A great advantage of Tolio Shine is that it is the memory expandable via microSD card. In file formats to Epub and PDF reflow can use.

Another good e-book reader, the Kobo Glo. The model costs around 130 euros and in addition a backlight and a touchscreen offers a variety of options. So you can use as a translation program or a synonym dictionary, you can also view a read statistics. The Kobo Glo can view the epub format and jpeg restricted and Mobipocket. This model also allows the memory using microSD card expand.


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Kindle Worlds opens with fan fiction Store [Video] -

550x282xkindle-worlds-store lead.jpg.pagespeed.ic.yDJL4aEFRC Kindle Worlds, the new Amazon Store, which specializes in fan-fictions books, was opened. The stories are based on existing TV series, books, comics and games and could tap into a lucrative market despite low prices.

Amazon has opened a new shop for avid readers and writers of fan fiction stories. Kindle Worlds opened its digital doors on Thursday with more than 50 original stories that are based on such television series as “Gossip Girl,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Pretty Little Liars”. The rights to the series Amazon is secured in advance. Thus, the already no end place-and-glamor teen vampire series should be extended to include some boozy fan fantasies. Kindle eBooks from Worlds cost 0.99 to 3.99 dollars and will typically be available exclusively for Kindle devices and apps. To participate as an author, are u.å. a minimum age of 18 years and a U.S. bank account needed.

Interested writers can upload their stories to licensed content and provided with a cover. After examination by the Amazon Fan fiction is available on all Kindle-compatible devices. The author then receives a monthly report and a fee of 35 percent.

Looking at the many fan fiction forums dedicated to Kindle Worlds could actually be a success with a correspondingly large array of series. Perhaps there is even a thing or talent – secure but also a bunch of junk. For now, Kindle Worlds will be available exclusively in the USA. If and when the business idea comes to Germany is not safe. A commercial there is anyway already:

[Amazon, Kindle Worlds]

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amazon Kindle: For only 50 € at Saturn - Chip Online

Cheap Amazon Kindle on Amazon.

currently has Saturn in its online store to the Ebook reader Kindle from Amazon at an unbeatable price of around 50 euros. Amazon itself, the reader still costs 69 euros. The only downside to Saturn Offer: The Reader is only available in 2-3 days

The Amazon Kindle is it a classic Ebook reader with 6-inch diagonal and E-Ink technology.. In order to see letters on the screen as printed. The memory is 2 gigabytes – enough for around 1,400 books. Currently, the reader is ranked 4 our leaderboard, however, is the best value in our price-performance rating. . Especially his clever shop link lift it from other readers

class=”general2″> CHIP Online says:
The Saturn Offer is really very good – you can not currently come to the reader. The only drawback to the Kindle: This has no backlight – especially if you still want to read books in bed at night, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is, however, the better, but with 130 euros more expensive, choice. This is our current number 1 of the leaderboard. (MRO)

See more room tips class=”bla-item_list”>
  •  Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi White Paper
    1 Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi White Paper

  • Sony PRS-T2
  • Kobo Glo
  • Amazon Kindle 4 Wi-Fi
  • Longshine Tolino Shine
    5 Longshine Tolino Shine

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    1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – test (video)
    2. Kindle: Amazon’s Ebook Reader cheap today (news, 04/02/2013)

    Kindle Classic only 49 euros (update): eBook Reader with Hammer Price -

    About the×300.jpg, we have written several times, just for bookworms he is a great addition to the iPad.

    update at 19:10 clock: The deal is so good that the delivery time slowly goes up. Too much time so you should not let it be. From 20:00 clock Saturn has late night shopping in the way, and a Mac Mini in the offer.

    Saturn, there is the classic×300.jpg (without a touchscreen, with buttons for navigation) to a really good price. Instead of 69 €, which are currently required at Amazon, you pay for the eBook only 49 euros (to the shop). The shipping costs of 4,95 € not apply if you can provide the×300.jpg in a store.


    there was the Amazon×300.jpg has not yet – in March he was for 64 euros on offer, but this is still a corner more than currently at Saturn. Because the price is really good, I would strike quickly if interested, long the offer will probably not keep. Those who have already read books with the×300.jpg app, this can of course play just download the×300.jpg.

