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Whispersync for Voice launches in Germany: audio books in Kindle Books – lesen.net

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Four months after publication in the US Amazon brings the text-to-speech function “Whispersync for Voice “Now, even after Germany. To start, there to very attractive bundle offers from eBooks and audiobooks – interesting to readers, but also for the book price fixing Guardian

With Whispersync for Voice you can, if you own both the Kindle and Book the audible book a title, at any time choose to read a particular passage itself or being read to. The latter works naturally only using Kindle apps. But thanks to Whispersync you can access anywhere to your smartphone or tablet in order to continue playback even on a Kindle eBook Reader loslesen and (with Internet connection).

In the US, Amazon has its customers Whispersync for Voice with massive discounts on audiobooks made palatable to the already purchased books. Somewhat surprisingly, there are those discounts now also in Germany.

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Matchmaker results for Whispersync for Voice

Matchmaker results for Whispersync for Voice

On the German Landing Page for Whispersync for Voice, there is first of all five public domain titles in which both eBook and audiobook are currently having to lukewarm. The total overview of currently has approximately 43,000 German Kindle books with Whispersync-for-voice support. In this case, Amazon admits obviously a consistently high discounts on audiobook when the respective Kindle Book has already been bought. So the audio book to the current top title The Living and the Dead by Nele Neuhaus costs ansich 27.88 euros. Owners of Kindle Book, however, have to pay only 5,95 €.

Audiobooks subject in Germany not the book price (which is one reason for the quasi-monopoly of Audible is). eBooks are governed by very probably the book price law, and the forbids any direct or indirect rebates. Recently had buecher.de adjust the distribution of valuable “Webmeilen” for net books. That when you buy a Kindle book discounted to the respective audio book comes, may well be regarded as a non-cash benefit.

True, this is a question with which courts must employ. For readers view the low prices and the already quite plump offer are certainly encouraging. About the Tool Matchmaker can tap to the effect to your own library, if there are compatible to the Purchased Kindle Books Audiobooks.

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