Saturday, September 24, 2016

Entry-level Kindle and Tolino Page for 70 Euro in Test – c’t


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Sony sold its first E-Book Reader for well under 100 Euro, at the same time, Amazon has updated its entry-level reader. The Kindle, the practical Software, the Nook has the better Hardware.

Mthe new Tolino Page for 69 Euro competes with the Alliance of Deutsche Telekom and the German book dealers, for the first time in the lower price segment with Amazon. Thus, there is an interesting Alternative to the entry-level Kindle, the bot is by far the best price/performance ratio for a reader with no great claims. At the same time, Amazon has revised its 70-euros-Reader – which is why we can both compete against each other.

Both the Amazon kindle Page, as well as the entry-level Kindle (Kindle, 2016) everything that should bring a Reader to the basic requirements: a neat, fast, responsive E-Ink Display, a Wi-Fi access to a well-stocked E-Book store and a good Touchscreen to use interface. Compared to more expensive devices such as the Kindle Paperwhite or the Tolino Shine 2HD the switchable LED-illumination is missing but, in addition, they have a relatively coarse resolution (167 dpi) and a rather boring plastic case that could easily have come from any No-Name manufacturer. …


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