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E-Reader: Amazon brings Kindle Voyage on the market – THE WORLD

Amazon is known for offering its e-readers and tablets always cheaper to pull the user in its ecosystem. In terms of hardware, the Group then dispensed before a profit to recoup it later with digital content again.

The latest E-Reader Kindle Voyage breaks from this trend from, at least in terms of hardware. Amazon requires for the version with wireless coverage around 250 euros, the device with Wi-Fi will cost 189 euros. The Voyage is significantly more expensive than its predecessor called Paperwhite, is to have the mobile version is currently in Germany for 169 Euros.

But getting the users but also the Mercedes of e-readers. The six-inch E-Ink display has a sharpness of 300 pixels per inch. The result is a crisp, sharp image that you will not find at other e-readers.

letters seem to float on the display

The difference both to the currently best Kindle and Kindle for Paperwhite is recognizable at first glance. Amazon is right by claiming to be never been so close to a printed page.

In fact, the letters seem downright to float on the display glass, while are seen deeper in other devices. The glass above the display is chemically strengthened. It should thus be more scratch resistant than plastic displays

E-Ink displays have compared to tablets two decisive advantages:., You can also still in the bright Read sunlight excellent. Tablets reflect then usually too much to see anything else can.

Kindle Yoyage imitates “feel of real paper”

And they consume much less power. Basically just turn the pages and for lighting. With a single charge of the Voyage to manage up to six weeks. Such information, however, are to be treated with caution, but they refer only to a half hour reading per day. Also, the battery life is shortened as wireless and mobile reception are enabled.

On the new Kindle the glass front has been provided with refractive Mikroätzungen. Thus they should mimic the “feel of real paper”. That may be, but is probably more PR talk. Finally, the paper also feels not always equal to.

The Voyage has become easier as the White Paper, with 188 grams weighs the mobile version 27 grams less. And it is 7.6 millimeters also become significantly thinner.

The Voyage feels very high quality. The glass stretches across the entire front area, so there is no plastic frame. The back consists largely of magnesium, but not like the metal, but rather rubberized feels. It is pleasant to touch in any case. On the upper back is a plastic strip in piano finish. There probably hide the radio antennas.

The Umblättertasten are back

There are some very useful innovations on the hardware. On the one hand, an ambient light sensor is mounted. So its display illumination can Voyage automatically adjust to the environment, which is very convenient.

Here some intelligence is even installed. As the eyes adjust over time to the light, the reader darkens its backlight after some time continuously. The display is not backlit, so it does not dazzle. . The LEDs are located on the side of the display and will be distributed through the glass over the whole screen

Surprisingly brings the Voyage – despite touch display – the Umblättertasten earlier Kindle Reader return. This is very pleasant solved, because they are not mechanical. Each located near the borders a discreet gray line and a point.

Slight vibration when turning the pages using “Page Press”

If one of the lines down (not touched), flips the book page. Amazon calls the “Press Page”. If you get used to it, this is a very pleasant way to scroll. As a response, there is a short vibration that can be felt, but not interfere.

Who pushes the point on one of the sides, back flips. Since the lines and dots are on both sides, can the Voyage of both left and right-handers use.

Of course, users may also like hitherto scroll on the touch screen by tapping the left or right or just wipe. But apparently it

has some readers bothered to cover it with your fingers parts of the page. The memory of the Voyage includes four gigabytes, which are sufficient for several thousand books should. The original White Paper had only two gigabytes, for several weeks but Amazon sells its White Paper with a four-gigabyte memory. The Voyage wireless coverage is be able to download, in 100 countries via a mobile Internet connection books from Amazon. For So far the best e-reader from Amazon

at no extra cost to

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Conclusion.: The Voyage is by far the best Kindle e-reader, the Amazon has been submitted. The display is now so sharp and well made that reading really is fun on it.

Few manufacturers have the e-reader has as much experience as Amazon. It shows on the devices. Also, the Voyage is so greatly reduced that no unnecessary buttons or controller distracted while reading.

There are many reasons not to read books on tablets. Tablets are heavier, the displays dazzle or reflect, the batteries do not last as long. The Voyage on the other hand does exactly what it was built. And he makes an excellent

Of course there is a catch. Whoever buys the Voyage, at the same time decides exclusively for Amazon . For the Reader only works in the ecosystem of the online retailer. He shows only books that are there bought or borrowed.

title other booksellers such as Thalia, worldview or Hugendubel can not read easily on the Voyage . Other e-reader like the Tolino are open, but to give up the huge library of Amazon. The Voyage can already be pre-ordered from Amazon. He is delivered from 4th November.

More and more citizens use e-Books

Photo: Infographic THE WORLD More and more citizens use e-books

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