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Kindle Scout: book-voting Amazon a run –

31/10/2014 John main eBook News

 kindle scout

After a two-week application period for authors in Amazon its authors-discovery tool Kindle Scout switched this week live for the audience. From the beginning, 59 manuscripts were vying for the favor of the audience and consequently to an author contract. In this case, Amazon does not leave anything to chance and, ultimately, not the community, there are equally incorporated several invisible filter.

manuscripts, which are selected via Kindle Scout, are exclusively for five years by a Amazon Verlag published. Authors will receive $ 1,500 advance, 50 percent revenue sharing and marketing support from Amazon. In Indie forums a little resentment over revenue sharing, which is lower than for direct publication (70 percent) suggests. However, likely in the next five years experience, the commission move down significantly, and the value of the promotional package and the resulting high visibility is likely to be immense. With Kindle eBooks Scout selected will be exclusively available at Amazon, which is given the dominance of the online retailer to get over in the USA.

In are the designs in the genre Science Fiction / Fantasy divided romance and thriller / mystery, other works not accepted Amazon currently. For manuscripts that are presented with Cover and long excerpt, can be voted for 30 days. If an eBook from Amazon laid, getting it all who voted for it, for lau.

Double quality control by Amazon

Kindle Scout: Questionable Cover, good lyrics

Kindle Scout: Questionable Cover, good lyrics

So completely, however Amazon does not trust the wisdom of the mass (and perhaps also the honesty of its authors), which is why there are two thick quality filter. On the one hand Amazon selects the title may be voted for at all. On the other hand, many “nominations” no guarantee that an ebook is actually installed. Amazon puts it. “The more nominations get your book, the more likely it is that it caught the attention of our Kindle scout team and is published

The Digital Reader, the offer has been viewed already intense and notes is very inconsistent quality of the cover (from amateurish to professional) as well as a thoroughly decent text quality – the review of all submitted manuscripts by Amazon employees here leads as expected to a quality standard that is well above the indie average


Established authors of Voting

A look at the “Hot & amp; Trending “title reveals that Kindle Scout is not only a tool for unknown young writers. On the contrary, the authors of meistgevoteten title to a large part of old hands who can already look back on journalistic experience, Steve Gannon about or Neal Wooten are. These authors can social networks and channels their existing fans for voting animate (which is desirable from Amazon) and that you put on top. For new authors it makes it not easier at all to get visibility, especially since here the Matthew principle grips (who has, more will be given).

Despite a double filter and voting principle is undoubtedly a of the most exciting approaches to crowdfunding for books, if only because Amazon stands behind with his reach. As it is not illustrated for months involuntarily the Munich publishing group with its portal 100Fans – the platform has obviously hardly regular visitors, and the pitch end authors seem rarely enabled fans to succeed (this is the MVG concept elsewhere on). Seems more promising, the approach of Piper Verlag, the #erzaehlesuns aligns its writing contest on Wattpad and the authors thus there pick up where they are anyway

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The article “Kindle Scout: book-voting Amazon takes” was on October 31, 2014 (Friday) at 12: 22 Clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of

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Children’s books for Kindle: More Tips for self-publishers –

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Amazon Kindle Voyage Tests – Spiegel Online

I’ll give it to you: I read books prefer electric. Amazon had an easy game when it released me with the technology of its Kindle e-reader as apps for Android and iOS. They were free and had the advantage that you can read in the dark with the tablets. The Kindle Paperwhite, has an integrated screen light, could not inspire me so well, I was chunky, inter alia, to. The new Kindle Voyage is supposed to be different, so I tried him well for a week.

When Unpacking the Tester strikes me first, how much slimmer the Voyage than the new touchscreen Kindle, I have tested recently. Only 7.6 millimeters thick it is, is with 188 grams – the Wi-Fi version is eight grams lighter – even with prolonged reading good in the hand. The design can inspire me less. The black plastic back with its angular shapes reminds me somehow of a stealth jet.

