Kindle TV, the first set-top box from amazon, will supposedly in March this year. This reports the U.S. technology magazine Re / code. The date is said to come from well-informed insiders. The fact that the shipping giant is building a competitor to Apple TV for years, is already in the call.

It starts with LOVEFiLM. ( Image: Screenshot
Appears amazons first set-top box with LOVEFiLM direct access in March? (Image: Screenshot


2010 appeared for the first time on speculation about a possible set-top box from amazon. Since then cook rumors about the new competitor of Apple TV up again and again. Re / code according to the Online store planned a release for Christmas 2013, but had to abandon those plans ultimately.

Comes set-top box in March?

The rumor about the release in March, coincides with the announcement that Amazon will now merge his prime and Lovefilm offer. Offering a set-top box, makes perfect sense for the company, because as customers by facilitating the access to your streaming service Lovefilm. The operating system is based the periphery as in the Kindle Tablets on Android. Possibly can additionally games from the Amazon App Store on the unit to play on the TV.

Apple apparently plans to the next generation Apple TV enhanced to place as a gaming console.

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