Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The evening paper can be read on the Kindle – Hamburger Evening Gazette

Hamburg. With the Kindle from Amazon leader can not only read books, but now also the Hamburg evening paper. Unlike tablet computers like the iPad offers the display of the Kindle device has the advantage that texts are readable even in bright sunlight. Moreover, the battery holds a Kindle even with daily use for several weeks before it must be recharged.

Who has appointed an eReader from Amazon, immediately get access to the entire catalog of online retailer including magazines and of course the Hamburg evening paper. With the Kindle apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs can be found on its digital library also access when you get the eReader is not at hand.

For a monthly subscription price of 14 99 € is automatically the current main output of the Hamburger Evening Gazette already about 4 clock in the morning on the Kindle, a connection to the Internet required. Individual issues can be conveniently ordered in electronic shop Amazon at a price of 1.20 €.

Kindle owner will need to complete the subscription or purchase individual issues, no additional user account or Password: ordering and invoicing are handled directly through the Amazon account, with all other purchases for the Kindle are made. Each newly completed subscription to the digital Evening Gazette for the Kindle starts with a free trial period of 14 days.


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