    I myself have the×300.jpg Touch in use, which has for some time every now and then from the actual technology, the eInk display, very similar to the classic×300.jpg. Especially on vacation at the beach or pool but the unit is perfect to browse a little. Here I would not take my iPad mini and due to the sunlight you probably would not see anything on the screen anyway.

    addition, the low weight of only 170 grams convinced, here comes so fast no zoom tablet. A good assessment has appgefahren reader wrote “Sense and Nonsense” at one of our last article on the×300.jpg: “To read the×300.jpg is unbeatable, perfect weight and size, and even in bright summer sun perfectly. The question naturally arises after a lighting, for example if you want to read in bed at night without disturbing the partner – I have to the original cover with integrated LED light. Another very good solution, but almost as expensive as the×300.jpg itself and again with an extra weight properly. “

    Fan fiction Kindle platform Worlds is [update] -

    27 June 2013 – From John

    kindle worlds Amazon has the lever on Thursday allocated for its much-anticipated fan-fiction department Kindle Worlds. To start, there are 58 mainly short stories about seven franchises that are currently being practically given away. At the same time self-publishing platform is armed

    With Amazon Kindle Worlds will monetize the hitherto largely uncommercial box fan fiction -., And so perhaps the next “50 Shades of Grey” create (originally played in the Twilight universe). To start the online retailer license rights has been collected for twelve worlds, there are seven from the start been a fan-fiction stories.

    No fan fiction story more expensive than 3 U.S. cents

    Amazon has the 58 already published Kindle World Books divided into serial (serials) Novellas (about +100 pages) and short stories (<100 pages). Striking is the very aggressive pricing: None of the stories currently costs more than 3 U.S. cents - but is not completely free. Obviously, readers should first be "lured with food" before tightening the prices to an economic level. All the World Kindle Books are currently only available for U.S. customers, the prices can be seen as a German user logged out.

    Also on Thursday, Amazon has made the opulent conditioned self-publishing platform for Kindle Worlds into the net. Authors can submit their short story to one of the current 12 franchises and get up to 35% revenue share on sales. The distribution is significantly lower than the “regular” Kindle Store, Amazon probably want to upload in this way, the license costs.

    Related messages:

    Related Tags: fan fiction • kindle worlds

    div The article “Fan-Fiction Kindle platform Worlds is” was signed on 27 June 2013 (Thursday) at 16:39 clock written by John. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of


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    Read Kindle books on tablet, smartphone or PC - THE WORLD

    computer image

    Photo: Computer image

    Connect to a Wi-Fi:
    order for your Kindle reader can also report the last page read on other devices, it must be connected to a WLAN. Appears at the top of the screen like in the picture “Wi-Fi”? Then you can go right to the next step. Otherwise, press the Home button and then the Menu button to open the settings and “wireless networks” option display. After you select your wireless network connection, tap the Wi-Fi password, if necessary, choose Finish and OK to return to the homepage.

    computer image

    Photo: Computer image synchronize

    read position:
    Now open the book you want. The particular reading position is automatically sent to your Amazon account, and you can simply turn off the device. To save power, turn off the wireless connection but again first. To go to the Home, open the menu, select Settings and turn on the “flight mode”. After a small plane appears at the top of the screen. The reading position your book has been dubbed the latest changes to the homepage.

    computer image

    Photo: Computer image

    install apps:
    Install the free Kindle app on any computer and smart phones, which are more of your books in question. For licensing reasons, but books can “only” six devices simultaneously open. The app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, click the App Store, which is available for Android devices in the Play Store, and apps for Windows 8, RT or Phone in the Windows Store. For Windows 7, Vista and XP, you can download the Kindle for PC program for Apple computers

    Photo: Computer image

    With more people read:
    If you connect multiple devices to your Kindle account, for example, family members can read your books at once. In this case, the synchronization page is rather troublesome. To disable it, load the website

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    Saturn sells Amazon Kindle for 49 € -


    The oldest version of the E-book Reader with E-ink display is now available for under 50 euros at Saturn. The electronic book is wireless-enabled and comes with 2 GB of memory. It is available both online and in stores.

    The “old” Kindle e-book reader is now at Saturn in special to have. Who ordered it online, plus shipping costs of 4,99 € is charged (parcel via DHL) for pick up in the next Saturn store (Pre-order is possible), the customer saves these charges


    Kindle e-reader

    The e-book reader Kindle from Amazon is now at Saturn for under 50 euros to have (Image: Amazon ).

    The Kindle does not always have the latest, to read books from the online store: The “small” with 600 x 800 pixels resolution in 6-inch format displays on its black and white display up to 16 shades of gray

    books he gets on the internet, the connection is wireless through the router via Wi-Fi (802.11 b, g or n). A transfer from PC via USB is also possible.

