Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The evening paper can be read on the Kindle – Hamburger Evening Gazette

Hamburg. With the Kindle from Amazon leader can not only read books, but now also the Hamburg evening paper. Unlike tablet computers like the iPad offers the display of the Kindle device has the advantage that texts are readable even in bright sunlight. Moreover, the battery holds a Kindle even with daily use for several weeks before it must be recharged.

Who has appointed an eReader from Amazon, immediately get access to the entire catalog of online retailer including magazines and of course the Hamburg evening paper. With the Kindle apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs can be found on its digital library also access when you get the eReader is not at hand.

For a monthly subscription price of 14 99 € is automatically the current main output of the Hamburger Evening Gazette already about 4 clock in the morning on the Kindle, a connection to the Internet required. Individual issues can be conveniently ordered in electronic shop Amazon at a price of 1.20 €.

Kindle owner will need to complete the subscription or purchase individual issues, no additional user account or Password: ordering and invoicing are handled directly through the Amazon account, with all other purchases for the Kindle are made. Each newly completed subscription to the digital Evening Gazette for the Kindle starts with a free trial period of 14 days.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amazon Publishing hosts the first “Kindle Light Dinner” – COMPUTER BILD

 Kindle-light Dinner © Stokkete -

Amazon shrouded in silence: Exact location is not yet known for the reading on 4 May.

“An evening reading in an unusual atmosphere,” promises the invitation text to Amazon’s Kindle light dinner. The authors Connie Brockway (“Promise me heaven”), Stefanie Ross (“Nemesis – Sold innocence”), Ina Straubing (“Love is a temple knight”) and Katja Piel (“Swan Fever”) are, according to e-book news .de represented as authors. The range of works ranges from romance to thriller and to awaken the senses of the audience in attendance, according to the invitation.

Amazon and Indie Authors

The four authors of the Kindle light dinner have recently changed from self-marketing with Amazon in-house publishing division Amazon Publishing, while enjoying a professional service in terms of marketing. Already at the Leipzig Book Fair, Amazon had the writing team “favorite authors”, an association of independent writers, the Lesungs event “24 Hours – 24 authors” realized.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Amazon Kindle: Only today at bargain prices – COMPUTER BILD

Amazon Kindle: Only today at a bargain price The Kindle is only today for 49 euros - whether it is worth buying, reveals COMPUTER IMAGE © Amazon, Victoria J Baxter / Getty Images

The Kindle is only today for 49 euros – whether it is worth buying, reveals COMPUTER BILD

N for now you get Amazon’s Kindle at a budget price of 49 euros instead of the usual 59 euros. What the little box offers so? Among other things, an e-ink touch screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels and 6-inch screen, Wi-Fi, and 4 GB of internal memory. The weight is light with slim 166 grams, the battery life of 121 hours of high. Who wants to strike, gets the Kindle right here:

“Amazon Kindle for 49 € at Amazon Buy

Amazon Kindle: Is it worth the purchase

? In the large COMPUTER BILD comparison test of eBook reader, the Kindle price performance winner was. Despite the low resolution and lack of backlight see texts from well, images, however, are quite pixelated. Getting used to is the operation that is performed only over the keys. Nevertheless: Anyone looking for a no frills eReader, can strike at a price of 49 euros. Although can Tolino vision and Kindle Paperwhite more, but also cost three times. All test results are available in the overview.

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