But mostly I see him even from the front and front like it much better. The entire front is covered by a thin cover glass, which was matted with a chemical etch. . Compared with tablet screens where lamps often reflected strong, a great advantage

text as printed

A new release is below this glass: The E -Ink display the Voyage has a resolution of 300 dots per inch. The same as on paper and a laser printer ensures that you can see at all edges in the curves of the letters only through a magnifying glass. Normal texts considered act on it as printed.

In addition, the illumination of the screen, which is adapted from sensors very sensitive to the particular ambient brightness comes. Seemingly infinitely luminous intensity is adjusted upward, as I slowly go on a sunny day from the terrace over the living room in the basement. In any case, it is recommended to enable automatic brightness control. In the test, so I had always a pleasant illuminated typeface.

The dream of six weeks of battery life

The hope, the ‘lighting would reduce energy consumption at the same time, filled Unfortunately not. Amazon gives a battery life of up to six weeks for the Voyage – if you read half an hour per day. For me, this is not enough. The less I regularly read English books, and I like to use the built-in dictionary of the Kindle. The result: After a week my Voyage was flat, had to be charged

Manufacturer Amazon
Name Kindle Voyage
Operating System n
processor n
Storage 4 GB
Display Size 6 inches
screen resolution 300 ppi
wireless 802.11 b / g / n
mobile Optional 3G
memory card slot No
weight 180/188 grams
Dimensions (mm) 162 x 115 x 7.6
Supported formats AZW3, AZW, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, Doc, Docx, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
Price with Wi-Fi / 3G 189/249 €
All specifications are those published

Otherwise, apply for the new Kindle, the same criticism as for his predecessors: He is part of a closed system, are at the center of e-books in Amazon’s own formats. Other popular formats, such as the widespread Epub, he not accepted by the house.

Amazon rayed Books

In addition, there is the Kindle Voyage but hardly any complaints, the operation via touchscreen works fluently, and I got used to it quickly, flip the to use Page Press-sensors, which are the side of the screen and both left-, be served as well as right-handed.

The touch screen itself, I have almost only used when I as dictionaries or the X-ray I used function, the quasi-rayed the contents of a book. It is one of the things that can make e-books more practical than their printed counterparts, by listing them about all text passages in which a certain person shows up. In the future, the X-Ray to provide a kind of timeline view, about which one can get a quick overview of the events within a story. This can be useful if one wants to read a part thereof book after a long break.


The Kindle Voyage is the best e-reader, the Amazon currently has to offer. Its slim format is contemporary, its screen along with lighting suitable and excellent for long evenings reading. The price demanded for the Amazon, however, is high: 189 euros will cost device with wireless connectivity. The variant with integrated 3G module even beats with 249 euros. Both are available from the 4th of November.

Advantages and disadvantages

Very good display

Dedicated page-turning buttons

Very finely controlled lighting

Very thin and light

High Price

A cheaper alternative is, for example, the Tolino Vision 2, the functionally similar to the Kindle Paperwhite, but on eBooks is epub and pdf format specialized and also waterproof. Him you get even for 129 euros. And just Amazon has lowered the price of the Kindle Paperwhite, offers him from the end of October for 109 euros.

Matthias Kremp

Amazon Kindle Voyage: With the new model The company creates a new premium hardware for reading digital books.

Matthias Kremp

plastic it’s: With its irregularly shaped contours of the Kindle Voyage reminds you of shaping stealth jets


Matthias Kremp

Beautifully slim: With only 7.6 millimeters of the Voyage is as thin as a high-end smartphone and also …

Matthias Kremp

… not much bigger than a passport. So he fits in small pockets, so that you almost everywhere it can you go.

Matthias Kremp

Mirror Free: The cover glass of the display has been chemically slightly roughened, so that it does not produce hard reflexes. Very discreet here is to recognize the lighting.

