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Kindle Fire HDX (8.9) in the test - Computer Base



Amazon is already well-positioned for the Christmas season with the e-book reader Paperwhite 2, now new models of the Kindle Fire series follow. Using high-resolution displays and fast processors Amazon competes against the competition in the form of the 2013er Nexus 7 or the iPad mini with Retina display.

Amazon chooses a strategy similar to Google and offers the tablets at comparatively low prices. The question is whether the new Kindle Fire HDX are just a sales platform for the world of Amazon, or at least a serious alternative, we go in this test.

Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9 Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (16 GB, WiFi) Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (16 GB, WiFi)
Software: Fire OS 3.0 Fire OS 3.0
display: 7.00 inches
1920 × 1200, 323 ppi IPS
8.90 inches
2560 × 1600, 339 ppi IPS
Operation: Touch Touch
SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
2.20 GHz, 4 cores, 28 nm
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
2.20 GHz, 4 cores, 28 nm
GPU: Adreno 330
450 MHz
Adreno 330
450 MHz
RAM: 2048 MB 2048 MB
Memory: 16 GB 16 GB
No No
8.0 MP, 1080p LED
, f / 2.2, AF
Front Camera: 0.9 MP, 720p 0.9 MP, 720p
GSM: No No
LTE: No No
WLAN: 802.11 a / b / g / n
Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast
802.11 a / b / g / n
Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast
Bluetooth: 4.0 4.0
location: No No
Other standards: Micro USB 2.0 Micro USB 2.0
SIM card:
SAR value:
Battery: 4,550 mAh (17.29 Wh)
permanently installed
permanently installed
Size (W × H × D): 186.0 × 128.0 × 9.00 mm 231.0 × 158.0 × 7.80 mm
Weight: 303 g 374 g

Design & Processing

Both the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HDX HDX 8.9 are similar in design to the already tested by us Kindle Paperwhite 2 The appearance of the Amazon tablet falls out very simply, nothing distracts from their primary responsibilities. Internally fitted with magnesium unibody and manufactured entirely outside of plastic go in both HDX, as the White Paper 2, the pages in rubberized back surfaces over which make the tablet well and securely in the hand. Here can be found with the Amazon logo the only directly visible indication of the origin of the tablets.

Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9  Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9
 Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9  Amazon Kindle  Fire & HDX HDX 8.9  Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9

held in landscape mode are located above the rear made of plastic strips made, which house the 8.9 speakers, microphones and HDX, the rear camera along with LED flash. Something deep seated power button on the left and the volume control on the right side. This placement brings both advantages and disadvantages: held in his hand the keys can be achieved without changing the grip, lying on the table the Fire HDX but must be raised to achieve. The keys themselves are firm and offer good pressure points, further controls are not available.

Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9  Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9
 Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9  Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX  8.9  Amazon Kindle Fire & HDX HDX 8.9

hardware interfaces both tablets offer only a micro USB and a headphone port, which are located on the left or right side. About an SD slot for memory expansion has neither type of device.

The clearances of the new Amazon tablets are small and evenly. Even if the new Kindle Fire models and the new White Paper readers have been designed to each other, the tablets with the manufacturing quality of the e-book reader can not quite keep up. When HDX 8.9 already low enough pressure on the housing to creak this.

Tablet Tips from technology-Christmas - tz online

Munich – Who buys for Christmas gifts Multimedia, often are baffled by a huge selection. Thus, it is a fine mess, there’s the art-buying consultant in tz. Episode 2: Tablets



© dpa

Thus, there is a fine mess thins the tz the jungle with the many tablet offerings.


The right brand

a choice of Apple’s iPad, the tablet with the Google Android software, Microsoft Surface 2 and the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. The current iPads are the most expensive (from 389 euros for the mini, from 479 euros for the larger Air), but also offer the most. For example, in the journal are the chip leaderboard four iPads forward. Most enticing alternative is Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX, from 229 euros significantly cheaper. The Android Tablets can be found in all price ranges starting at 100 EUR ordinary to good equipment. For Microsoft speaks mainly because of the lack little app.

The right iPad

For smartphones the competition is on par long. But with the Tablets Apple has the edge still well ahead. Reason, in addition to the elegant aluminum design and ease of use above all the apps. There are 475 000 programs specifically for the iPad. And even on the purchase, you get a free one all-inclusive package, from the photo program iPhoto to office software iWork.

