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Tolino Vision 2 and Kindle Voyage compared [+ video] –

10/10/2014 – of John main eReader

kindle voyage Tolino vision feature

The cards are on the table: In the coming months, Kindle Voyage and Tolino compete Vision 2 for the favor of E-Reading- interested, do not turn around in search of the perfect reader to EUR twice. We have the two only seemingly almost identical eBook Reader directly compared.

Visually, the two new top models of Tolino Alliance and Amazon almost indistinguishable , at least when viewed from the front. The Tolino Vision 2 is the first Tolino completely black, the brown applications are gone. Conversely, the Kindle Voyage is the first Kindle reader with a flat surface

Because the development departments of both manufacturers do a similar design language use (rounded corners, similar proportions), the optical differences marginal -. Leaving aside of the right distinctive lateral leaves of the sensors “Voyage” from (and the home button of Tolino), more on that later. In the back, the differences are already apparent, the Kindle Voyage is flattened here. Upstairs there is also an ornamental or “ornamental” plastic application.

Kindle Voyage display state of the art

Tolino Vision 2 left, Kindle Voyage to the right (100% brightness)

Tolino Vision 2 left, right Voyage Kindle ( 100% Brightness)

The core component of an electronic reading device is its display, and the point here is clearly to Amazon. The Kindle Voyage display with 1440x1080px (300ppi) the strongest terms what it currently is in eBook readers. In direct comparison to Tolino Vision 2 (1024x758px, 212ppi) but there is a small “wow” effect: The typeface is visibly sharper and clearer the contrast better. Especially that comes with active illumination to bear, but also non-illuminated the contrast-Plus in the literal sense, is obvious.

New Leaves techniques used to

Links Vision 2, right Voyage (with sensory scroll button)

Both Amazon as also the Tolino Alliance her new novel leaves readers Options donated. When Vision 2, the entire back is sensorily, by “tapping” of the index finger on the back is turned. Amazon has opted for sensor arrays left and right of the display, even when scrolling to give a little physical feedback.

Both techniques have their music learning curve, to put it diplomatically once. When Kindle Voyage scrolling works via sensor field quite reliable, but sometimes nothing happens (at least without exercise). We noticed also that the sensory feedback often failed to process the leaves

For sheets problem when Tolino Vision 2 we have already omitted in our short test on Wednesday -. Tap2flip worked but very unreliable. Telecom product manager Dr. Simon Peter then took last Thursday extracting again the way to our stand to show how to do it properly (“everyone in my department were shocked when they saw your video”). In fact, the back flip works at its best when you hold the device with one hand and completely covers. . Anyone who calls dainty hands his own, so although could have problems for all other could be a stranglehold be tiring

In both cases, is to have in mind: The devices appear only in just over a month until there may still development time flow in the optimization of the firmware. Currently us the Kindle Voyage technology like better because it is more intuitive and builds on proven gripping habits. The Tolino-Allies will, however, have made their thoughts, in the test – after a few hours use – falls our conclusion might have different

water tightness versus light sensors

otherwise.? The Tolino Vision 2 is waterproof, the Kindle Voyage has sensors for automatic adjustment of display brightness. The value of these functions varies naturally from user to user, with the water protection is classified slightly higher here.

firmware side, Amazon has already more features (and better apps), re-doing are Kindle Unlimited and the Family Library (lending of books in the family circle, but only as long as it allow the publishers). With a Tolino in their own possession, you can instead many eBook stores to shop, with the-Adobe-DRM support epub is thanks.

Kindle Voyage better but more expensive

 kindle voyage Tolino vision 2 2 The bottom line is competing a very good ebook reader with an even better eBook Reader. The display of the Kindle Voyage can at best the Kobo Aura H2O defy, the Tolino Vision 2 falls here but visible from – no not yet have a subjectively very neat contrast value

The screen glory has in Amazon known as well. its price: 190 EUR want the online retailer for its top model, the Tolino Vision 2 there are “already” for 130 euros. Given this 60-euro-difference and otherwise largely equality of arms, it would have been very surprising if Amazon had not decided the display comparison for themselves. A fairer duel carries the vision 2 with the Kindle Paperwhite 2 continued to sell for 109 euros from – in a timely manner following test of the new Tolino we will also once again dedicated to face these two devices

  • Kindle Voyage at
  • Tolino Vision 2 at (Bertelsmann)

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