Matthias Kremp

Almost as printed: The new e-ink display of the Kindle Voyage has a resolution of 300 dots per inch. This corresponds to the quality of simple laser printer.

Matthias Kremp

Fine curves. Even in this highly magnified view no jaggies are visible

Matthias Kremp

Press instead tatschen: an alternative to turning on the touch screen you can use touch-sensitive fields on the edge of the screen to move one page forward or back.

Matthias Kremp

Makes it easy: In the Wi-Fi version of the new Kindle weighs 180 grams. with 3G module 188 grams. This is so easy that you like a bit longer retains it in his hand.

Matthias Kremp

If so: As for accessories Amazon offers 45 euros to the so-called Origami cases that the device significantly thicker and make heavy and they also drive to set up the Kindle. After all, they are stable.

Matthias Kremp

A bit more. The main menu is accessed by pressing once typed on the screen – as with all touchscreen Kindles

Matthias Kremp

Shopping Directory: The Voyage would not be a Kindle, he would not have the opportunity to buy more books and magazines from Amazon

Matthias Kremp

Well, if you have ever forgotten the glasses: Of course can be also font size and line spacing vary.

Matthias Kremp

rayed literature: Amazon X-ray function shows, for example, specify when and how often a particular person appears in a book

<. div class = "rsContent content">

Matthias Kremp

Learn more: Per X-ray, you can get a quick overview of how a person is outlined in the book

Matthias Kremp

The best way to automatic: A light sensor ensures that the screen is always optimal is illuminated and turns off the light when enough ambient light is available.

Matthias Kremp

Stromnot: Instead of up to six weeks of battery life, which makes Amazon in view, the current memory of the tester was already empty after a week .


Lego Minifigures Online: From 2015 for Amazon Kindle Fire –

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Whispersync for Voice launches in Germany: audio books in Kindle Books –

10/28/2014 John main eBook News

Screenshot 2014-10-28 11:37:25 by

Four months after publication in the US Amazon brings the text-to-speech function “Whispersync for Voice “Now, even after Germany. To start, there to very attractive bundle offers from eBooks and audiobooks – interesting to readers, but also for the book price fixing Guardian

With Whispersync for Voice you can, if you own both the Kindle and Book the audible book a title, at any time choose to read a particular passage itself or being read to. The latter works naturally only using Kindle apps. But thanks to Whispersync you can access anywhere to your smartphone or tablet in order to continue playback even on a Kindle eBook Reader loslesen and (with Internet connection).

In the US, Amazon has its customers Whispersync for Voice with massive discounts on audiobooks made palatable to the already purchased books. Somewhat surprisingly, there are those discounts now also in Germany.

Interested to Hörbüch in eBook purchase

Matchmaker results for Whispersync for Voice

Matchmaker results for Whispersync for Voice

On the German Landing Page for Whispersync for Voice, there is first of all five public domain titles in which both eBook and audiobook are currently having to lukewarm. The total overview of currently has approximately 43,000 German Kindle books with Whispersync-for-voice support. In this case, Amazon admits obviously a consistently high discounts on audiobook when the respective Kindle Book has already been bought. So the audio book to the current top title The Living and the Dead by Nele Neuhaus costs ansich 27.88 euros. Owners of Kindle Book, however, have to pay only 5,95 €.

Audiobooks subject in Germany not the book price (which is one reason for the quasi-monopoly of Audible is). eBooks are governed by very probably the book price law, and the forbids any direct or indirect rebates. Recently had adjust the distribution of valuable “Webmeilen” for net books. That when you buy a Kindle book discounted to the respective audio book comes, may well be regarded as a non-cash benefit.

True, this is a question with which courts must employ. For readers view the low prices and the already quite plump offer are certainly encouraging. About the Tool Matchmaker can tap to the effect to your own library, if there are compatible to the Purchased Kindle Books Audiobooks.

