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I’ll give it to you: I read books prefer electric. Amazon had an easy game when it released me with the technology of its Kindle e-reader as apps for Android and iOS. They were free and had the advantage that you can read in the dark with the tablets. The Kindle Paperwhite, has an integrated screen light, could not inspire me so well, I was chunky, inter alia, to. The new Kindle Voyage is supposed to be different, so I tried him well for a week.

When Unpacking the Tester strikes me first, how much slimmer the Voyage than the new touchscreen Kindle, I have tested recently. Only 7.6 millimeters thick it is, is with 188 grams – the Wi-Fi version is eight grams lighter – even with prolonged reading good in the hand. The design can inspire me less. The black plastic back with its angular shapes reminds me somehow of a stealth jet.

But mostly I see him even from the front and front like it much better. The entire front is covered by a thin cover glass, which was matted with a chemical etch. . Compared with tablet screens where lamps often reflected strong, a great advantage

text as printed

A new release is below this glass: The E -Ink display the Voyage has a resolution of 300 dots per inch. The same as on paper and a laser printer ensures that you can see at all edges in the curves of the letters only through a magnifying glass. Normal texts considered act on it as printed.

In addition, the illumination of the screen, which is adapted from sensors very sensitive to the particular ambient brightness comes. Seemingly infinitely luminous intensity is adjusted upward, as I slowly go on a sunny day from the terrace over the living room in the basement. In any case, it is recommended to enable automatic brightness control. In the test, so I had always a pleasant illuminated typeface.

The dream of six weeks of battery life

The hope, the ‘lighting would reduce energy consumption at the same time, filled Unfortunately not. Amazon gives a battery life of up to six weeks for the Voyage – if you read half an hour per day. For me, this is not enough. The less I regularly read English books, and I like to use the built-in dictionary of the Kindle. The result: After a week my Voyage was flat, had to be charged

Manufacturer Amazon
Name Kindle Voyage
Operating System n
processor n
Storage 4 GB
Display Size 6 inches
screen resolution 300 ppi
wireless 802.11 b / g / n
mobile Optional 3G
memory card slot No
weight 180/188 grams
Dimensions (mm) 162 x 115 x 7.6
Supported formats AZW3, AZW, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, Doc, Docx, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
Price with Wi-Fi / 3G 189/249 €
All specifications are those published

Otherwise, apply for the new Kindle, the same criticism as for his predecessors: He is part of a closed system, are at the center of e-books in Amazon’s own formats. Other popular formats, such as the widespread Epub, he not accepted by the house.

Amazon rayed Books

In addition, there is the Kindle Voyage but hardly any complaints, the operation via touchscreen works fluently, and I got used to it quickly, flip the to use Page Press-sensors, which are the side of the screen and both left-, be served as well as right-handed.

The touch screen itself, I have almost only used when I as dictionaries or the X-ray I used function, the quasi-rayed the contents of a book. It is one of the things that can make e-books more practical than their printed counterparts, by listing them about all text passages in which a certain person shows up. In the future, the X-Ray to provide a kind of timeline view, about which one can get a quick overview of the events within a story. This can be useful if one wants to read a part thereof book after a long break.


The Kindle Voyage is the best e-reader, the Amazon currently has to offer. Its slim format is contemporary, its screen along with lighting suitable and excellent for long evenings reading. The price demanded for the Amazon, however, is high: 189 euros will cost device with wireless connectivity. The variant with integrated 3G module even beats with 249 euros. Both are available from the 4th of November.

Advantages and disadvantages

Very good display

Dedicated page-turning buttons

Very finely controlled lighting

Very thin and light

High Price

A cheaper alternative is, for example, the Tolino Vision 2, the functionally similar to the Kindle Paperwhite, but on eBooks is epub and pdf format specialized and also waterproof. Him you get even for 129 euros. And just Amazon has lowered the price of the Kindle Paperwhite, offers him from the end of October for 109 euros.

Matthias Kremp

Amazon Kindle Voyage: With the new model The company creates a new premium hardware for reading digital books.

Matthias Kremp

plastic it’s: With its irregularly shaped contours of the Kindle Voyage reminds you of shaping stealth jets


Matthias Kremp

Beautifully slim: With only 7.6 millimeters of the Voyage is as thin as a high-end smartphone and also …

Matthias Kremp

… not much bigger than a passport. So he fits in small pockets, so that you almost everywhere it can you go.

Matthias Kremp

Mirror Free: The cover glass of the display has been chemically slightly roughened, so that it does not produce hard reflexes. Very discreet here is to recognize the lighting.

Matthias Kremp

Almost as printed: The new e-ink display of the Kindle Voyage has a resolution of 300 dots per inch. This corresponds to the quality of simple laser printer.

Matthias Kremp

Fine curves. Even in this highly magnified view no jaggies are visible

Matthias Kremp

Press instead tatschen: an alternative to turning on the touch screen you can use touch-sensitive fields on the edge of the screen to move one page forward or back.

Matthias Kremp

Makes it easy: In the Wi-Fi version of the new Kindle weighs 180 grams. with 3G module 188 grams. This is so easy that you like a bit longer retains it in his hand.

Matthias Kremp

If so: As for accessories Amazon offers 45 euros to the so-called Origami cases that the device significantly thicker and make heavy and they also drive to set up the Kindle. After all, they are stable.

Matthias Kremp

A bit more. The main menu is accessed by pressing once typed on the screen – as with all touchscreen Kindles

Matthias Kremp

Shopping Directory: The Voyage would not be a Kindle, he would not have the opportunity to buy more books and magazines from Amazon

Matthias Kremp

Well, if you have ever forgotten the glasses: Of course can be also font size and line spacing vary.

Matthias Kremp

rayed literature: Amazon X-ray function shows, for example, specify when and how often a particular person appears in a book

<. div class = "rsContent content">

Matthias Kremp

Learn more: Per X-ray, you can get a quick overview of how a person is outlined in the book

Matthias Kremp

The best way to automatic: A light sensor ensures that the screen is always optimal is illuminated and turns off the light when enough ambient light is available.

Matthias Kremp

Stromnot: Instead of up to six weeks of battery life, which makes Amazon in view, the current memory of the tester was already empty after a week .


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