Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Unlimited Kindle: Amazon brings books flatrate to Germany – STAR

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“Kindle Unlimited” is launched in Germany ©

A mazons Ebook flat rate “Kindle Unlimited” is now available in Germany. Subscribers can access for a monthly fee of 9.99 euros to hundreds of thousands of books. To start, you can try out the offer for 30 days, it is terminable monthly. According to Amazon, the range includes 650,000 ebooks, a corresponding query lists already more than 720,000 books. The majority of them, however, is written in English, only 40,000 Ebooks are in German. The subscription model “Kindle Unlimited”, it is in the USA for almost three months.

Only a few German Highlights

users of the Ebook are flat rate not necessarily depend on a Kindle ebook reader or a Fire tablet from Amazon. All other tablets and smart phones with the Kindle app installed can access the “Kindle Unlimited” range. These include iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. Also for Windows 8 PCs and Macs, there are corresponding software. On the popular ebook reader Tolino Shine can “Kindle Unlimited” not be used.

The German Highlights in Ebook assortment includes our “Harry Potter” series, the thriller ” Swimming with Sharks “by Nele Neuhaus and Hanni Muenzer” Honigtot “. In English, there are also the “Hunger Games” trilogy () or “The Wake” of the Man Booker Prize Long List 2014 a large part of the books of the current bestseller list in vain, because many publishers do not cooperate with Amazon.

Alternatives to “Kindle Unlimited”

“Kindle Unlimited” is not the first ebook flatrate in Germany. On the platforms Skoobe or


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