Friday, September 30, 2016

As an IT professional with garbage books Kindle-millionaire – book report


plagiarism, questionable reviews – for years there have been many customer complaints about the KindleStore. the Amazon followed the cases in the meantime, also legally. What is the extent of fraud in Amazon’s E-Book store may, have now revealed an IT consultant.

reports, such As ZDNet, security experts of the company MacKeeper a successful Amazon exposed as fraud, the has earned with trashy books in 15 months, more than 2.4 million dollars. The experienced Software developers who have worked for Microsoft, under the company Alteroxity, which offered authors a E-Book all-round service, delivered from the Write to the (allegedly) “honest” reviews.

The mesh of Valeriy S. is sophisticated:

  • In its database are almost 1500 E-Books, the to said, and within a few days the topics have been cobbled together (prokrasti kidneys for beginners, nonverbal communication, anti-biotic lotions self-made) – with a number of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The title have been published by a variety of different publishing accounts, and authors-pseudonyms. Background: a publishing Account on Amazon, not tangent to the other.
  • in addition, S. put, almost 84,000 of customer accounts, with which E-Books were ordered, often hundreds of Times in a few hours.
  • Initially, were offered the title for free. Due to the large number of Downloads of the title and then increased up to the Amazon Ranking before s offered the title for a fee – and correct Amazon buyer anbissen. What S. earned a lot of money: in June 2015, about 2.4 million dollars with E-Books, more 83.000 Dollar, with Print-on-Demand books.

S. on the bottom of this eventually came of IT-experts of the company MacKeeper, which found the Server. s., from – about anonymizing services, the transactions were controlled. The Curious: The Server was not protected by a password, so the database for IT professionals, lay open.

following the research and the article from ZDNet is off the grid p. clearly, the company page and Profiles in social media have been deleted.

Amazon said, according to ZDNet, that all titles have been removed in the meantime, check legal steps.

to find the company of the accused Kindle swindler p.advertised on The page is now offline, but is on the net.


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