Thursday, September 8, 2016

Reabble: Practical RSS reader Kindle and Tolino –



eBook Reader suitable in principle for far more than just for reading digital books, but down according to prepared content ahead. The web app Reabble allows convenient reading of online texts, even offers touch zones to navigation.

As well as the readers of other manufacturers have the Kindle models an experimental web browser on board. And as well as readers from other manufacturers is the browser for visiting conventional websites hardly be used, mainly due to the sluggish E-Ink technology. Unfortunately, for long reports and published on the web essays made in principle on a ebook reader a good figure when the formatting would not be around it.

One way out of this dilemma has the web app Reabble, on the first US blog Lifehacker reported. It is an add-on for the popular RSS Reader Inoreader which is to a certain extent made e-ink-enabled.

 display options

display options

Reabble shows the RSS content as plain text, and allows adjustments to font size and type, but especially is adapted to eBook Reader navigation. Touching certain screen areas can continue to read, scroll backward or jump to the next item.

Inoreader is free in the ad-supported basic version, and also the add-on Reabble can be used for free. However, only up to 15 articles a day, for unlimited access are 0.90 US dollars to pay monthly. Reabble arises dedicated as “RSS Reader for Kindle” is, in principle, but also for eBook readers from other manufacturers a probate use option for browsing in RSS feeds


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