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First Test: Amazon Kindle Voyage – The consistent development … –

Amazon takes the Kindle Voyage a premium version of its Kindle Paperwhite series. The Kindle Voyage comes with a much improved display, a narrower housing and some clever features. We had the opportunity to take a first look at the beginning of November, appearing e-book reader and tell you here in the video of our first impression.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

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Significantly improved display

The display of 6 inch Kindle Voyage solves now with 300 ppi significantly higher than the display of its predecessor – there were still 212 ppi. At best a Kindle display with 167 ppi is used. In practice – I was able to compare the Kindle Voyage with the entry-level Kindle – makes quite a difference. The writing affect the Kindle Voyage razor sharp.

In addition, the backlight will be brighter. Whether this is really so important, probably everyone has to decide for themselves. I myself use a White Paper of the first generation and the dark lighting I never was. On the contrary, I usually took the evening or in complete darkness medium brightness setting

 The display of the Kindle Voyage is a real eye-catcher.

The display of the Kindle Voyage is a real eye-catcher.

Amazon is still on, to use a specially tempered glass in the display, which is supposed to be scratch resistant. It minimizes reflections and according to Amazon. Here in the video it looks as if the Kindle Voyage highly reflective. But this is deceptive. It can be an excellent read in direct sunlight. However, I now saw no significant improvements over other models without special glass.

Amazon also claims that the surface of the glass now is to feel by a light structure like real paper. Well, I would rather assign the category marketing babble. Do not get me wrong, the surface feels very pleasant. Even the slightly roughened surface makes direct comparison is quite noticeable. But the comparison with the feel of paper but lags tremendously

Here is the video to our hands-on with the Amazon Kindle Voyage:.

Kindle Voyage with clever functions

New and really practical, an Amazon “front light” called brightness sensor. This adjusts the backlight to the respective real lighting conditions. Included are also clever gimmicks that may prove in practice to be really useful. So used, for example, the eye when reading the time to the darkness, so the light that is needed when you start to read, half an hour later often appear blackish. The intelligent front light slowly reduces the screen brightness to suit it to the response of the human eye.

Some friends of mine prefer the old Kindle without touch screen, because this mechanical buttons has at the edges flip. In previous touch Kindles they were forced to touch the screen, if you wanted to turn the page.

 This gray strips can be used for turning the pages.

This gray strips can be used for turning.

When you return Kindle Voyage keys Despite touch display back! However, they are not really mechanically more. On the left and on the right edge of the screen there is a gray strip that scrolls back when pressed forward, respectively.

The Kindle Voyage delivers when turning on a haptic system tactile feedback. How much you have to push and how strong the feedback, can be set according to your preferences. The “Page Press” called feature worked when tested extremely well and will surely find a lot of friends.

look and feel

The Kindle Voyage is compared to the well-equipped with a 6-inch display Kindle Paperwhite more compact and lighter. It is measured 162 times 115 times 7.6 millimeters. The Kindle Paperwhite comes to 169 times 117 times 9.1 millimeters. Marathon-readers are sure to enjoy using the 26 saved grams.

The upper strip of the back is made of fingerprint-prone plastic.

The upper strip of the back is made of fingerprint-prone plastic.

The back was too large parts made from magnesium. However, they felt more like aufgummierte plastic. Handy and pleasant, but not as metal. At the top of the back there is a less pretty plastic bar attracts a piano finish. As with piano finish so common, it attracts fingerprints almost magically.

In an interview told Amazon that the Kindle Voyage at medium brightness and one hour of use per day will hold eight weeks until it has connected to the grid again.

Prices and Availability

The Kindle Voyage is a wireless version for 189 euros and a 3G version for 249 euros. How far can download books Kindle owners via the Internet in 100 countries. The cost of the 3G connection takes Amazon. The Kindle Voyage can be pre-ordered now and will be shipped on November 4, according to Amazon.

New are also already known from the Amazon Fire tablet Origami cases. By a magnetic folding the envelope in portrait as well as landscape serves as a stand. The covers are available from 44,99 €

 7.6 millimeter! Kindle Voyage is really thin.

7.6 mm! The Kindle Voyage is really thin


In our short test showed:. Voyage The Kindle is a very excellent e-book reader. The display is sharp crack, the flip is quite fast and it is again much more compact than its Paperwhite brothers. Also some really useful features were introduced with Page Press and the front light.

The question whether the transition from a Paperwhite worth I can not clearly answer “Yes” or “No”. I personally extend the benefits of the Voyage not to put 189 euros on the table. Who but an older Kindle without backlight uses or is considering to get a first e-book reader, can with the Kindle Voyage not go wrong.

However, everyone must be aware prospect that Voyage of the Kindle like any other Kindle is rooted deep in the Amazon ecosystem. He reveals only its full functionality, if one is willing to get his e-books on Amazon. Where there are certainly worse. Finally, Amazon has the largest e-book selection.


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