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Kindle Voyage: the e-ink e-book reader Hands-on –

Amazon has demonstrated the Kindle Voyage in Munich. He has a sharper and brighter display, and a sleeker design than the White Paper. With Page Press Amazon also carries a new operating concept. We were there and have first impressions of the new e-book reader collected.

In addition to the new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Amazon had in Munich and its new e-book reader Kindle Voyage luggage. He is the new top model at Amazon’s eReaders and comes with a slimmer and lighter housing and an improved E-Ink display. On Amazon’s event, we were able to get a first impression of the Kindle Voyage.


The Voyage Kindle is from November 4, from 189 euros for sale (Image:

The Voyage Amazon Kindle has a higher resolution and lighter 6-inch e-ink display that comes now to a pixel density of 300 ppi. Thus, it is sharper than the display of the White Paper. This reached only 212 ppi compared. The cheapest Kindle is 167 ppi. Amazon also used when display a specially hardened glass that was specifically designed to be scratch-resistant. The display glass Kindle Voyage is also microetched to refract the incident light and thus allow reading in bright light without mirror effects. Full mirror the display is not free, but the reflections are, for example, lengths less than the HDX 8.9 tablet. The text was in spite of slight light reflections always legible.


The display of the Kindle Voyage is sharper and brighter than the Kindle Paperwhite (image:

The etching pattern should also have a second effect: the glass is like real paper feel. The surface of the Voyage display is also a bit rougher, the feel of paper is then but still a difference. Overall, the e-ink display of the Kindle Voyage but makes a very good impression. The brightness is compared to the entry-level Kindle and a good bit higher.

The front light automatically adjusts the Kindle Voyage the display brightness to the lighting conditions in its environment. The intelligent front light can thereby adapt to personal preferences. The human eye is accustomed over time to the darkness, so the light that is needed when you start to start reading, half an hour later often appear blackish. The intelligent front light slowly reduces the screen brightness to suit it to the response of the human eye.


The Kindle Voyage scrolls with a finger print on the frame around (image:

In addition to the display is one of the Page Press greatest innovations of the recent e-book reader from Amazon. It is a Umblätterfunktion that makes touching the screen superfluous. Page Press uses a pressure sensor located on both sides of the Kindle Voyage directly under the frame. Use your thumb to scroll around by a slight pressure is applied. The Kindle Voyage provides a haptic system tactile feedback, so that the reader knows that was turned over without disturbing reading. How much you have to push and how strong the feedback that you can specify, depending on your preference. Page Press also worked really well and might for example when holding the eReaders in one hand be more comfortable.


At 7.6 millimeters, the Kindle Voyage is again thinner than the White Paper (Image:

has improved the Amazon Kindle Voyage also the design. Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite, which also has a 6-inch display, the top model is again more compact and lighter. The Kindle Voyage measure 162 times 115 times 7.6 millimeters. The White Paper is 169 times 117 times 9.1 millimeters. For a longer read also reduced the weight by 26 grams a positive impact. Amazon saves weight by the new one back, which is made in the Kindle Voyage as Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 out of magnesium. This also what makes it a more significant impression. At the top, however, a plastic strip is installed as well as the tablet.


Thanks to the magnesium-back he also weighs 26 grams less (image:

The battery life of the Kindle Voyage should be six to eight weeks. The Kindle Voyage is available with or without 3G module. How far can easily download books Kindle owners via the Internet in 100 countries. The cost for the 3G connection does Amazon.

for the Kindle Voyage are now already known from the Fire Tablets Origami Cases available. They serve the device in portrait or landscape format as a stand. Origami Cases are magnetically attached, and turn on and off the unit when the cover is opened or closed. The covers are available from 44,99 Euro. Like the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Voyage HDX 8.9 from 4 November for 189 euros in the Wi-Fi version and 249 Euro with 3G module will be available


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