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Kindle Scout: book-voting Amazon a run –

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After a two-week application period for authors in Amazon its authors-discovery tool Kindle Scout switched this week live for the audience. From the beginning, 59 manuscripts were vying for the favor of the audience and consequently to an author contract. In this case, Amazon does not leave anything to chance and, ultimately, not the community, there are equally incorporated several invisible filter.

manuscripts, which are selected via Kindle Scout, are exclusively for five years by a Amazon Verlag published. Authors will receive $ 1,500 advance, 50 percent revenue sharing and marketing support from Amazon. In Indie forums a little resentment over revenue sharing, which is lower than for direct publication (70 percent) suggests. However, likely in the next five years experience, the commission move down significantly, and the value of the promotional package and the resulting high visibility is likely to be immense. With Kindle eBooks Scout selected will be exclusively available at Amazon, which is given the dominance of the online retailer to get over in the USA.

In are the designs in the genre Science Fiction / Fantasy divided romance and thriller / mystery, other works not accepted Amazon currently. For manuscripts that are presented with Cover and long excerpt, can be voted for 30 days. If an eBook from Amazon laid, getting it all who voted for it, for lau.

Double quality control by Amazon

Kindle Scout: Questionable Cover, good lyrics

Kindle Scout: Questionable Cover, good lyrics

So completely, however Amazon does not trust the wisdom of the mass (and perhaps also the honesty of its authors), which is why there are two thick quality filter. On the one hand Amazon selects the title may be voted for at all. On the other hand, many “nominations” no guarantee that an ebook is actually installed. Amazon puts it. “The more nominations get your book, the more likely it is that it caught the attention of our Kindle scout team and is published

The Digital Reader, the offer has been viewed already intense and notes is very inconsistent quality of the cover (from amateurish to professional) as well as a thoroughly decent text quality – the review of all submitted manuscripts by Amazon employees here leads as expected to a quality standard that is well above the indie average


Established authors of Voting

A look at the “Hot & amp; Trending “title reveals that Kindle Scout is not only a tool for unknown young writers. On the contrary, the authors of meistgevoteten title to a large part of old hands who can already look back on journalistic experience, Steve Gannon about or Neal Wooten are. These authors can social networks and channels their existing fans for voting animate (which is desirable from Amazon) and that you put on top. For new authors it makes it not easier at all to get visibility, especially since here the Matthew principle grips (who has, more will be given).

Despite a double filter and voting principle is undoubtedly a of the most exciting approaches to crowdfunding for books, if only because Amazon stands behind with his reach. As it is not illustrated for months involuntarily the Munich publishing group with its portal 100Fans – the platform has obviously hardly regular visitors, and the pitch end authors seem rarely enabled fans to succeed (this is the MVG concept elsewhere on). Seems more promising, the approach of Piper Verlag, the #erzaehlesuns aligns its writing contest on Wattpad and the authors thus there pick up where they are anyway

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