  • Whispersync for Voice Audio Books at
  • Free Info Page at

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The article “Whispersync for Voice launches in Germany: audio books in Kindle Books” was on October 28, 2014 (Tuesday) at 11 : 39 Clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is the editor and publisher of

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kindle in review: The Amazon’s ebook reader can for 59 euros – STAR

Kindle, Amazon, test, ebook, e-book reader, 59 Euro

The new Kindle with touch screen display costs 59 € ©

The biggest news of the 59-euro-Kindle is the six inch large touch screen. The screen has 16 levels of gray and has a pixel density of 167 ppi (pixels per inch). Thus, it is not as sharp as the premium models Paperwhite (212 ppi) and Voyage (300 ppi). Nevertheless, the screen is easy to read even in direct sunlight. When display Amazon relies on the Pearl Technology: The contrast is poorer than the new Carta technique, which is used as the second generation of Kindle Paperwhite. In direct comparison, the font looks blurred. A backlight does not exist.

The somewhat cheap-looking plastic case measures 16.9 x 1.9 x 1.02 inches and is based on the design of Amazon’s Fire tablet. The new Kindle weighs 21 grams more than the previous model (191 instead of 170 grams), but this falls to only in direct comparison. As before, the device can be great used for one-handed reading

Faster processor and more memory

The new touch screen, the operation has fundamentally changed. The ugly scroll buttons of its predecessor has been removed, the only button is the power button on the lower edge of the housing. Will you next page, you have left on the screen, press right to scroll to the next page.

The installed processor is overclocked now become more nimble and with a gigahertz. Thus, the new Kindle scrolls noticeably faster through books and menus. The space has been doubled from two to four gigabytes – enough for hundreds of books. The memory can via microSD not be extended, but who do not just want to lug around half a library with themselves, can do without it.

The big advantage of ebook readers is the battery life. Is a Smartphone or tablet with similar display size after only a few hours reading the juice from, a Kindle does not have days to the outlet. This makes it the ideal gadget for holidays

Conclusion:. Good entry level with room for

The Kindle with touch-screen display is an eBook reader for beginners, which is attractive only by the low price. He is not a beauty, closes in terms of operation but on current models. The cheapest version costs 59 euros, but then advertising is displayed on the lock screen. An ad-free Kindle costs 79 euros. The additional cost is not worth it in our opinion: First, the advertising is not particularly disturbing, and wnen you pay even more money, they should be equal access to much sharper and better Kindle Paperwhite with backlight. Which there is already a regular basis for 99 euros on offer. Regular cost of the middle class reader 109 euros. The premium model Kindle Voyage is the smartest, with costs 189 euros but also more than three times as much and is therefore only suitable for frequent reader


Scout Kindle: Amazon launches books Voting in the USA – Curved

27th October 15:02

 Who agrees with Kindle scout for a winner, the book gets on his free Reader
Who in Kindle scout for a winner’s true, the book gets on his free Reader (© 2014 CURVED)

vote on new books on the Internet : On October 27, 2014 Amazon has launched its new Kindle Scout Service. Readers can now available on the official site decide what the submitted manuscripts will be published as a book.

In early October, Amazon had asked authors to to send in excerpts from various books, reports VentureBeat. Now, readers can vote for up to three of the submissions, the evaluation of the successes vote every 30 days. An incentive for participation provides Amazon with. Those who vote for a book that actually appears, receives a free copy on its Kindle e-book reader

Russ Grandinetti, the senior vice president of Kindle, showed confident in a press release from Amazon that the Kindle Scout is a success. “Amazon customers are avid readers, the influence has long been which books are best-sellers,” Grandinetti said. “With the launch of Scout Kindle readers now have direct influence on what is published – and get free books and discover new authors in the course of the process.”

However, the authors are to profit from Kindle Scout: The authors of the selected books receive $ 1,500 as an advance payment, 50 percent of e-book fees, advertising on Amazon and reassurance for five years


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Kindle Paperwhite


€ 109.00


 Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2014)

Kindle Voyage


€ 189.00


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