The new iPad mini (7.9 inches) with a sharp Retina screen is technically now on par with the iPad Air (9.7 inches), which Apple has slimmed down to 180 grams. The tz preferred the handy mini, the screen is big enough for all purposes. Best Buy is why the iPad mini retina with 32 GB of memory, unsubsidized for 479 euros. The old mini (from 289 euros), and the iPad 2 (from 379 euros), both with unschärferem shade, remain in the offer. But their technology is obsolete, at these prices the competition offers more.

The right Kindle Fire

Because Amazon has to earn his tablets no money, but only later on with downloading, the Kindles are spectacularly low. The older Fire HD 7 inch you already get for 99 euros. But here is the storage capacity of 8 GB clearly too small. Much more fun to make the new HDX models, the tz has just tested. Conclusion: Excellent Tablets with crackling sharp screens and lightning-fast inner life. Design, operation and app selection can not compete with the iPad though. But for that you save a lot of money. There are two sizes: 7 inches from 229 euros and 8.9 inches from 379 euros. The tz recommends the Kindle Fire HDX with 7-inch screen, 32 GB, unsubsidized for 269 euros.

The Right Android Tablet

A not quite dewy Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 already received around 130 euros. Google’s new Nexus 7 (sold under / nexus) offers speed and a first-class screen from super low 229 euros. When the chip Nexus 7 is the best non-Apple tablet. Very popular are Samsung’s Galaxy Note Tablets (from 300 euros), on which you can do with a pen notes. Many of the Android tablets are top notch, in terms of the Apps you need against the iPad but make compromises.

The right equipment

16GB of memory are simply all tablets too little. High resolution movies and photos need lots of space, and some apps swallow 1 GB and more. Therefore, you should treat yourself to the 32 GB variants. Even more storage needs but hardly anyone. For most users, the Wi-Fi models range from no additional mobile. At home and in the office you usually also have Wi-Fi available anyway. And the move with a pinch the so-called tethering. Here, the tablet uses the mobile wireless connection on your smartphone, iPad & Co. go piggyback on the internet. Without LTE mobile you save when buying around 100 euros and need no further data contract. Jörg Heinrich

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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 in the test: The alternative iPad Air - Future Zone

Amazon does with its tablet series Kindle Fire massive jumps. While the original device is noticed only by its low price, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 was able to score with a FullHD display. With the HDX 8.9 not only some shortcomings of the previous model are eliminated, but also reduces the weight, increases the power and the display again improved. The future zone has tested the tablet.


The front of the HDX 8.9 is not very spectacular. The edges are not as thin as the iPad Air, a dark gray magnesium housing makes the frame and back. The housing is also provided with an anti-slip layer that feels pleasant.

The back is far from negligible. Towards the edges tapering the housing, whereby additional edges. So arises together with the dark gray matt color a “stealth” look. Style breaker here is the top-mounted plastic strip and its black gloss visually does not match the rest of the high-quality looking back.

The survey for the camera, which is located in this bar, was also designed edges.


374 grams, the tablet easily enjoyable. Due to the thin margins on the back affects the HDX 8.9 also slimmer than it actually is and is both in high and landscape format well in the hand.

The standby button and volume buttons on the back are larger than its predecessor and easily palpable. They are positioned so that they are quickly found in landscape mode with the fingers without this trigger unintentionally.

0J6A3144.jpg Photo: Gregor Gruber


The 8.9 inch display has the resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. With 339 PPI it thus represents the iPad Air (9.7 inches, 264 PPI) in the shade. The sharpness is excellent. Fonts and menus of the First Party Apps look very good, the icons of most other apps are well extrapolated. Only icons in some older apps look a bit washed out. Not optimal view of comics that were purchased through the Kindle Bookstore. These would have to be made for the HDX 8.9 in better quality. Regular e-books benefit from the higher sharpness, the font looks very good.

The maximum brightness is sufficient for indoor use. The automatic brightness adjustment sometimes reacts too slowly and makes the display tends to be a somewhat too bright. In sunshine this is to find a shady spot: The brightness is not enough to compensate for the strongly reflective display, which is, moreover, a finger dauber magnet. In the test device of the future zone at the top of slight backlight bleeding visible (irregular strong backlight of the display), but does not really stand annoying in everyday use.

The colors are strong even at maximum brightness and are not oversaturated. The viewing of high-resolution photos is excellent. Videos should preferably be reproduced in full HD format on the HDX 8.9 to exhaust the display. Video in 720p look good too, but not as impressive as Full HD movies.