    The device displays not just Amazon’s own book format AZW, but also provides PDF, TXT, Word, HTML and unprotected MOBI files dar. image files in JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP after conversion, it also shows – but just only in 16 shades of gray.

    books reader weighs just 170 grams and has a 2-gigabytes of flash memory. The E-Ink display when you switch only needs power, so the battery by holding up to a month before it needs to be charged against. Must be clear to all buyers that they choose with the Kindle for the closed system from Amazon. Just like Apple Amazon uses for its e-book formats that are incompatible and thus define users on the e-book dealer once elected.

    Saturn brings Kindle at the special price

    ITespresso on Google Currents Subscribe ITespresso on Google Currents
    install iOS App iOS App Install

    Amazon Kindle for just 49 € - Macerkopf - Apple news from Cupertino

    Saturn Online Store, there are a real bargain, the Amazon Kindle is offered at a special price. Saturn is in the last few weeks with his powerful online store gas. Periodically served the electronics giant offers that can be more than excellent. On this day you can the Amazon Kindle for just 49 € dusting.

    We have emphasized in recent weeks and months, every now and again, that there is hardly read books for pure a better eBook reader. Especially in direct sunlight the Kindle can hold a candle to a normal tablet. In order to leave the pool to be well read books, we recommend the Amazon Kindle.

    In this

    Amazon Online Store is currently being offered for 69 euros, with Saturn, there is the Kindle temporarily for only 49 euros. The Amazon Kindle has a 6 inch E-Ink display and is also advertised by Amazon as follows

  • Weighs less than 170 grams – lighter than a paperback, pocket size
  • New, darker and developed specifically for Kindle fonts provide better legibility
  • Read

  • like on real paper – even in bright sunlight
  • Integrated WLAN – Download any book
  • within 60 seconds

  • Stores up to 1,400 books – you carry your personal library with you at all
  • Huge selection of books – thousands of free classics
  • Here is iht Saturn in the Kindle online store

    Kindle for 49 € at Saturn -

    26 June 2013 – From John

    kindle saturn Amazon launched again a price offensive for its Kindle, but this time, surprisingly, not from Rather, the electronics chain Saturn the entry model of the Kindle family is currently selling for 49 euros – equivalent to 30% discount to the rich price

    offer prankt on page 2 of the new Saturn Prospectus (including advertised with “narrower than most pencils). The device will be sold in Germany far 131 Saturn stores and is currently available in the online shop of the company for 49 euros, but euro plus 5 shipping.

    The pros and cons of the Kindle compared to “open” readers has been discussed on this site too well. On the hardware side is a rock solid reader with an excellent display (compared to the Kindle Paperwhite slightly lower resolution, without touch and without lights), which links to an extensive ecosystem and a jam-packed e-book store, and Social Reading Features as popular highlights and a sophisticated search in this firmware combination to none. Major flaw is the lack of epub support, the e-book you purchase is largely restricted to (which is one reason for the aggressive pricing).


    the entry-level Kindle has on offer every now and again in recent months. At Easter there was the unit for 64 euros instead of 79 at that time, it was early May when buying Kindle 2, the second unit for 49 euros. The Saturn action is in comparison but the best deal

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    div The article “Kindle for 49 € at Saturn “was born on 26 June 2013 (Wednesday) at 10:10 clock written by John. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of


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    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Kindle 3.8.1: Read eBooks - optimized for the iPhone 5 - all my apps

    categories: ! View all iPad: Leisure, iPad: FREE, iPhone: Leisure, iPhone: FREE, Mac apps | Date: 25.06.2013

    This is the new trend: books are becoming more common not read on paper, but digital. Apple itself sells books in the iTunes App Store. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to prefer to get new literature at Amazon for the Kindle. The Kindle app is available for more devices available, so that the acquired treasury of books can be universally read. The app already supports the Retina display on the new iPad.


    Digital Books is fun. The bookshelf is empty and a whole library fits into a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Apple has recognized this trend as one of the first and introduced a book corner in the iTunes App Store early. As easy as it is to buy apps here can purchase books. They can then be on the iPhone or the iPad read if the free iBooks app is installed.

