Thursday, September 8, 2016

Entry-level Kindle and Tolino Page for 70 Euro Tests – c’t

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Tolino originally sold an e-reader for well under 100 euros, at the same time Amazon has updated its entry-reader. The Kindle has the practical software which Tolino the better hardware.

M ith the new Tolino Page for 69 Euro competes alliance from Telekom and German booksellers now also in the lowest price segment with Amazon. Thus there is an interesting alternative to the entry-level Kindle which previously offered the best price / performance ratio for readers without large claims. At the same time Amazon has revised its 70-euro-Reader – blank so we both compete against each other

Both (hereinafter called Kindle 2016) when Tolino Page and the entry-level Kindle gets you everything should bring a reader to basic requirements: a decent and fast responsive e-Ink display, a wireless connection to a well-stocked e-book store and a good touch screen to use interface. but compared with more expensive devices such as the Kindle Paperwhite or Tolino Shine 2HD lack the switchable LED lighting, they also have a relatively coarse resolution (167 dpi) and a rather boring plastic case, just as well be from any no-name manufacturers could. …


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