Is it with the eyes a little closer to the HDX 8.9 turn, is seen in bright pictures glittering points on the display. These are the points of intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines of the touch screen grid. For dark images, they are not visible in bright you could keep them for dirt on the display. When focusing on the content and not on the glittering points, they do not interfere further.

auf3.jpg Photo: Gregor Gruber


The HDX uses, as even the Kindle Fires before a heavily modified version of Android. Amazon has this for the first time given a name: Fire OS 3.0. The home screen consists of three elements. At the top is the toolbar with shortcuts, such as search, games, apps and web. This is followed by the Kindle Fire-typical carousel are displayed in the recently last used apps and e-books. In portrait mode are displayed under the central carousel icon up to five small icons. In an e-book is about the similar e-books that can be purchased at the Gallery app there are more photos, files or videos. After the carousel, the first range comes with installed apps (two rows in portrait mode). You scroll down the rest of the apps are displayed. This is an improvement to the Kindle Fire HD, in which the apps were displayed as a carousel on the home screen and you had to go for a grid representation only in the app menu.

Wipes you with your finger from the top of the screen downwards, then the notifications and shortcuts such as screen orientation, brightness and Wi-Fi connections will be displayed. This is not possible if apps are running in full screen. To access this control elements and the status bar, you tap on the small gray tab at the right margin. Now the status bar above, and a bar will appear to the right with on-screen buttons for Search, Menu, Back and Home. You can sweep from the right edge of the screen to the center of the screen, a row of icons of recently used apps will appear to switch to these.

In some apps, like the gallery, the video player or when watching e-books, the above Wischerei of clicking and not working. Here you tap once on the screen to bring up the control bars. The idea behind it is that the little gray tab does not protrude annoying to open the control panel in media content into the picture. Nevertheless, it is used to, that not all the apps, the operation is the same.

0J6A3163.jpg Photo: Gregor Gruber


Although the operating system Android is basically and also some apps are identical with their Android counterparts, the Play Store is still not available. E-books, music and apps are purchased through Amazon’s own stores. Movies can not be bought as before, as Amazon’s Lovefilm service is not available in Austria. Because the operating system but Android is can easily be placed on the HDX 8.9 via Micro USB cable videos, MP3s and photos by drag and drop. Amazon’s recommended transfer software must not be used. The video player of the HDX 8.9 not play all video files on the App Store but the VLC player is available free of charge.

The Amazon App Store has still not the scope of the Play stores, but the range is constantly growing. So now also common benchmarks to find and games from major vendors such as EA, Ubisoft and Square Enix. Official Google Apps, Instagram, Flickr, or alternative browsers, there are still not. For this is preinstalled to release only certain apps and e-books with Kindle FreeTime a child lock. It can create multiple profiles, as well as additional time limits (screen time, reading books, apps use) can be set.

“Mayday” feature did not make it to Austria and Germany. In the U.S., Kindle Fire HDX owners can use it to start a video chat with a support agent, the remote control of the device and content may mark on the display.

0J6A3239.jpg Photo: Gregor Gruber


Not only the display has been improved compared to the Kindle Fire HD, the power has been increased. With a Snapdragon 800 with 2.2 GHz and 2 GB RAM HDX 8.9 is well equipped for consuming apps and games. Apps load quickly, slow downs and stuttering it only happens rarely.

The benchmarks provide the following results:
3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited: 12643
Quadrant Standard Edition: 18453

Up to twelve hours of battery life with active Wi-Fi connection are possible if the screen brightness is set manually to 50 percent. With automatic screen brightness are ten hours more realistic, since the HDX 8.9 tends to the display adjusts brighter than necessary.

a MicroSD slot does not exist. The HDX 8.9 can be purchased with 16, 32 and 64 GB internal memory. The operating system takes up about 4.6 GB – with 16 GB of memory the user are 11.3 GB. In the test period, there were two times to precipitate the active Wi-Fi connection in two different networks. Once it was enough to disable and re-enable Wi-Fi, in the second case had to be restarted the tablet. The errors were not reproducible.

0J6A3270.jpg Photo: Gregor Gruber

camera and sound

The HDX series the first of the Kindle Fire is a series that has a reverse camera. the camera app does not provide manual settings such as exposure compensation, white balance and effects, but an HDR and Sweep Panorama mode. Touch focus is possible, but this is not entirely reliable. Especially when bright subjects that range from the center of the screen left or right, is often not properly focused.