    Despite sympathy for Apple: it speak more argument for Amazon. Amazon offers the Kindle to its own reader for e-books. Amazon has as Internet booksellers first hour of the best contacts to all large and small publishers in the world. Already, Amazon sold more electronic than printed books USA. More than 800,000 works can already get on Kindle. To mitzumischen here and buy digital books, the reader only needs an Amazon account, which will then be made by clicking Kindle-compatible. Thus, the payment of new e-books is a real trifle.

    Amazon has done something absolutely right. There are free apps for the iPhone and iPad, for your Mac, but also for Android devices. And of course for the Kindle itself This means that it is possible to use the books once acquired more devices. In this way the reader is guaranteed future. Who knows in the end even if he remains true to Apple years later or maybe not switch to Android or zulegt a Kindle reader. Add to that the really ingenious Amazon Whispersync technology. It synchronizes several Kindle apps among themselves, as far as the last page read a book, bookmarks and tags. This means that you start a book in bed on the iPad and then on the way to work in the bus on the iPhone can read. The app always knows where the book has recently closed. This actually works properly.

    The Kindle app for the iPhone and the iPad must be supplied with unique access to its own Kindle account. Then, the app shows under “Archives (All contents)” all e-books that you have already ordered from Amazon. A sign on a book cover shown here is sufficient to download the work. The WLAN can be even fat 700-page tome load in seconds. What is still clearly missing here is an automatic function that pulls itself from newly purchased books on the device. And alternatively a manual “Everything invite” feature that downloads all newly purchased books in one go.

    all the books in the library after the date, the title or the author are listed sorted. The Kindle app for the Mac, it also allows to create collections, so as to divide the books into different categories. This function is missing the universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, alas. So who has only once together 20, 50 or even 100 books, easy to lose track. Here the Mac function should be retrofitted quickly.

    The e-books are presented in the overview covers, title and author. Small dots show on whether the e-book was ever opened and how far you have already read about. This is a very good tool to see as in a miniseries immediately, in which band you put on.

    The digital books can be read and upright in landscape mode, the alignment of the text is fully automatic. There is no scrolling, but only complete text pages. A finger tip turns to the next page. Those who wish can adjust the font size in five steps his own reading pleasure. You can leave represent the page background in white, black or sepia and even dim the screen brightness. Who wants to read on the iPhone or the iPad, is not blinded by 50% brightness and can comfortably read in bed without having to turn on another lamp.

    It is possible to set bookmarks in a book, which can be later easily control. Similarly, it is easy to detect or to have look up selected words in Google or in Wikipedia notes.

    Either way, I now read for several weeks on the iPad and the iPhone have read several books and am positively electrified the benefits of this reading method. I have often sat in a waiting room unexpectedly, in a traffic jam, on a plane or on the train, and was immediately interested in a book at hand. New works available online immediately. Even in the U.S. I could buy me about the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks now a new book when my holiday reading would be exhausted. The feeling of having a real book in hand, I do not miss. Instead, I like to read, especially on the iPad now very. (Carsten disc)

    Note : The Kindle App 2.9 now also allows to email documents to their own Amazon Kindle address. They end up in the Amazon Cloud and can be displayed and read in any Kindle app. It is best to PDF format.

    Note : This review was written for version 2.9. The version 3.0 is already adapted to the new iPad Retina resolution by third The new version comes with a new design of the library. In addition, users can directly access the books in the cloud. Version 3.1 offers a better design and an optimized search. Version 3.2 brings to the iPad customizable page edges. From three layouts, the reader can “be” select layout. Important text passages can be marked better now. And there is an improved brightness control. Version 3.3 adapts the app to the iPhone iOS 6 and the 5th Version 3.4 brings a new font. Version 3.5 includes “X-Ray for books.” One can see into the interior of the books etc and learn more about important characters and settings. Many bugs have been fixed. Collections are still missing. Version 3.6 allows the marking in several colors. Anyone who has read a book, this is now the same post on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the brightness setting is now stored on the sleep mode time. Version 3.7 makes the app with VoiceOver accessible for blind or visually impaired people. Version 3.8 allows you to change the line spacing. It can now also marks several pages are done away.

    Kindle 3.8.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
    providers: Amazon
    size: 17.7 MB
    Price: Free App
    Language: German
    Link to homepage Link to AppStore

    Kindle 1.8.1 for Mac
    Provider: Amazon
    size: 33.9 MB
    Price: Free App
    Language: German

    Link to homepage Link to AppStore

    HERE to load the app the review

    in their own right: 1,000 + customers trust us with their press work . If you have programmed an iPhone app and need press releases with Pepperdine, sign up with us. Our portfolio can be found our press server.

