Monday, October 6, 2014

Amazon critics warn subscription model “Kindle Unlimited” – buchreport

Monday, October 06, 2014 (10:46 clock)

The Amazon -kritischen authors who claims to now nearly 2,500 supporters of their action “ Fair Book Market ” found. Shortly before the Frankfurt Book Fair, the authors make front against Amazon’s flatrate deal “ Kindle Unlimited “, but with argumentative weaknesses.

“A low flat fee for e-books seems to be attractive at first glance, but in consequence, it is the sale of literature,” the co-initiator of the initiative, the bestselling author Nina George complains. In this way, the book prices will undermine. And the authors were “insulting low” rewarded for their performance. To define production and the value of books on a flat rate, shows that for Amazon books only any goods are and neither the authors nor the contents counted, it said in a press release.

But the authors are apparently not only with regard to Amazon’s subscription model skeptical. They point to a similar flat-rate program in the Netherlands, at the debut authors 1 cent per entliehenem copy and bestselling authors received 17 cents. For comparison, get each author per sold Paperback depending on the edition 58 cents, hardcover 1.20 euros and selling e-books up to 2 euros.

The competition-subscription model Readfy refused to provide figures for author fees.

The dumping allegation does not coincide with the information of book report . Publishers will receive the same amount as for a sold, although some publishers have negotiated individual conditions for a leased at “Kindle Unlimited” title usually. So, the authors obtain the same proportions. Precondition: The customer must have read at least 10% of the title

In Self publishers compensation shall be made regardless of the sales price through a fund, according to the self publishing experts Matthias Matting ( is the amount of about 1.50 euro per loan.

More on Kindle-Unlimited conditions in the coming, on the exhibition Wednesday appears.


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