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Kindle in review: The Amazon’s ebook reader can for 59 euros – STAR

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The new Kindle with touch screen display costs 59 € ©

The biggest news of the 59-euro-Kindle is the six inch large touch screen. The screen has 16 levels of gray and has a pixel density of 167 ppi (pixels per inch). Thus, it is not as sharp as the premium models Paperwhite (212 ppi) and Voyage (300 ppi). Nevertheless, the screen is easy to read even in direct sunlight. When display Amazon relies on the Pearl Technology: The contrast is poorer than the new Carta technique, which is used as the second generation of Kindle Paperwhite. In direct comparison, the font looks blurred. A backlight does not exist.

The somewhat cheap-looking plastic case measures 16.9 x 1.9 x 1.02 inches and is based on the design of Amazon’s Fire tablet. The new Kindle weighs 21 grams more than the previous model (191 instead of 170 grams), but this falls to only in direct comparison. As before, the device can be great used for one-handed reading

Faster processor and more memory

The new touch screen, the operation has fundamentally changed. The ugly scroll buttons of its predecessor has been removed, the only button is the power button on the lower edge of the housing. Will you next page, you have left on the screen, press right to scroll to the next page.

The installed processor is overclocked now become more nimble and with a gigahertz. Thus, the new Kindle scrolls noticeably faster through books and menus. The space has been doubled from two to four gigabytes – enough for hundreds of books. The memory can via microSD not be extended, but who do not just want to lug around half a library with themselves, can do without it.

The big advantage of ebook readers is the battery life. Is a Smartphone or tablet with similar display size after only a few hours reading the juice from, a Kindle does not have days to the outlet. This makes it the ideal gadget for holidays

Conclusion:. Good entry level with room for

The Kindle with touch-screen display is an eBook reader for beginners, which is attractive only by the low price. He is not a beauty, closes in terms of operation but on current models. The cheapest version costs 59 euros, but then advertising is displayed on the lock screen. An ad-free Kindle costs 79 euros. The additional cost is not worth it in our opinion: First, the advertising is not particularly disturbing, and wnen you pay even more money, they should be equal access to much sharper and better Kindle Paperwhite with backlight. Which there is already a regular basis for 99 euros on offer. Regular cost of the middle class reader 109 euros. The premium model Kindle Voyage is the smartest, with costs 189 euros but also more than three times as much and is therefore only suitable for frequent reader


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