    Bargain of the week - COMPUTER BILD


    Do not miss

    more great deals: days Current Top
    deals and cheap discount products at a glance


    24.06.2013, 18:35 clock

    From John Jöcker

    COMPUTER BILD found for you on a regular basis, the “deal of the week” on Amazon. Current Top Offer: Buy selected Tablet accessories such as Bluetooth keyboards & Co., please contact the manufacturer Logitech whopping 20 euros transferred back to your account


    Amazon: 20 euro's back on the purchase of tablet accessories Logitech on Amazon you get on audited returns Ware another ten percent discount © Amazon, Logitech. .

    Buy now from Logitech Tablet accessories, you get refunded 20 euros by the manufacturer.

    Amazon: Money back action
    Get the online retailer Amazon before 7 September 2013 on the action side tablet products such as the Bluetooth keyboard “Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover” (compatible with Apple iPad the second, third and fourth generation), or iPad case with built-in keyboard “Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio” and can be obtained from Manufacturer 20 € cashback. Here’s how: Buy a reaction product of your choice and register within 14 days of purchase with the manufacturer Logitech. The online registration you can make »Amazon. Buyer of Tablet accessories save 20 €

    See more room tips class=”editorial_list”>

  • Buy one! Tablet accessories product on the action page
  • After purchase you register within the first two weeks.
  • offer valid up to and including 7 September 2013
  • »20 euro save when buying Tablet Accessories

    Loading ...

    Toshiba Satellite Z930-12T for 299.99 euro

    LED backlight TV Samsung UE60F6370 for € 1.499,99

    Full HD Giant (60 inches, 152 centimeters) from Samsung with LED backlight has a DVB-T-/C-/S2-Receiver and a CI + module. Thanks to built-in USB recording function, you have the ability to record TV shows to an external hard drive.

    “LED backlight TV Samsung UE60F6370 for 1.499,99 EUR

    Product Overview: Samsung UE60F6370

    From 1,549.99 EUR with

    This product is Buy now at

    In-Ear Headphones JBL J01B pace for only € 14.99

    Amazon sells the in-ear headphones from JBL along with three latex-free silicone ear cushions in sizes “S”, “M” and “L” to adjust to the ear canal. A cloth bag for transporting the headphones is included.

    “In-Ear Headphones JBL J01B pace for only € 14.99

    Product Overview: JBL Audio J01B pace

    from 14,99 EUR with

    This product is Buy now at

    Ultrabook Acer Aspire S3-391 (33214G52add) for only 395 Euro

    core of the Acer Aspire S3-391 (33214G52add), an Intel Core i3 processor provides a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz for properly computing power. With four gigabytes of RAM, the 13.3-inch Ultrabook performs work tasks at high speed. On board. Bluetooth 4.0 interface, Wi-Fi and a 500 gigabyte hard drive

    “Ultrabook Acer Aspire S3-391 (33214G52add) for only 395 €

    Product Overview: Acer Aspire S3-391-33214G52add (NX.M1FEG.013)

    from 439.00 EUR in

    This product is Buy now at

    Notebook TravelMate P253-M (33124G50Mnks) for 322 euro

    Acer TravelMate

    in P253-M (33124G50Mnks) built a Core i3-3120M processor from Intel and donated up to 500 gigabytes of storage capacity. The notebook has a DVD Multi Double Layer drive and four gigabytes of DDR3 memory. The HD display with LED backlight measures 15.6 inches (39.6 centimeters).

    »Notebook TravelMate P253-M (33124G50Mnks) for 322 €

    Product Overview: Acer TravelMate P253-M 33124G50Mnks (NX.V7VEG.022)

    from 323.56 EUR in

    This product is Buy now at

    Amazon: 10 percent instant discount on reduced B-Ware


    online retailer, Amazon grants to 30 June 2013 a whopping ten percent discount on already discounted and B-goods from computer, PC and video games. Note: For orders of 20 € will be delivered free of shipping costs. After receiving the goods you have, as usual, a right of return 30 days

    »Amazon. Instant 10 percent discount on reduced B-Ware


    Do not miss hammer price

    Notebooks, TVs, software, hardware – in the bargain special of COMPUTER BILD you find daily top deals at a glance. The bargain-newsletter also informs lightning speed brand new low-price promotions.
    Money-Back Special at Amazon: Hit to?

    class=”highlight”> Find out more about the following terms: Amazon, bargain, discount, tablet, accessories iPad

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