In good light, there are also good shots, in artificial light image noise and pale colors are quickly noticeable – at the excellent display of HDX 8.9 is hardly hidden image disturbance. Videos can be recorded in 1080p.

The stereo speakers are at the back, in the upper left and right corner, mounted. They are slightly slanted, so the sound is not blocked completely when the tablet is lying flat on the table. Although covers are used, so there is still some distance between speaker opening and the sleeve so that the sound can better unfold.

The maximum volume is sufficient. The sound quality does not shrink until at the highest level – but the sound is generally rather dull. The best sounds of the HDX 8.9 when held in hands. At the table or lying in the origami envelope of the sound is still muffled.

0J6A3115.jpg Photo: Gregor Gruber

Folding Cover

What’s for the iPad, the Smart Air Case, the Origami Case for HDX 8.9. This protects the whole device, the buttons on the back are still usable. Both the front cover and the entire tablet will be retained by the magnet in position. When closing the lid does not jump in precise position: really the whole tablet are protected target, you have to push it a few millimeters deal before the HDX is 8.9 thrown in the backpack or bag


your name carries the envelope, because the flap can be folded to form a stand. This has only one position, but can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation. To photograph, one moves the tablet in portrait mode with a thumbs up – the camera app starts automatically. One should be careful to put the thumb at mid-height. If the MOVE from too far down on the tablet from the case could fall.

70 euros is the shell not a bargain when you consider that it only has one angle. In addition, the shell is unusually difficult: With 308 grams, it weighs almost as much as the HDX 8.9. Together the two of them weigh 682 grams. Air and iPad Smart Case together weigh 614 grams.


If the Google Play 8.9 would be available on the Kindle Fire HDX, the Amazon tablet would be a very good alternative to Apple’s iPad Air and one of the best Android tablets on the market. Even so, it is an excellent device, which is also still 100 euros cheaper (ad-supported circuits with the lockscreen) than the iPad Air. If you can live with the smaller app selection than IOS and Android, you will be happy with the HDX 8.9.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 display:
8.9 inch LCD, 2560 x 1600 pixels (339 PPI) Processor:
2.2 GHz Snapdragon processor 800 RAM:
2 GB
16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, no MicroSD slot Operating System:
Fire OS 3.0
Connections / Extras:
3.5 mm jack, Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n) and MIMO, Bluetooth, Micro USB, variant available with 4G module
no manufacturer information Camera:
8 megapixel main camera, 720p front camera Videos:
recording in 1080p possible front camera 720p Dimensions:
231 mm x 158 mm x 7.8 mm, 374 grams (4G variant: 384 grams)
from 379 € (16 GB), without advertising Lockscreen 15 euros more expensive link:

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Excitement about SEO spam in the Kindle Store -

11/28/2013 – by Jens Baumeister – eBook News


In the fight to get more visibility in the Kindle Store some authors and publishers make use of unfair means. According to U.S. reports Amazon is now harder to books before that are advertised with misleading keywords. However, upon closer inspection, this representation proves at least as doubtful.

U.S. Buchvermarkterin Penny Sansevieri describes in her blog how a title was taken from its care allegedly without warning from the program. The reason given was that the searches violated in the metadata against Amazon’s guidelines. Apparently Sansivieri had used also names of other authors and titles of foreign books in the keywords. In a subsequent contribution Sansevieri explains how the book should have been brought relatively quickly by email to Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Department back online. The marketer excludes the episode that Amazon harder against previous violation of such laws, and warns all indie authors to Third, check their entries as soon as possible. But is so much alarmism really justified?

SEO Spam: No new phenomenon

SEO spam is not a new phenomenon. Google and Co for years have been fighting against the black sheep in the industry for search engine optimization. For websites there are in this context even a judgment of the European Court of Justice can, therefore, be judged as misleading advertising false meta tags. Amazon also provides, as mentioned, clear guidelines for metadata. It is precisely for eBooks applies: attention and a high ranking in the search results are worth money



“keyword stuffing”, as in this description, and similar manipulations can be found repeatedly in the Kindle Store. While some methods are very obvious, is just the misuse of key words can not be seen easily. These terms remain invisible to the end user and are evaluated only from Amazon’s search algorithms.

there really more warnings?

Sansevieri explains it, it was so far even been advisable to include foreign names and titles in the metadata. Amazon’s attitude towards it had only now changed. Other authors warn for some time before that Amazon does not allow this. The U.S. colleagues of Goodereader write – unfortunately without precise indication of the source or details – of “a growing number of authors,” the Abmahn-mails received on account of such violations, allegedly concerned this title also large publishers. In these messages the authors will usually set a deadline to remove the objectionable terms. Only after this first book’m taken offline. Also in Sansevieris case such a request according to Amazon has been sent. This should, however, be supposed never arrived at the author, so this was surprised by the cessation of sales of her book. Alone to conclude on tougher action Amazons, however, would be premature. The commentators in the literature-blog “The Passive Voice”, however, can neither recognize anything particularly new or noteworthy in Amazon’s approach then. The corresponding rules had been in existence a long time, and they would be enforced for quite some time.

Probably just clever self-marketing

Indeed, there are few indications that Amazon currently operates particularly hard. The strategy described by Sansevieri can be no insight into the metadata not prove directly, but examples of at least borderline using the book description can also be in the German Kindle Store find. Many authors and readers would perhaps want a tougher action here Amazons, after all, can Kindle Store SEO to distorted and ultimately less utility value of the results of search result. Overall, it works so far as Sansevieri infer solely from the fact that this time one of its authors was concerned that the rules would now now be interpreted strictly. But perhaps she follows only its marketers instinct and uses the case simply as an opportunity to generate as much attention for himself and the book of her client.

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Amazon plans Kindle Paperwhite with Retina Display - COMPUTER BILD


By Felix Hoffmann, 25/11/2013, 15:15 clock

Amazon is working on a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite. The highlight: a resolution of 300 pixels per inch


The current version of the Kindle Paperwhite © Amazon

The Kindle Paperwhite dissolves with 212 pixels per inch – but the competition can do more. Amazon wants to catch up with a new version of the device.

G brings erüchten According to Amazon the second quarter of 2014, a new Kindle Paperwhite on the market. TechCrunch reports that the display will dissolve with 300 pixels per inch. A person with average sight can see at such a resolution individual pixels – that’s why Apple compares such screens with the retina of the human eye

Amazon chases after the competition

The competition is already longer on retina displays. Kobo about missed the aura HD resolution of 265 pixels per inch. Although this is below the planned 300 pixels Amazon, but exceeds all devices currently available. For comparison: The current version of the Kindle Paperwhite provides 212 pixels per inch

Kindle Paperwhite. Mattes glass on the front

On the prototype, the TechCrunch sighted, stands out not only the resolution. The front of the device is continuously plan and consists of frosted glass. Nevertheless, the device is lighter than the current White Paper. The corners of the eBook reader should act as buttons for page turning. Previously served a button on the touchscreen.

Software: New Font and hyphenation

On the software side, Amazon is working apparently on its own font that is designed to fit the Kindle. A hyphenation is the empty space go at the right edge of the collar. Whether the new features to be used as early as next White Paper, however, is unclear.

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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 in the test: Is the Amazon tablet a sharp part? - COMPUTER BILD


From Ingolf Leschke, 26.11.2013, 17:55 clock

  • Overview and prices
  • test
  • Specifications

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 will offer high image quality and many features. Where the problem lies and whether the purchase is worth, COMPUTER BILD has tested.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 © COMPUTER BILD

Amazon’s new tablet Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 currently costs around 379 euros (as of end of November 2013)


Who hears “Kindle”, usually thinks of a eBook reader – but Pustekuchen: With the Kindle Fire models Amazon has complete tablet PCs since 2012 in the program. And the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is part of the recently announced third generation. What good is that?

Slim and lightweight design

Prima: The mere 7.8 millimeters thick and 374 grams heavy fire (“fire”) is processed perfectly, look very sophisticated and can be operated comfortably. This applies only to actions on the touch screen. The very responsive and accurate. The control buttons has hidden on the back of Amazon. If you want to adjust the volume blind or send the Kindle to stand-by mode, takes practice.

image quality on iPad-level

The 8.9-inch touch screen (22.6 cm) is a splendor: it displays images and movies with 2560×1600 pixels crisp and rich colors. The display also provided in the test with 502 candelas per square meter, a comparatively high brightness and good contrast (1543:1). The maximum viewing angle both horizontally and vertically sufficient with 75 degree, the strong reflections but annoying.

Flott thanks to quad-core CPU

In the test of Fire HDX worked very fast with all applications – no program forced the Amazon tablet to its knees. No wonder: the core is the generic class processor Snapdragon by Qualcomm 800. The four cores clocked at a maximum of 2.15 gigahertz.

No access to Google Play

The major downside: there’s only programs in the Amazon App Store, the choice is therefore limited. Apps from Google Play, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 nor relate like all other Kindle Tablets.

facilities incomplete, but long battery life

Pity: A card slot for memory expansion is also missing as an HDMI port for picture playback on a TV. Good for: The battery lasted the test 15 hours and 39 minutes. Hook: Until the battery was full again, passed 13 hours and 31 minutes

Conclusion:. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

At the hardware there is nothing to complain about: The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tinkers well and is very well made and provides brilliant picture quality. Unfortunately, the operating system is trimmed to purchase and not on fun.


  • Impeccable processing
  • Good image quality
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow construction
  • Good Camera

  • No access to Google’s PlayStore
  • surface resembles a digital shop
  • memory is not expandable
  • few connections

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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 WiFi 16GB 4 On the hardware there is nothing to complain about: The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tinkers well and is very well made and provides a brilliant image quality t?. Unfortunately, the operating system is on shopping and not to Spa? trimmed. COMPUTER IMAGE 2013-11-26 17:55

Kindle TabletPC

First German Kindle Singles: Small Change some text -

11/27/2013 – by Jens Baumeister – eBook News


months ago just under five is Amazon’s label” launched Kindle Singles “in Germany, and German authors since Tuesday there yesterday published. A real success story is the platform probably not yet.

“Kindle Singles” called Amazon exceptional property, selected short stories and articles are offered as a single track in the. For a price from 99 cents to get a text of typically up to 30,000 words, which is about 20 standard pages. In the U.S., the platform launched in January 2011 in July this year she went in German language online. The date range limited, however, translated to U.S. stocks. Under the aegis of former DuMont program manager Laurenz Bolliger but are now are also the first six works of German authors published by the singles, announced yesterday, Tuesday via press release. These include a report (“Let us greet Giglio!” By Ulrich Ladurner), an essay (“Alexanderplatz” by Georg Dietz) and four fictional narratives.

How successful are the singles?

Kindle Singles best-selling

Kindle Singles best-selling “Hush” (Knaur)

In the press release Amazon speaks of “more than six million” selling singles since the launch of the platform. This sounds impressive, but compared with the rest of Amazon titles cut the singles from rather modest. The best-selling singles title is currently only ranked 192 of paid eBooks (with 58 standard pages clearly defined on the Amazon beyond what extent). Only two more singles are actually among the top 1000 of the books sold, all others cavort beyond the threshold of perception.

In the U.S., the singles have much longer on the market, but even there the picture is not much better. Prominent names such as Stephen King and Kathy Reichs are found, although in places eight and ten of pure Kindle Singles rankings are so well already not even among the top 1000 books of the U.S. bestseller list.

competition from Indie Authors

Why is that? Probably mainly on price. In the music singles and individual tracks are so successful because they cost only a fraction of the album price. If there were only the choice between Kindle Singles and the high-priced books at the big publishers, Amazon’s business model might work. Thanks to self-publishing and price promotions but you can get on the Kindle but complete novels for less than a euro. In contrast, individual short stories of the same or higher price overpriced act quickly, in spite of great names and professional care.

course it is difficult without absolute sales figures to make a clear judgment. But all indications are that the Kindle Singles at least so far are not the outstanding successful business model that Amazon had hoped. We would not be surprised if it should still be profound changes on the concept, or marketing in the coming months.

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Kindle Paperwhite: Successor to obtain high-resolution display - t3n Magazine

As TechCrunch reports due to be published a revised version of the Kindle Paperwhite in the second quarter of 2014. If you believe the American side, to bring a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch, the successor to the Amazon e-reader. So you want to catch up with the competition in the e-reader market as the Kobo Aura HD at Amazon probably. The current Kindle Paperwhite it only brings on a pixel density of 212 pixels per inch. Intern should have been quite surprised Amazon, Kobo introduced as an e-reader with higher pixel density, reports TechCrunch.

According to the page, the display is now flush with the edges and no longer submerged. Moreover, the surface of glass to consist instead of plastic. Nevertheless, the device should be lighter than its predecessor. Great changes in the software, it should not be, however, the surface is to benefit from the higher resolution. In addition, the e-reader is obliged to bring a new font, which is particularly well suited for reading.

In addition, there will also be new buttons at the edges. This should be “squeezable” and enter the haptic feedback when pressed. Whether they will improve the operation of the e-readers, remains to be seen. The e-reader will also have an ambient light sensor that adjusts the lighting to the lighting conditions. The back of the new Kindle Paperwhite to follow the design language of the Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

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Retina iPad mini, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX in the display test - TechStage


An offer of

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  • video
  1. Start
  2. contrast
  3. color reproduction
  4. of view
  5. Conclusion
  6. Comments (2)
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iPhone 5C outselling Galaxy S4 – in India
deejake an hour ago

iPhone 5C outselling Galaxy S4 – in India

Moritz B 7 hours ago

Best offer for Movies, Music & Books? iPad!
crackett 7 hours ago

All about Display
mobile phones in the laboratory: How We Tested the c’t smartphone displays
How LCDs and OLED displays?


What do manufacturers against specular phone screen?
iPhone 5 touch screen twice as fast as with Android
Forget ‘Full-HD: LG builds qHD display for mobile phones

end of October, Apple has the iPad mini donated a retina display. The new display is 2048 × 1536 pixels and is achieved with a diagonal of 7.9 inches, a pixel density of 326 ppi. This is the sharpness of the display on the same level as the iPhone 5S. The Android competition out there, however, no nakedness: The Nexus 7 brings it with 1920 × 1200 pixels at 7.0 inches at 323 ppi only minimally worse. The same data are for Amazon Kindle Fire 7 HDX Its big brother – Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 – leads the field by the way with 2560 × 1600 pixels at 8.9 inches and so rich 339 ppi


But how it looks behind the bare facts? Our colleagues from c’t tested the tablet quartet from Nexus 7, iPad mini (2014) and Amazon Kindle Fire 7 HDX and HDX 8 in the laboratory through its paces. How and what is being tested, says the video below.

 Thus, the c’t smartphone and tablet displays tests in the laboratory.

What is the difference between black and white on the display? The contrast answered this question and thus permits a conclusion to the brilliance of the screen.

distance at the top of the Kindle Fire HDX 7 is in this discipline with a brightness ratio of 1670:1, closely followed by the more Amazon Kindle Fire Brother HDX 8 with 1311:1. Bronze gets the Retina iPad mini with 979:1, the flower pot made of paper mache goes to the Google Nexus 7 with 892:1.

Besides the contrast is important for the quality of the displayed images and the color reproduction. Here, the colleagues have measured how varied the colors that can represent the four tablet displays.

Again, there is a clear winner. And is again: Kindle Fire HDX 7 The specifications for the smaller color space sRGB surpasses Amazon’s small tablet, with greens even significantly. The second place went to Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 8 and the Google Nexus 7 with almost identical readings. They both cover the sRGB color space and are even a little better in the green play there. And the iPad mini with its Retina display? This not sRGB. Especially with the red and green tones weakens the Apple Tablet.

The following figure shows the results of color reproduction measurements again graphically.

These diagrams show the measured color spaces of the four tablets.

For the owner of the tablet itself, the viewing angle may be relatively unimportant – he looks but mostly head-on display. But as it looks for spectators?

Again, the Kindle Fire HDX win 7 As the c’t colleagues have measured the contrast is only from one angle over 60 degrees below a critical value of 600:1. Nexus 7, iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HDX 8 provide some inferior results and are about on par.

The following graphics show once again the angle dependencies of the four tablets. The scale on the x-and y-axis indicate the angle in degrees, the color gives information about the decrease in contrast. Pink is good, over red, orange, yellow and green, the brightness ratio increases from eventually.

The greater the pink area in the middle, the better the viewing angle of the respective tablets.

The result is amazingly clear: Amazon depends on the competition from the display test, the Kindle Fire 7 HDX over its rivals has a clearer projection than its larger brother HDX 8 And just for the multimedia applications they are supposed to also be the strengths of the two Kindle Tablets. With the rapidly converted Android including waiving the Google Play Store Amazon limits its users a clear yes.

The all-rounder Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini with Retina display must admit defeat. But they are all also rather the all-rounder whose users may ignore one or the other weakness in the screen. Or?

a complete comparison test between the four tablets are available in the next c’t 26/13, the. 30.11 from is available.


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